Eating Magic Brownies Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God

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What is a magic brownie?


Who else was watching while one magic😂

My man taking 50-100 bro
Lmao he was tripping as shit

People it ain’t LSD lol this is legit weed (Edible) and the inhaler was legit a cone from a bong xD my dude just got a bad high lol stop making dumb comments

Exactly what is magic. Like weed in Jamaica

To late

any1 kno what animation he uses

all the magic i had was magic poking sticks

I'm a jamaican so yeah don i can relate I'm from st Catherine mi a laugh tho

So you are saying being high it’s like having ADHD because that’s exactly how I feel every day

Cuz of that brownie he turned in to a saiyan 😂

Why TF r u saying manic just say weed

I had the exact same reaction as you, the visual slow motion really fucked with me, and I had a panic attack and started shaking. It was really fucking weird

I are magic when I was 6

Now I am 12

Weed brownies?


This happened to me I had to go to the hospital I was 12😳😂

Yoooo some one take me to the doctor mannn...

An edible that wanna make you take your clothes off is no THC, that brownie was probably laced with something else. The only negative thing I can say about edibles is that there is no off switch.

I am from Jamaica

What this eating and inhaling magic

I was 14 when I ate my first brownie it was funny me and my bestfriend kept falling the second time my friend was giggle like I was on the first and I was falling on the floor and the third time we fell asleep in the bath room 😂😂


hi i love your content

Grade 7 first time smoking weed jamican you know I could handle it came straight here

hell nah it’s like mf creed vision “you see sound and hear objects”

It's weed

Bro I used magic once and my mom found out, never again,and I'm the same age rn as the age don was.

So this man did weed at 14 damn

The song when the brownie hit him?? Anyone??

Jamaica kids: Bro I wanna do magic so bad

That kid named magic:....

Everybody is an angel in jamaica!

well it could’ve been laced, however this has happened similar to me from just straight up smoking it too much

Wait now I kinda want to some magic because it sounds so relaxing

We all had those 3 steps. lol.

2500 mg

I ate it at 12

Bruh almost smoked at 10 then the next day we did an assembly to tells us not to smoke and I never touched a cigarette ever again and almost did magic at 12 and I'm 13 now still remember that day 8 pm I think after this Never doing drugs ever now I'm afraid I will see weird stuff.

4 hours left from lunch to the end of the day WhaAtatatT

I only inhaled magic in 6th grade and im going to 9th this yr

Broo i wish i could still trip like that i miss it so bad.

me, a level 100 mage

Is that the Ardenne tie or am I tripping

For those of you who are looking for this here it is 5:56

I vividly remember this day 😂😂😂😅

By Magic brownie u mean space cake

100 Jamaican dollars is 68 cents in america

Subscribed because of "..and my mans is trippin HHHOOOOORD!"

Got some of dem weed brownies

The whole fourth form block did this one day and every single one of us got one months detention bc everyone was trippin and Jamaican teachers are mad😂

That’s that Jamaican crud

dude im sorry to say it but you got DRUDGED MY G!!!!!!!!!!

Bro y’all saying this weed but I’ve never had no weed edibles that mad my skin hurt

We got 30 now

That's a big oof


who else high on magic right now?just me?

This man talks like he’s tryna sound like a white stoner surfer

he talkin abt weed or shrooms

Don't want to be that guy, but I don't like the way you tells you storys and the wording you. Don't get me wrong obviously you tell good story or this video wouldn't have the likes views and comments its got. But I feel as though your trying to appeal to a younger audience. NO HATE

Bruh I'm high on an edible, and my hands were sweating.
Then Don said, "I was sweating profusely."
Lmao I am just tryna chill lol

Who else high asf 🤣🤣

Brownies don’t make your pupils dilate, and magic isn’t weed brownies it’s pills and mdma

Wanna be friends?

Ayy Amare is my name

What's magic?

What is the music playing while he was high?

Crazy you took that for the FIRST TIME at SCHOOL bro I could never do that I would freak tf out AND YOU WHERE 14 WTF

0:55 so whatsong is it?

bro now i wanna experience time in slow motion like the flash and have super powers

This dosen't sound like weed, it sounds more like mushrooms or acid

I’m happy people are always mentioning to not do to much bc thanks to everyone who says that I’ve never had a bad experience with edibles bc I always knew to just wait it out. All tho we do need more people talking about it bc there still hella people tweaking off there first edible experience.

Dem magic brownies hit hard!!!

Yo was it dat pack

Moral of this story. If you are hungry, don't eat magic because in the end it will only make you more hungry.

Edibles hit differenttttt doeee

My cousin made weed brownies and she told me there was weed in it but I didn’t believe her so I ate the whole thing and few minutes later that shit hit like a mf

This is why editable are a different drug from smoking it’s much more crazy

i never knew i could trip on THC edibles. never again -.- def took more than i was suppose to. i was in different realities and shit.

Bro my first time trying it I ate the whole Rice Krispie and within an hour I was throwing up

Bruh what I would do for 5$ edibles

i took acid and i was tweekin hard

I had the same feeling as you but my first time I smoked the whole blunt. Never knew how weed worked. Now yaboi got ptsd😅

I literally did this on accident and I was throwing up and I felt like my entire body was on fire it was so miserable

Me:Mmmm!mom what did you put in these cookies!
Mom:It's a secret recipe.

Bro I wanna try edibles but I'm so scared of it and I don't know why. I've done acid a lot of times but idk edibles scare me

Wait wait.. You went to calabar... Which school did???

5:56 I wanna know the name of that background music

This just sounds like shrooms or acid especially when he's talking about the tracers n shit. I've done edibles before and I've also done mushrooms and edibles are nothing like them at least the ones I had anyway.

My first time on "magic" had me face down in a shag carpet doing snow angels for an hour.

Whats a magic brownie?

Oh, you were seeing trails? were trippin balls. I'm surprised the ground didn't start moving in waves and you didn't see pretty colours. That's what usually goes along with trails and hypersensitive touch.

On magic rn🐆👖

I thought it was gonna be psylocybin

These were shrooms bro.

okay so first higher sense of touch is a thing but not that high 2 no echos i can tell what your coming from but no not at all slow motion is what u can say, and the anxiety is from u yourself thinking too much about it and not enjoying it

im 15 and do daily magic love it

Don’t you dare call it magic unless you are talking about mushrooms