Ex-Undercover Cop Rates 13 Iconic Undercover Police Officers In Movies | How Real Is It?

Neil Woods spent 14 years as an undercover police officer infiltrating some of the most dangerous organized crime groups in the UK. He rated undercover scenes in movies for realism, such as Martin Scorsese's "The Departed" and Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs."

He also rated scenes in movies and shows featuring undercover surveillance work, such as "The Bourne Ultimatum," and characters going undercover in "Argo," "Lethal Weapon," and the US version of "The Office." Woods relayed anecdotes of his time as an undercover policeman and the dangers involved in the role.

Woods is now a board member of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, an American nonprofit organization seeking to overhaul current punitive drug policies and lessen the incidences of crime and addiction.

Woods is co-author of "Good Cop, Bad War" with JS Rafaeli, and author of "Drug Wars: The Terrifying Inside Story of Britain's Drug Trade."

For more, visit: https://www.facebook.com/UKLeap.org/

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Ex-Undercover Cop Rates 13 Iconic Undercover Police Officers In Movies | How Real Is It?

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Where is donnie brasco?

I think he dismissed "Rush" a bit quickly, seeing as it was based on the memoirs of an undercover narcotics officer in 1970s small town Texas and they took pains to portray it straight.
Another good undercover scene was in "State of Grace" (1990) where Sean Penn is grilled by Ed Harris on the places he's been.

0:09 i tought he was putin

No Donnie Brasco ? Sadge

😂 Dwight and Michael, I really wasn’t expecting that.

@3:34 looks like a younger him but with hair

Would like to have seen his take on Miami Vice

Should have done the scene in Beyond The Law where Charlie Sheen beats the hell out of another undercover cop who got busted by the biker gang to keep his own cover.

That must be the most realistic scene in the entire Fast and Furious extended universe

Lol they showed him my name is Jeff

Dude said not much gun action, ofc idiot you’re in the uk

The guy who held up 3 fingers got caught cause in that part of world they held up 3 different fingers so it gave him away

12:26 i think i have heard that before


Next week. Tutankhamun reacts to the mummy series

Argo- go watch Wired's version of this. They have the actual Wife of Tony (Ben's character) who worked for the government for spy work. Much better breakdown.

Is he a double agent? From russia??


yup, as a professional viewer of youtube, this guy knows his shit.

How did they not do “the Salton Sea”

Wrong movie clips being evaluated by the wrong ex-undercover cop.
So this Brit ex-undercover cop guy, slams everything, including put great doubt in a real life story being questionable to himself? But, with no question and high marks on a Brit made movie that he claims is realistic? This whole topic needs to be re-evaluated. FOR One, right out of the gate, The "superman" Jason Bourn is a U.S. Special operative that is predicted, as a "trained assassin". So, it is not even undercover cop work, nor cops involved. Let a ex-CIA evaluate that one. Because that is were that has always gone. Plus the comedy undercover ones are pointless, because they are comedy. In the regards to "no one would had been shot".. When he said no one would had been shot when that woman shot that one movie cop and returned fire to kill her. Once again, the evaluation is coming from a Brit ex-undercover cop, in which he comes from a country that it is illegal to own guns. So of course for him no one would be shot. In a U.S., that is a completely different stand point, yeah, it "could" happen, she pull that gun and shot at police, she is getting shot at in return. U.S. Police officer are trained that because it HAS happen. There are BIG difference on many stand points on how the police in the UK do things verses the U.S. So really, this whole vid is awash. Re-do it again. If your going to have a ex-undercover Brit do a evaluation, then do so on Undercover cop movies related in the UK were it makes more sense. Not a bunch of U.S. films of undercover work in the U.S. Let a U.S. ex-undercover cop evaluate..

my man neil rockin da man bun

Noooo fycking way this guy stopped me from lighting my spliff he said I cant smell anything yet keep walking what a guy

Who even considered The Office to be in this list?!?!

This is the mildest badass I’ve ever seen!

Donie Brasco!!!?? How could u miss dat!

didn't he take architecture after Summer broke up with him?

He looks like Vladmir Putin

Just watched a video about a spec ops sniper and ex mafia guy, this guy is clearly the most dangerous. He grabs mfers by the nostril with his pinky and throws them across the room.

Is it just me or did he go from Bulking season to Cutting season?

DAMN he really pulled that man bun off!

"my name is Jeff"

A British ex-undercover talked about American products except for the last one..
He should review the British Line of Duty, great show, lots lots of sneaky insiders.

In inglorious bastards it’s about the three fingers. In Austria germany we start with the thump most other countries don’t !

Bourne wasn't undercover. He was a shadow. He wasn't even there. He was blending into the crowd. And he had a wire hanging out of his ear because those were the "hands-free" devices we had back then. Everyone had them. It did drive me crazy when people would hold them up to their mouths like that though.

I find it a bit troubling that Argo was given a ‘9/10’ by him.

He seemingly doesn’t know of the story/situation(it being one of, if not, the most well known declassified covert situations of all time) & how well-documented it was by all of the parties that were involved. It was taken directly from the memoir from the individual who Ben Affleck portrayed, former-CIA ‘Master of Disguise’ Tony Mendez, & I recall much of the moment-to-moment dialogue throughout the film having been praised by the others being portrayed in various media pieces. &,If I also recall correctly, I believe his wife, who formerly held the head position of CIA ‘Chief-of-Disguise’ or something of the like, mentioned that her late-husband was an on-set supervisor for the movie(making typical-Hollywood, straying from the truth found within the memoir/real life even less likely).

They were in one of the most unique, precarious positions possible &, stunningly, managed pulled it off despite such dismal odds[I’d like to say they accomplished the task with all lives intact*]. Any criticism(s) of the way they employed the tradecraft in those moments seems nonsensical to me(specifically if being commented on by someone who doesn’t know or doesn’t even acknowledge the uniqueness of the variables that were at play).

are we not going to talk about how hot he is with the man bun at the start of the video??

Would love to hear this officers stories

around 10 minutes where he talks about ear pieces. Idk man, have you looked around in a crowd nowadays? A good 25% or more will have some sort of earbuds in their ears. You wouldn't look out of place with something like that.

90% sure I was working at the pub in Derby that he’s on about. It was around 2000. I think I even know who he would have been meeting.

The inglorious bastards clip had more to it. It was said they knew he was a spy because he used an American 3 hand signal as supposed to an American 3

No one ever got shot -British cop

Criminal: Ey boys its Skinny Tommy

I always wonder if this safe? Undercover cops, spies, defectors etc., talking about their past.

No training day wtf

a criminal paid to be police officer for 7 years. thats a career inside a career

There's a Criminal Minds episode (S:1 E:8 Natural Born Killer) I would have been interested to see his critique on the first couple of minutes. It starts with an undercover officer being recognized by a detective who must have just stopped on his way home for a drink as he still has his badge around his neck. The detective doesn't realize his fellow officer is undercover and says, "Jimmy, hey where ya been?" The UC quickly tries to recover as his criminal associate asks, "Who's your friend?" Jimmy replies, "What friend? This guy pinched me a few years back." The detective catches on quickly and plays along, but the damage is done and Jimmy calls his supervisor the first chance he gets about coming in. I guess it's one of the reasons they'll use the same first name when possible.

In 10:00 he is wrong. I have seen the movie, Jason Bourne is not undercover there and he is using earphones with a normal phone.

Well he’s not undercover nomore

You heard the man. The ethics of a police officer are straight forward. You are to "preserve life ." Somewhere in the past American law enforcement replaced that staple with " all poor are to respect police under all circumstances under penalty of bodily harm including death. "

this ain't the bloke that'll come for me after i don't pay my telly license, yeah?

Wow! Not a job for just anyone.

Why does he look like Putin?

Wish I could see him while he was undercover! I bet the transformation would be amazing. He seems like someone's nice dentist ot something here lol!

Jeff Goldblum and Laurence Fishburne? Yes please !

6:05 what gave Fassbenders character away was how he motioned 3...according to the movie, germans motion 3 with thumb & first 2 fingers, whereas the British guy motioned without the thumb.

I would have liked to know what brought him into being an undercover cop

This is going to bring my Among Us strats to a whole new level.

"The trouble is: It's a half a trillion dollar industry worldwide, and that inevitably causes corruption" — Man literally describes problems far outside of the illegal drug trade.

Why is the clip from office is reviewed???

Ah man, no Infiltrator?

a police officer's first duty is to preserve life my ass

“Why don’t you take a hit right now if you’re real?!”

“Uh...I’d rather not. I still got shit to do today. Plus I gotta drive back.”

“Oh, of course. Have a nice day.”

This guy is awesome. I need several more videos of him speaking about abutting he wants.

Anything the Rock does is just plain fake

Undercover UK vs US cop is entirely different

09:59 I know it is a little nitpick, but IIRC he bought burner phones from a kiosk right off the street. Bourne Ultimatum came out right before Bluetooth headsets became a thing. Seeing someone with an earpiece going to a cellphone wouldn’t have been that unusual at the time and he had to improvise with the tools available to him. He is a rogue spy and has no support at all, so he has to improvise. The pulling up his lapel to talk is still dumb though.

"you are NOT an actor. You have to play a different version of yourself"

Soooooo an actor then

he was incorrect about the “inglorious basterds” scene when he said it was the body language that gave him away. It was the way he signalled three with his hand. The Brits used the middle three fingers and the Germans used the middle, index and thumb finger when signalling three using a hand gesture.

So no Undercover Brother huh?

Actually, the part where their speaking German and the guy says 3 glasses and holds up 3 fingers, the actual German noticed his fingers were not the way a German would show 3, the way the guy did it was the “American way” to say 3 with your fingers. Just a FYI, it wasn’t that the guy picked up the hostility, he picked up on the American way he showed 3, and knew the guy was a spy/non German.

7:28 "Yeah haha, that's a good way of trying to get yourself killed. No one wants that. I mean what are you crazy.." Never seen Lethal Weapon huh.

An Ex-cop as old as him never saw leathal weapon in the 80's? Cover blown. Disguise 1/10.

Plot twist, he isnt a “former undercover cop” and hes still actively undercovering.

Lol my dad did twice the years in the police

There's a couple movies I'd like to hear him talk about, Training Day, Street Kings, and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

I wanna see this with a cop from the USA I feel like it would be waaaay different

Super cool video... but where's fuckin Donnie Brasco?

In The Inglorious Bastards, the reason the SS officer picked up on the man counting with his fingers starting with the index and not the thumb as the Germans do. He knew he was an American spy because of this.

At 6:00 when the SS major realizes Fassbender is a spy. It is because he orders 3 drinks using his first 3 fingers (index, middle, ring). A German would have ordered with their thumb, index and middle.

He should look at In Too Deep with Omar Epps and LL Cool J

2:50 turn the CC on. They censored "hell"...

Somewhere, someone is watching this and saying “I KNEW THAT GUY WAS A COP!”

He automatically looks like a cop

Wish he did Rust Cohles undercover stint with the biker gang in True Detective season 1

He should’ve done Black Klansman

You have to be a cop first and human life is top priority so fast and the furious is realistic
The golden rule is never break character when they beating someone

You guys should have him look at Drug War. The hotel room scene was soo tense.

Why did they censor bollocks?!

As far as I understand.. in Inglorious Basterds the Anglo way of indicating "3" is to hold up your middle three fingers. The Deutsch cultured way is to include the thumb. Interesting or not, the only person I've known to indicate three with their thumb was my half Dutch grandfather. So, it's quite possible it would stand out enough to create a reasonable level of positivity. I don't think it was the hostility he picked up on...

ID the last scene they talked about has a great scene at the end when he pours speed on his cornflakes instead of sugar. 😊

His reaction to The Office is gold

U gonna let a UK cop rate USA based cop movies... wtf does he know

Mel Gibson's badge was actually a Metro State badge. He was an original member. Back when High Risk funerals were the norm.

A lot of these aren’t undercover police movies and jump street was a comedy, so why would it be realistic?

i wanna see him rate In Too Deep

Like guaranteed. But I missed Point Break, with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

True Detective. I know he's rating movies but they should have snuck in True Detective Se1. Best undercover investigator story ever

12:25 he said it ...
He said the thing 😀

“Shoot him, he’s an American Spy.”

“Bit harsh.”

Talk about an understatement.