First Time Trying CBD Oil For Chronic Pain 💪 (2/14/18)

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I prefer to use CBD with WeedBorn products.

I bet you would get better results if you used 1 ml. Usually a while dropper. Also hold it under your tongue for much longer. I didn’t get any results from just a few drops either. Btw good luck on your journey. Feel better.

I have moderate COPD. After taking full spectrum CBD oil w/ <.3% THC for three weeks I woke up one morning without the need to use either my short or long term inhalers.

CBD WILL get you “stoned” in about 2-2:30 hrs. 💯

You have taken a great decision. I am using full-spectrum CBD oil from to get relief from my back pain. This product helped me a lot. A lot of people will find the information you shared very useful. Thanks for sharing.

You are on other meds and its a recognized fact that even minuscule amounts of THC can have an effect which is greatly amplified when used together with pharmaceuticals. CBD oils are supposed to have less than .3% THC which may not always be exact. Also "full spectrum" CBD oils have a huge number of other cannabinoids which, regardless of what the label says, do have a psychoactive effect. Even if calming that's still a psychoactive effect. My suggestion is start off with only one drop per day and don't get higher than 2-3 drops per day before you finish the bottle. It builds up slowly over sometimes months. Also, consider trying CBD isolate powder mixed with MCT or coconut oil, one gram CBD isolate powder to 25 ml of oil in a small dropper bottle which works out to 40mg active CBD per ml of solution. Not only will this narrow your variables down to just the CBD but its a small fraction of the cost and more accurate to measure out doses of 2-4mg (1-2 drops) active CBD doses to begin and let it build up in your system. Increase the dosage very slowly. Best of luck. you deserve improvement.

She is super pretty

7:16-7:32 it didn't even say anything about hemp being an ingredient??? I was also shocked that the oil didn't look green whatsoever, it looked very clear. Im guessing you're using the isolate

For those who don’t know, Jaquie passed away.

Life hack: Instead of shredding with a fork a hand mixer works amazingly if you have one ❤️

One drop? I think I took like 3 ml out of a oral sirnge at once at 0.24% ....your supposed to do drops?

people please help they've just pulled marijuana treatment away from people needing pain management Florida now says it does not help with pain.
please help us patients here in Florida.

Love heals the heart. Looking forward to see how the CBD works for you... My fingers are crossed 🤞I like your honesty....

I was shocked to see and here you've got the same disease as me! Yes, it's so painful , too! And I had a try with CBD, too. It was great! My doc told me l must wait another year to get it but that year's nearly over! I had 1500 and needed 2 drops. It was so great! My oil was brown - yellow and it was hard to get it out of clothes. I used it, too, against my bad, big pain in my knee after OP and getting an artifical joint. When l put it in the evening under my tongue l could sllep as well as never bevore!

Did I see you at Disney

From the description of the product you gave that product isn't CBD oil, its hemp oil and that's a big difference. Hemp oil hardly contains any CBD at all, hemp oil is also the stuff that many stores online sell dirt cheap because people don't know the difference between the two.

Here in the UK many people vape CBD as its the most effective way to absorb CBD. I vape 1000mg CBD and it has a near instant effect on my arthritis and fibromyalgia pain. Vaping in the states is now in the news as a few people have recently died but in the UK the ingredients are regulated and much safer.

If you want a good oil there are many to choose from and a product from Canabidol Limited is very good and priced around £20.

As always if you see any reference to hemp on the label its not CBD. Avoid it and go for a full spectrum CBD.

You can't vape CBD oil either. If you want to vape it has to be made especially for vaping.

One last tip is to look at the label and check its extracted from phytocannabinoids as that's the real stuff.

You should try cbd oil for that. Try WeedBorn products.

Lazarus has heen sued... not a good safe brand

Tru Potency has been the best place that I have found to purchase unbiased CBD products. They have everything!

Best prices online.

Safe. Affordable. Effective

Fully licensed in Colorado

Turmeric :)

You are taking hemp oil and there is a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. Hemp oil does not have enough cbd in it to be effective for what you want. Please try actual CBD oil instead of hemp extract and see how that works for you . God Bless !

1 drog??

Hemp oil and CBD oil are two different things. Hemp oil is hugely less expensive, but very different than CBD oil, doesn't have the therapeutic effects of real, pure CBD oil. Buyer beware!

Dr morse - YouTube x

I have bought for 120euros one from cbd pharma 2000mg and i felt the effect the first time yesterday only one drop

The oil could make you sleepy.

Wash your hands and shreed the pork the right way

I have a lot of pain and appreciate your tips about cbd oil for pain

Rest In Peace

Hemp is more mellow than cbd

Trial and error at 205 $ a bottle?? for the potent stuff that may potentially do something

did it work?

Provacan do a fantastic full spectrum strong cbd you might want to try if this one doesn’t work for you. Here’s the link. good luck!!

try nuleaf naturals much better cbd oil

750 mg per bottle is not good for you. it translates to about 16 mg per serving. you need a larger dose of hemp extract p'er serving to 50 or 100 mg. At amazon, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Anxiety Relief/Pain/Energy Support (4000 mg/30 ml) Vitamin D3 & B12 Vegan, Organic Hemp Extract- -Tincture Oil Drops. this is 100 mg per serving, about $29 a bottle. they make a 50 mg per serving 2 bottles about $26.

Thanks for your opinion on cbd! Wishing you healing!💖

Dd theramu calm pro helped ur symptoms?

Did you say one drop? Or one droppers full. You did want something to happen.

look up @ for the best 420 deals

I am starting on one from a company i am with. Powerful testimonies. And water and minerals are foundation of life. Also a corrective chiiro may finf pinched nerve that cause issues. Dr john bergman

Im happy your trying CBD! I really hope it works for you!!

I’m sorry to tell you this but your hemp extract likely has no cbd in it Mabie traces. Look up does hemp extract have cbd in it. It’s the Wild West our there. I would bet if that bottle was tested, the results would be negative for cbd. That’s just plain wrong! I wish companies would do things honest instead of putting bs labels on their bottles. I’m sure u were feeling the placebo effect. If in fact it was industrial hemp extract. I hope you find some great real cbd products that actually have what they say in them. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for making these videos. The only way we’re gonna get companies to be straight with their customers is to blast them publicly on these sites. Again thank you for sharing your videos.

Dont waste your money it dont work

u need to take more and take daily to help you

You put 7 drops not 5

try 1000 mg,,full spectrum

nuleaf naturals, and cbd distillery r good

u need to try different brands and different doses,full spectrum is best

I wish I could tell this Jaquie on this day that she has so much good in store when it comes to her health! AFOs will help so much, she will gain her independence back. CBD (and THC) will be a complete game changer. It’s so great to see how far she’s come and I’m so glad I have been along for the ride. My health has been running somewhat parallel and I’ve been helped so much by her, not only by trying some of the same things but it has been moral support too. Let’s all try to live as though someone from the future just told us that we have a lot of good in store and so much to look forward to. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to live?

Bluebird my friends nephew is a quality control officer with them and also does testing on their compounds for quality

I tried 3 brands sold over the web, all 3 had high reviews, every kind of medical lab purity testing and claimed to all be the very best available. After finishing off each bottle none of them had worked on my chronic pain, anxiety or peripheral neuropathy even when I tripled the dose of the 300mg strength. Only effect was wild dreams. I really wanted to stop taking gabapentin so in a last desperate move I ordered pure industrial hemp flower buds from an online site and farm based in Oregon. HOLY CRAP, this stuff tastes, smells and smokes exactly like high grade skunk weed pot! You absolutely could sell it to potheads who would have no idea it was hemp until they figured out the buzz lasts only 2 minutes. I had not savored that mouth watering flavor in over 30 years. But it is totally legal in all 50 states, having a very low THC content but 17% pure CDB oil by weight. It is sold by the gram, only the lower potency clippings are sold by the ounce or pound. It was shipped in neatly sealed foil lined pouches fast in US mail. I am not shilling for them, try any brand of hemp you find. I found it harsh on the throat from a pipe so I tried eating it, long lasting effect when breaking up a pea sized chunk of a bud into my food twice a day. It completely stops my neuropathy but makes it hard to fall asleep if taken too close to bed time, that's probably just me, a light sleeper.

I forgot until I watch this video that my dog used to put her head in my armpit to I think they like our smell and they comfort u or it's because they love us.

I have pain in my hips from lack of cartilage and have used CBD oil from three places so far from 2.5% up to 40% and seriously have not felt any substantial pain relief yet after 3 months of use.

1. Shake the bottle before use.
2. Leave it under your tongue for 2 minutes not 30 seconds

What a waste of time. Family member had migraines that blew her head off. Put 4 drops on her tongue and we watched TV. 15 minutes later i gave her 2-3 more drops. She felt wonderful. She now loves it and is not affraid that it is pot which she will NOT smoke. I took it and my vertigo upon sudden standing (dizzy) went away. This stuff is great for ???????? we have to find out more.

cbd distillery. also has great pure product

cbd is great stuff

U people using cbd oils are stupid, it falling right into what this government wants. It's making people sick it causes stomach issues and heart palpitations, that's why the FDA won't approve it but u dumbass people follow what ever others are doing instead of just living a normal healthy lifestyle.

That's as very loose dosage and it also looks very clear, maybe it's a CBD distillate introduced into some oil. Sometimes natural Hemp oil and MTC oil with variety of natural CBD cannabinoids find in whole Hemp plant work better over time due to natural omegas vitamins and CBD derivatives... Full spectrum CBD .

From what I have heard and experience CBD does not work for everyone. for me sadly the dose makes absolutely no difference. I have osteoarthritis, in my lower back no cartilage. Total both hip replacements, knee pain, both shoulder rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair and a separated clavicle repair and mild dementia. The VA Hospital will only prescribe pain relief using opioids. Due to the US opioid crisis I wont do that. I do wish CBD worked for me. It did't.

If it does not say “CBD OIL ON FRONT OF THE BOTTLE it’s not true CBC OIL! It is only Hemp oil! Try CWHEMP.COM

Did she say emu oil??????????????????

The secret is to use pork butt, not pork loin. Pork loin isn’t fatty enough, and you need to get the internal temp to 185 degrees Fahrenheit to get a proper shred.

I just started CBD oil and  I've had a hard time finding how much to take to start. I was skeptical of spending $50 for a bottle...but, when I use edibles, I don't like the high. then my son told me that the amount of marijuana I was buying, the CBD oil at $50 was actually cheaper.

i gust took cbd oil a difrent cinde that helps with anzity

The cbd distillery is great also. The prices are way more reasonable compared to most sites. I suggest getting a CBD Isolate and making your own tincture only really for cost sake. You can make it as strong as you want and measure it with a little syringe to make sure your dosage is correct. You can get 1 gram ( 1000mg ) of 99% pure CBD Isolate for 38$ including shipping. Then just make the mixture yourself ( there are videos everywhere on that ). The cbd distillery is based in Colorado and is a very reputable site. But don’t trust me do your research. Hope this helps ❤️

I’m just starting to try this as well for chronic pain , praying it works as well. Glad to be on this journey with you . Thank you for your information

Does Cbdoil help when you have a overdose on THC?

I tried CBD but it didn't really work for me, perhaps I should try it again, maybe I tried too much initially.
On a side note, I know everyone raves about the UK and the free health care, but cut backs mean it's not that great. I look at yourself, you have EDS and Gastroparesis like myself, and although you are somewhat mobile you seem to have great aids like a great wchair and support with Dr's and PT and a support dog and much much more, is this all paid for by insurance? I have basically been left to rot. I have a hospital bed in living room as I'm not mobile, but because of waiting lists and cut backs I'm still waiting for my new wchair and so I have literally not left my house at all since leaving hospital at the end of June. Five months stuck in a tiny room. I'm losing the will to live, seriously. I get really no help at all apart from pain meds. PT ppl won't touch me as I'm too fragile, my skin is basically translucent and rips just moving. I'm so fed up with life right now and wish I could have a small amount of the support and help you get, it would change my life. I think the difference is good insurance covers a lot and can be really helpful but here in the UK the NHS is chronically underfunded and in crisis and lots of us are falling through the cracks.
Anyway, I hope with perseverance CBD helps you, sending good vibes to you!

What I would love to know is.
1. I too have a pain management doctor. Does it effect the drug test.
2. Does it work would be a good one.
3. Will it cause the same effect pot has.
My husband bought me some and he said it tasted like pot. I have high bp. I'm really scared to be honest. Keep me posted. Please!

I live 5 minutes away from Sandy Hook elementary school !! And it was hell hearing those sirens

Is that a pic line IV on your chest

Get tested for Lyme disease and cronic strep. Be warned it takes a doctor that knows about strep to find it and treat it. There is two tests and usually one or the other will show positive. Most of the times it is found in the sinus. You need to send the swab deep in to the sinus to find it. It has to cultured. I was tested three times for it and all three negative. Then a test for Lyme. All showing no sign. Went to a specialist and found both. Strep was cultured and I was put on antibiotics. It took about 2 months before I lost all symptoms. It was amazing, no pain, feeling like I was 18 again and I'm 50.
Also animals should not live with humans. You should get a ozone machine for your house. If your tested for strep or and or lyme you must treat both you and husband. Contact me for a the number for a good doctor. Another thing to try it tumeric. One thing to watch for it dizzyness. I found it was a lowered iron in the body. Another you should try is zinc 100mg a day and garlic 1000mg up 5000mg daily. YOU MUST TAKE IT WITH FOOD, or it will make you sick. It is the cure for the common cold and it looks like your immune system is weak. It will boost your immune system. I used to get a cold or flu and it would last for 3-4 weeks. I took it daily for 2 years and no colds or flu. Now I take it when I get a sneeze or feel weak.
It helps to pray too..

Does anyone have marijuana seeds they can sell me? I go to these websites and they all want a couple hundred dollars for about 5-10 seeds. Heck, there's no guarantee that I can even get them to take. I also wouldn't know of any kind of escrow like service to take care of a transaction. Maybe the channel owner? I guess selling seeds is actually legal, the questionable part is what the other person does with them. :)

I agree you need to try CBD oil that has a small amount of the THC. From the information I was given by the dispensary and online medical reviews, that is the best for chronic pain. See “Jadens Journey Story” on YouTube or just google it. They are out of Modesto California. Don’t give up, and best wishes.

Buy an instant pot, that meat will be tender in a fraction of the time! Well worth it!

If you haven’t found CBD that you like try this it’s great. http//

Hi sweetie, I'm trying cbd too. I just read that it works synergistically (better) taken together with THC. I'm going to see if it helps my insomnia that way. Thank you for making the video.!

I love your sweet dog! He's so loving. : )

Where did you get a colorful collar bone/posture brace? I've never seen one and I'd love some variety instead of just the black brace I have to wear all of the time!!

late to the party BUT i didnt notice any changes until i was into week two. then with regular use and using with my all natural pain reliever roll on and a bit of thc was THE DREAM TEAM.

This is the first time I have seen one of your videos. I suffer from chronic pain and I am interested in learning about the oil you are trying. I hope it will help you. I have the impression this may not help pain in joints but not sure. I do not know what your illness is or where you are having pain. Thank you for sharing . I will continue to watch you on U Tube

Couples and their pets. Space Wars. Lol

Too pretty to be sick... I'll pray for you young lady:)

Yes, Lazarus Naturals is def worth a try.

buy cbd and thca at +1(647)560-0392

"Endoca" Company ..... Is my next try , I want to try the paste really seems quality would beat oil ,powder, etc..because it's direct from first step of ...(cooking) don't mine me saying I'm reference from viewing a very inspirational video..there's so many!!!

The problem .,it is NOT PERMITTED IN ALL 50 least not in the alabama...

Unfortunately CBD oil possession/use is still illegal in Idaho.

It is a Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

try blue bird botanicals x6!! I hope all works out for you lovely girl!

you want the thc in it

(All About My Chronic Illnesses) could not get the video link to work said video not there anymore.

There is a lot of low quality CBD oils. Purrkana has some of the best.

Please check your intracellular magnesium. It HAS to be low ... Not serum ...check Intracellular ....

I miss Harlow... 😘. I hope you're doing great Jacqui.😘😘