Former CIA Agent Mike Baker Bursts Iran WW3 Bubble | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1414 w/Mike Baker:

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There will not be an open war between the US and Iran unless Iran gets nukes (very unlikely) and even in that case probably not. Hotheads in Israel, the Gulf monarchies or Iran may start something but it will simmer-down quick.

There are many reasons why not, but primarily because that is not how the Iran scam is played. Why do you think that the Bush admin. brought in so many figures who had been involved in the arms trade to Iran, Iran-Contra and the coverup of those scandals in the 1980s (including Cheney himaelf) before making the 2003 "mistake" of illegally invading/occupying/destroying Iraq? It was because Bushies wanted actors who already knew the God-damned blood-soaked script .

Shut the hell up man, USA is the number 1 terrorist in the world and every one knows it but they don't have the balls to go against USA, at least Iran got the balls to answer your crimes in middle East, Qasem Soleimani did a great job, good for him, when he cowardly assassinated people mourned for him in the streets for weeks,and don't you worry more Qasem Soleimani's are coming wait for the revenge

The Islamic Republic of Iran was on the wrong side after the US invasion of Iraq, but it is on the right side in Syria. The US was/is on the wrong side in both cases.

This shit baker disparages Gen. Soleimani for playing a duplicitous role in Iraq, but what he did was exactly the kind of immoral crap that the CIA and Pentagon have been doing in the Middle East for decades. In the 1980s the US and partners Israel, Britain and others were supplying arms to BOTH SIDES of the Iran-Iraq War. Western imperialists long ago mastered the kind of ratfuckery that - according to this shill - Trump killed Soleimani for doing.

It is utterly outrageous for this truthless creep to suggest that the US wanted to create a stable, strong Iraq. It is USraeli policy to overthrow, sectarianize (Lebanonize) and partition all secular Arab nationalist countries. If the Pentagon wanted to preserve Iraqi society why did they invade with just enough forces to quickly defeat Iraq's army, but not nearly enough to secure its borders or provide internal security? ..and the border that was left WIDE OPEN was the border with Iran [(to facilitate Ahmed Chalabi's weekly commute to his State Department-purchased villa in Tehran, no doubt). Said purchase itself being illegal].

Unless China gets personally attacked by the U.S I believe they would stay out of things because he is right... it isn't in their interest to destroy their number one customer

I'll try to remember the documentary but they said America ran ww3 simulations and we lost most of them.

This guy parroting the company line.

Easy to say it. But you have to prove what u saying,otherwise it's a bitches gossip.

I'm an Iranian commenting from Iran. It's unbelievable to me how accurate everything this guy says is. it's the first time I see an American really get what's going on in Iran and understand the regime spot on.

Imagine overthrowing a democratically elected leader, putting a dictator in power and then calling the people terrorists when they overthrow that dictator. I fucking hate Americans

lies.just like all the us news

Dammit Joe, why didn't you get Bernie elected???

Are we supposed to believe the CIA lmao

What a bunch of crap.

Any threat to isreal will be delt with accordingly...

On a side note, when they say ex CIA official I automatically assume the person is a dumbass. 🤷‍♂️

A country with hardly any navy and an Air Force that Is basically non existent couldn’t start WW3

Its called having a President with balls. Shocked? He is the most powerful man alive the left is just a smoke screen

With the Salaafi-Wahhabi sect, any man they like/support can suddenly turned into a religious scholar over night. LOL.

Iyraan is the US' Boogieman in the region. Its a i scratch your back, you scratch my back affair between US and Iyraan. We let you be with your rhetorics, and you make our presence in the region a necessity.

Any other nation in the region pull the kind of nonsense Iyraan had done for years would have been bombed to kingdom come a long time ago. Anyone who think Iyraan can military challenged US military might is a stupid clown.

Soleimani like all rogue Boogiemen and puppets who got out of line and getting ahead of themselves are eradicated. SOP.

after 9/11 no cia agent can blame anymore other regime leaders for false flags

CIA is very interesting, these men and women who are apart of it are definitely smart no doubt. Again very interesting. [Would you like to know more?]

This guys voice reminds of Woods from black ops

Someone really did die from those missiles joe smdh

And now this current president is nominated for two Nobel Prizes

When the CIA lips are moving they’re probably lying. “We lies we stole we killed” something along those lines mike Pompeii said

How many innocent deaths have u.S generals been responsible for? Where’s the justice? We hold everyone else accountable but never ourselves. America has no place in the Middle East. If it wasent for our bullshit starting with operation AJax there would be no tension

Mike hasn't told the truth 10% of this interview

Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi, plans an terrorattac on US soil with money from Saudi Arabia.
USA: Iran is the biggest financier of international terror

He said "shock and awe part 2" The first one worked real good eh ?

He looks exactly like what I expected a CIA agent to look like🤫

We all point the finger at how much blood hes responsible for yet America is responsible for 9/11 an killing of it's own people hhhh

I wish everyone had the whole, you can like him but not their policies and then you can not like someone and like their policies. Group identity politics is not a good thing...

Hats off to joe rogan for not losing hes mind when this piece of sht spews bull we are the leading of terrorist of the world drone bombing the fk out of every1

O and Bush is innocent lol

someone needs to deal with soros now

I've been around enough retired government agents to know that while they are smart people, they always toe the line even in retirement. To be a government agent you are strictly vetted to ensure your views line up precisely with the governments. Hardly any stray from that.

How could anyone believe this sht.


Ok i see the US think they have enough power to take put the whole world. But umm come on i know better and he seems so sure china won't get involved, that is the problem one day america will realize how much power they lost under trump.

I think the guy is a propaganda piece..

Here is some real insider info. The Jesuits were planning a 80 percent population reduction. In 2009. I evidently used meta powers to crack open this plan. It turns out the American CIA was the center of this operation. Ask this guy if he thinks Joe Rogan would have made the cut. Ask him what the criteria for being the 20 percent. He will lie. But know it happened.

Forget Solemani (sp?)... Trump needs to take out the terrorists in our own government, at all levels.

Baker is a douchebag everyone around him knows it

The US may not have had the stomach with a war against Iran, but Isreal sure hell did.

the left are marxist, no other word for them, they hate what this country stands for!!!

Oh you don't like President Trump huh you don't vote from right who you going to vote for this time Joe Biden you know all you little people that think you're intellectuals you fancy yourself intellectuals I think President Trump has more brains and smarts than all of you put together so how dare you talk about him like he's some dumb idiot he's in the top 5% of his graduating class and one of the hardest to get in business schools in the country so what the hell are you people talking about fancy yourselves intellectuals intellectual snobbery thumbs down thumbs down raspberries all around

Orange man bad President Trump could went back in time and killed Hitler in Vienna when he was a young aspiring artist and they would have called President Trump someone who doesn't like artists and art. Ridiculous God Bless America God bless President Trump in his family keep them safe

sorry to say but in the Middle East this is all they understand they've been fighting each other for thousands of years they only understand dominating and being dominated otherwise they will not listen to you. if you show the slightest weakness they will move in to exploit it. it's a cultural thing you have to be strong with people like that or they will not respect you and for the past 30 or 40 years like he said the way we dealt with Iran made them think they could get away with anything and then when Obama tried to set them up as the main power in the Middle East they thought we got it made now. Wrong !!! in comes our dearly beloved President Trump.

What a dumb CIA officer. I thought they are very smart and educated like Robert Baer.
His interpretation of who Soleymani was is so superficial.🥱
He had no evidence.His assumptions are based on his balls.
Oh yeah they called us before the strike 😂
Did they have your cellphone?
Oh in a day they are done.Dumb ass Iran can carpet bomb at least 5 countries in 20 minutes.They have 200,000 missiles We are talking about 11000 a day all buried 500 meters under mountains.
Some are buried in Persian gulf.Their accuracy is 5 meters.Your ships are 300 meters long.Just because they are tested at maximum 2000km does not mean they can’t cannot go 10000.You are really dumb if you think they don’t have the tech.
Are you really that Naive to think that cannot make Nukes?Its 1945 technology lol.Even if they don’t have they must have bought it from North Korea.
You nuke Iran .Thats your only option.Then what,how many cities?Do you really think Iranians are like Japanese to sell you Toyota?500 years they will serve you.Read history.

ooo ooo aaaa aaa the Joe Rowgunn text to speech

What a crock of shit. It was us that went in and released them and employed them as local police once we had sacked all the old police. Divide and conquer in action.


this guy is lying through his teeth eye's don't lie

Trump WANTS war with Iran.

We didn't knock out Iraq in only one night................and Iran is far stronger than Iraq. LOL

Poor Ukraine gets their planes shit down left and right

The agent’s flow just tells us he is full of shit

Could trump ask to have a U.S citizen killed in the states?

Every one from the middle east is bloodthirsty psychopath, but CIA and Trump are all about daisies and kittens

The CIA created the unibomber. They psychologically tortured Ted Kazinski

Its funny he says Yemin, because we support Saudi mass murder in yemin. Good info, but he is very slanted, and not telling the whole truth.

It’s 9 months later. This liar’s prediction didn’t come true. “It would be over in a day”. 🤣Those people who actually know a little about Soleimani, know this “ex-cia” guy is full of shit. Pretty much everything he said was factually incorrect. He is right about one thing though, Soleimani was responsible for destroying US assets, namely ISIS.

is it just me, or.... is this guest a terrible communicator?

This should show you how hypocritical these people and the government's are.
He's claiming how Soleimani did all these stuff, yet I would love to know what American generals did to people of Iraq, afghanistan, vietnam and all the other countries that the USA fucked over the years.

You fucked hundreds of thousands if not millions.
You literally nuked japan "to deter them"

It's all bullshit, it's all about the game of conquest.

When will you wake up people, alas, this comments will probably be lost amongst thousands of comments.

so you put 1 huge guy in a cell with 5 wimpy guys .... Guards come running up...hey whats going on big guy.... why you asking me....those 2 over there are starting shit with the other 3... Ok..but these 5 have been in the same cell for a year and I've never seen a problem... sonyour saying its me....well all 5 look scarred of you...i dont known why... This guy is a piece of shit...track ours is anything short of a joke..

Yeah, he was soo bad he was responsible for ending ISIS. this guy is a fucking piece of shit.

"Iran is the greatest purveyor of terrorism in the world". That's nonesense, the U.S. is a lot worse and has caused more deaths and injustice than any other country since the end of WW2, all in the name of capitalism.

I didn’t remember the plane getting shot down until he said a second middle hit it.

I laughed way too hard at “yeah option three f*ck him” lol

Isn’t the closest the world has ever been to WWIII is because of China and India or India and Pakistan? I feel like they are on the verge of full on war almost every day.

Everybody is a blood thirsty psychopath except for our assassins, eh?

Let me get this right, all you people hear a former CIA agent say "naw no ww3". Becuase they tell the truth 😂🤣😂🤣 Nazis didn't paperclip NASA either 😉

I dont believe his story one bit about Sulemani authorizing the attacks on shiites in Iraq by Sunni extremists like Zarqawi and friends. People like Zarqawi or Baghdadi cooperating with a Persian shiite general from Iran? Cmon now...make up a more believable story pls. Next.

Couldn't you say a similar thing about generals on all sides? British and American generals have launched terror operations for decades. Who gets to say who is a terrorist or not? I'm not unhappy that Sulamani is dead but there are war criminals on both sides.

Wait, but the media mourned Suleimani as a great star among his people, like Elvis... so much TDS.

That guy Sulimani he's talking about was killed in Iraq because he was brokering a deal between Iraq and Iran. A working together deal. So everything he says has a significant question mark over it. Just remember, the whole perpetuation of conflict is for money. This guy is a junkie dealer's bitch boy. That plane over the Ukraine (that place this guys paymasters thought they were gonna own in 2014) There were several warnings to stay well away from east ukraine, and this plane changed course to fly right over the conflict zone, before flying over the Ukrainian border. 2 missiles? One missile. Does this guy live with Anderson Cooper?

The washington compost is a democratic propaganda machine. Wrap fish in that rag.

This guy is deception. The entire interview. What a joke.

This guy looks exactly like i would imagine a former CIA agent would look like and that doesn't happen too often

Don’t forget... he was a religious scholar.


Meanwhile the u.s. kills for Israel and says nothing while Israel drops white phosphorus on Palestinians like fish in a bowl.

lies lies and more lies,,,how many more countries are going to destroy in the name of fighting terrorism,,,,just say it like it is,,,destroy and steal everything,,,iraq= oil,,,,afganistan = opium and lithium
america and isreal are the worst terrorist I the world followed by England

this guy is so biased. One question how many wars has Iran china and russia caused in the last 30 years? how many has America started

Lies cheat and steal . His boss said that.

Joe , talks to CIA agent, believes everything he says. Remember, some of the biggest traitors to our Country have been in the CIA. Soleimani was observed by the media, and, they reported on him being at the embassy as it was being attacked. You did not need to be CIA to know he was there. MSM is a propaganda machine, they were covering him for propaganda purposes. His desire for coverage of his actions got him caught.

Oh the irony, a CIA guy talking about the terrorist activities of Iran. No history of CIA activity in Iran, deposing a Democratically elected government and getting the Shah into power? The illegal invasion of Iraq? The death and misery that America has brought to the region? Cognitive dissonance.

Its written. Do not discredit the words of our father.

Mike Baker, you are a wanker. And so is Rogan for having you on this fast becoming a joke of a podcast

If Iran took out Mike "the pompous fat pig" Pompeo, what would America's response be? Soleimani was not nearly as bad as these clowns made out. Sheer ignorance
& lies propagated on a large platform pushing god only knows what agenda for a disgraceful military machine.

U.S is just as worst any other third world dictator by sending its military to overthrow governments for Corp America as they did in South America and East Asia and the middle east but Mike won't mention that , C.I.A

the left was worshiping that asshole sulifullofshitmani

Don't you love the hypocrisy of a CIA agent criticizing the morality of anyone?
I mean, the CIA were the architects of Operation Northwoods for the love of god.
We gotta stop virtue-signaling others, just say he was an enemy and you took him out.
Don't play the morality card when you've killed +500k Iraqis.

Telling us who needs to die does not make you good.

Trump, Commander in Chief. LOL. Of what? Divorce? Bankruptcy? Lawsuits? Failed businesses?
Hes a good game show host.

That guy is seriously clueless for an x cia

What a psychopath

Joe doesn’t understand Trump very well. Surprised that he made the call?

Of course that passenger plane was shot "accidentally", of course, absolutely, definitely a "mistake", a "human error", an awful, unwanted "tragedy". Totally "not deliberate action" on behalf of the Iranians. For sure!

Isn't everyone that's in power a murdering terrorist, to other nations? I dunno. Just my 2 cents.

You're gonna listen to baker? Lmfao he works for them. Paid to cover up, and say BS stories to distract. Nah we definitely were one argument away from ww3.
Also it's not in Russia's or China's best interest to wipe us out? China is the world leader right now. Putin is on their side 100%. They could glass us overnight, and never so much as leave their soil. It's common knowledge if Russia, and China put an effort against the US we would be destroyed significantly. The fire power they hold over us is unfathomable. And being we are the only world police force for israel, and such they would have all the more reason to put us down to protect their assets, and gain more control over US soil, corporations, and economic structures.