Former CIA Agent Talks Government Secrets | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1327 w/Mike Baker:

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Not that secret obviously

I have nano microchips implant s and voice to skull are government is crazy

Joes gotta good sense of situation. He followed this guy not being comfortable furthering the topic at hand

Bo2 Zombies when you're playing as the CIA you're playing as him

We'd get actual answers if Neil Breen were on Rogan.

Joe “How much can you tell us?” Rogan

Because I am a expert self trained hyoko Empath. My knowledge of psychology dwarfs any nitwit CIA operative. Or even a mainstream psychologists. We know the best way to sell a lie. Is truth truth lie truth. But there is another way. You take a person make them public enemy number. Really get the people to hate that person. Then have that person tell brutal truth. This way the truth becomes off limits. I'm not saying that's happening hear. But I need more challenge.

It's funny how Rogan keeps insinuating that Bill Clinton was in on this. That's bullshit. Every time he went with Epstein, Hillary was there. The guilty party here is the Trumpturd who was accused by multiple female children (13/14-years-old) of forcible rape. If you don't think that's true, given his history of disrespecting women, you're CRAZY. Clinton liked women his own age and criminal charges were never brought against him by a child. It's the Trumpturd who likes children. So the Trumpturd took a page from Putin and bumped Epstein off. Just my opinion but look at the evidence.

Jeśli stosujesz podstęp w osiągnięciu jakiegokolwiek celu , wykorzystując naiwność i brak wiedzy innych .
To grzech a za wszystkie grzechy wszyscy płacą , prędzej czy później .

,,Governments,,of USA = mini gestapo=cia-deep state

And what about the killer tomatoes? Yeah I can’t talk about that.

Greedy and corrupt people never have enough money. They are never satisfied.

The only secret revealed in this podcast by a former CIA agent was that Jean Caude Van Damme does chip commercials

And now he's deceased 😔

Why tf would I trust a CIA agent especially when he speaking bout secrets of our government

Isn't hypocrisy , When the Chines and Russias do the same thing to the U.S government its evil but when the U.S does it to other countries it's national interest.

Thanks for sharing nothing. CIA needs to remain quiet


the files won't be released until 2080 - hell, who knows if this planet is even gonna be here in 2080?

You can talk about anything if you really know for sure.

Terrorist into 11 dimensions or the twelfth. Funny

There is no such thing as "former" CIA Agent. Once you work for the agency they have you for life.

Propaganda to the max. I don't believe this dude

First rule about being CIA is that u can never retire from the CIA, CIA fa life homie

This guy said nothing. Only one of your videos I've ever disliked to date.

He's talking about predestination by collecting data and following people through the internet everything leaves a footprint and they basically know everything that's happening and has happened....

"I was working with some really GREAT people. I was working ......." Hmmmm.

CIA got "flashy thing" 2.O

I think science found proof of life after death too but they don't let it be known because somehow it goes against certain religions

Imagine {insert favourite evil company} in your head, mining you all day long. They can shove that future

Lmao problems at Guantanamo, not defending terrorists but how bout’ ya just not torture them? It isn’t efficient and allows people to call us war criminals

Conspiracy Theorists wet dream. 🤫

Very few will understand this.
Secrets that are not secrets.

Capitalism's Invisible Army

Cia ops are compartmentalized and they have a deniability set up as part of the operation. Then when the real truth gets threatened by researchers that take 20 years to study these operations the cia has these limited hangout disininformation talkers like this guy climb out of the rock he lives under. He mumbles alot of words but says nothing to confirm anything. He's a rightwing company man.

Ya this is fake. Manz woulda got shot by the time he would even reveal anything.


Secrets my ass. He’d be jailed for treason

There's no excuse for why I got a fucking Amy Schumer stand up add on this video in 2020

High on speed operations

The pentagon is developing wallhacks

This guy has the grainiest but yet crispiest voice


I like this gentleman as a guest. I keep looking for a reappearance

I think Joe thought this guy was a prick.

There is a reason they keep certain information confidential...not every country is friendly to the u.s and Russia and China have pretty pervasive spy networks.

This is so cringe

The biggest secret is that the CIA uses google like everyone else and if you don't know the words, google doesn't throw them back at you.

1. We kill people rather than interrogation.
2. They have surveillance equipment and software that can identify you and other people in a dark room.
3. There is equipment that allows individuals to kill more efficiently, and use energy more conservatively with maximum results. The suit also relays vital signs to command center.

This whole episode: Abadaabadaabadaabadaabaa...that’s all folks!

“Ok boomer” 😂

New title for the video " CIA agent doesn't talk about government secrets"

u set meetings with cia fbi u must part of them joe


CIA watching this videos: so you have chosen death

This should be getting more views than David Dobrik

THE MERCENARY 2020 now on amazon and on DVD....VIVE LE MORT VIVE LA GUERRE ex 2 REPMAN


Joe always wants Mike Baker to spill some conspiracies Joe believes in.....I do too 😋

Video: Former CIA Agent talks Government Secrets.

The Government: InTeReStInG

You can tell that he trying really hard to not accidentally spill anything extremely serious lol

Man what a ramble!

People can be identified by the vibrational or frequency if their bio electrical out put if I was trying to find a terrorist I would use this other thing would be voice recognition of the person with NSA and satellites listening through all the devices waiting to hear the voice of person got many strategies how to take of a person or populas of unfriendly people which I won't share with you but it would even be able to cut off decimate whole countries of terrorist with very little time being wasted it's something I'm very good at strategies are almost instantly thought up from all points and scenarios put in the plans to fail safe it and keep the ones in operations safe from allie casualities I don't like that way of thinking I like being productive creative helping others growing and flourishing as we need to press forward as a people to make new advances in medicine technology and things that mean going forward not a bunch for c strife drama hurtful destructive things we have a whole bunch of younger people we have to make a better way for not the same things over and over will say this don't blame government for Corona Virus very dark evil intended people did it they'll get theirs and be forgotten about I am always believing that war ain't fought for fun it's to bring peace to stop the threats to people that want to live and afterward build up people that need restoring and rehabilitate rebuild the broken back to as close as possible their best well being that's my understanding of the reason you fight and win as well as the technology the CIA government and military can use and have at their disposal I do hope that we can get this carried out as well do hope to rebuild it's been a minute of these things I've been a part of have too much I'm formation on these things but start over.everyday be strong be purposeful be determined be present be aware and to your best that you can be at every time you can people need more than soldiers they need help to think better they need guidance and encouragement this means they need you at your best have s blessed day


Wtf, he looks like a deepfake of trump

Finally government secretes

Knowing what I worked on in the Land Warrior program in the late 90’s, most of what was discussed seems completely reasonable.

joe talk about andrenochrome

What about the micro drone swarms? I read that they can go inside buildings identify, and then eliminate targets with small explosives. They're about the size of a bee. Is that legit ?

Im just saying, why does this guy know so much about something like nerolink like hes seen what its done... even though its never been done

Imagine a cia agent throwing a poke ball at a target.

Shit bro its called “COD” Call of duty. lol you just described a video game. 😂

What average Joe?
You Suck

What an idiot. He either doesnt know shit or hes just a retard pig

What did you expect for him to just spill all the secrets of the government this guy would disappear quicker than your stimulus check after it showed up if he did

Buffy st marie . The universal soldier a peace movement song . Lol buffy becomes the vampire capitalist or communist or socialist killer. It's always going to be about protecting your stuff your people and your boundaries which is in essence perpetual war.

Hey Joe maybe shut up for 2 seconds so someone like bob Lazar can actually talk. The joe Rogan experience. My name is Joe Rogan anything is possible , unless I disagree because I'm the smartest person alive.

Is it me or does he kind of look like he could be John Cena's dad?

There is no such thing as ''former CIA''
These people a NWO lackeys who sell/kill/eat children

U can tell the cia is a very evil company

Cant believe anythin he says cuz they would kill his ass ..i always heard the government is 15 to 20yrs advanced technology wise than society

Asking a rock to explain the world. He’s like “did I mention I’m a rock? All I have is rock-like responses”

"Former C.I.A Agent'' Is a meme in itself

He’s talking shite !!!!

When you have an assignment to submit but you don't actually know the source material first hand... So you watch some youtube videos and maybe a movie about it, and use your inner word padding skills to get it in by deadline

Absolutely psychopathic

Joe "soft propaganda" Rogan

This is some garbage interview. They talked about Clinton, but not Trump, Bill Barr, Ken Starr, Dershowitz, or Alex Acosta? I mean if Clinton banged some kid(s) he should go-down. But, the evidence against him, pales in comparison to some of the others I named. To ignore that is pure cuckery.

He doesnt even answer a question

So they ask your doctor what your heart rate was the last visit and then they kill the first person that matches the description of that person with the same heart rate?

People like this guy, talk and talk and talk and talk and still manage to say fuk all. If you've got something to say, just fuking say it. Oh yeah just incase anyone forgot already, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself

Only clicked on this to see if it’s click bait LOL

Does the CIA have a bulls**t detector?

My grandma told me more government secrets than this guy.......and she was deaf! lol

I am convinced the CIA protects the deep state. Losers


It's sickening Rogan allows this CIA worm a microphone to do spook stuff.

Not everyone is asleep.

Just subscribed been a fan since way voodoo poonana way back