Forrest Galante's Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1240 w/Forrest Galante:

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I need adventure with this guy 😂

And you guys English. Wawwwww

Me peeing on my feet before Joe says check that for me Jaime, I may be wrong 😂

Joe, the Spanish language as it is spoken in Latin America was supposedly intended to be the universal language, but English was the language of science. Spanish is like a bridge between tribal language and dialect that is simplified and phonetic and easy to learn comparatively to other languages..

Joe Rogan: F U N J I

Thank you Rogan for understanding what ring worm is, it's fungal not parasitic, worming pills the guy gave them will clear out tape worm and they should be clear for quite a while in untill they next eat under cooked pork that has the parasite or other mammal that can harbour the eggs of tape worm. Probably be 2+ years before they get it again

Joe “ Fun-Juy” Rogan

This guy 😂😂😂😂😂 .......what’s that I smell is sheep 🤔 is it pigs 🤔 no no it’s bullshit 💩💩💩

Joe "splayed feet" Rogan

What I’m curious about is: how did these tribes end up in the complete middle of the Amazon in the first place?

why does this guy remind me of big head

Super friendly.

Happy humans, tasty meat..

Why does he keep calling them indian...shit..

This dude must not have payed any attention. I’ve never met someone that doesn’t pay attention to things he knows people’s going to ask you. Like the typical “ what medicine did they use “

Someone should start a petition to get Bear Grylls on JRE!

The kid fought off a freaking crocodile and rowed his boat back to the village. Doesn't get more gangster than that

There’s white Colombians though.

Amazonian Indians? Did Christopher Columbus land there on accident too?

This dude was on Naked and Afraid no?

Joe 'funge-eye' Rogan

He's a good guest but his beard makes him look like an Amish serial killer

Yes , imagine people coming over from Europe and speaking a language that isn’t native to the land and it just stuck , says joe Rogan
in English

Joe "Fanji" Rogan

Great stories but it's pronounced (Me ann mar)

I cured my athletic feet by rubbing raw garlic on them

Those feet are a straight up genetic deformity, probably isolated to a single tribe. There's no way that would be advantageous

wait, what....Bill and Ted have a podcast now!

he is talking about Cali lol

I'm sure to be honest.......I really didnt pay attention.......I was only there for like 4 days wtf this guy

Put baby powder in your shoes and socks if you have athletes foot. Don’t pee on anything

I had athletes foot once, or something nasty, heard about the piss thing, pissed on my foot in the shower for a week. Cleared it up, is that proof? Not exactly, but I'd try it again.

What’s the point of going all that way to if you can’t even be bothered to remember the fucking name of the tribe


Columbus arriving in America: Indians!
Galante arriving in Columbia: Indians!
Indians: Namaste.

Try vinegar for athletes foot.....

Joe “jungle powder” Rogan

Is joe wearing my grandmothers gown? She had one that same color!

The image from the thumbnail is not from amazon forest, is from the "cascata do Caracol" which is located in the city of 'Canela' south of Brazil, very far of amazon forest.

I have wide spread out toes. Walk barefoot a lot. Your toes help you balance (duh) yoga tends to focus on articulating your feet and balancing.

So that's what an African American looks
like 🤔

Cool ruin the fight calling out outcome before , we even watch . WTH is that???

The feet thing , Joe that's from inbreeding.

Forrest Galante: "... they're so much more athletic than you can imagine."
Joe: "I'd imagine"
John Lennon: "Imagine"

11:38 I want to see them!!

Come over to AU's and find the real deal.Funnel Web,Dingoes,Kangaroo's that will rip your guts out no shit.Salt water Crocks,it goes on worst snakes in the world…Jesus,Eat breakfast with that.

12:25 ... and now they've got a cripple in their village ... it's probably why they didn't want to help him :/

Joe "piss on ur feet" Rogan.

He doesn’t know the tribe name he visited... doesn’t know what is their native language... such a gringo

OMG joes pastel purple tight shirt is so hot

Great fucking guest

I've lived in the Brazilian Pantanal for a year. Indigenous people there also don't wear shoes and their feet look normal..

Tahino ta Joe

At the 14:00 area. Remember seeing a mountain lion when I was out on a dirt bike (motorcycle) and stopped to check fuel as well as how the bike was (vintage bike so you’ve gotta keep on top of issues) in CA. Looked up because I felt like I was being watched. Dead silent but it was like the hair on the back of my neck had a mind of its own. All I saw was eyes as I scanned around me. After my brain started in the game vs just feeling, I saw this mountain lion around 120lbs giving me a side eye. Never started my old bike faster and left a 30ft burnout getting out of there. How silent and imposing those animals are in the wild is something to be experienced to understand

I was so enamored with them that I didn't even pay attention to anything about them.

I could listen to these two all day. Favorite guest. The fucking stories bro

This guy is interesting...good stories

You can tell he totally tried to back peddle when he started talking about giving the amazon people medication

Forrest "I'll tell you a story joe" galante

In the Western society you get pregnant at around 30+ in average in the jungle, you've got the period? It's time for children

hate this guy everytime saying indian people. indian people live in india

Forrest Galante wanted to see a Jaguar in the Amazon while taking a stroll at night... what a fucking idiot, if there had been a Jaguar anywhere near you and it was hungry the only one that would have seen it was the survivor of the encounter, either you Mr Galante or your cameraman, the other one would be dead, wow so smart and so dumb at the same time.

the same thing with US how did the english stuck, it would have been great to hear native americans speak...

when ur name is literally FORREST, you beat ur ass ur getting into nature

I would love to go on some adventures with this dude. You can't bring antivenom with you by the way because the licenses are hard to get and they are not meant to be administered outside of hospitals.

Ringworm is actually a fungus...

Dont bother pissing on your feet for athletes foot. It doesn't help. I've tried it multiple times.

If that guy made it back to the village and survived, there’s a chance the villagers including his mother wouldn’t accept him. They would believe he survived , he will die and that’s it.

This might be controversial but Amazonians do love iPhones and McDonald's/Burger King.


joe make fun of my podcast rogan

9:55 "FUNJHY"

Joe: it's really incredible when you stop and think about it.

Guest: Yeah.

Joe borrowed his nans top

This dude was on naked and afraid and he fucking killed it

Bruh they're not Indian

Ringworm is actually a fungus

His guest doesn't know shit! Don't take my word... quoting him,'' I really don't know/I really can't tell you! WTF... LOL, bro you were there! SMFH!!!!

Humans are tribal and ment to advance. We do better in civilizations. Problem is, we have become so advanced that few die and now there are too many. So its give and take.

THIS IS EXACTLY what the WHITE COLONIZERS would have thought when they and across native people around the world.. They just wanted to help

Who wouldve known that 200years later that after helping them, White colonizers would be demonized


Listening to this just makes me think HOW LUCKY native indiginous people's are to have met WHITE COLONIZERS all over the world.

What age is the eldest of these tribes?

Dude said he’s from Africa....... You were born in Africa dude, stop it.

So joe is into feet and peeing. Maybe interview RKelly?

Colonization. An accepted, FUCKED up concept and word!

Americans should be speaking Spanish too because Christopher Columbus came from Spain.

Don’t know this guy or his credibility but to me he’s bullshitting joe heavy, has no idea about his subject, maybe I’m ignorant

Foot fetish joke is literally the dumbest thing

Lol a guys whose name is forrest and goes into the Amazon rain forest

They probably get infected by people like this white man coming to visit them.

They're not from India dude just like north american indigenous are not

Why is this idiot still referring to these people as "Indians"

Joe ‘thicc ass toe’ Rogan

Joe ‘they learned Spanish from people that came over from Spain on boats’ Rogan

Joe "Piss on your feet" Rogan.

11:12 Joe "flex a pec" Rogan

For a wild life guy, you sure say "idk", ALOT

hit the bowl every time he says “indian”

I’ve noticed people are talking about the medical part of this podcast, but Forrest is not trained in medicine, he does not know these things. He was in the Amazon looking for fauna and just so happened to tell these stories to joe.

I've seen the video of the cougar in the neighborhood. I've lived in the damn swamp my whole life and I think if I'd had been walking down that street I'd have smelled that cat. I've happened across a few in my life by chance of a downwind approach. Once, one happened upon me. I dont know which one of us was trying to get out of there faster lol. The smell is faint and you probably wont notice if you've never experienced it. Other animals that emit a smell that can alert you to their presence (in the swamp at least) are boar hogs and cottonmouth snakes.