How 500 Pounds Of Fresh Tofu Is Made • Tasty

Watch the mesmerizing process of making fresh tofu at the oldest family tofu shop in New York City, Fong On.

Paul Eng -
Fong On Tofu Shop -

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Soybean curd. 😋

6:56 It tastes better because you're eating it so you can taste it.

there's an art to it making Tofu & here it is😋

Alvin Zhou's cinematography. What a genius.

Why doesn't this have more views?

I've never heard of tofu pudding before but now I need it

who else loves how the tofu is being cut into rectangles? therapeutic

I love tofu pudding! Soooo good!!!!!!


China gives tofu to the world.

Tofu pudding is cool, smooth and light and delicious, i love eating it ^^

He is using a santoku knife to cut tofu , that is sooo Asian..

Flipping love tofu



Sesame seed & honey tofu 🖤

Thats freaking taho dude from philipines that is one of my childhood snack even though im 11

"Fong On" sounds like "Feng An", my name :))), the first time I heard it lol ><

Now I'm craving that tofu pudding with red beans

Soy milk cheese

In the Philippines we eat it (tofu flower) called Taho but with tiny booba pearls, condensed milk, and the brown sugar is thicker. Damn so good. I don't know any Filipino who doesn't like it. Haha

Fujiwara Tofu Shop wants to get their tofu back.

Does it do delivery?

Wow, they use a lot of plastic with hot foods. Can you imagine making high estrogen food with high estrogen utensils?

Mmmm. I love tofu in all forms.

I want some of his tofu now

We call it "Taho" in our country! Yummy

I'm sorry,Tasty.... But I the thumbnail, for a sec..

I thought I saw an ass..


Taho vendor in the morning:

Tofu tastes good af. Change my mind.

see's video

Me getting out my childhood nostalgia : TAHOOOO

That's T A H O in Philippines

so it means, there's a plenty filipinos who's always watching tasty's videos 💕 and it includes me eheheh

Wah I love taho 😍😍

Everyone : Taho !

Me : D a h y u n

Government: “Work from home”
YouTube: “Thou needs to know how Tofu is created”

i dont get why people think tofu is boring, its healthy, delicious, amazing in sauces or soup.

Calling all my Taho squad! 🇵🇭 PH babes would know


Source of next deadly virus traced back to traditional tofu from China.


Its taho yum


TAHO 🤤🙂🙃

It really sounds so fancy...

English: Tofu Pudding
Chinese: Tofu Flower

Meanwhile in the Philippines simple terms...
Filipino: Taho

it kinda looks like cottage cheese.

I was interested in trying Tofu.. But then I watch the whole thing and they showed one menu item lmao.. Makes me think there's not much to it..he seems like a great man tho god bless em



indonesian say TAHU

All Filipinos here talkin, non other than TAAAAHHHHOOOO!!!!!

In the Philippines we have taho it is tofu or idk but i think it is and i really thought that it was made from the whute if the egg

So taho ito

Is it just me or i just saw taho?


this comment was made by the filipino gang


In Philippines tofu pudding is called TAHO and it has tapioca balls in addition on top.

I think of Initial D

“Tofu flower” aka Tau Fa Fans, say hi 🙋‍♂️

In Indonesia tofu flower that KEMBANG TAHU.
Tofu = Tahu
Flower = Kembang/Bunga
It cheap just only 10.000 Rupiah or under 1 USD

In the Philippines, if taho vendor pass by, we ask for extra tofu 😂

T A H O 😋😋

ヽ(。◕o◕。)ノ: Taho!

Tofu is like vegan cheese change my mind

watching this makes me want to eat TAHO!

F ddshawdHs


Taho kayo dyan!!!!


Grilled tofu actually aint that bad

How tf is 400 pounds made then?

Seriously, IMMEDIATELY I need me some tofu pudding!

I've never seen tofu like an art

Its my all time favorite - from Tofu cook and prepare different type of dishes to a simple Taho to a Soy milk drink. ❤

Dito sa pinas madami yan tas mura pa!!!


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Them: Tofu pudding

Indonesian: T A H U

Tofu cheese yum


(4:55 to 5:02)

Imma tell this to my teachers when they ask why I didn't do my homework 🤣

Me: ¡T A H O!


Oh...I love tofu...pudding, fried, long as it's tofu, I'll eat it

English/Japanese: Tofu

Filipino: T A H OOOOOOOOO!!!!

Or Japanese/Filipino: Tofuuuuuu


Tofu flower?
We just call this T A H O

Tofu flower?
We just call this T A H O


1:02 wourder

Why was nothing about Filipino mentioned in this video, he mentioned china, so why not mention Philippines? Not to mention Tofu Pudding or Taho is so common in our country, basically when you mention "Taho" first thing comes from your mind is a filipino delicacy, i find this video somehow annoying, just because the fact he did not mentioned anything about Philippines

yes what he said is right.. the act of scooping... definitely is a performance. .whenever I buy these looking at them scooping tofu is just satisfying..

Im not vegitarian but i love fried tofu

"Well you first grab the newborns and grind them with garlic"




“It remind me of 🍮 Flan!”

i love tofu and this video is perfect for me and that man’s voice sounds like that guy in harpers bazaar directing crazy rich asians

He have that cool grandad vibe🤣