How Actors Fake Puke In Movies And TV | Movies Insider

In everything from comedies to dramas to horror movies, all your favorite movies and TV shows often contain sometimes hilarious, and sometimes horrifying, puke scenes. We visited NYSPFX in Brooklyn to learn what goes into a fake puke mixture, and how an actor can most convincingly look like they're really doing it.

Thanks to NYSPFX. Check them out here:

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How Actors Fake Puke In Movies And TV | Movies Insider

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The berries looked like he was choking out blood

Salute to their jobs. 👍🏻👍🏻😁

Mike myers played in tons of movies

Why did i end up here this is nasty perioid

Me : eating
Also me : clicks this video 😒

I was eating and youtube recommended this for me to watch it.

Thumbnail: pitch perfect
Me: boy, what a trip this will be

That looks yummy

Let's be real. No one searched for this.


Uh, mike myers is the voice actor of shrek ;-;

“This is mike Myers!”
Me: “do you mean Micheal Myers?”
Just a joke btw

I watching this because I want to throw up

Mike Myers sounds familiar


I did it on Monday

Me: wow this is disgusting.

Brain: yes but watch it.

Me: why?

Brain: do it.


6:23 mood

Honestly me I would still be disgusted to even touch it even just a bit 🤢 even just to be next to it

I think I vomited while watching

6:19 looks like blood

5:16 nobody vomits like that doe

They protecc
They attacc
But most of all
They don,t brush their teeth after that

Wouldn’t it more drip out? Not spray out like a hose?

What about Knives Out? It really looked like Ana DeArmas puked on Chris Evans.

How Russia vomits


Welcome to another episode of....

How the hell is this in my recommended?


Reporter so hot you get horny even when he's fake vomiting.

I am getting


“u might not wanna eat while watching this”
me on my 5th ice cream of the day: 😳

Blargh... Mood


Let’s all be honest

Nobody searched for this

My thought process:
Sees thumbnail
1. I’m not gonna click that
Immediately clicks video anyways
2. That’s so gross!!
3. I should stop watching this, it’s making me sick
Continues watching until the end
4. WhY DiD i WaTcH tHaT?

Looks so fake tho

صدمه😭😭💔بس شي يقرفففف

i am now vomit

That would be such a fun job, mixing random crap together and making nasty stuff

i want the job of making vomit please

I mean, it was kind of REALLY obvious the dude at the beginning had a tube or something. Like, people don’t puke that fast, and you could see the ‘puke’ didn’t seem to come out from his mouth actually

Yeah, this is cool and all. But this obviously shows that these people have no idea what emetophobia is. Some people have that (one of them is me) and they will have a bad time watching these movies.


His acting was bad

I honestly felt like vomiting by this.....~

0:02 fake


Berry Vomit! Brought to you by.......COSTCO?. lol

"What do you do for a living?"

I make puke

My favorite puke scene in a movie is Edward Furlong in Detroit Rock City in the strip club. Hilariously exaggerated and realistic reaction at the same time. Such a great movie.

Lol when someone is drunk and crying while throwing up is.... Just so funny

Continues to eat

Anyone else have emetophobia?😅

watching this I am gonna puke for sure!

Your telling me shrek makes fake vomit

Honestly I vomit lot's of times. Literally never disappointing as I am a garden hose since that's how my vomit comes out. Literally at the speed and pressure of a garden hose.

Even its fake, i almost puke 🤢🤢🤢

Mike Myers?
It Is Michael Myers

Let’s be honest nobody got recommended this

0:47 Mike Myers? It sound like micheal myers

How do actors make blood vomit

I want to vomit right now 🤢

he's sucks sooooo bad at aching

I can't explain to my parents what I'm watching

3:07 ɐuᴉɥƆ uᴉ ǝpɐW

Give this a like if you have no idea what they are saying because your phone volume is turned all the way down cause you don’t want to go to school tomorrow and you want to know how to fake sick

I love it but it made my stomach growle

Mike Myers, more like Michael Myers.


Mike oxmal ha lol

Is no one going to talk about the fact that the man hasn’t taken the protective film off of his Mac 2:49

Hey uh mike. Name your son micheal please

I myself almost puked

FilthyFrankTV:Hold my beer

I'm eating soup and I could have eaten all my soup without throwing it up if I just didnt watch this video. Sigh

2:19 that's the exact same berries we buy


Honestly give me a bottle of Jameson, I can do this naturally on command.

In the thumbnail I thought it’s her hair

Imagine a movie where the vomit goes like ------------------------------->

Oh ew I hate this

Spitters are quitters

When they made the berry vomit it looked like blood and it scared me so much

This is disgusting, dude why am I watching this?!

okay did he say that that guy who makes pukes name is MIKE MYERS? make sure he is not Michael myers or your dead.

Should I be watching this while ill with tonsillitis

They made this video to make everyone think they fake puke

Why am i watching this after eating?

Imagine if you accidentally digest a few drops of it

Him: "Look how good that looks"
Me: Are you okay Sir?

Watching this while eating. Well.

What the heck movie is 6:54?

wasting food to make vomits really

Mike Myers MIKE MYERS!!!!!!!!!??????

I puked all over my laptop while eating -_-

Who else thinks the berries puke looks like blood.

2:47 guy has cancer? Look at his neck

He looks like Brendon Urie to me. Lowkey looks like Brendon Urie.

I know it's fake but can't watch this.