How Airlines Make Meals For Thousands Of People

For many people economy class used to mean soggy pasta, rubbery eggs and dried-out chicken. For a time U.S airlines even stopped serving free meals altogether in economy class. But in 2019 U.S. airlines posted their tenth straight year of profitability and premium and economy cabins are seeing more food options than ever before.

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How Airlines Make Meals For Thousands Of People

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2:31 Some of the stewardesses gave also gave out subtle lap dances!!

Well this video aged like a glass of milk

I don’t eat on planes. I’d rather have more space to stretch & sleep, especially on international flights.

Explained so beautifully

To be honest, I don’t want my food to be super fancy.

United airlines and food do not go in the same sentence

Haha remember when those things "planes" existed?

In 2011, I boarded on an 8-hour long AA flight across the Atlantic on a narrow 757 enroute to Madrid from NY. No meals were served on that entire flight, they didn't even have water. All they had was wine, and you had to pay for it. One of the worst flight experiences I've ever had not to mention that we the flight was delayed by 3 hours at JFK due to traffic, too bad the plane had already taxiid on, so we were literally stuck 11 hours in a filled cabin with hardly anything to drink or eat.

Edit: Back then very few cabins were fitted with IFE systems, our cabin happened to not be fitted with any such IFE system, can imagine the boredom that prevailed throughout the journey.

Little did they know...COVID-19....

Am I the only one that loves the super low budget long haul meals? It's not that it's the tastiest, rather that you get to eat it in a plane that makes it so wonderful.

Who is watching this in 2020 and sighing 😩😪

I'm finding the date this was published very ironic.

oh the irony. this video did not age well. this was posted the week before the border lockdowns.

I miss the rubbery eggs. Was the highlight of my travel as a young kid

This became irrelevant the moment it was posted

Air New Zealand plane food is actually very good! My favourite is the NZ made Kapiti ice cream - the best in the world. I’ve flown with Qantas, Emirates, Thai Airways, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines - their plane food was good and the staff were nice... wait... none of them American lol

More people are flying than ever before-

That quote did not age well

Wdym stopped serving free food? It's part of the ticket cost

1:11 Wow, 5 percent!!

They used to be able to ship the narcotics with the plane food before that.

does the narrator have some sinusitis or something?

All cuz we have phoney FIAT, plastic $$- that doesn't even exist- just suggles on computer. The welthy are destroying planet with whims

Lol I must always be on the wrong plane then

I got a lot of interesting news from this channel. I basically listen to these news for improving my English listening skill.

Every flight that I’m on doesn’t have a food service 😥

Food production is a burden....suddenly i think Wall-e´s shakes aren´t that bad.

My last airline meal was a spoonful of canned chili over a little bit of white rice. Sigh.

Nolan bangladesh has the best food imo

stop making united’s food looking so good. it’s not : D

i‘d pay $25 dollars more if u just gimme my chipotle meal in the air 😌😌

Imagine being a Registered Nurse & a Flight Attendant. 😮

I think i just felt in love

As someone who hates to spend money on expensive airline food that isn't really that good, I'm lucky to have been raised in a Mexican family where we take our own snacks and meals that's x10 better

I'm watching this even if I fly with spirit all the time. :D

Narrator: With more people travelling than ever before...

2020: No.

Omg you don’t like the pay go somewhere else

CNBC Reporter: The number of travellers expected to grow double by 2037....

The Corona Virus: Am I a joke to you?.😬😬

I just want something that's not rice and dal

What's the deal with airline food?

I can’t eat on a plane food to spicei

I live in vinkhuizen I used to travel to leeuwarden. No complains with food. Because I buy from Albert Heijn

MeanWhile flying any Russian airline: lol

this video aged like milk

0:09 Show ground food and commercial pics and say it's airline food?
My airline or any other Airline I been through still use those rea 2l first meals.

I was a service supervisor for a vendor for LSG Skychefs in 2015, I got to sit in on a negotiation between a buyer from Virgin America Airlines and LSG, they discussed which items sold and didn't sell well on VA flights, then the kicker was when the buyer grabbed a fruit and cheese snack package, and proceeded to ask what the cost was for each individual item in the pack that sold for $8 on VA flights. The buyer then began negotiating over the number of grapes packed in each snack pack, he had deduced that by packing 3 less grapes in each fruit and cheese snack pack the net profit for VA would increase by $600K annually.

It was an interesting afternoon for sure in LSG's facility in SFO

Why does the narrator sound like he’s swallowing his tongue

I don't know why, but I've always been interested in how some business prepare their meals. From simple fast food restaurants to high class, and even military and airline. I always loved culinary and continue to learn from it and even as a career. I truly how to create my own business one day.

In 2020, I wonder how the staff of airline catering companies make ends meet. Even if flights start to take off again, I don't think meals and refreshments will be served for a VERY long time.

thats a lotta food

I’m surprised United doesn’t serve an ass whooping with their meals

1:40 when you want to die

Delta Domestic flights food are free

1:24 sre you sure about that

Well things have certainly changed since this video was made

Well this is redundant now.........

By pouring in trash

After 911 and SARS: passengers losing free food.
And now we probably not only gonna lose the free food but the movies. And maybe you have to pay the washroom.

I have not seen a "meal" on a plane in LOOOONG time, what are you even talking about...

I’ve heard of airline food.

It tastes very plane.

Air travel is ded

Feels almost surreal to watch this just 3 months later

Emirates economy class food is undoubtedly the best compared to other economy class meals

And now in 2020 they can’t serve anymore

covid 19: Uno reverse card


Can’t wait for the redo on this article in say 5-10 years

Thousands of germs at your service..

How airlines USED to make meals for thousands of people.

Please fire the narrator. His voice is sloppy-sounding and his cadence is artificial and irritating.

They used to stop mid flight to go eat at restaurants.

I want that.

When will you be redoing all this? Lol

0:06 Am I the only one who thought that the old style airplane food still looks really good?

Why doesn't your business know more about telecom refunds?

all prediction fail with Covid19

602nd may 01 2020 7:32am philippine time.thank u for your very informative video.sad to say. Those kitchens do not exist anymore.corona virus force them to close shop. Covid update 3,260,964 people infected with 231,808 dead.

Now they only make meals for 10 peoples.

I flew from Christchurch NZ to Auckland NZ (1h 30min flight) and got coffee, cookie, potato chips and candy for free with Air New Zealand

I wonder how much money the airlines lost in 2020-2021.

What’s the deal with airline food

So this is the deal with airline food

Who else laughs when they say 'plating'?

Why are meals on a flight even a deal these days?
When I book a flight within Europe I never know if a meal is included on the flight or not. So I always eat in advance. On the flight, I'm somtimes served nothing (but offered things to buy for a steep price), sometimes I'm served a KitKat or similar (which I don't even like and give to somebody else), and sometimes it's a meal served to everyone, which I feel obliged to eat because I hate throwing away food (I hate the amount of waste from my meal, though). My point is; why even serve food when it takes up so much space in the plane, is costly, and is not even necessaily expected by the costumers? And how much extra fuel is spent on bringing this food and waste along on the plane?!
So, please, don't serve any food on planes. If I'm hungry, there are enough places to eat at the airports, and the food tastes better at ground level. If it's a really long flight, I'll bring along some food and water for the trip.
However, if you, as airplane companies, really feel that serving a meal during the trip is a necessary service: Let costumers order what they want to eat in advance and make them pay accordingly! Otherwise - the way I see it - you waste a lot of resourses and efforts, and gain little fame or benefit from it...

Wow they get food from all over the world now it's like ok...but that wouldn't be possible when airplanes first became popular

They saved 40,000 in olives? Golly

The only meat I would only eat chicken on a plane (if I wasn't to scared to get on one) is Chicken or sandwich meat
I don't trust them to make me pink beef, undercooked pork (and I don't like pork that much anyway) and for sure not not seafood (I will never eat that) and oh god...wild animals? No

The Middle East is the crap of the world.

Watching this during the corona lockdown!

Never felt more of a peasant after watching this. Economy traveler here

Qantas serve decent meals.

I get annoyed by drones flying in close to peoples homes and property being nosey. So short flights might be annoying to people trying to not be bothered by noise and flashing lights.

Did you just say that Singapore Airlines changes its menu on regional flights? Singapore Airlines only operates international flights, there is no regional flight since Singapore is an island.

Ok end meals done... no labor issues and no waste

Airlines can cut costs by not paying their CEO, CFO, COO, and their executives seven-figure incomes.

Factory, manufactured foods from low wage workers less than $15 hourly with little to no benefits.

I don’t know about yall, but I’ve been served food every time I’ve flown. Lufthansa, Aeroflot and British airways.

Cnbc always make good case studies, we need value engineering

Just did meditation on airplane. Save some food.

This is the worst narrator ever.

When they said that air travel will grow in 2020, don't you just wanna knock his sorry head on some wood to get rid of the jinx?