How CBD Oil Impacts the Body

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how the medical community is using CBD oil, even though it’s still considered illegal at the federal level. Find out how CBD impacts the body and if it can be beneficial.

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I think that CBD is the best treatment for pain I take this organic CBD and I am glad I ordered some last week.

It's working... costly? Liver? For anxiety.

In short, it may work but more research should be done. Also, it is why is it banned if people want to try it?

It’s not completely safe! I have done research and documented CBD Oil

Great to see the mainstream learning more about CBD. Finding a quality product is hard for many consumers and I understand why. I work for a company called Founder's Hemp who produces our products in a cGMP facility. If your interested in learning more go to

It’s better to put the CBD tincture drops under your tongue and let it sit 30 sec, it will optimize the absorption. Also dosage is important, read this article depending on your situation:
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Dr Oz knows his stuff !!

CBD does have THC. It has 3 percent. You will fail a drug test if you get tested at you're job.

Isn't it legal in all states ? I'm confused

I tried Select CBD but I think full spectrum works better for me. Luma Wellness CBD highly recommended!

Medical marihuana... :D:D:D There is NO such thing!

I am so grateful I found CBD fluid!! That’s correct fluid. It absorbs 70-90% vs any other CBD oil at only 7-10%. I love dr Oz and I wish he would tell the world about the bioavailability of the only CBD Fluid there is!!!

Anyone know haw many drops as start dosis for pain of Raw cbd/cbda 3% ? 1 drop first week or ?

Wrong! #FullSpectrum #CBD #Oil can be extracted from its #Twin #Plant, The #Hemp #Plant w/ legal low doses of #THC, Not solely from the #Marijuana Plant, which contains high doses of illegal #Psychotic inducing #THC -->

Why TV lie soooo much to the people 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️...

Please anyone try CBD oil , who had a Breast Cancer , please I’m scared to start a chemioterapi and do operacion, if someone had try please tell me , if it works CBD or do i have to use CBD and do chemioterapi😢

She looks like Jackie Brown

Wow they act so surprised lmao!

I love both DR Oz and Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Watch out for Zilis cbd do the math on their product with their cbd and their COA dont fall for their pitch

I'm 13 and I'm drinking it now as the tea

How do you know your getting real CBD oil. There are a lot of places that sell it. Some of those places are selling phony CBD oil

For people interested in more detaliated information :

Not Available in India

I bought CBD products from WeedBorn and I can recommend it.

“Belle’s Bounty” is awesome, I think that they’re on Facebook.

“Belle’s Bounty” is awesome, I think that they’re on Facebook.

My anxiety is terrible at the moment any on here use for panic anxiety attacks let me know please God bless you all

Funny thing is.. the war on drugs started the same way. Parants protective of an now proactive for their kids.

The question is, is it legal? Who gives a flying f#$K if it is or not. Does it treat their ailment or not?

Surprised 'Big Pharms' hasn't gotten this outlawed by now. That's the way it works.

For those who actually listen, these guys haven’t managed state anything of educational noteworthiness. The only thing that I got out of this is that they’re promoting evolution. Evolution has been disproven. It’s not a factual statement. They’re just like the history channel. Here’s the topic, I’m going to drop bread crumbs on the floor and wow all of you that are gullible enough and that will not use your thinking cap, while simultaneously talking around the point to make you feel smarter, while essentially not actually telling you anything of noteworthiness.

CBD is 100%legal,isn't phycoactive, pain killer , muscle stimulator,

We natrualy produce CBD so a top up is beneficial

Works a treat

Wait till the plant takes out the lumber industry

Is oz a a M.D.?

Sanjay is a complete idiot. The oil is derived from a male cannabis plant...not a female plant that has THC. The states where THC is legal has THC in the oil. The THC IS NEVER from a male hemp plant. Never trust doctors.

Cbd needs some thc to really work.

Just ordered some for my Rottweiler

Sound like a bunch of addicted people.

Dr. OZ looks like he hasn't slept for weeks maybe he is smokin the wrong type of pipe

Dr. OZ needs to smoke a bean and mellow out

I find it interesting that opioid utilization has decreased in states where CBD products are being used. I work in the medical field and see opioids used being used more and more, despite our current opioid epidemic, or “opidemic”, as some are calling it.

I found this interesting article that summarizes some of the research that is being done in this area:

Hopefully as more solid research done we’ll see more positive results. Thoughts?

He worries that big pharma dosent have control of it

I love CBD and kratom together I can go to work and be happy and chilled out all day and I do physical labor ♥️♥️♥️♥️

My whole life has changed because of cbd watch

Great for arthritis, CBD oil combats inflammation

1st of all most CBD is made from hemp which is NOT illegal, this idiot should know this.

CBD helps with my migraines.I went to the hospital and they gave me an injection of stuff that left me sore and goofy it took 30 minutes for it to kick in, 3 days later I was having another one and a friend offered some CBD and it kicked in less then 5 seconds without making me goofy.

It's funny how everyone is behind it now...when it was frowned upon not to long ago

More IMPORTANT INFO here: "PROTECT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM." topicals are amazing

People need to learn more about it very good treatment for a lot of health related issues.

That's a long time to say, "I don't know.".

I swear I cbd right there in the window

I don’t feel any changes with the pain anxiety and all that 600mg enough?

A bunch of placebo bs

CBD is undeniably a miracle alternative. I have had chronic pain in different parts of my body and after trying 6 or 7 medications, nerve meds cortisone injections etc NONE OF IT HELPED ME so I was not expecting the CBD oil to help me much either. But was I wrong! Been home on sick leave for about 6mths because I could barely walk. After only a MONTH of placing myself on CBD capsules Im back to walking normal , still some pain but at least I am mobile again and can get some things done!

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Where’s the vapes at for CBD lol

Mr question to Dr. Gupta is how does CBD interact with certain medications such as birth control etc? I've read that it can have adverse affects with certain medications. People need to know this or else this could turn into a big problem.

I used it for 2 full months and had no notifiable effect on anything - its just a new product and a lot of hype - these people are just salesmen and joint share holders. $$$

Snake Oil.💰💵

CBD to the moon! oh wait it was BTC to the moon!

CBD is illegal?! Why? It’s not the psychoactive component, right? What’s the problem?

Governments killing people

I have constant shoulder and hip pain as a result of working in construction for many years today I took 10 mg of this and my only regret is that I’ve never discovered it sooner

Please somebody put me on television I can explain this 10 times better than Dr.Oz I've been treating my mother's cancer for the last few years and I knew about CBD oil before the majority of the population did.

I've done hundreds of hours of research on this topic and not only have I talked about it and research it but I've also backed it up with actions

Listen up people ...the only reason the FDA approved it is because... they know what a threat it is to the pharmaceutical industry!!! They approved it for one reason other than that is they want control of CBD manufacture cultivation distribution Etc

I have only been using CBD oil the last couple weeks but I can tell you the dreams I am experiencing are very interesting.....

The fact remains that there was never sufficient evidence as to why marijuana was placed on the schedule one controlled substances list as opposed to tobacco use which has been proven time and again to have contributed to millions of deaths through the years but remains legal.

'erb!! cracks me up every time hahaha

My dog has been on it for years. We use it for his Arthritis pains diagnosed at 8 years old. He is almost 15 now, and still walks fiercely. Ok, we also use Curcumine, greenlipclam, msm and his once a week lasertherapie.. But I thank the universe we didn’t put him on ‘regular’ painkillers/anti imflamatory wich would have caused other health issues with long term use.. So if you have a furry friend whom u love, u can also give it to them folks🤗

why are they facing away from the crowd..I think the guy who laid out the stage tried too much of the thc version

Oh yeah make sure you ask the question what does the government say we should do? Effffff that crap. They are crooked as all get out and they are just waiting to get lobby money from pharma to get it only made by public entity.

if you can live without it you don't need it! don't buying to every product that is advertised cuz it's all about making money for them and taking your money

ANYTHING that has health benefits that BIG PHARM and/or the FDA missed the bus on stays banned. It's so unfortunate! It's criminal, IMO.

CBD oil helps me 100% more than antidepressants and panic and and anxiety medication i vape it the only down side is some cbd companies do have bad ingredients in their cbd oil or products so do your research on the company ingredients

Definitely works!!! I use ... only brand ive found with human trials ... works wonders!!

CBD does work for me ; I occasionally have mild anxiety from social gatherings or just feeling anxious to start work ; when I take CBD gummies 25 mgs I feel totally calm and also sense of ease I very much recommend it to anyone who deals with anxiety; give it a try!

My girlfriend and I had a long talk with a very respectful business owner who sells CBD oil. We were told it would take about 1 month, spending roughly 50-100$ a week consuming CBD oil, before we'd notice any significant changes.

Our former British prime minister of great Britain husband are second highest exporter weeds in the world while there own half of the nation suffering from depression insomnia but they not give it on national health service while citizen pay higher taxes on there income only they give anti depressants medication nothing else who make you loopy why

People ...young people , vape its killing them 🤬

Anything that attaches to your receptors gets you high it's just not the same high people are used to

cbd toothpaste😂

CBD helped me smoke more weed

You say that like getting high is a bad thing.

How do you not have captions on your videos?

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I smoke CBD and use the oil and it helps me greatly!

the green doctor cbd check out r reviews on google

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Plz if you are sick try it it will help you so much