How I grew Organic Cannabis- Blue Dream strain



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*****Duolux 600 is obsolete ***

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↓***↓*** Products used in this video ***↓***↓

2X4 grow tent

300 watt LED

4x8 grow tent

Duolux 600 grow light

Black Ops carbon filter

Clip on fan

floor fan

6" inline fan

6" ducting

Fan Speed control

Outdoor timer

Auto pilot controller

Grow tray

Rope hangers


***** Germinating seeds *****

Sandwich bag

Paper towel

great white Mycorrhiza
Mycos Mycorrhiza
Root magic Mycorrhiza


PH meter

Nitrile gloves

measuring shot glass

1G nursery pots

Fox Farm OF soil

Garden sprayer

Propagation tray

Wireless temperature monitor

Small watering can

Liquid seaweed


Spring pots

Hydrofarm shears

Trellis net

Rose & flower

Clamp on light


Clorox wipes

Clorox foam spray

Drying rack

***↓ Soil Mix ↓***

Fox Farm OF Soil

Compost -

Earthworm castings

Dr. earth Flower girl
Rose & flower


Compost tea bags

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That is a automatic seed? Or a feminized seed???

172 grams from one plant or all of them

do you top it?

this is the way now that we're under quarantine. get yourself some seeds.

Can you grow a plant out of a red solo cup from start to finish or is it necessary to transplant

I don't want a super weed, but just something I can count on. Can you suggest a little on how I can grow it without much hassle. Plz.

I just took some mud out the back yard and used normal tap water. Put in some ash (burnt dry leaves and tree branches along with coconut husk) boom my plant was 6 inches in 5 days from sprouted seed. No special fans, humidifiers and all that baloney like RO water and fake mud and stuff LMFAO (If you want good pure water - just make a hole in a pot or bottle full of mud - pour tap water from the top and collect the water below - that's called natural distillation) The plant sits outside the house and is growing super fast now that I know how long it took you.

P.s. have you tried to grow them outside like other plants?

Troppo impegno per una pianta che cresce da sola. Oltretutto, troppi errori nella fase di germinazione e di crescita. Mi spiace ma devi cambiare hobby e comprarla.

omg, I need some of that man. BD is my all time favorite strain.

Okay I'm new to this so go easy. Wtf is RO water or is that something I hear differently

I want weed Seeds In Pakistan Please Guide Me Buddys.
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I want weed Seeds In Pakistan Please Guide Me Buddys.
+923123727333 whatsapp me ..
I want Any how Even import Export. Please. Whatsapp me

This quarantine making everyone wanna grow huh😂🤦‍♂️

I wouldn't call that organic tho like you adding a bunch of extra shit that would make it not organic

@caligreen do you use living soil in other grows ?

canabis grow naturally! It doesn't need care like this!

I don't smoke weed but this shit is so satisfying

can i come live with you? no joke xD

You should give them pure water every once in a while

Those look beautiful in the end...

Why the molasses in the water???

I have grown them

This dude must be smoking a pound of that good in quarantine

This is one of my favorite grows to watch. Do you still grow the Blue Dream or have any buds left from this grow?

yo cali green how could i get some seeds

WOW . What A Profound Ide .
Organic grass ......

if we have any questions regarding how to stary whats the best way, through the comments section here or on IG?

wow!!!!!!! This is a work of art!!!!!!!!

I need yo number

mycorrhizae cannot be unstated enough, i always tell people to look at a tree and realize that your only seeing the top-half of a reflection and its what you don't see sometimes that really makes a difference, i've always loved the cheesy smell of blue dream and the taste of some of its crosses

Is this perfection?

Bro I have few questions? Ok so do I need two tents for growing

Bro, you should do a starter kit for new grow’ers and kinda give a run down of basics this video helped give me an idea, but hopefully in the future you get more into detail with measurements and what not! Cool channel tho. Also, how long in total did it take? And how much money in total do you think this whole project took?

I can just have the seeds and the sunlight thats all i can offer

This guy just hacked the youtube algorithm? Organic Cannabis is the only way to grow. Fuck all these chemical nutrients that you smoke in storebought weed. GROW IT YOURSELF ORGANIC!

Why is there so many people here right now?

Hey question is it just this specific strain that you give 18hours sunlight and 6 darkness.
Some of the strains I have seen use 12hours of sunlight and darkness or is that just a preference

Where did you order seeds from?

Getting high the organic way 🍁

Hit me up on Instagram 4raysmith. Want to talk to you bout some stuff.

lots of expensive products you're using

will this actually smell like weed? thinking about growin some in my dorm

Well this man is using ll the opportunity he have, well done, we all better do this to, btw, he is absolutely taking good care of his plant with the best method he can do. He is improving and optimizing! =)

Just stopping bye 👋🏾

This guy is a lit trained to grow some nice green flower! -

Basically the purple color depends if you want your plant to be harvested before or after the time lapse of growth you give it. Organic is lit!!!!

This is what taking good care of a flower looks like

I wanna join in the mass commenting right now

ill rake a hit to that

Because it was blue dream the lower temperature was actually smarter.

Hi af

whats going on that everyone is commenting in this hours? haha

Racist asshole! Lets talk about your pea sized brain!

Someone plz explain what clones are I still don’t answer the difference

Hi. But if u get only 172g @ 600w grow light, what is 0,28g/w is a bit less imho, where other people do 2.4g/W, ı don't know. There must have be some problems while growing.

why did this video just get recommended 2018 lmao and all the comments are from only hours ago

What would you reccomed for a good starter growing setup ups?

1st time grower 15 plants germinated , growing in those mini greenhouse things just not sure best separation method

I hope to grow my own weed someday. It will be so much better than smoking chemicaled shit in india!

i grew the pink strain

It was good personally i find even though sun grown are bigger only differrence indoor harder solid vs chunky fluffy buds at the end of the day who's complaining when smoking up those juicy lucy budz hit with record heat wave here sydney down under they where dead for all money took em out of tent out of pots into years old veggie garden cali dream gdp wow wee kills all our local by a long mile what can i say wish you were here
Still smokin shout out from down under have a gr8t day cool vid

Can u make a vid on all the equipment u have and what u used to build the area

Is it organic when the light is synthetic? Bitchin vid though. Love your shit

all that for 6 lousy onions? gtfoh. im just gone hit up A+ whenever i hit south cali! Per usual.

Cali green is the best grower ive seen on YouTube. These other kids selling out for what??? Keeping it og. Love your vids peeeeeeimp

"How to grow one of the easiest strains possible in one of the easiest environments possible with the best possible equipment"

Just fuckin' say you're trying to show off your setup you fuckin' mong nobody is gonna get any functional knowledge out of this that a much simpler online guide won't show everyone

it's obvius the cannabis is a plant, inorganic cannabis isn't exist, just the tittle is wrong to say that

Fucks sake you call this organic. Don't forget to add CLICKBAIT to your updated TITLE

A plant will grow in standard potting mix and normal water . A bit of added nutrition during flower and that’s it . Don’t believe me try it on one plant for yourself next time then stand back after harvest and see the minimal difference between the yields .

This guy puts thousands of dollars worth of shit he promotes into the soil, yet he uses shitty purple China panels. Your results look like my results in my 3rd or 4th grow when I was adding absolutely nothing but literal bat shit to the soil in the whole process of growing. I use Cree CXB3590.

Why are so many ppl commenting rn

Blue dream 🔥;)

It was really cool watching this bro keep it up I'm a new grower so I'm looking for all the advice

I started some blue dream outside. They’re about a month. They look very thin because of the cold, they didn’t grow much. Any suggestions on how to improve them?

y we all here

I feel like using a compost tea defeats the purpose of "Organic growing"

turned out bomb. I think the answer to ur trichome question would of been solved with the extra week, im running Blue Dream right now 70 days it recommends. another dope video from cali keep them up budz

Damn I need a good connection

Literally smoking blue dream rn

Why is this shit so complicated.. feel like I’m in chemistry class

При таком, оборудовании иметь такой результат - это лол.

Hey man just a tip, try leaving in music when you talk everytime because when you talk theres some static that comes through after you finish talking and the music helps mask it while you talk too. Just a minor detail but I think it'll add up to the already great video quality and editing.

How come you don’t PH your water when you flush? And you should use simple green to clean your tent a organic cleaner?

Colchicine would help you with the size of your plant

My brother and I did this type of method back in 2011 but we started with hydroponics and switched to soil just for better results

Listen find ways to maximize your soil. People who keep asking questions. Step 1 educate yourself on the anatomy of the plant understand what it needs. Step two educate yourself on compost , soil and coco. This way you know whats best for the plant. Stop assuming everyone is a fucking master grower. Some of us are born with green thumbs Lastly make sure the enviroment your growing in is condusive to plants needs. People love having the biggest pitbull on the block. They achieve this giving it everything it needs as a pup. Plant is no different. You want to grow the best then you need to treat it like your child. You got to wanna spend a little money also!

Indoor lights = not organic

Cali Green, what are the part measurements between molases and seaweed feed?

How much molasses and seaweed are you using. I bought a grow house and seeds. This will be my first crop.

I gotta say, I love the channel. This was the first video I watched if your series and it was very easy to emulate. However you never specified how much molasses or liquid sea weed was in the solution you watered them.

Wheres daddy when you need him? Oh yeah, hes in the white house. :|

The fat leaves look like it’s an indica bud. Who else is watching this while smoking bud? 😆

I wish I had the patience

I had tried my own plant it only grew to produce about a gram I watered everyday and kept it outside any help on what I should to better

How can I get bigger buds

Why bother growing organically if you're just going to use cloning gel, which is 100% not organic.

Great job bro 🔥🔥🔥

You my friend know how to treat a plant 🤙🏼 loved seeing just how immaculate those fan leaves were looking.

Grats on the harvest bro.... can get a zip. I need you to drop it off. It's 9am and I'm already couch locked for the day.

pH of 6.8 is terribly high for veg state Bru. cannabis cup master growers told me 5.7 to start and increase gradually. The optimal ph for nutrient uptake is between 5.5 and 6.5