How It's Made: Watermelon Hard Candy

Now you know how watermelon hard candy is made.

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***WARNING***This video is made for educational and entertainment purposes only, if you attempt to make this at home you do so at your own risk and we can not be held responsible for any injuries. Making hard candy is a dangerous process since such high temperature are used to make it. With that said, for those that are curious and want specifics this is how we make it.

For one full size batch we combine into a copper kettle 7 pounds of corn syrup, 14 pounds of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and 2 quarts of water. We heat it up to 310°F, then add the flavoring oil before removing it from the stove and pouring it onto the marble table to cool down. Here we add in color and flavoring oil before stretching it on the hook. We stretch it to add in air bubbles which turns it white. We combine the stripes into the body and put it through our fancy candy cutter, then we just wait for it to cool down and bag it up for you to buy!

Please pick second day air with a cold pack, if you don't we will have to call you and tell you that you need it. Although we love talking to our customers we just don't have the time to do that. So please help us help you get your order as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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For the people wondering why we use our hands to put the corn syrup into the kettle it would stick to gloves or a ladle too much if we did that, trust us we've tried. Also the health code regulations that we abide by have determined that it is more than safe for us to do so without gloves because we then heat the candy up to 310ºF or 154ºC. As for the people worrying that Max didn't use soap when "washing his hands," he actually wasn't washing his hands, corn syrup isn't unsanitary or pathogenic, he was just rinsing the corn syrup off of his hands. And the reason he was rinsing his hands in between grabbing the corn syrup is because if you rinse your hands under cold water then corn syrup won't stick to your hands very much. The more you know 🌈🌠

I like Watermelon

looks yummy


It's so great to see your videos. They are quite long but relaxing. Greetings from France.

Hello Dear.I Want ur Help. please Reply

They can produce more if they talk less and work more 🤣🤣

Corona or not your not supposed to talk over food droplets fly out in bunches.

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what is this profession called?

what is this profession called?

The soap on the sink is there to be used..🤢🔫

You are extremely underrated.
Your jokes are so unique.
You have the best humor.
And most of all...


Goddamnit keep it on ur side dumbass

a question is caramel or what is it

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I like to watch Asian candy makers because they add more detail. For example, watermelon candy is made to look like a slice of watermelon.

I have watched this video many times but still enjoy watching it. Great video!

Why dip you hand in the cold water 💦 in the beginning

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That basketball looney toons game was really good

fun fact stapler if the small thing so u can close and if u open it make sure its not in the food if u ate it u ll die

u posted this in may 31 2019 may 31 2010 i was born i was 9 already and now i am 10 whos watching it in 2020

The hard candies are what I want to order most! Definitely watermelon alone and then both the fruit & friendly and the tie dye fruit punch. I just wish shipping wasn't SO MUCH. I know it's not their fault.

SPY HUNTER was the game where you drive into the back of the semi truck!

I hear this video inspired Harry styles’ smash hit “watermelon sugar” 😎


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That game was called Spy Hunter!

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Make a tee shirt that says, "mistakes are bullshit"

Why is know one surprised on how much sugar there is.
If your having candy don’t show your mum this video it will reveal our secret on how much sugar in hard candy


I am so happy I came across this video! I want to buy my mom some tools. She makes homemade candy too, she pulls it by hand. No gloves. I’m not even sure what type to buy her? And that hook!! We need one of those. Great video :)

Candy Mandy Hoh Yeah

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37:30 Candy asmr

Green body pink stripe. What’s so hard to understand

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Mi familia lleva haciendo manzanas de caramelo y algodones de azucar 62 años y el caramelo lo preparan igual en una olla de cobre con el agua azucar y sirope de fresa y midiendo la temperatura para que no se cristalize el caramelo y wow.ver vuestros videos me recuerda a que vosotros soy expertos en caramelos y muchas mas cosas artesanales y todo queda en familia poreso me ha traido nostalgia.tienen una pinta buenisima los caramelos.un saludo desde españa/barcelona.hercules candy.

I have that same pot hes rinsing his hands in at home.

Hello. I want the recipe of candy. Plz reply me on this email.. .

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No Disrespect to the people with diabetes.

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Watermelon sugar high

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Them: having a full random conversation

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Covid or not, you should wear a mask around food

That’s awesome you guys are in Syracuse I heard the guy say Batavia and i was like no wayyy

Why do they use corn syrup?

The sad part is that I am 13 and I have played all of the games that they wheee talking about

They talking all over it all the golf balls...
And the person recording had no coverage on his head....

Does anyone know how long it takes for candy like this to go bad?


this seems like such a chill place to work.

I know this video is old but i checked the website just to see whats available and ive never seen just 3 items available. Step it up fellas 😄 just kidding. You're all amazing. And work together so well.
The candy family. Related or not you work and get along beautifully. I'll be ordering when the weather cools off.
Stay safe and blessed.

Possibly the worst video i seen in a while, supposed to be how its made not some conversation about weather and mobile ads. I came for a 'how its done' not discount advertising, shut the fk up and dub your nonsense with music atleast.

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