How Jawbreakers Are Made

Jawbreakers, also known as gobstoppers, are a popular candy that originated in the United Kingdom. While the size of the candy ball varies, jawbreakers often have multiple layers of color and sugar. It can take about four days to make a jawbreaker.

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0:20 so we was eating rubber


13 of which are Ed, Eddward (Double D), Eddy, Sarah, Jimmy, Jonny, Plank, Kevin, Rolf, and the Kanker Sisters (Lee, Marie, and May)!! 😅

Tbh it's just satisfying that makes me watch this sooo many times.

jesus, alot of work to make just some simple candy!

Me: oh wow jawbreaker just gonna buy one to kill my sister

Me, who loves gum: gimme all the gum u have now

I said N O W

but do they get free jaw breakers?

Next think u know u have 5 or 10 jawbreakers ur jaw will break

Let’s be honest-
You didn’t search for this?

Ed edd n eddy liked this video...

This video is so satisfying

EvEn TuTtIe FrUiTiE

jawbreakers are used for tires

is is just me or are the machines dirty

What! synthetic rubber? that is used in paint, car tiers. OMG this is a candy and u add that!

Did he say rubber

this is very cool

so im basically eating rubber?

2:18 rude. i don’t think that push was needed smh 🤦‍♀️

I never had one of these b4 ;-;

Video title: How Jawbreakers Are Made

14.6M people: hmm, very interesting

I thought it was made out of brick

"Existence is beyond you now, enjoy the silence"

this made me wanna get candy

Wow just wow

"90% sugar?"

4:18 he doesn’t wear gloves ewewejfvdjrbhd I am never eating them again

‘To make it softer’

Isn’t resin for art shouldn’t rubber be poisonous
So many questions

Well that’s jaw breaking

The first part they firstly looked like bathbombs

To begin the process of making a jawbreaker, you must first mix your cement and sugar.

I keep coming back to this

Wait did he say rubber???


Me seeing the word 'jawbreakers' I see ED EDD N EDDY 😂❤

Title: how jaw breakers are made

Me : rocks with paint on them

As cool as this looks I just remembered two things. 1 is that corn syrup is bad and 2 is that I thought they you boulders to make jawbreakers

So I was eating rubber. SCAM ALERT!

Alternate Title:
"how edible rocks are made"

I never have this

This is a reupload dude-

Why does the beginning look like I wanna hold one of them SUPER BAD

I wanna eat a jawbreaker someday but its not available here

I can’t believe a jaw breaker is made out of plastic ;-;

You had me at 90% sugar.

woah.....its so satisfying......😮

little kid me:jaw breakers r from metals


Shows us how jawbreakers are made
Me : so your saying it goes through a lot of Machines THAT HAVE GERMS AND WE DONT EVEN WASH THEM WHEN WE EAT IT *freaks out

I’ve never ate a Jaw Breaker before. I only seen them on Ed, Edd n Eddy lol. What are Even these weird indestructible piece of sugar coated rubber?

I like how they are more comments about meatcanyon's video that comments about ed edd and eddy

why did this pop up on my recommended
i dont know

Now we know why our mothers told us not to swallow our gum!

The taste of Retribution sure is sweet.

Jaw exists Jawbreakers:

Eddy: now who wants a jawbreaker

It's like satisfying

It’s so hard they had to cut it with an axe ;-;

You when have homework you : LET"S END THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL 1:04

2:01 thats so smoooooooooth

damn, so much sugar

Are those actually editable-

Ahahahahahahahahhhhhhhh funny joke no u 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I never had a jaw breakers

So they use Jawbreakers to make Jawbreakers so the question is how did they make the first one

im never eating one again

I can here from school-


Are they even edebel

Me: “how jawbreakers are made”
Me again: Na Na ur wrong here is how u make them
1.take rocks
2. Use the rocks to break ur jaws

That is a lot of colo(u)ring

In my country, they are called "gobstoppers"

eat it raw and you’ll finally get to the center

I’m so immature I still laugh when they say Balls. 😔✌️

ok wait, this is unneeded but i just wanted to say that this was posted on my B-DAYYY :)

Did he say rubber


This is copyrighted cause this is how it's made and this channel just took This episode like it was theirs

"They dump the jaw breaker into what's called a coating pan" 3:20 ya I think thats just a cement mixer.

They are called jawbreakers for a reason because they probably break your jaw………………

I’m just imagining Hugbees just saying this in the most ridiculous way ever

What rubber Na Na I’m not eating this ever

Can I jaw breaker really break your jaw

Am I the only one who didnt eat jawbreakers

I thought it was made by ZenthicAlpha

The raw ingredients look good on their own

When I was a kid somebody came to our house with a box of jawbreakers. I had never seen anything like it. They were packaged like fancy candy and when I was given one OH BOY! It was like Christmas. I was thinking this is going to last a month.

1:57 me when i dont poop in weeks

this is cool, i learnt new things!


Ewww 😬

The name sounds like a deadly TRAP

They do be looking sus tho

I chewed one of these
I almost lost one of my tooth but the candy was hard

Ask me anithing

I think there to big for m'y mouth

alternate title: How The Frustration Candy is made

Imagine u have to clean the equipment

me eating a jawbreaker
Founds this yt that how jawbreakers were made
Me still*drops jawbreaker

I like to think this thing can break someone’s jaw