How NYC’s Stop Signs Are Made | The Making Of

The New York City Department of Transportation’s in-house sign shop manufactures more than 100,000 signs a year. We visited the shop in Queens to see how the most vandalized sign — the stop sign — is made.

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How NYC’s Stop Signs Are Made | The Making Of

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Hey I was wondering for the next episode if you could explain how humans are made, I’ve never actually known and it’d be a very interesting topic

How to save money reuse signs left from road construction after the road is done pick up the signs

I don’t even think about stop signs when I see them

tell me why i watched this like “humans are so advanced they make signs”

Stop signs look weird now

The more I look at those signs the more they look weird to me

s o t p

the way you said maspeth rlly made me wanna gag is not mahs-PETH it’s more like mah-SPITH

I bet anyone had searched this video on youtube how stop signs ate made , i’m not gonna lie i’ve already search this .

If these people were on piece rate they wouldn't be moving so damn slow at work.

Wait I thought they were factory made. Holy cow.

Haven't you ever just sat there and wondered how stop signs are made... i don't think anyone needed this.

Who else was told that it’s red cuz it’s the first color you see

Running out of content? What's next? How manhole covers are made?

So, exactly like the stop signs for every other place in the United States?

"they got to iraq to dry overnight"

Why am I watching this at 3AM?

“It’s all made by hand”

Proceeds to show how it goes trough the machines

Why aren't there any women at this facility? There needs to be more diversity among this company.

My grandma lived across the street RIP grandma Dotti love you

In my state prisoners make the signs. Ny loves to waste money

My grandma once told me that stop stands for slow tires on pavement

And why do I need to know this?

Ok I must say I've been thinking about this since i was 4 thank you 😂

i betcha the second “best selling” sign is “roadwork ahead”

I HATE signs...

Leave it to the government to not advance technology to bring down costs... taxpayers can afford it lol

I heard these are being made to replace the ones the Astros stoled.

Fun fact:
In Hong Kong, prison inmates make the road signs!

They make signs that's all

then how did they manage to make a "SOTP" sign? XD

Anyone else here at 3 am lmao

I wanna buy one of those signs for my room!

no one definitely searched this. Period

I don't know what I expected, but this was so underwhelming

Check her for corona

I think Philly could use some new signs... Lol

I’ll never look at a sign the same

I bet they figure out a way for each sign to cost $2,000

Did I ask


Yeah but, are stop signs in, say Buffalo, made the same?

damn. 12 down 1,999,988 to go

Why not plastic?Just recycle

I thought signs were made by prisoners . This was informative.

That’s probably a soooooolid union gig!

this is like saying a word 100 times, the first couple times its ok but then thte word gets really weird.

I have come up to a conclusion that New York is the worst place to live from what I heard, am I right New Yorkers?

Can you just make stop signs out of rubber?

Pretty neat little minidoc/editorial thing. We need more news like this that don't involve politics

The only reason I'm here is because I've watched all the other videos here on youtube.

Insider forgot to ask some fundamental questions? If NYC has its own sign shop, why are they so bad? I mean getting off the Lincoln or the GW signs are terrible. And why are the designs so bad? I figure the shop doesn’t design them, but who does? Need more research because this has real implications. Missed exits for one.

Must be 3 am again

This was fascinating!! I had no idea that NYC made their own signs and how many are made If all NYC Sign Shops are equal, that's 500,000 signs per year!!! I bet there are some sign companies that wish they made and sold that many signs!!

Oh yeah those big red sighs that say stop that nobody seems to care about in my city

HA, the stop sign in my town was put there in the 80s and has never been replaced cause of money, but still looks like new

At least somethings are not imported from China... Jesus.

Now I feel bad spray painting a dick on a stop sign 😔

Thumbs up for "Atlantic Ave"

I’ll now think about how much work was put into this stuff next time I steal a speed limit sign

Never knew learning how signs are made could be so interesting 🤔

Love this!

If some people dont notice that, im the only one who does...

i never really thought to ask where road signs come from. it seems like they just arose spontaneously.

Lol whenever I see a bmw trying to avoid the stop sign, by just going forward even when I am legit walking toward the other sidewalk, I like to take my time walking to the other sidewalk, making sure the bmw abides by the law. It’s not only bmw drivers just assholes in general

This is really cool! As a BMW driver, I've never seen one of these "Stop" signs but they seem pretty interesting

Too much work for something simple as this

WHAT'S up, CHECK us out

You keep mispronouncing maspeth

Clicked on YouTube to watch reviews for mattress protectors

I bet 1000$ you didn't search this

They doing too much for the stop sign. They just press em from aluminum and stamp em where I’m from.

All the sign means is Squeal tires on pavement

Who asked

“How Signs Are Made”


the narrator in this video: "new york citeh"

Since when does Department of Sanitation order signs for the road?

Let’s be honest guys. In NYC, nobody gives a shit about traffic signs. The only rule that everybody seems to respect is to honk at everyone and everything.

why does the word "stop" not make sense after staring at it for so long

Admiral General Aladeen has number in his name

Why am I even watching this


What ad this is without a link? I want to buy one!

Next: How the lines on the streets are painted.

Imma start a sign business and destroy some of them randomly in the middle of night.

Color RED has the longest wavelength than any other color therefore RED represents DANGER. And it has nothing to do with the BLOOD.

Can I have them for my room

tbh i wanna know the prices for a sigh. just so i can buy another one

Let’s be real, literally EVERYTHING has at least a decent amount of work put into them.

The 1% that is reading this I hope you have a Awesome day and year!! 😀
You would make my year if you watched and subscribed to my channels!!

People ain't using no stop signs in ny

So intresting

So basically they make everywhere’s stop sign!

Let's be honest who asked

You didn't search for this video, the video searched for you

Animals and their graffiti. This is why we can't have nice things.

hot asian alert


Um...they’re made like EVERY other Stop sign.

This is a job you get into and retire from. Seems hella easy and you'll never not have work.