How NYPD Horseshoes Are Made

Three ferriers make and maintain horseshoes for the NYPD's mounted unit. Each horseshoe has to be custom fitted to each hoof. The blacksmiths go through years of training to learn how to make shoes for the horses that patrol the city.

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How NYPD Horseshoes Are Made

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New York doesn’t deserve horses a big city and horses?! But at least they are happy healthy and are taken care of x

The horses are housed in a way more luxurious and nicer building than the reporter and most of us will ever live in.

Hi, it is a very useful video, I learned a lot from it, thank you!
I have a few social media channels in China and I’m collecting these professional and educational videos about horses from the Internet. Would you mind if I translate your videos to Chinese and upload it on Chinese social media to teach people beyond the sea who love horses how to take care of horses in a better way?
I need to keep my channel running so if you didn’t notice this message in 3 days, I will upload the translated video on my channels. But don’t worry, when you see this and you disagree with it, feel free to message me back or email me ( I will delete it as soon as possible.
Hope you are all right at this time, and no matter what decision you make, I still learned a lot from your video and thank you!

Your spine would be mangled after 30 years of doing this job.

Waste of tax dollars

me looks at thumbnail : IS HE PUTTING A HOT HORSESHOE ON A HORSE
but hes actually just looking how to make it

That boobs.... Omg

Hot rod bent to saddle-up!

Peanut butter😠 only the real ones will know..

Ye no shit abby

So basically the way every other horse shoe is made. Okay thanks for the info

Yo that reporter is an idiot, “horses can’t walk into a store and buy shoes because they are horses”

Keep paying your TAXES!! And they will keep wasting it. Bet that blacksmith pays $$ I am going to guess over $175-250k

This narrator is cringe as hell

Watch peta come here and say horses feel pain when getting their shoe on.

That's disgusting

Why not just use patrol car? This seems like a waste of taxpayers money

This is kinda primitive. Metal horse shoes against asphalt are terrible for the horse's ankles. I really hope the NYPD invests more focus into horse welfare and moves to alternatives that absorb shock better on hard terrain.

So this is tax dollars are spent on. Just get them bikes and let them patrol

NYPD Counter Terrorism horse

Sergeant peanut butter?

"Your a good dad" lmfaooo she wanted him

She kinda sound like Meg from Family Guy

If I end up in New York I will on the lookout NYPD hores and I used to horse riding myself and might pet wone .

At 0:32 they block the horses you know what

Wow he retained his Irish accent.

Nice kicks... I'm shure they feel great when the horse walks over u in a riot

Doesnt burn them 🤔🤔😣

this job sounds asome

0:27 feeling disturbed

I don’t think you guys understand that just because you see horses in New York doesn’t mean their everywhere else.

Change the title to “how pigs ride horses”

Who's here watching this 2:30am and doesn't own a horse ..

So there made the same way normal horse shoes are made 😂

You're alright BOAH

"I'm in the NYPD."

"Oh cool, what do you do."


So much are they paid


do horses feel pain .... while putting up the shoe??

1:59 on god i thought that horse got gold teeth

What the horse tell the terrorist...


That has to be a blessing for these guys. I rather be doing that than dealing with the real animals of NYC.

Question... if a police officers horse takes a poo on the sidewalk or something, does the officer clean it up...?

Oh my god! From ELF!

that looks so painful ...

1:56 horse: MAMA! ooooOOOooooOOH!

I’d say Thomas is Limerick Clare direction

now show how NYPD glue is made.

Haha anyone else get recommended a video about horse meat burgers after this. Wow

Reporter: "You're a good dad"
Cop: blushes*
Reporter: bites lip.*
Horses: .

doesnt it hurt?

Who picks up the horse shit?

How do people know horses are comfortable wearing those things ?

I feel bad for the horses

And what a terrible red dress you look like a whoopie cushion those fart toys u sit on

I love how the nypd still has a guy with an irish accent working for them.

just put em on some sneakers

HOOVES not hufvz

Abby is chunky

There are new models of horseshoes that are made of plastic that don't cause problems for the horses in the long term. Link:

Who else read how NYPD assholes are made

I can’t believe animals are living better then me sad

NYPD has horses?

There’s an old saying that goes “just do it”

It's the same as others

You'd think that shit would hurt

0:16 looks like she’s making the horse suffer like an antagonist

Isn’t the NYPD extremely corrupt?

Get better attention & care than the piggly wiggly's riding the horse & war veteran's.

i’m watching this at 1 am and i have an exam tmrw

How awesome is this....very

Like every other i guess


So stupid and a waste of my tax money. It’s just a toy at the end of the day they like cause THEY DONT WANA WALK. Cut funding to this shit and use it for patrol cars and check points

The first horse was the diabetic horse from Half Baked , Butter cup

Sergant Peanut Butter

I didnt need to know but ok

When the horse got a better house than you

Sometimes I forget that horseshoes are suppose to be for horses’ hooves.

The horses getting their hooves filed must be enjoying getting pampered in that regard. "Ooo, gurl, you got them hooves did?"

I wonder what it feels like for the horse?

Those mounts are obviously well taken care of. Kudos.

I wonder who's running out of ideas

i thought the intro music was something else 😏

Gghuuuuuuyd guuuurrhrl
Yhoooore ahrite ghuuuurrrl

My brain: how NYPD horses are made

They should give them timbs

1:58 - Do they care about dental as much as the horseshoes? The horse’s teeth look like he might be hurting or at least needs some work.

Wow horses can’t go into stores to buy their own shoes that’s racist

0:29 “I’m one of the blacksmiths for the mounted units”. Introduction 100

Pffft he definitely has a favorite horse


is there a difference?


When a horse's room is bigger than yours...

NYPD horses are tiny

Why is the hove covering the entire bottom of the horse's foot?

What if some horses do like the feeling and want to take it off

Ttb t hoof feel good officer

Hopefully they don’t cancel horses for cops? These guys will lose business