How Real Swords Are Made For TV And Movies | Movies Insider

There's a blacksmith in Hollywood who specializes in making swords, knives, and armor for films and TV shows. When rubber or plastic just won't do, productions have real custom swords made for the actors to swing at each other. For over 30 years, Tony Swatton has been forging iconic arms, armor, and props for over 200 feature films, TV shows, and commercials. Some of his work includes swords for "Blade," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "The Mask of Zorro," and "Hook." Insider's Joe Avella dropped by Sword and the Stone in Burbank, California, where Swatton and his team forge and build swords and other weapons all day long.

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How Real Swords Are Made For TV And Movies | Movies Insider | Movies Insider

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HAven't seen him since he stopped doing Man At Arms

Wait so can he enchant the swords with that anvil? Cuz i saw flame on one of the swords so i bet it has fire aspect 2

Who's here for the old season of "Man At Arms"?

Hold up. WTF he can create 35 swords a day?!?!?!

1:21 Ok wjere can I get that job?

Blades Sword..




This dude is straight out of a rpg, whoa

Mulan was my favorite.

35 swords per day? How in the world can he do that alone? Not even with a 12 hour day!

Would be a great video if they let the blacksmith talk 90% of the time and the clueless guy would be quiet. Unfortunately, it was the other way around

Why can’t this guy be a judge on Forged in Fire?

this is such an epic man and such an epic job

The narrator got a lot of stuff wrong, but still cool to see Tony is still doing big things in the smithing/Hollywood world.

So basically this guy is iron man
His name is even tony

My dog is really sick every like my dog will feel better
Only 1 person liked it so now my dog died 😢😭

Tony Swatton had a show on YouTube called "Man At Arms", where he made weapons from movies and games on requests.
It's on Awe Me channel.
Nowadays it is a different (equally as good) team of blacksmiths that do the Man At Arms show. (Man At Arms: Reforged)

Sooo okay it's real, I accept that. But my question is, how the heck the actors using this kinds of swords are unharmed at all? I mean is it all about practice or yeah it's real but dull?? Answers please, thank you

Imagine what be could do with all those weapons-


Which sword is the one at 1:02? The Damascus blade with the gold?

What about Game of Thrones?

This is my life while living with parents...

Man that guy is badass

Bismuth is that you?!

In modern-day movies and series, you rarely use a real sword in combat. They make practical real swords for closeups ONLY! no complex combat or moves or when the weapon in question has some kind of screen value. Even when the weapons are sheathed they are fake ones, cause they are bulky and restrict movement. Actors use fake ones because they do not hinder their performance unless you are Henry Cavill.

A REAL SWORD?!?!?! -Justin McElroy

It looks similar to my HP envy laptop, the steel grain

Anyone else remember when he did Man at Arms on the AweMe channel?

The original Man at Arms.

Me: Cool, but can you make a lightsaber?

Blacksmith : Makes a functional lightsaber

Me: You weren’t suppose to do that

Glorious. He is a Master for sure. And I hope he will take on an apprentice at some point so these skills are not lost.

Hold on - Isn't he the guy from the old series of Men at Arms?

You flinched because your a coward.

How do they film safely with a real sword?

This guy is like collecting iron ores for secretly 10 yrs before 30 of blacksmith

And like Enchanted sword that used in movies and he collects it

Wooow he just never stops eating

It is a well known fact that frying pans are stronger than anything in this world but you give us typical swords. 😒😒

It is a well known fact that frying pans are stronger than anything in this world but you give us typical swords. 😒😒

this guy needs his own TV series! i would love to watch him create some cool swords

some other movies used fake swords.

Man at Arms old season, who made Sokka's meteor sword, Minecraft diamond sword and Kirito's Elucidator

if the blade wouldn't be hardened it would bend permanently and get dents, because it's still soft, tempering after the hardening process prevents the blade from cracking or breaking

Bring man at arms back

You sure you don't to be call a whiteSmith.
Ok..I'll see myself out.

Believe or not a blacksmith making real swords? No way

Amazing man!!!

What a waste of metal

there're always "people" who will say, this is fake sword, just like they say everything else is fake.

I’m here I exist


Because it’s so important that Peter Pan is true to the real life Peter Pan


I didnt know bigshow is a blacksmith.

Actually the hardening is a two-step process 4:50 (unless he has some special steel). First heat it op to glowing cherry red and quench it. At this step the steel is very likely to shatter (like glass). Then heat it up to a lesser temperature, depending on the use intended. That process is called tempering.

Wow! We definitely didn’t have anything like this. Real swords!! No medieval times had these

Give me the Blade Blade

...Grind-ed... You ah, you wanna give that another go?

How is he a blacksmith when he’s white? 🤔🤔

This is the actual iron man😉

great, now I want one

aren't they from Man at Arms?

Back into my country Nepal, my grandpa, dad worked as blacksmith. Nepal is hindu dominant country and they have cast discrimination. Because of our occupation as black smith, we were consider untouchable people, lower castes people.

Are these legal?

Damascus swords are number one! ☝️ألله أكبر

Yeah it is not real swords. The blacksmith probably doesn't even consider most of the props he made "real swords".

its truly real swords on all ages!

He needs to be on forged in fire the TV show as a judge he make a really good judge and if not a judge he could compete but that wouldn't be fair be at 30 years under his belt but I can see him as being a judge

Marvel Fan :

I heard " Tony Stark" not Tony Swatton - after hammer hitting metal 😅

Missed opportunity @1:10 should have said “plastic or rubber sword won’t cut it!!”

I only clicked because I saw Blade on the thumbnail

Who uses swords these days? Only if you are HE-MAN you need one. I HAVE THE POWER

He made the blade in blade.
The knives in knives out
The hook in hook
The slingblade in slingblade ...and so on

can I have one?


Who makes the swords used on Forged in Fire ? I heard that it was David Baker?

Um ok.


Early squad⭐

My favorite sword moment is from Game of Thrones, right before the Battle of the Bastards. When John jumps up on his horse, his sword flops around, and it's very obvious that it's a rubber dummy.

Hattori hanzo : Am I a joke to you?


This guy be lookin like blacksmiths from rpg games lmao

Smh he thinks that’s so hard.

all u gotta do is add a stick and 2 iron ingots. Smh people these days don’t even know how to craft a damn sword

They are probably prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse


title : "How this blacksmith makes real swords ...."

literally 10 seconds after the video "yeah , real swords "


Why is that guy so fat?

1st comment

Edit 1: first like

Edit 2: first view