How safe is CBD?

Is CBD safe? Does CBD really work? Can CBD treat conditions like pain, anxiety, insomnia and epilepsy?

Sky's Becky Cotterill investigates whether CBD is 'a miracle drug' or the cannabidiol industry is really just clever marketing.

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We should be able to buy the raw plant, in all its various strains and ratios of Cannabinoids, at the local supermarket, or grow it at home.
Problem solved.

Why she using tweezers to get buds out the jar 😂😂

Cannabidiol is better than commercial drugs

Think its pretty clear that there's no point posting this just look at the comments ant no one gonna stop the 420 gang @rawog420

They hate us living and living healthy lol

goes in the lungs not good in the long run

Have been taking it for a month. Only benefit regarding insomnia is it helps to alert a tired mind. Doesn't help with anxiety, depression or pain. Makes my hair look like silk though and I don't feel the need to smoke cigerettes as much.

Inside the first 30 seconds and the video is incorrect.

What is CBD? It's Cannabis.

No, no it's not. It's 1 of over 100 cannabinoids found in Cannabis.

To simply say that's "it's cannabis" is dangerous information to give out in terms of educating people

Cannabis is safer than alcohol.

So tell me does marijuana impair driving.

I took my driver's test baked out of my mind bloodshot red and aced it.

Good enough for GW pharmaceuticals to put in Epidiolex! I smell a conspiracy brewing!

Why is insulin a cheap mrdicine so EXPENSIVE, why is there a war between Iran. We don't care about marjuana and CBD

Thc is safe also don't listen to the bollocks.
User for 13 years...
100%works for adhd

Best just to smoke 🚬

Not bother watching the comments sat our biased it is.

How to make cannabis oil

Ban the reefer madness. Marijuana kills.



Not even going to watch the video. It's safer than any other substance pharmaceutical companies are shoving down people's throats....

Safer than spending an afternoon with Diane Abbotts son Sly News. 👍

I don't think depression is as an illness, and hence that it can be cured via supplements or drugs. I think people need to seek help within or externally to sort their lives out and that what the cannabis lobby is doing as well as pharmaceutical corps to profit off people's misery is terrible.

E bom e pra fuma

Click bait!!!! Safest drug created by nature.

I dont think these guys researched this before they made themselves look stupid

Why are your comment turned off on other videos SKY NEWS?

Yes it is safe but what they mix it with is not safe.

Fake news

The title should be CBD, being unregulated, is sometimes tainted or has differing levels than advertised-- er well tighter than that but one gets the idea.

Complete range of CBDs


Uf i remenber see this in shops natural since beers is great¡!

Gees, if these guys just discovered CBD I wonder how long it'll take them to figure out there's roughly 112 other identified cannabinoids

100% for Christ sake!!!!!!

Ive tried it and got nothing from it. Better going full THC.

Becky has a lot to answer for. aha ha


Safer than McDonald's

smoking a big joint while watching this lol

This is one of the worst interview on CBD I’ve seen which just makes people question it even more and gives no good information. It would have made more sense to explain that cannabis is actually a family of plants which is made up of Hemp and Marijuana and CBD is made from Hemp. Hemp has been consumed and used for thousands of years safely. CBD is also non addictive and safe to use unlike the big pharmaceutical products and your random doctor who would be happy to recommend a few I’m sure.

there is no statistic of cannabis health problems related i will be a provider too heck yeah

lets invest on cbd i am in

This whole video was put together just for clicks, change my mind

I tried CBD before and work it for me. Some people dont get the benefits because not all CBDs out there. I was lucky to find CTFO because I get to benefit my body and still have the opportunity to parnert with them !
Heres a link whoever is interest.

Fake News Pharma Alchohol Tobacco Suedo Science Bought Trolls ...

Cannabis was made by God. Pharmaceutical companies and some doctor's are doing satan's work.

CBD is a safer option than the camera angles yall be using

The 4:30 mark woman down playing DOWN the CBD THC endocannabinoid Systems that are in the metabolism of Body and All plant based Canabis -farkensence mint Oregeno etcetera.. Chaga all plants have healing Qualities to the humanity of the Its lost and squashed ancient history.
Cannibis cures Cancerous Aliments.

"Its about control , neo"

Legalize :)

The only dangers of cannabis is running out of it.

Just legalise already ffs

They all sound baked

1:48 = CBD is psychoactive... CBD expresses on the endocananbinoid system and also other cell receptors like TRPV1 and COX / LOX . biochemical expression ( bio-activity ) has to do with how CBD passes the blood brain barrier ( psychoacitve)... CBD does not effect psychomotor function ( no psychomodulatory effect)

Reefer Madness.

They need to shut up Medical pills kill cbd thc doesn't



Lack of research are they kidding research dating back over 5,000 years are these people for real ! So uneducated this plant is a miracle !

I just smoke marijuana, just run down to corner store & buy it ,legally, because it's legal and sold in stores like beer ,in my country, & everyone likes it that way ,its just marijuana, not that big of deal ,marijuana is garbage, without atleast 30 % thc

People in this comment section are clearly not aware of the drug development process at all and are just speaking from emotion. The CBD is definitely promising, but without research and proper regulation, manufacturers can charge ridiculous prices for products that aren't even pure or even safe sometimes.

Everyone is interested in propaganda ... No one is doing real research

Bullshit video. Cannabis is only natural, therapy, medical... No f' ng
chemical or drug.

Hello I am amjad raza... What is cbd tell me any people

And why haven't the Pharmacies researched cannabis by the year 2019?


Those scientists that say it isn't good are paid by pharmaceutical companies

Didn’t mention that 90% of cbd is coming from China! Let’s be dumb and support a country we already support through almost everything. Sounds good... do your homework and stop supporting other countries, while while we watch ours fall apart!

The only dangers of cannabis is getting caught with it. This plant has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Fake news!

This is how tobacco went mainstream.

As a matter of biological fact, all cannabis is therapeutical; so stop the bullshit and light it up! ;)

If it's organic it's safe & effective
Our pesticide filled, gmo, irradiated gov't issued cannabis is absolute crap, & it's expensive.

Sky news is the shitist news station around

i had a tumour on the side of my face, i started rubbing CBD oil on it and it dissapeared in a week, this is an amzing product

much safer than the poisoning from alcohol

how safe is alcohol ?

The CBD is drug? like smoke?

wearing tracksuit McDonalds eating give the job shut up about the disabled saying disabled stealing money from working class people working class stop bullying disabled

SALE! 15% off coupon CBDMD15OFF

SALE! 15% off coupon CBDMD15OFF

If CBD really is so powerful then clearly it needs to be intensely and scientifically tested and then strictly regulated. However, since it’s likely a short lived fad and a placebo there’s really no need.

I personally vape cbd and it has changed my life me depression is little to nun because of it and it hasn't made me psychotic or sick in anyway and I got mind from puond land 😂

Who pays for this sky news broadcast on CBD

A lot safer than radiation.

I saw this on snap

I really don’t trust SKY’s opinion on anything anymore.


Is CBD safe ..yes. Is contaminated CBD safe! Is pizza safe ....yes. Is pizza laced with pharmaceutical made fentanyl safe! See how that works. Stop looking for excuses to demonize cannabis and start focusing on the trash the FDA actually approves and the synthetic garbage they sit back and allow big pharmacy to make. Legalization would end synthetic cannabis.

That man that said that someone ended up in ER was making us believe that the CBD was related. In reality, the manufacturer was wrong and CBD should not be blamed for that.

Corbynov is smoking it and he's gone doo lally.

Great video. Check us out for your white-labeled needs

The panacea of the month club... 😂

That sounds like some kind of traditional Chinese medicine to me.... It seems that the same story is happening everywhere in the world....

Typical lying Americans

Cbd is amazing in my opinion

This story it fake news. Interviews with doctors that seem to be lobbyists for pharmaceutical companies is hardly informative.

Oh NO. More propaganda!!!! Just saw the title and I know they’re gonna have a negative twist to it! 👀✨