How The World’s Biggest Pasta Factory Produces 1,400 Tons Of Pasta Per Day

Barilla pasta has the largest pasta factory in the world. Every year, it produces enough pasta to feed more than 4 billion people. We went inside Barilla’s flagship plant in Parma, Italy to see how they’ve been doing it for over 140 years.

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How The World’s Biggest Pasta Factory Produces 1,400 Tons Of Pasta Per Day

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very swag

82ton producet per day

Can't get enough of Barilla

Plant based diets are healthier..... Bullshit!!!!!!

bad video production

There is only Italian food...
and then there's everything else.

The comment section is dead.

I only get this brand best ever

Did you lose half of your footage on the editing floor?

How come " Bow Ties " are only packed 13 ounces to a box and cost more than the regular pasta that has 16 ounces ?
Its all made from the same ingredients.

Nice plz mashin cast send me mail

230 blue barilla boxes for all that pasta?

10,000 pounds = 230 blue (1lb) boxes???

How many words can you mispronounce ?
American narrator : Yes.

That's a lot of love ❤️

I wonder if the place in beaver damn does tours of their factory

Pretty sure those owners were anti gay. That's why I always go San Remo pasta.

The visitor forgot to wear gloves🙂 !

Great v ideo!

Plant based diets is not better for one, nor is it for the planet.

My faaaavorite

This is basically just a long Barilla ad

And the best pasta is Rummo!

I love how you list three ingredients durum wheat semolina flour and water but when you take in to the count that semolina flour is made from durum wheat you basically listed one ingredient twice!

Mamma mia

Good little earner. Plant costs would be enormous

when you have 3 minutes of voiceover but only 1.5 minutes of video footage...

Then why can’t I buy any?

just flour and water? no egg?

Anybody remember when you used to be able to find pasta in the supermarket? I'd make my own, but you can't find flour, either.

1:00 why did I expect someone to speak with this accent

All that pasta is poop now

Jefferson stole a pasta machine from italy when was ambassador to France ,took it piece by piece to USA.

Italian proud <3

pretty light reporting for being Inside the Worlds Biggest Pasta Factory

Now I'm hungry and want Pasta.
Marinara sauce video please.

0:13 That info is wrong

Coronavirus business this !

Are we running out of pasta? How come there is barely any pasta on Australian supermarket shelves?

Yeah, we Singaporeans were running the supermarket for Barilla Pasta, it was quite funny to stockpile.

proud italian noises

Alessandro Spadini for president, meglio di renzi in inglese.

Barilla : In 18 month we can feed the entire world population
Some kids in africa : liar

When I was in restaurant, I working only with Barilla pasta!

I expected many Italy comments

Plant Director resemble Casey Neistat

So how do the bugs enter KD’s recipe? 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Everybody are slim eating pasta.

My relative whenever they sent a package or go home to the Philippines the 1st thing I want to see barilla and then its nutella and those delicious chocolates


rolling same clips again and again?


Human beings that work in that factory: that guy and the janitor.

I was running late to work.. guess what my Italian boss told me??? COME PASTA


3:26 that's literal bullshit by the way.

Thank you for gluten free pasta 🙏🏼

I freaking love pasta

Ehhhh De Cecco has the best boxed pasta imo

சிறப்பு மிக சிறப்பு 👍👍

Pasta factory,,,Awesome process :)


It's a shame. Tons of pasta but without nutritional value and full of glyphosate.

barilla is so gross

** looks tasty **

Think they are a little off on the math. Ten thousand pounds an hour into two hundred thirty blue boxes is over forty-three pounds each. The blue boxes run around a pound or so each.

I’d say in my lifetime I’ve had like 1000 boxes of Barilla’s rigatoni pasta

cant believe i was eating pasta straight from italy this whole time

I wish making this was F A S T A

Marketing. Not Education. ... pfft...

Who are Pasta lover 😋


I'm kinda thinking about Corona virus🙃

Thing is De Cecco is much better pasta than Barilla.

Lol I thought it said India I was so confused

... Now ... I'm hungry 😀 ...

nice but you didn't really show us HOW the pasta is made from start to finish. I'd like a do-over please.

My favorite pasta is made like this. I prefer n.5. The hygiene-produced pasta seems to be safe to eat. Barilla sells quality products. My channel is introducing and posting Korean foods. It is very fun to share delicious food with people from other countries.

Somebody once told me
Hands off
My macaroni

Millwaukee pasta bandit found dead
He was picking up the gun with his fingers and his thumb pointed right at his forhead


Thanks to Food Insider, I see the process of making pasta. Thank you.

Pasta Lapista baby...

I'm sorry but Barilla pasta is shit

Italians have entered the chat

LOL!! I always thought this was an American company. Never checked the box to see where it was made.

Compare her "pahsta" to his "pasta". If you can't hear the difference, you're probably American.

Barilla ia the most expensive pasta, but we are still talking about by a dollar. I always chose them and it isn't because anything this video presents, but the money they puts into their product is because the source the best and the freshest, do things right and it always tastes great when you get it!

0:51 you wonder why there is the coronavirus is spread

I prefer home-made egg pasta.

Watching pasta being made is so satisfying 🤣

I fuckin love pasta so much, like u don’t understand lmfao

When people look at pasta shelf in Walmart with Barilla spagetti for $1 and a GreatValue one for 90cents, most of the masses tend to choose the GreatValue box. I think the in-house brands are becoming tough competition these days.

I have three boxes of three different kinds of shapes in my kitchen cabinet right now .

0:53 spaghetti hair

Meh. De Cecco FTW

Pasta has too many simple carbs. No nutritional value. People should stop eating this.

I eat pasta every day

The best pasta is Garofalo

cries in Italian

So I'm not even 50 seconds onto the video and already 3 huge and embarrassing mistakes.
1. Durum wheat is ground into semolina, they are not separate ingredients. Semolina is coarsely ground durum wheat.
2. Farfalle does not mean bowtie, it means butterflies.
3. "Each pasta line produces about 10,000 lbs of pasta per hour, which is enough to fill 230 blue boxes"
So one box holds 43 lbs of pasta? Nope, one blue box holds 1 lb of pasta. That's 10,000 boxes.

You were in the factory in Parma, didn't you ask any questions, learn anything? Especially and including how to correctly pronounce Barilla?