How to Be on the Keto Diet the Healthy Way

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Wellness physician Dr. Josh Axe explains the difference between the regular keto and dirty keto diets. Then, Dr. Oz addresses concerns about some of the unhealthy foods that can be consumed on the dirty keto diet.

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I’d love to see Dr Oz with natural gray hair 👨‍🦳

Axe is the same guy who will tell you to drink essential oils.

Full of crap. You can eat bacon and burgers.

I am healthy now because of these it actually made my body look younger too.

I am so thankful I found out about it has made me lose almost 30 pounds in the last few weeks. I makes your body burn fat anyone who wants to lose weight should try it.

Shame on dr. Oz for not inviting doctor Berg to the Show

Very informative ❤️

Keto is awesome I dint believe at first but me and my husband has lost so much weight and were doing better.

Beans and legumes...? Which are mostly carbs??

What get's me is some people can't afford grass fed meats or free range eggs, I do my best I'm not totally on Clean Keto but then I'm also not on totally Dirty Keto either.

oz is a charlatan and should be ashamed!

What can I buy that will help me lose weight?

His advise is old. The issue with animal fat is it cant be mixed with sugar and carbs. Even...shocking i know...Oz is wrong.

“I plan to stick to keto...” the young lady said.
“TO STICK TO“ is the key to ANY diet.
THEY ALL WORK, but you have to stick to it for the required period of time it takes to reach your weight loss goals. KETO ALSO WON’T WORK IT IF YOU FREQUENTLY EAT OF BOUNDS!!!!!

So just make sure you eat WITHIN the perimeters and it WILL work. BE PATIENT.

I started 3 days ago..... 👊

Let get lean from a hclf and protein Vegan diet

Keto is not healthy ever

High carb low fat and protein Vegan is the best for the body

Keto is the real deal. It has positive long term effects on people who can really benefit from losing weight. Read the conclusion in the following article from the clinical cardiology journal for yourself.

Adapting to a ketogenic lifestyle can take some re-working of your habits and a new perspective on how you approach meals and snacks. But, no matter how you were eating before, most of the foods that are the pillars of a keto diet are things you’re already familiar with — we’re just helping you learn to use them in slightly different ways to promote ketosis in your body. Though there are hundreds of foods that fit into a keto diet, there are some that are the true rock stars of the bunch. Click here to make a keto diet plan that suits you:

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I lose 60 lb weight by having keto diet

Woow keto diet is being my life style

Something's wrong with your keto formulae.

How can I lose weight fast with keto?

Keto Connect are not doctors, but they are probably the most knowledgeable humans on Earth. All they do is study nutrients, and keto!

Arteries are inflamed by eating dairy, and tomatoes. Not by having cholesterol in your foods.

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First they say go for it- we were wrong about veggie diets. Then no no no go back to veggies

This guy hasn’t seen a gym in his life

I came across the Quick Guide to Keto, I realized I have to share it with you because it: says exactly what to eat and what to do.

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Dr Axe is the man 🙏🏻

What can make me lose weight fast with keto?

why dr oz speaks like that ? is that dialect or what , cuz i cant understand well

I just started 4 days ago

why is this guy bending the entire time

okay my stupid brain kind of thinks of the idea of starting off on dirty keto would be great cause I feel it would help people mentally ease into the cleaner keto after shaking off the sugar and carb withdraws.

So why does the majority say that the "dirty keto" is fine, but these guys😂

Get to the point!

I thought cheese was fine?

Are you really ready for Keto?

If you watch this link, you will see a little bit about how Mr. Oz collects information. Very, very disappointing :(

Great video, the keto diet really works @Y6y0

The healthy keto diet is the best

Hey Dr Axe, Its guacamole not gruacamole. Guacamole has no r's in the word.

You robbed dr berg

I use this it has been making me lose weight fast.

Are these guys kidding? How can you do keto long term without eating saturated fat from beef, pork and bacon? It is not possible to have regular substantial meals consisting of avocado, nuts etc. Let's get this straight once and for all. Saturated fat is ok. There are plenty of experts and research saying this. The fundamental reason keto works to regulate weight and diabetes type 2 etc is that it suppresses insulin release.
This prevents fat formation and exacerbation of insulin resistance. And guess what; saturated fat has the least insulin provoking effect of all foods. GI approx. zero, GL approx. zero, carbs approx. zero. This is about as good as it gets for keto.

I get that clean keto is healthier but what about people that cannot afford it? What is better dirty keto or is there another choice?

These 2 guys are greedy commercial TV hacks . Beans? really? Go check out Dr. Berg - He is the one! His ketogenic pizza is amazing if you need a treat once in a while.

Dr.Oz, it would be awesome to see Dr.Eric Berg in your show aka the goat!!!!

Everyone in my family ate pasta 4-5 times per week, and Italian bread every day. Everyone lived into their 90s. From 91 to 97 y.o. The Dirty Keto mindset is the problem. People want to eat garbage but not be significantly overweight and or have health issues. I don't think Keto is necessary for most people, but if someone is going to do it, forget about dirty Keto and fast food.

Omg this guy is so fake it’s ridiculous! He doesn’t know ketogenic

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Saturated fat is not the problem. The problem is the damn sugar and refined carbs.

Bacon is not dirty keto at all. I eat bacon almost everyday.

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I’m on keto but I’m eating like 7 cups of leafy greens a day. 👍🏻

Your artery will get inflamed with sugar, not saturated fats.

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No beans and legumes are not on keto

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What a fukn phony lol

According to Medical news today:

The benefits of the keto diet are:

Aids in weight loss. It takes more work to turn fat into energy than it takes to turn carbs into energy. ...
Reduces acne. ...
May help reduce risk of cancer. ...
Improves heart health. ...
May protect brain functioning. ...
Potentially reduces seizures. ...
Improves health in women with PCOS.

Heres a great guide to getting started on the Keto Diet:

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I've been concerned about the healthy long term seems alot of people are developing cancer so is this healthy long term?

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nice seeing dr.Axe

As Dr. Berg mentioned, when he informed us of the 'dirty thievo', they changed the remedies and came up with crap for people to follow and CONTINUE to be unwell. Doesn't surprise me that beans made the cut here. 😠 Apologize, and have THE doctor on here: BERG.

Best information about how to lose weight with keto is here it helped me lose 19 pounds last month 🙂

I can't believe people thought dirty anything was okay? There are still bad fats that have little nutrients out there. The body needs nutrients to function, why don't people understand this?