How to beat CBD Oil Scams | My 12 Point Checklist

In this video i will give you a 12 point checklist which you can use to spoot poor quality CBD oil or those which may be a scam.

These are tried and tested by myself. They cover anything from the origin of the hemp, laboratory reports to THC levels.

With the growth in the interest in CBD Oil as a health supplement. There has been in increase in the number of people looking to take advantage by offering poor CBD oil products.

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I bought a 15 ml bottle for £40 from a pharmacy would it be less likely to be a sub standerd products ...CBD is such a came as canidol with a box and a instruction leaflet like medication but I can't find much about them online ..

Is there sold at hemp oil sold at every store now not was 11 months ago this video

I think I got scammed but my bank said that they could get my money back and cancel my card and get me a new one

Thank you for your video! However, this is really sad that we have to trust our intuition instead of relying on our states. Why is there no strict controls and why is there no guidance? Like you go to doctor for your seasonal allergies and he prescribes you a specific CBD oil product and you go to the pharmacy and take it? Shame

This is definitely an informative video. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

This was the best video for learning about this CBD oil stuff. I've been hearing about it. Especially in my Juijitsu community and been wanting to learn more and get the right stuff! Thank you for this!

My cbd runs like water

Great video! Thanks! :-)

This is great, new to cbd oil and its a mind field, you have really helped me.

I have a 1 point checklist for CBD oil: It is ALL a scam!

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Full Spectrum ?

CBD is sold on Amazon here in USA.

Is hemp bombs any good? It is one of the only brands I can purchase on my country :(

I AM AN AMERICAN-I BELIEVE IN "BUY AMERICAN" But not when it comes to CBD products !!!!!!
If you want CBD that is safe and is the highest quality on the market please take a few seconds to watch this video.....It will also help you see why Kannaway will probably be the only company that you will be able to by from in the next year until all others can test negative on Ecoli, Terpenes, heavy metal, arsenic..etc. Why? because for years U.S. farmers sprayed their fields with Round-up and other weed killers and they genetically modified food. Which all stays in the ground for years. Trust me...I am an American first and believe in "Buy American" but when it comes to my health and CBD....It's just not safe yet. Why try to treat 1 problem while creating another problem? One that might be even worse? Here is a video about Kannaway and our Dr behind the research ..along with other Dr's. If you would like to look at Kannaway or view any of our videos or documentaion you can use my id to access it. (Click on "LEARN MORE" then "About Our Oil" the "COMPANY" scroll down for everything from our products , educational videos, research to what's in the news and how we are helping our communities through

There are more items that can be added too but it looks like CBD is becoming the biggest scam in the history of mankind. There is no bottom to the greed of a human being! People may want to wait a while until the market shakes out the worst ones. Besides phony high prices, the amount of bioavailable CBD is often grotesquely overstated. People are taking advantage of others pain to extract the last dollar and its truly disgusting.

Thank you for this extremely informative video.

Good presentation.

I try different CBD tinctures,it is very clear to me that some work better than others and some don't work at all.I don't like a thin watery tincture. And it needs to taste like what you know comes from THE plant

Best way to be 100% is to grow the plant yourself and make the oil yourself, this will assure you 100% organic purity 👍

I just Finnish a class on bioavailability of plants when ingested as we need to figure out how much the body needs per kg weight, wanted to share as this video is on point but, let me tell you, this CBD industry is ridiculously scamming people, and they do not even know it. Go for liquid forms and vapes/smoking the plant if you want the best. anything added sugar is just for fun. The price is also a problem because a lot of plant material is required to make the oil per gram and the plant is very expensive now. I cant wait to see this in 10 years. ig nancyberryny .. blesses to all!


What do u think of Garden of Life CBD oil?

Please any rating on Irwin Naturals? Only bec price is 👍👍👍

Great informative video!
There is so much garbage out there now in gas stations, head shops, smoke shops. Everyone will be using CBD in some way within the next 3 years; thus, the need for education is dire.

I have seen amazing results in family, friends and my patients over the last 9 months and happy to say that what I have not only checks all your boxes but checks another one as well. And this other box will likely become very improtant.

We have a medical review board which has been instrumental in the development of our broad spectrum hemp extract, is currently running clinical trials, has released amazing brain scans, and will have publishable articles very soon based on the results.

This is a very exciting time for Hemp whether as a consumer or seller. I am immensely grateful to know I am a part of this thriving industry and have been able to help so many people so far.

This was a very informative video. Thank you for informing the public on what to look for. I am very happy to say that the CBD oil I use and sell met all of your check list items . It is very comforting to know that the research I did, as far as which brand to trust, that my oil is a all natural, pure, hemp board certified, (which is a very strict list of testing) that I take myself and can recommend to family, friends and the general public . Read your labels, and ask questions! Where does the hemp come from? What is the carrier oil? How is it extracted? Can you show me 3rd party independent testing? Not all oils are created equal. Cbd is helping a lot of people , just maybe it can help you???

Thanks for sharing 💕

For another great video by Dr. Oz (exposing CBD Oil companies) and what you can do about it (there are links to the very best Company on the Planet). Watch it at: It's short, so please watch it to the end!

Great information for any oils. Thank You for educating people on the subject.
One thing I would add is to be careful of anyone claiming “therapeutic or pharmaceutical grade oils.”” There is no standard for either term. 🚩

Thank you

Can you just give a list of good brands please?

Thanks for the tips I recently bought Hemp oil , label said was organic but distributed out of Naples Fl . Didn’t mention where the hemp was from 🧔🏼

Thank you.

Great man I can't thanks enough sir

Full spectrum with absolutely no thc levels is not considered full spec. It would then be considered a broad spectrum.

Thank you! Unfortunately CBD oil just doesn't seem to be worth all the trouble in the US. CVS is selling it now. That means big pharma has their hands in it now. I wanted CBD to avoid big pharma. If I purchase it again I will use this video as a how to guide.

Or you could have an extremely wonderful friend who looked at the CBD industry and now has a company processing a CBD oil to her specifications & it's called Natures Nutrients!! I've used eight other brands (always looking for the better or the best)and Natures Nutrients is shelf!!!! It is cold chemicals used in the extraction of the oil.... unfiltered full spectrum oil!!!! Natures Nutrients is on the net!!! Check this one out sonny!! 😊☮️

Thanks 👍