How To Break Your Bad Habit

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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Rachel Salt, Greg Brown & Mitch Moffit
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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Further Reading/References: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business Habits - A repeat Performance How we form habits, change existing ones The Pull of the Past - When Do Habits Persist Despite Conflict With Motives? Have Americans Increased Their Fruit and Vegetable Intake?

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I used to bite my nails but now I twirl my hair instead...

my bad habit is laying down at night then having to resist saying “mmm mmm mmm” because I’m in a shared bedroom

I hate gore but I have this urge to keep going to see those horrible images and videos

Thanks science guys! Now I can't wait to break the habit of not breaking habits!

How can i start hobby in reading books even though i dont want to do it because my parents always remind me and it is annonying 😭

my bad habit is biting my lip for no reason like wtf

my worst habitis drinking coke

Just stop doing it LOOOOL

Whenever I used to do a bad habit I would punish myself by slapping my face really hard. Eventually I stopped doing the bad habit

An ad saying "Stop do not Exercise" before playing this video, telling me to not watch this, but here i am

Are they wearing nail polish?

i have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles while my sisters are mad at me.

how dare you call me out for eating late at night as i watch this video with my midnight burrito

Ok so what my habit is
Is that after I come back from lessons I immediately go watch what happened on my computer which resolves in playing some game
I don't know what my body or my brain seeks in this activity but it sure makes it harder for me to do any other activities like reading or learning
Can you guys help?


Really great video, thank you. My problem is going to hookah lounges I recently noticed I go to much, like never liked smoking before. I believe it's the atmosphere and socializing

My bad habit is when I always pucker my lips.

one of your tags for this video says "moring routines". you should change that to "morning routines:

this video was awesome as usual!

I bite my nails so much that the teeth I bite my nails with hurt when I bite things. Lol I need help

I am lucky or weird because be it any habit I break it at whenever I want like I quit rice for 14 months

My habit is humming and talking for no reason and I can not stay quit ahhhh help I dont now how to get rid of it lol

What a bunch of trash.

My habit is waking up at 6:30 am, I'm so used to my alarm going off so early that my body has just decided to wake up itself instead EVEN if I slept for 5 hours

My habits
wake up in bed
get food from fridge
eat in bed
sleep in bed

Me : needs water
Me: Washes glass and heads back
Also me : wtf

I have a bad habit it’s tip toeing and not walking properly

I'm addicted to mint flavoured candy

nail biting habit

what if you didnt have a bad habit? shiuld i start smoking?

well nice, but you're not gonna draw a visual of the most relevantly bad habit people have? consumption of animal products: leading cause of deaths, leading cause of global warming, leading cause of mass slaughter and suffering on this planet.

ASAP: ...or eating late at night.
Me munching on scones at 12:11am: 😳

What about using excess mobile how to stop this habit please tell me

Why is now one talking about this? Why did they give a mouse a chocolate and why did it eat the chocolate? Mice don’t eat chocolates and it isn’t even good for them. Wut?

Biting the insides of my mouth

i hate sugary snacks and they always make me feel sick but I keep eating them even though I hate them?

Being bored is what kills my self esteem smh I really need to stop this habit before it goes out of hand.

Thanks,Mister,It is really helpful.

I have this horrible habit of like chewing my hair off? There is a certain spot in my mouth where my teeth just act like scissors I guess? It sounds weird, but everythime I'm bored or anxious I'll grab some hair and if it reaches my mouth I'll just bite it off? Idk how to describe it🤔

Today(8 December,2019)
I quitted watching **

I have a habit of breathing.

You know this is bad when I am watching a video about procrastination when I’m procrastinating

Do you advise to change a bad habit by another habit that may be useless (puting arms in pockets. By the way, what if I am wearing a dress? What if I am in public and cannot hold fists?

My bad habit is eating until I'm sick to my stomach. I'm an emotional eater.

Sometimes I don't even want a cigarette but it's a excuse for going outside to socialize cuz in too shy to go talk to people without having a reason besides wanting to talk.

My worst habit is masturbation I'm trying every hour day months year to stop it but without any result my biggest record was 21 days... So I will keep trying GOD help me 🙏

I just never do my homework because I want to play video games

Mine is trying to scoop my eye out

Notice the urge.
Get curious.
Feel the joy of letling go and Repeat! Here's an effective guide i use every day:

So I think this is considered an addiction and am desperate to do anything to get rid of it. So during the day, when i’m doing stuff, i’ll do it once in a while but when i’m about to sleep i have to do it because I have this feeling. Anyways, I have to let out a little bit of pee every few seconds when i’m trying to sleep and once I do let a little out, the feeling doesn’t go away and I can’t sleep because of this. Please help me!

Please add subtitle!

Had that book on my "to-read" list/bookshelf for so long. But because of my tower of babel that is my "to-read" list, haven't been able to finish it.

Can’t wait to break my watching bad things I need advice

Kids would rather coffee according to their body
They hate coke.
Lol this is just a weird thing

Mine is shaving my eyebrows 😑😑😑

Someone help me with this, my keep blinking a lot and I can’t stop it. Please someone help me.

Im putting my teeth together where they can’t go this did not help

Is it possible to break habits without changing the reward?

I have a terrible habit of clawing at my lips. They are really bloody

Blue Apron👚

This video is my habit

So, school is a habit and I can break it? Nice.

Damn I have a habit of just staying in bed all day and be on my phone not even going to eat :(

I have a really bad habit of twisting my hair, this helped me a lot, thx!!

How about Tourette’s?

I mean i still go to work every fuckin day of my life but am NOT addicted to it whysoevwr

I have a habit of turning my neck and hitting it against the under of my neck ..... I have no idea how I developed this habit but it’s causing me horrible pain and discomfort

Is cracking knuckles a bad habit?

My mother and aunti say that

my worst habit is internet lmao like I basically can't live without it :/

what are some tips for dealing with cutting? it’s my bad habit (and addiction)

The way I broke my habit of biting my nails is when my kindergarten teacher told us not to bite our nails and I was the only one who listened

This has nothing to do with the video at all but the ad that played before this was about weight loss and the guy in it was hot asf

I just listed: The Land of Steady Habits: A Novel [hardcover] Thompson, Ted [Mar 25, 2014], for $13.99 via @amazon

sugar fast food and caffeine is my worst habits but even if i got a setback in this weekend i hope to take control over it son :)

I stopped bitting my fingernails because I got braces so it didn't work, and now I just can't, even if I try.

I pop my pimples, i cant stop lol and people say popping them is bad and can cause more acne to im trying to stop

3:50 Voice crack

Don't have any bad habits so ima stop brushing my teeth and let yall know whether it works or not.

The mouse study has a major flaw,chocolate kills mice almost instantaneously

Ooh blue apron

I pick my acne too much

Well I can't stop sqeezing the white heads on my face and it is ruining my face.... AND MY LIFE 💔

My worst habit is eating food

my bad habit is chewing off the skin of the inside of my cheek . it then turns white cause of the moistness i suppose & just looks nasty & feels nasty .

I hope this will break my habit of ending conversations like in the hall like if I say blah blah blah and say But I will do this!

Our brains are CHUNKING

My “FAVORITE” bad habit is biting my nails and destroying my fingers

i know what habit that’s unbreakable

beat meat mania

How to break a bad habit:

dont start in the first place

My bad habbit is sleeping way too much,and other horrible things..but thanks 4 the vd guys it was soo good

I can't believe how much of my life is out of my conscious thinking.

I take a pencil and gouge the skin on my arm when I’m nervous or annoyed. HELP

I bite my nails when I’m nervous or bored. I hate it so much 😫

me: k i need to wash my hands


me: wtf

what if my habit is gaming?
HELP MEEE!!!!!!!

My bad habit is Watching asap science lol

Goddamn you basal ganglia.

I like them big I like them chunking

My worst habit is reaching and pushing to sing high and low notes


Sawcon deez nuts