How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes

Can't fall asleep? These sleep tips are better than ASMR!
Mask vs No Mask Lab Results - Do they work?




Created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Mitch Moffit and Rachel Salt
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Why We Sleep

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me: can I sleep in 2 minutes?
ASAPscience: yeah! It'll take only 7 minutes

I cant sleeep☹️🥱

I don’t have a problem falling asleep anymore haha. That’s my secret Asap, I’m always tired.

me: oh man I am not sleeping again
this video: no phone before bed
me again: but would lousy that if I give you a like
this video again: alright fine you win
me: I do not need my phone anymore because this vid made me tired !!!

i am sleeping right now😂😂


4:35 shows 500,000 views

Also him: gets 23 million views

You are reading everything that was in my mind and everything you said is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I also get scary THOUGHTS when I can't sleep I can't believe you red my mind

Thx for telling it i have troble sleeping but in this video i have more sleep

Only tip -- don't think of anything

yeah starting he will try to after the light shutdowns... that cartoon scene is exact!!!

nice video :)

Lets be honest

Nobody searched for this

nice video :)

The sleep in 2 minutes method maybe used by Navy but it's actually a Yogic technique where we consciously relax our body and mind and it's said to be good for stress relief. Only difference is here they're actually sleeping but when practicing "shavasana" the person remains fully conscious and doesn't fall asleep, like conscious relaxation.

Thanks so much, I needed this!

I have school at 9:05 am and i haven’t slept and it’s 3:31 am. Nice.

Just open your books and u will fall asleep :-)

lol im watching at 2 am

Funfact- don't watch video in their place u can see comments u definitely get asleep.😂😂

My brain: You abou to sleep?
Me: Yes shut up
My brain: Chibi Chan~

God I need to sleep it’s like 1 or 2 am

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"and even chocolate can take as long as 8 hours to wear out"

Me: *grudgingly puts down the chocolate I was eating


why did he have to the sleep disorder part close to end of the video like broo you mean to tell me i took notes for nothing😭😭

If you don't sleep you die cause people sleep all the time

I. Agree. But I’m not an adult...

"Wake up at the same time everyday." Yeah... I'm not waking up at 6 on the weekend, that's not enough sleep even when I fall asleep early -_-

It's sad I'm watching this video again...

Who els is watching this at 2:00 am. Cus I am

I’m only here so I can s h i f t

What's up w the dislikes? Who are these people?

Who is watching this at 2:00 am because they got school or work tommorow at 5

How to fall asleep in 2 minutes but the video is 7:20 minutes long

Sadly this is so true

What are meta analysis studies. I would like to see a link to the meta analysis studies. Can you put a link here.

Ok I’m going to tell you how to sleep fast just don’t touch your phone just done that’s all

only ppl awake at 12am can like this vid

The Navy technique is called PMR — Progressive Muscle Relaxation... A Form of self-hypnosis... Been in use by behavior therapists for over 50 years... Works well with little training...

Why does it take 7:50 to explain how to get to sleep in 2 minutes??

How did he describe me :O

Me: about to fall asleep

That one person replying to my comment: OH HEY THATS SOME NICE RELAXATION IT WOULD BE A SHAME IF U LOST IT!

No it's day I'm chilling

I wish I found this video a few hours earlier...

I am just watching this because I have school after 4 hours and its 2 am right now and I cant sleep!

Call of duty updates make my ps4 go so loud and i can't speep

It's actually 2AM

Me who can sleep in less then a minute at any time of day with no problems

Why Im watching this at 3 am ? :(

This helps because watching this makes you bored and then u yawn

Thank you so much i am 10 and i have manny stresses . This helped me !

It’s 3:44am and I have to get up at 5am to get ready for school and then I get on the bus at 8am aghhhhhh

It really works done

Rip to people fell asleep while watching this video and there phone ran out of battery

"being colder actually makes your temperature drop faster" - asap science

I'm watching this during 2AM

😂😂it was soo cute the way he told "Nothing".

I still look at time and stress so that probably it

this video is 7:50 mins

It's six am. I gotta get up in 3 ours. No excuses; it's my mum's birthday. Help

When 8 can’t sleep I run to my brother I say what will happend if u don’t sleep brother stays you’ll die me run to bed stressing out

I’m watching this at 12:03


its 4 am....

Omg look at the views!!!

Guys , please help me , i have online classes at 8 and its 3 am, im not feeling tired at all because i woke up at 4 pm today , idk what to do , pls help me

Thx dude

thxs alot now i slp 6am before school ahh

I couldn't finish the last 5 minutes 49 seconds of this video because I fell asleep.

Watching this video at 2am , lol😂

But this is seven minutes long-

I don’t need coffee in the am I just need to go to my bed. It always keep me awake

You no what just close your eyes don't think anything you will fall asleep ☺️🛌

This video aged well.


Me writing this while it being 3:27 AM

Guys It’s working im at 1:56 and now 1:5-

i fell asleep for 5 minutes o.o

Y'know, you really shoulda used a black background for this episode, since it's all about sleep and like 84% of the view count is people tryna sleep outta desperation

Lol yes that’s me 100% 😭

How about waking up then can’t go back to sleep. I say don’t get up... most people I know that can get back to sleep do not leave their beds, but many studies say to get up for a few minutes. My friends and I have been debating this. Please help us settle this.

Look im watching this at 2:00am omg im a legend


Thank you for your tips, I loved this video! I’ve also recorded such video with my personal experience and advice , so if you are interested, check it out!😴🤗

Almost 1million likes

Who else is watching this at 4AM?

Mom:Son,go to bed
Son:I don't wanna,im to awake

Mom:Son,Wake up.Get ready for school
Son:I don't wanna,im to sleepy

It’s like this was made from me .-.

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Very good illustration of serotonine binding

7:00 This is my worst problem and why I can’t sleep. I have my work schedule, which varies 5a-2p the first day then the the next 2 days 6p-6a then weekdays I have Uni classes at 11:am my sleep schedule is horrific.

How to fall asleep in two minutes 6:58


me: looking at the video very late.

him:your probably looking at this video right now in the night, don't lie

me: man how'd you know

the sleeping like clockwork is right because i usually go to sleep at like 10:00 and wake RIGHT before my alarm at 6:00 am and it’s crazy and it happens almost every night

literally the nothing thing is the absolute same to me

Me at 2am: awake
Me at 5am*awake*
Me: sleeping while clock is gonna ring in 5 mins

Watching those 8 minutes. I slept 4 times.