How to Make the Southern Classic Boudin Sausage — Prime Time

The Meat Hook butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young head down to New Orleans to learn how to make boudin sausage—a southern staple consisting of fatty pork, vegetables, chicken liver, and rice—from the butchers at Piece of Meat.
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I enjoyed the video, but I don't think the repeated profanity adds anything to the content ...

This woman and her partner are great!

Maybe they should pick up a book to broaden their vocabulary. Maybe they wouldn't need beeped so much.

How are you, my friends?

Love me some Boudin, and this one looks freaking amazing!

Been married to a Cajun lady from Eunice for over fifty years, Every so often we drive from the Dallas area back to T-Boy's Boucherie in Mamou, Louisiana, and purchase thirty pounds of boudin. When we lived in Natchitoches, we often drove down to South Louisiana on boudin tasting tours--to find the best boudin. We even had boudin shipped from Johnson's Grocery in Eunice when I was a USAF pilot in Alaska. Man can not live by bread alone, he must have a link of boudin, too. It's that addictive. We use the oven to make the casing crispy, so we eat it, too. Pork liver! Pork liver!

No pork liver?! What the crap is this?

Lmfaooo! Bren looks like Bob from Bob's burgers, all he needs is the midlife crisis father beer belly like him.

Just a heads up I followed this recipe that you all gave. This is the best boudin I have ever had. This is amazing. Evan a friend that is from Louisiana said she lo ed so thanks guy for this amazing recipe for a dish I just can't drive down there to buy. Well from the Yankee in Illinois thanks guys and great video.

i bet she likes black pepper

I don’t care when this came out... finally! Does anyone have a shirt that says'' I
Love BOUDIN! Thanks for this....

The biggest mistake was NOT going to the very places she mentioned, that they drive to, to get boudin. Opelousas, Scott, Lafayette. Even Lake Charles has several terrific boudin makers.


What, Anthony Boudin?

Not gonna lie it annoys me that y'all say BOO-DAN. Its one word not two, boudin

Don't mess around with that new Orleans Boudin. Come to Lafayette and get that real

Oh man! How cvan you resist a woman skilled with a bonesaw?

Amazing clear step by step info very clear & informative!!! Great job!! How much rice for this recipe please??

Is this recipe written anywhere?

It's disturbing to see them eat out of the pot like that....

So... Did I really see the same spoon being used for tasting/eating?

4 dudes in a meat shop

8:04 left hanging no fist bump for you lol

There not from there.sounds like new englanders.

Number 7777 like

I didn not know The Car Wizard also makes sausages.

Kmsl boudin is the best between Breaux Bridge and Lafayette....everyone says Billy's the best, but I like Alexander's the most

No mustard no pickles for me. Steamed with a bag a Doritos.

I made boudin once - and it came out "just right". I'm sure it's often over-complicated, but the true ingredient list is SHORT: pork shoulder, pork liver, green onion, black pepper, and rice. No more, no less, and you've got an authentic boudin. Overcomplicate it and you'll end up thinking "this is good, but not quite right." It's is traditional - and a dish from a poverty-stricken area - so don't get fancy. That would be disrespectful of a traditional dish.

160 g of salt for twenty pounds of meat is insane. 20 pounds is 9071.8499990843 grams, so 160 divided by 9071.8499990843 times 100 is 1.763697592179657 grams, so that's almost 2 grams of salt per 100g of sausage. That's NUTS. The mustache dude must have misspoken here, because I put half that amount in my sausage plus a little bit of MSG and they're already salty in taste.

Grew up in Houma, La, love this show...
I can't stand hearing boudin pronounced "boudan" it's boo-dah; just saying.

Love the show!

Do you suppose they used a new spoon after each bite?

Have they posted the exact recipe ?

such a cool episode again, but man it freaks me out they're cutting that shoulder like that without a thick leather apron.

I pour my fat and liquids into a tea jar with a spigot and put it into the fridge. The fats solidify at the top and the water and solids can pour out of the spigot. I strain the fluids through cheesecloth and can use it as a stock. The fats I use in cooking other stuff. It is tasty.

Idk who she is but I’m 90% sure she’s not from around Louisiana.

I used to work Protein at Craftbar and the amount of super wealthy white people who ordered scrapple for brunch blew me away. The pick up was a huge pain in the ass.

That combo with crackers .... First time I ate boudin was with saltine crackers

My mom loves to steam it in a frying pan then we eat it on crackers.

Could you guys please tell me the type of rice they used?

Leighann seems great. And I really appreciate her talking about getting sick of some foods she has to experiment with. Not a lot of people talk about stuff like that.

Please get these guys off of here and bring back Nick Solares.


I need an episode on Boerewors and Drowers, South Africa sausage

What are the chances of getting this recipe?

I've been watching a lot of the Louisiana series and I've found it really interesting, however, you've been talking very little about how all of this was French and Creole influenced. It would be interesting to know the differences in the preperation/style of these foods compared to the original dishes they were influenced from.

Can you please do a video comparing stainless steel vs cast iron. Talk about steak, sous vide or traditional methods

Be sparing if you add it into sausage

Peanut butter! Put in anything meat especially sausage!

"It taste like plastic" - the description of white pepper... ya lost me.

grease trap sausage

Lawd I wanna plate of that right now!

flipping..yum...GOD bless louisiana

I had boudin for the first time in September, I WENT SAVAGE! It was super good! Gator Boudin sold at the french quarters market yessssahhhh!!!

The only place to get boudin in Louisiana is in Thibodaux at Bourgeois Meat Market they have been doing for over 135 years

Lafayette native here. I have never put mustard and sweet pickles on my boudin and I’m fairly certain my grandfather would slap me if I did. We eat it either as it is, fried in balls, or on a slice of evangeline maid bread with some mayo.

What was the last spice he added? They started talking. 😭😭😭

thumbnail makes the blonde guy look like a child. Strange pick.

We always ate boudin cold...

Hey new to New Orleans transplant butcher shop people, don’t tell people that we in the greater New Orleans area eat boudin with pickles and mustard like those frou-frou restaurants downtown do, because we don’t and you’re embarrassing us in front of the rest of south Louisiana. Ya buy a pound or two or three from the local meat market (no we don’t have to drive three hours to Scott cuz we have like 10 different places to get it in our area) and eat it by the link by itself either from the hood of your car, tailgate of your truck, inside your vehicle on the way home or if you’re lucky enough to make it home with some, in your house maybe with some crackers or a slice of bread and a beer, just maybe because ya might just finish them off solo dolo. And never with pickles or mustard. Remember that.

Yeah, no thank you

I love these guys. The food always looks amazing, I always learn something new, and Ben and Brent are always so much fun to watch joke around with each other.

Glad y'all could correctly pronounce Boudin. Even after being told how to pronounce Andouille, you still did it wrong. : )

So are you not supposed to eat the casing of a steamed sausage, or does that only apply to Boudin?

I grew up in Texas and Boudin was pretty prevalent. MANY years fast forward, I'm not in Arizona where NO ONE has heard of boudin and NO ONE sells it. I'm SO SAD that I cannot get my childhood FAVORITE deliciousness to eat!! This video brings back great memories.... only to EAT, not to make. I'd rather buy it than make it!!

Boudin is not a sausage that lady from New Orleans just said that for y'all show or she really don't know what the f*** she doing the best booty in is a central Louisiana I'm not even from the and I know this

First Boudin is not sausage cuz we have boudin balls lynx but it is not sausage it's a rice dressing isn't it in a pig's casing and it's not popularized in New Orleans is in Central Louisiana Baton Rouge up past Opelousas to will say Alexander

I love how they are using gloves ...

This sausage is like a vegetarian version of blood sausage.

You eat boudin with a slice of white bread and a coke, fight me lmao

Small clarification, "boudin" really means any type of sausage, blood sausage, or entrails. "Boudin blanc" is the Cajun version, but if you order boudin in France or Quebec, you would be more likely to receive blood sausage, or "boudin noir".

Imagine the taste of these beauty has meke me the day.

Really different from French Boudin 😮

Go to a Louisiana BBQ, fish fry, crawfish boil, cochon de lait, and all of the sudden you have a whole party of people working in unison about to turn out something magnificent. Everyone has a job and knows it. Even the young ones start learning early. I would wager there’s more qualified cooks per capita in that state than most. Not restaurant cooks, but a general populace that can turn out some 👌 food

damn im ready for a NEW ORLEANS trip...spectacular

Complete meal in a sausage!

what type of rice...there are so many types.

Love Boudin. Cannot get it in Ohio though. Can you ship it?

clicked for the strange kid in the thumbnail... its actually an adult!

Is that Biff from BTTF?

New Orleans is NOT "real" cajun or creole at all just saying! Acadiana area is where ya want to be!

Saw sage.

I miss living in New Orleans for this very reason.

Last video I watched one of you try the liquid of a crawfish boil then dump the remainder off your spoon back into the boil. This episode ya'll are both double dipping your spoons into the sausage mixture. Your kitchen etiquette needs some serious work and it makes me wonder what you're doing at your restaurant in New York ick.

Ok, two minutes in and I'm going to stop you right there. These are not cajuns, they are yuppies. They have no accent whatsoever. Not even a southern accent. They sound and look like they are from Austin. I'm going to tell you right now that this boudin....(pronounced "boo dan" , not whatever these idiots are saying) is going to not be authentic. You can't even get great boudin in Texas...not even in Beaumont. You can get good boudin, but not great boudin. And don't EVEN think about buying it at Walmart. But these guys....I'd walk straight out their door without even trying it.

This looks like Cajun haggis.

Is it me or does he look exactly like “BIFF TANNON” from “Back to the Future”🤔🤔🤔

how do these guys stay so humble and respectful? Such wonderful and strong personalities. Real character. Much appreciated

He don’t even sound like us

Stop going to New Orleans for “traditional Cajun and or creole food” it’s a tourist trap you need to go to places like Opelousas, Lafayette, Scott, Mamou, etc...

WTF is this crap!!! That is not authentic boudin, but just more crap made in that crap hole tourist trap. Made with rice, pork liver, lean pork, onions, green onions, parsley, garlic, and seasoning. There is no chicken (except for B&S which adds some chicken giblets to the mix). There are no jalapenos. If there is any of a hot pepper, it would be ornamental peppers which are native to the region. Spices would include red pepper, orange (cayenne) pepper, black pepper, white pepper, and salt (the cheap course stuff, preferably from a Louisiana salt mine).

I hate when people talk about the Cajun "holy trinity" like they have any idea what they are talking about. First that is the wrong type of onion, green onions are what actually grows wild to the point that you could find it in your yard. You pick the tops, not the whole thing. Second it is parsley and not celery (originally marsh parsley, sometimes called fine-leaved celery which is where the confusion comes from). And third, it is not belle peppers that you find in your grocery store, they are Cajun belles which are a completely different thing. Small, still sweet but actually with some heat, closer in appearance to other hot peppers.

What a great way to get a stroke & high blood pressure both in 1

0:30 Ash !!!

I'm from Canada. I have never heard of this kind of sausage. It looks amazing. I need to travel more.

That guy looked like a 10 year old kid with a spray tan. That’s the only reason I clicked this video.

I hope they bought that whole batch, because Ben triple-dipped into the mix. I would not feel comfortable putting that in the display for customers to buy afterwards.

They are for sure high during the filming of this

two middle aged hipster hosts. smh

I like how the nasty booger just keeps using the same spoon that has been in his mouth several times and sticks it back into the batch for another taste. and some poor sap buys a sausage that has his saliva encased in it. Very hygienic...

Is boudaine better than laos sausage