How to Pretend You're Not High

Hey friend, I see you just smoked a hell of a lot of weed. And now you've got to go outside—you know, where the normal people are. Here's how to convince everyone else you're totally not high. Nope. Not you!

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What’s really funny is I know so many people aren’t gonna know who the fonz is 😂

“But first, we have to get rid of that smell.......... WHEWWWW”. 😂

U r beautiful and funny...... Love u😂😂😂😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

Watching this while high and the effects feel trippy as fuck

This video. Itself makes me go high!..lmao

lmfao i go to school high all the time and 4th and 6th period teachers give me food and let me jus chill on my phone 💀

I go to the extreme opposite of rambling I don’t say anything. Everyone at work knew when I came in stoned because i just walk around smiling and not saying shit.

“thankfully not your mom” 💀💀 facts

I remember the first time I got high and I was like woah, I see why people do this. Then walked home and it was only like 7 blocks but I swear that shit took forever. Then I got home ate a whole box of Reese’s puffs and fell asleep. Woke up at like 4 am and still felt it. One of the best nights of my life

On this 4-20-20, everyone stay inside when you get too high! Flatten that MF curve.

LMAO I remember some years ago an older dude flipped on me and a friend at our local liquor store for smelling like a freshly smoked blunt...he even went to his car to get us some cologne samples haha

Ok carol.

Why da snake talking 😂😂😂

I didn’t know weed made ur mouth dry until today when i smoked for the first time

1:17 I’m not sure about that. Caffeine could make you (more) anxious.

This is great. Having a laugh while i enjoy my bong rips>

Fun fact: you can see your nose but your brain ignores it

Bad voice = pretend you have a cold.

Me in quarantine:

This definitely not working now

How to be high:

Smoke weed and sniff cocaine

I remember needing this😂

One time I was high I tried to put in some eye drops. As I was trying to do so I never realized that I never took the lid off of the eye drop container 😂 I was like wtf is wrong with this shit and btw, why hasn’t she met my uncle Snoop Dogg?!?!

50 years ago, i heard if they never see you “sober” they will never know you are high, they just may think you are slow or stupid, so whats the point 😏

Nah you are not going out during quarantine

Jesus this woman is the chillest!!!

She IS the Fonz

I am hight as fuck to hide anyway

Why am I watching this? I got nowhere to be and it's California.

Carry donuts officer stops you are you high no want a donut

" how to pretend you're not an addict " < better title

Yoooo why Karen give this tips

I went to school high a few months ago and nobody noticed.

Codine crazy

Do not use axe spray!! It is too strong smelling Just change your clothes wash your hands and put on some dehoderant. go outside to air yourself out by going for a walk. Lay your old clothes out in your room to air out. Open a window ahead of time before smoking. Cheers from canada

- highshcool senior


bruh... you re so annoying

Is the meant to be watched while high?

i just try to forget i’m high and then i just act super polite works everytime especially at work when i have to deal w ppl i don’t like being high makes it sm easier to talk to them w out wanting to commit a crime against them

The job interview 😂😂

I feel interrogated as hell due the beginning 💀

thank you

here for the comments.


I didn’t even look this up i just happened to be high when this was first in my recommended

this is funny.

I ver scared to put drops on so put them on before you get high if not you might do a back flip lol hahhaa

If I told someone I had I cold Rn I would be in the hospital

Hi, this video is good. And im high.

Lol High Am I not!

Can't be done

Red eyes big smile

I love this woman❤️

Omg I love her she’s such a queen 👑

Hush up ya ol chatterbox

I remember being so high once my friend asked me if I could see the weed and I simply responded "yeah"

thank you white mom i love you!

2:38 - "Time to tell everyone - you have a cold"
umm that might actually be a pretty bad idea considering the current state of things.... You're better off just being like "Sorry Mom - I'm faded af rn"

"It's time to tell everyone you have a bad cold"
Yeah, not really a good idea at this time...

she looks like she could be kris Jenners pot friendly sister

somebody get they mama 🤣


Just fucking act normal

broo when i’m high i be thinking people can hear my thoughts like for some reason i feel like i’m saying them and i kinda panic cuz i be thinking weird shit other times i be laughing so much i be weakkk 🤣

i love how we’re all here for the same reason

Don’t try the cold excuse right now

This bitch annoying

What i always did was act like i was super pissed off, like literally enraged, because no one suspects that an angry person just lit up :)

I'd smash

2:45 Nobody will Question if you're high because they have already ran far away

It's actually Corona time rn and you telling me to go outside. That's iligal so I'm gonna sue you.

This women saved my ass. Appreciate it gram grams

I finished 4 J’s and hotboxed my room and this came on recommended at 3am one time and here it is again :’)

this is a skill u must learn from being high around people

the "cold" strategy aint gonna work rn 😂😭😭

this is gonna b me as a grandma

I found this to mildly titillating.

Yoooooooooooooooo she looks like Ellen

its not that hard to hide it like

People talk a lot when high? My ass can’t even hold a conversation when someone is trying hard to keep it going just keep grinning like a weirdo 😂😂 guess I’m the odd one lol

I’m dying😂😂😭

this is an easy one just be stoned all the time so people just assume its apart of your personality, people only ever ask if im high when im sober

There is this thing called corona now and if we pretend stitch we’re gonna get sent to the hospital with all the people with corona

Don't chew gum if you're trying to not to look high but you baked, will make it worse

Who cares about all these things get baked get your stuff done in the outside world n get back simple as that 😂

I was at the store the other day, stoned like usual. I paid went to my car got in and tried to start it. Sat there for 15 minutes to realize. It's not my car, it's not my car Not even close to where I parked either.

I love you

how the fuck did I get here

Normal people suck I dont wanna go outside tho

High as a giraffes eye in the sky....

I double tapped a comment thinking it was instagram😔

I'm hooked, she's awesome.

I didn't even know this side of YouTube was a thing...

Can’t tell people I got the cold, they gone think I got the Corona pack lmao

Thank you Angela Merkel

idk why but i love this woman

Watchin this in March of 202 2.36 ain’t helpin😂😂

First time I smoked herb I had a "portfolio interview" which was basically my art exam and fingers were finging like crazy