How to Start a Fire in a Survival Situation | Basic Instincts | WIRED

Dr. Bill Schindler, a professor of archeology and anthropology at Washington College, demonstrates a couple of the most effective methods for starting a fire in the wilderness with limited resources. "Even though you may never find yourself in a survival situation, I firmly believe that learning and practicing these primitive skills are an essential part of connecting to your past, your environment, and everything it means to be human," says Bill, explaining why it's important for everyone to have some basic survival skills knowledge.

For more on Dr. Bill Schindler’s work, follow the links below:

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How to Start a Fire in a Survival Situation | Basic Instincts | WIRED

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If you get really good at this kind of stuff I can see how it would be really fun to go out into the wilderness with no supplies and survive

I really want to make a fire now.

Excellent video

Great content. Wow. Thank you for finding this expert. Best tutorial on fire making I’ve ever seen.

would you have any ways for a kid? as like a 10 yo

Talk about a wild fire about to happen

These are the essentials

"I also have the second largest ears on planet earth. Paul Ryan has third." - Dr. Bill Schindler

im subscribing

I bet he went through so much trial and error for some of that juicy wisdom. Thanks mang

When that guy started the fire I was in owe! It was like a primitive part in my brain remembered how important it was when humans mastered fire.

very good to learn new things

A fire bender!

Makes me wonder just how did our early human ancestors discover and develop the technique of creating fire. I don't think they even had a grasp on the concept of friction. If it was by accident then how do you accidentally discover the technique to creating fire?

Me explaining to my mom why I have a Mechanical bow

Wait, he said you can't make the hearthboard out of a conifer, and then said that he often uses cedar... but cedar is a conifer...

Im now wanted for three counts of Arson in the state of Kentucky

25 minutes

My survival method in cold weather hunting, is to create a hole about a foot deep, three feet wide, filled with branches of fallen trees(hardwood trees), creating a few shovel loads of hot coals. Place those coals in a bed about six feet long, two feet wide, 10 inches(less than a foot, in extreme cold...below 0), and lightly cover the coals with the soil, and not packing-it-down. Put mattress over the soil bed, sleeping bag(SeaToSummit, makes awesome sleeping bags) on top, climb-in. Oh, the shelter wall/lean-To, would obviously be blocking the wind/cold air direction. Good for a couple hours of heat.

Just buy a lighter mate

He’s clearly a neanderthal in a disguise

11:14 when you want to 😏

It’s 2020, bring a lighter

I'm going to be honest
I'm watching this because of dr stone and realized I'd die if it happened to me

Learning this just in case I'll get Cast Away like Tom Hanks

Ok, anyone thinking there just going to keep a pack of waterproof matches at all times 🙄

21:18 R.I.P. to my ears 😂

This video is FANTASTIC!

Little does he know this skill is gonna be super useful in a few weeks in the US

Can you use maple as a harpsbored

If you make fire will it start a forest fire

just subbed enjoyed much in sight thank you

where did you find a perfectly cylindrical dowel in the forest?

Really enjoyed this video 👍

When you realise Stone Age people are smarter than you

Hand drill works but your hands will feel it believe me. Bow drill works great for me. But practice makes perfect

Why not just put the divet on top of the tinder so you don't have to worry about dropping it

Quarantine is taking me places I've never been before

So youre just gonna eat those ashes on that meat huh?

some of the tips are kinda bs he says never put the stick on the ground game over few min later 7:39, make sure the husk isnt damp cause ground is wet proceeds to fricking put the so called damp husk into his dry husk potentially giving the other dry husk moisture to

12:23 symba scene :D

It was exhilarating leading up to the coal

These survival skills will be very useful...

Me when I go to a field trip on camping: teacher! I set the tent on fire 😂

Thanks for the help, the orphanage never stood a chance 😈

Thanks for not making this look too easy. I can't wait to give this a go. Thank you!

Great video Bill. Thank you.
Why not just build the ember atop the tinder bundle or a smaller piece of it?

Most exciting thing I've seen all week.

excellent explaination

The last statement of this video is everything.

who else thinks that tree stump thing he was sitting in front of looks like shreks house

Make video on how to get drinking water at sea

6:30 you said dont put the stick in the ground huhhh??!!!?

Bear Grills 2.0

Ty this will be helpful in school

"son of a b**ch, spindle broke" rofl man

this video is fire

Oooh so maybe that strange rock i found is an ancient hand drill, I didn't quite understand the concept but it does fit in my hand farley comfortably to be used for something like this.

When he pulled out the cedar bark I though it was a birds nest😂

Ok, so pine - bad. Cedar, good. I always like benchmarks to know if I’m doing it right. How many “cycles” of spinning top to bottom should it generally take? Thanks for a very cool video!

I have used a 4 foot bow drill kit with poplar hearth,spindle and oak hand piece. On a bone dry day and got nothing

No way caveman made fire using this tactic... there has to be a lost art

If you're really it survival state and your stick broke as you try to start fire, I think you'll want to say much much more than just 'son of a ...'

Dont lick your hands, just spit on them. Powdered clay is also AMAZING for grip. Its a lot like how rock climbers use chalk for grip.

I use matches or wait for lightening strike and use my flux capacitors to start the fire.


Who else here cuz there stove aint working and your trying to make your cup noodle soup

Why are the subtitles ar like that tho?

How to start a fire in a survival situation
60000 City Kids: I'm going to need this

Yeah because everyone has a perfectly carved piece of wood

"a bow drill, is a hand drill but on steroids"
I love this guy😅

Only 5 million bc kids know the struggle 🙄

13:45 Ateşi buldu 👏😁

How to Start a Fire in a Survival Situation

"Your hands are gonna slowly move down the shaft"😂

Me: watches cast away becomes slightly paranoid

Why is fre is so hard to make deliberately, but so easy to make inadvertantly?

News reporter: so how did this fire start ?
Firefighters: Mother Nature rubbed one off we found plenty of saliva

how much time of spinning the spindle should it take to generate that coal?

Could you technically use your forearms instead of having to make a bow drill?

11:23 "Son of a b**ch, spindle broke."

Great Video. So many other Youtuber's cheat when making a fire. n Using tools that would not be found in nature. But this video is what I wanted to see. Hope to see more & will be subscribing

Imagine wasting your shoelaces to survive LMAO!

Dude just punch trees, get wood, make a pickaxe and get coal and make a campfire.

Finding the wood is the hardest part it seems lime

11:22 😂😂😂

I breathe out very gently to provide the oxygen


The moment when you realized John Plant of primitive technology is a fire stick maestro. He needs just one try like under two minutes.

i think this is really material specific

I wish he’d take everything off

So is it impossible to start a fire in a wet or even slightly damp situation? Because there is no way in a survival situation that you're going to get 2 pieces of bone dry wood

Who else is stranded on a island????

No I said sike


WOW this is Tiko

way too much talk

Grog... make... fire... hmm.

Son of beep 🤣

this is beneficial