HOW TO: Stop a weed induced panic attack FOREVER

NOW, before you judge and say it doesn't work you got to give it time. Time heals all wounds. Give it some time and it doesn't go away within the first try usually takes a couple more and you will be able to enjoy that fire again SNIFF black pepper and drink lots of water CONTROL your breathing it will make it all go away, DO NOT panic DO NOT smoke in places you are not comfortable with.
YOU SHOULD ALSO not smoke if you have any stress in reality. Weed is known to push those thoughts to the front of your head. IF you can find out what causes your anxiety you can put a stop to it. DONATE HERE!!!

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Best way to avoid panic attacks is just have long conversations with friends to keep your mind from overthinking. THIS HELPS ALOT

Edibles are way stronger and more intense than smoking weed. As a lot of people have said, once you've had one really bad experience with weed, you will be so scared of that experience happening again you will be on the lookout for even the slightest sign of it happening, thus making it happen again.

The worst is when u get it at work

SUBBED... Thank you for this bro.. you kept me grounded when I was having an attack. It was my first time.

Grounding, if your having an induced panic attack caused by weed start counting silently,

Best way is to be with fun people like you’re best friends do stuff fun and talk keeps you’re mind off and gives you a good high 👍🏻

The weed naturally gives people tachycardia, especially if the weed has a super high thc content. Also, you don't know what people spray weed to make it smell better. I've heard of motherfuckers spraying RAID on their weed. Yes, cockroach spray. If you want to stay safe; grow your own shit or buy from a reliable dispensary. Get your tolerance up to, start out with a couple puffs at a time.. maybe 1 or 2 puffs and chill, so how it hits. Should be good after knowing that. Gluck my brothers.

brother last night i try the thing with the black pepper but the i got the panic attack at the begining and the black papper helps

bruh i’m high out of my mind and when you started talking bout how some man as adrenaline and jumped onto the roof of the boat to fight a shark BRUH i keep laughing over and over and over, why the fuck did this man jumó onto a boat against a shark and got stabbed LMAOOOO good shit homie haha

14 I use to smoke weed every day at least 3 joints a day spmetimes thw most potent edibles my mom make and yea i take acid one day and smoked weed trippppy asf but i get jet lag and shit so one day i smoke weed and freak out and one day i touch my moms edible pretending in eating it but i didnt and 30 mins later i started freaking out and my heart was gooing 144 exactly survived and every time i smoke or get high i just freak out get paranoid think im in a simulation and shit

Hey what about if you feel that you are getting stabbed and it scares you ?

I really enjoyed listening to you and watching you talk about this. Thank you so much! This is super helpful…


Bro i’m finding this video at the perfect time in such a shift in my life. It is crazy how similar our stories are.

hi husband 💖

Sup guys so if anyone needs help dealing with this I have the perfect solution me my self get super anxious when I smoke my body starts tripping thinking wired thing and tries to Sike me out of the high I am 18 still. A beginner smoker Now I mix my weed with CBD and IT HELPS SOO MUCH GUYS SERIOUSLY you should definitely think about CBd will make u chill and calm before you know it your riding the high so. Yeah it’s fucking amazing to mix weed with CBd helps gain control and also TRY to do things that keep your mind busy like push ups or exercise!!!!!

I had this question in my mind for so long that why does it happened to me, but am so glad to know that its common and actually have a way out, thanks man really appreciate it🔥

Bro it feels like im in a fuckin video game lmao

Theyve always said talking is the best is a fat spliff. But relying on it can lead to more complications. 🤐

i used to smoke everyday, i loved it. it helped my anxiety and made me feel good. but then one day it just changed and i started feeling like i’d have a heart attack, and if that wasn’t the problem i’d just over think ab anything and be extremely anxious. now everytime i smoke no matter what it feels like i’m gonna have a panick attack, so i quit smoking all together. i miss being able to enjoy it, does anyone know how to help with this or has had the same type of problem ?

bro when i smoke i get in my head and start thinking my heart hurting them I actually feel the pain idk I be tweakin

SMOKE CBD FLOWER OF MIX CBD FLOWER WITH THC BUD ... it counters the paranoia from THC

Just sleep them off

I was a stoner once... I used to hit bongs and all but I used to enjoy with my buddies and then I moved out to another city and for a year I didn't smoked .. so one day I tried and it nearly killed me i was terrified(filled with anxiety, scared,over thinking) and then i stopped for a while and again after couple of months I tried again and I got the same feelings and started thinking tons of shits,I couldn't come out from that phase,I was lost into negativeness and this happens whenever I try to smoke again.. so for now quit,I don't wanna get lost on such anxiety :(
I really wanna smoke and enjoy again and get back to those old days but Everytime I smoke I don't feel the same vibe like old days, can anyone tell me how to overcome this problem and enjoy smoking.. btw I'm 23Y/O

He’s acting like he only discovered bottled water because of smoking

bruh i get the spins every once in a while

n my dumbass called the ambulance 🤦🏻‍♂️

i started getting MAD anxiety every time i smoke. i took a break and the last three times i’ve smoked, i’ve had very little anxiety. i shake a hell lot but no anxiety feelings. that happens a lot and my rooms cold asf so that’s probably why too. but i started to control my mind and thoughts when high and give myself the reassurance i need

thankss bro i feel calmed

Bro u think I can smoke after taking vitamins

Guys instead of wasteing your time on a vid read this just remember to stay calm and remember the weed is messing with you

Honestly the only way black pepper would have helped is if I jumped into a freshly mowed peppercorn field because it wasn't doing much at all and the struggle was real..sigh.
Thank god I had some magnesium powder near to help heart relax ugh.
That was a traumatizing edible experience, for sure.

Dude I’m never getting high again lmao that shit scared me half to death 💀

I watched this video 5 times during my panic attack😂😂 thank you soo much you helped me out.

If you feel like your POV cameraing look in the mirror. That voice in your head is you talking to yourself just like if you were having a conversation with yourself while looking in the mirror. Go eat somethin sober up..

Hello everyone who sees this Today is day 30 of me being sober from smoking cannabis I just turned 21 years old I was smoking for a straight month I had an out body experience that scared the crap out of me and I immediately flushed all the feed and got rid of everything I was so scared and I couldn’t even see weed the same anymore and I sat and cried and my girl and god was there for me getting me through all this but it gets so much better just pray and take it 1day at a time the symptoms sucked but I had got my girl my family and friends on my side to help me through this it sucks that I couldn’t eat or nothing I couldn’t even be in the sun I would get drained I couldn’t sleep for days I would shake in my sleep and be up for hours crying cuz it was frustrating but I keep my faith just know that going through the withdrawal sucks but it will make you stronger please check out my YouTube channel if you want please and thank you god bless y’all man. 🙏🏾❤️

This sucks I usually smoke every day and I got a pen and I was smoking it all day and than at night I hit it again and I had a horrible high and now I can’t even take 2 hits with out over thinking and my heart beat going faster and it sucks because I miss being able to enjoy the high

I thought i was the only one i am so happy i started smoking a couple months ago and every time i would get such bad panic attacks whwre i litterly thought i was dead like i was crying and shit it was fucked and i cant beilive im not the only one

Anxitey an guit ..

I always tell myself im never gonna smoke again during the panic attack then end up smoking the next day lmao

Lowkey idk but I’m high asf trippin I lowkey t

I tried weed a few weeks ago and I heard my heart so loud and quick and I could feel the blood pounding to my brain and back and that was my worse experience so my brother helped me fall asleep and I woke up normal again whew I was happy. Guess I’m sticking with my nicotine vapes😆😔


Every comment here explains the attack i got

It’s weird. Before I became a parent I would smoke occasionally with friends and have the best giggly time. Now I get anxiety and paranoid which sucks. Not sure if it’s A physiological change or that I feel out of control.

I can’t breathe

Anyone else panic that they might panic too much

I used to suffer from this when I was younger, then I got diagnosed with anxiety about a year after I stopped smoking, and I learned how to calm myself down when I had panic attacks (I was sober) so I think that helped me to avoid being anxious when I smoke and now I can smoke and I feel completely relaxed, I feel it actually helps with my anxiety

I’ve been using weed for panic attacks, anxiety, and a mild form of PTSD for years now, because I didn’t like the legal substitute known as Antidepressants & Mood Stabilizers the Mental Health hospital prescribed me. Weed works way better and has less side effects.

My problem is that every time im getting high the feeling of highness is the trigger of getting a panic attack.
I was like smoking verry much then i made a 1 to 2 week brake and i got a panic attack. It stardet when i noticed my heartbeat getting faster and ended when i wasnt high anymore. I felt like i couldnt breathe, i culd feel my heart without touching it, my chest hurted, an my legs were shaking. A vew days later I was smoking with a friend and i was like 20 mins in the trip then i rememberd my panic attack last time and i felt my heart and in the moment i put my hand on my chest my heartbeat was getting faster and i had another panic attack. The next 2 times i smoked i had panic attacks too then i quit until now. I also had a little when i was smoking cbd a month ago. i havnt been smoking now for like 2 moths and i dont know what to do. I like to smoke but im afraid of getting another panic attack.

do i got a weak heart or somethin??

lmaooo XD

Black pepper works! I felt like I was going to die, it was my first time smoking in a year just a few days ago and I over did it and I was shaking. I felt like every time I lay down that my legs were shutting off and I was gonna die. I searched it up while tweaking and I smelled and ate black pepper and immediately I chilled out

Whenever I have a panic attack while on weed I cant see if I stand up and try to walk around for some reason

This is why I quit ages ago, I just drink now - which is bad but I need a vice that doesn’t flip me out and I don’t think I have the balls to go through an attack every time I smoke. I really appreciate the advice though. Maybe I’ll try it in the future and see if my brain sorts it out. Thank you!

Anyone ever have panic attacks in the night? Wake up, heart BEATING OUT YOUR CHEST, literally thinking you’re having a heart attack? I remember the first time it happened to me and I honestly believed I was dying, I nearly fell out my window because I just threw it open and hung my head out, not knowing what I was really doing you know, I just couldn’t breath and was in pure panic mode... it’s weird, it never happens to me when I’m awake, I just wake up and boom 💥. It rarely happens nowadays, but it does still happen. It happened a couple days ago, in fact, but the difference now is that I recognise instantly what’s going on and know just to open my window and wait it out, big breaths in big breaths out and just repeat in my head that it will pass in a minute or two. If this happens, don’t panic 😂🧐 just know that it will pass and you ain’t dying.

1. It’s physically impossible to die from a panic attack
2. It’s all in your head
3. Your mind is just altered in a different way
4. Breathe
5. Everything is gonna be alright

ive found that when my tolerance is low it REALLY helps not smoking too to go in with the mindset of NOT getting blasted, just a bit high, and then increase as you get used to the feeling...also if it does happen its VERY important to remind yourself ALL the time that it is just the drugs that is making you feel that way and it WONT NO MATTER WHAT last forever

this was funny to watch, thank you

I don't know anything about this channel but it's such a gem. I have never felt this understood. As I type this I am currently recovering from my 2nd panic attack that happened last night. Damn, that was just painful, but watching this I have just felt much better.... drinking alot of water and sniffing on my black pepper rn. I actually thought I will end up in a mental hospital man.... I'm legit not willing to do weed anymore man, I will stick to beers ! Thanks again Man 👊 cheers

Can weed make you crazy?

Yo thank you brotha! It feels good not to be alone on this shit.. but I’m done with smokin 😂good looks on the black pepper ain’t bs!

I’m going through a panic attack right now bro I feel like I’m fighting for my life feel like I’m melting 😂😂 just been watching these vids tryna focus on something different, worda my momma

Just enjoy the ride

I had a panic attack last night at my friend's house and I was twitching and hot asf and threw up thxs this vid helped

I’ve had 2 paranoid highs and they both was of me trippin Cs I though I was going to hell, moral of the story I’m done smoking :)

petting your animal is the best cure

sometimes I hear people talking and think there's cops outside. shits crazy

Same shit happen to me i sed ill never smoke agian that was20 years ago sins i smeked but i miss it

Herbal teas and vitamins will prevent panic attacks and anxiety

Bro thank you so much 🙏🙏

to whoever is having a panic attack rn ... stay calm it’s gonna be okay . yes ik you feel like your gonna die or that your heart is beating fast af , it’s okay almost everyone has these . it’s just your thoughts , be calm it’s gonna be okay

Im so high right now, im all jittery and my heart will explode. i cant wait 17 mins help

My heart beat was 200 and I’m 13 i that my heart was goin bust I was scared ash

I had one yesterday bro I had the ambulance come pick me

You're just high ass f...🤣 you're body feels heavy and you think you're going to die. you have to smoke 1-2 hits and see how it hit you, once you have a good high just enjoy it. you dont have to be super high to feel good. if you get anxiety just control your breathing!!! put some music and breathe 🤣 you're not going to die!!!

So why not stop the smoking

Some of my friends don’t know that when they smoke weed there heart beats super fast THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A PANIC ATTACK. Weed makes your heart beat faster cuz it increases blood flow in your body or something like that.

Avoid sativa... Honestly my worst anxiety attacks while high, involved strong sativa. :/ Indica for me

I get it everday without smoking but the first time it happenned was when i smoked, so any tips?

Are you scrolling through and panicing right now, like he is saying? Few methods I want you to try, and trust me it will give some relief, that being said you must stay strong and remember it is in your head.

#1 if you smoke pure THC and you find yourself in a bad situation. Try to smoke or add a little CBD with the THC, CBD will have the calm effect that you need to relax. Also give it time to get in your system. So if you use say a edible, it will take longer to get into the system.

#2 Take CBD with THC, basically mix pure CBD with the THC. Which more will day it is a "Hybrid" so try the mix and see if it is for you! It might work and you will find some relief quickly.

#3 Don't smoke as much, cut it down. Don't be a hero and smoke a entire blunt or even a roll, just hit it a few times so that way you have more control of the mind.

#4 as he mentioned the "Black pepper" old fogies say it works, honestly what do you have to lose? But also just don't sniff it, let the pepper that are shaped in black pepper balls and let them dissolve in your mouth.

#5 Yo, your not going to die! No one ever has, it's that stupid feeling we have when we smoke. But, try to relax do it in smaller dosage.

#6 Talk to a friend also drink some milk, even lemon water can help! Be safe and stay a healthy smoker!!

I took a dab last night after a week of not smoking and I’ve never had such a bad panic attack. I was completely drenched in sweat, my legs were shaking, and it felt like I couldn’t breath. Luckily I watched a JRE podcast on how nose breathing slowly decreases your heart rate within minutes. I had to focus on breathing for an hour and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through

Does cannabis cause anxiety.......

I found out btw when u feel heavy breathing sometimes it’s mental I recorded myself heaving a panic attack and to me the whole time I was breathing hard to me the video I was just blasted head going back and forth

Vitamine D can be a cause read about it

Black pepper 😩😩 fuck I’ll try anything at this point cus my birthday coming up and I can’t not smoke

If I smoke only cbd and thc free will I still get panic attacks cause I’m tired of this happening. Happens every time just went through it yesterday

How do you stop having a panic attack when weeds the only thing that helps and you cant get home

I get the same feeling thinking about smoking pure cbd will that still give me the attacks or Na

i sniffed some pepper and it went in my eye you dickhead hahahhha. it did help anxiety though youre right its weird

Manz from Brooklyn

Whenever someone gets paranoid out of my friends when high everyone fucks with him and try to fuck with him i find that so annoying

I literally had the exact same experience as you did when smoking for the first time I stood up in the car and said I can’t breath let me out it was like being in a dream I can’t smoke because I will literally start getting nervous before I would even smoke it and nothing helped after I smoked it like I would literally sit there and try to calm down but it didn’t work I even took a Xanax after I smoked one and it still didn’t help it’s just crazy

That's why I HATE weed. Because it brings on bad panic attacks. Opiates have NEVER DID THIS TOO ME!!

Everyone in here used to them panic attacks

I've been lookin' for this video, i thought there was somethin wrong with me, thanks dude great advices, also the train station is there trains passing nearby cuz i think that loud noises disturb the mind even more.

I heard doing push ups helps to exert all the build up energy from a panic attack that causes shaking and trembling. Doing deep breathing combined with push ups.

something that helped me substantially is countering the anxiety that comes with an unforeseen “bad high” with a dose of cbd. it retrains your brain to realize that there is no imminent danger that comes from weed and just to enjoy the high and relax a bit.

I use to smoke everyday. I quit because i started havingpanic attack.

weed is the only thing that can help me these days but i can't even enjoy it now because i alwas get panick attacks

You earned a subscriber bro idk why you just give me a cool ass vibe 😭