How Wigs Are Made From Donated Hair | The Making Of

Most people are familiar with the idea of hair donation but don’t know the labor-intensive and expensive process behind making a real-hair wig. A lot of the sorting and sewing are done meticulously by hand and can take hundreds of hours. We followed Hair We Share, a nonprofit that turns donated ponytails into wigs, through the process of transforming donated hair into realistic wigs for people experiencing hair loss.

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How Wigs Are Made From Donated Hair | The Making Of

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I donated 10 inches 😔

i donated my hair when i was younger. i had long ass virgin curly hair and donated it in a braid that i let dry for over a week before sending. i rly hope it got made into a wig lmao

Honestly that woman looked better without that wig

I’m sorry but am I the only one who wants a 30 inch Brazilian like I don’t want no white church lady bob

Comment down below if you donate.
I am donating in a few days and am scared as heck. Would love to hear your stories. ❤❤😊😊

5:13 Um excuse me? it may not have cost you anything but its not worthless. people spent their time growing their hair out or it to be donated to people who could use it, it aint worthless

I would like to donate mine too .. where can i send it .. please tell me. I want to help others with my hair ..

They need more practice the styling is awful. Also it’s terrible that they discard a lot of the hair, like people really cut a lot of their hair for it just not to be used..

I would like to see the actual wash etc. of the process because I’m confused as to why they can’t use hair that’s tangled. Why not condition and detangle the hair? Why not dye colored hair? I presume the process is tedious...

When i was 5,i thought people k1ll a girl and cut something in the head to make a wig. Wtf

Very great video,last month I order the best quality one from

They should use the long hair they aren’t going to use and sell it to hair product company so they can test new products on real hair they they can do anything to.

Thx to all these people for doing this

wtf is up with those hairstyles

Honestly those wigs look like something a bald Karen would wear they really need to bring in some hair styles that include the long hair that’s donated.

A lace front from AliExpress looks better 💀

they need a sista in there slaying. now there are lace fronts and the hair is much more realistic. this is great what they are doing but need updated styles

what if you have colored hair? do they color it back to normal?

Look mom! My hair's on youtube!

they are very talented in making very nice realistic wigs, but they need to hire a hair stylist in the team 😅

imagien seeing your hair on insider

One problem they need help those wigs are not made well

Am i the only one who wants to brush the hair?

(Jk I hate other people's hair)

WOW,I love your videos,thank you for sharing , I got the same one from three days ago, shipped by Fedex,wonderful quality !!!!!

I want to donate my hair... but, most of the freaking hair isn’t used?!?! ( I mean by when she said some of the hair isn’t useful ) like WHAT?????

In India, they throw our hair in dustbin... At least they used to when I was a kid


Everyone seems so angry and careless there, especially the lady in the red shirt

Most of the hair is probably from detained Muslims in China

I feel like I am going to get hate but whatever

This company is bad man first the hairstyle was not cute, second rather than throwing the "bad" hair why not spend time trying to brush and fix it? , third they also spend so much time on quality of the hair but yet have horrible styles.

It made me pissed 😡

weave snatched

Got to say need better stylists but happy about Peaple donating hair

I have donated my hair 2 time and I'm happy it is going to a good use

No harsh but the narrator needs to blow her nose

Imagine see your hair getting thrown out :/

I have a phobia for hair

This just made me want to throw up

No people with curly hair donate?

Dude, can someone give credit to the people that take the time and patience to make these wigs.

This is another reason why I’m never donating my hair

Make the discarded into pillows

2:55 why don’t you just wash it again ?? Hair don’t mould?? Just throw it away ? That’s so wasteful and disappointing for the person who send it to you.

shows ginger ponytail:
"just has unnatural colors"

I hate the narrator voice

Dang I wish they could hackle my hair so it could be that smooth ✨👁👄👁✨

Who’s hair is this in the video

i have a natural genetic dark blond area of my hair i wonder if they would think i bleached it😭😭😭😭

All of these wigs asked to speak to the manager.

Karen wigs made buy Karen workers, what a cycle.

I’m have been growing my hair for 4 years now to donate it. It’s not quite long enough yet. But it’s kinda sad to think that I might go through all this trouble just for my hair to be sorted out and thrown away😞

“It takes 6-9 ponytails to make a single wig”
Me: noice

I shaved the side of my head and I felt good about because I donated it I think it would pass the test

My hair grow really fast so I always thought to donate my hair,my friends told me my hair is OK/good because it is really black but there's a part of me that tell me my hair is not good enough to be a wig.😑😐

I didn’t know wigs were made from real hair ಠ_ಠ

Show this to badboyhalo

the workers should cut their hair because i can see the women in the red shirts her is long

At the beginning they were kinda ruid

I feel bad for the people who had their hair cut off to be donated only to have it thrown away

They donating their hair for a good reason, for people who NEED it. Still women with perfect hair choose to buy wigs. I just get so mad

Just to let y’all know these wigs, people will than take to a good hair dresser and get them styled to their liking.

Why does the narrator sound a little like cypherDen-


Those wigs look awful.

Raponsel be like:

I could never do that i cant even deal with my own hair

They need a better wig maker im sorry this ain’t it

And now suddenly everyone realizes that working with wigs is a skill and not just any stylist can do it

Thank you for sharing 😊

the woman who received the hair tried her best to be kind but girl that wig looked horrible. she could have rocked a synthetic wig better

oh god, these wigs are horrible. they look cheap, unnatural, they obviously were lazy with styling, and just, terrible. man i'm starting to believe that they're karen enthusiasts, trying to grow more karens lmaoo

The bob cut hair kinda looks like Susan in monsters vs aliens before she became a giant

Imagining sacrificing your hair for nothing

Friend, you did not search for this.

I’ve donated my hair twice now and now that I know that it’s probably gonna end up in the garbage, there will not be a third. That’s super disappointing. 😕

I feel bad for the people who donated hair but it was just throw away

I am 11 now
And I donated my hair when I was 7

I don’t want a karen wig thanks

black girls do it better😩 hire some black folks!! i’ve seen synthetic hair that looks better than this!!

honey no- that hair is just not it

am I the only one who watch this and thinks about Harry Styles?

The narrator sounds clogged, she needs to blow her nose😂

I need a wig

Me and my mom are saving to donate hair

If it’s not synthetic I don’t want it. I need one now for an interview because my hair is a mess since rona, but I’m not putting real hair on my head

They must be really patient!!! Ugh!

I sold over a metre of my hair to a wig company in london and they paid £70 for it.

I saw this video and the in a few days I donated my hair

I had a hair in my mouth the whole time watching this

Get rid of our and why don't you!!!!

I had like waist long silky jet black hair. Once I went to the hairdresser to cut it shoulder length so the lady was told me my hair was really pretty and in good condition and that she would donate what she cut off. I really hope it made it's way to someone's wig.

Sell some of the donated hair that's good to fund more wigs

There so many things i hate in this video...
1) The narrator's voice is so unpleasant that it makes my teeth itchy.
2) The fact that this wigs look so bad 😤People with illnesses also have a sense of good taste. Giving them such a shitty wig is very disrespecting towards them. They are indeed for free and it shows. Wigs are from natural (and selected) human hair and still they managed to make them look like a cheap synthetic wig. Such a waste of hair. I understand they are nonprofit and all, but I'm not gonna clap and say, wig making process is hard and that they tried they best - if they can't do it, maybe it's better to find another way to help.
3)Their attitude. They seem so annoyed, like they hate their job. This behavior wouldn't encourage anyone to donate their hair to this organization.

I donated my hair... I wonder if it got used

please don’t let this person do the narration anymore 😭 it makes me want to stop watching


Realistic where? Please, even get them amazon lace fronts, they’re a lot more realistic😭

they need a new narrator

I just want to know why they make all the wigs have straight hair ? ( just a question)

0:39 Me realizing someone on earth might have my braid from Kindergarten.
yup that's old hair. I'm thinking they just keep the clean hair that isn't all knotty and I took a shower before my haircut so
even if you donated hair that wasn't used you at least put others before your hair