I Experimented On Myself with CBD Oil for Bipolar/Anxiety

What is this hype about CBD oil? Is it really a miracle cure for pain, anxiety and epilepsy? I tried CBD oil on myself for 2 weeks to see if it made a difference with my bipolar and anxiety.

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UPDATE: So I've recently tried the vape version of CBD and while it tastes a lot nicer going in, I don't feel like it has the same effect as the dropper under the tongue. With the dropper I felt calmer within 30mins but with the vape, I can't tell if it's working or not. I've been trying the vape for the last month but I think the dropper is the winner for me. It's interesting because the vape version is actually stronger than the dropper in this video.

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Can anyone help / relate? I have bad anxiety and can't handle even a drop of THC anymore. Will pure CBD like ACDC make me feel different in perception? that gives me anxiety..

Has anyone here tried to use cbd as their main form of treatment? (without mood stabilizers, antipsychotics)

"so in english it means.." I loved that part

Will CBD help during a manic episode?

I had been using CBD oil for over two years and stopped last month for four weeks and all the worst symptoms regarding anxiety have come back with a vengeance. I’ve just ordered some more online and cannot wait to start taking it again.

I like hemp bc I have schzophenia n it doesn't make me paranoid

Hello.I do slimming world and I get very anxious before weighing. Do you think this oil would help me manage this? Many thanks, from a slimmer who just wants to do well

I have halved my phyc meds after 12 years thanks to CBD. Better sleep. Anxiety nonexistent. No hypomania. More energy and better memory and weight loss due to halving antipsychotics and mood stabilizer. My life has improved in every imaginable way, sex drive, concentration ect the list goes on. Miracle x

Jesus fucking Christ shes so hot.

Can cbd be used with an antidepressant??

cbd oil, tinctures and the like are okay for my bipolar, they work.. but smoking cbd flower itself has been the absolute bees knees for my bipolar 1 rapid cycle without psychotic episodes.. its also curbed my smoking habit.. been using it for about 6-8 months or so. i dont take the perscribed medication anymore :)

If you want to almost cure bipolar please seek homeopathic remedies. it will almost end all your symptoms and help you normalize.

Holland and Barrett CBD oil is only 5mg and is very low strength and is unlikely to work for bipolar disorder. My thoughts are that it maybe the placebo effect , but keep using if it works for you .

I'm starting tomorrow for mental illness- will let you know if it works for me then it will help many. I hope so!🙏🏻

I hope you’re OK. I miss your vlogs & life updates.

It worked wonders for me, mixed with omega-3 and L-theanine.
I take Lithium on top of it.
When external circumstances are favorable, i think i could drop the lithium.

What brands should we use?i always suffer from nervousness

Gonna give it a go thank you 🙏

THC is less addictive than chocolate. I’ve smoked for 25 years stopped for 3 years. With no side effects other then the sweats, for about a week. I still enjoy a smoke every now an then. But to much can make me to high functioning for my own liking. We’re as I don’t think I can go more than a week without chocolate. An stopping eating it is out of the question. I have watched to chocolate protein bars an shakes which keep my cravings at bay. 🙏🏻

I tried it just now, I used to think it was a bad street drug or something cause my family raised me to be this perfect little golden apple.

Now that I'm older and being diagnosed with bipolar, manic depression and anxiety are normal even with depakote. And that's the only medication that seems to work for me.

Cbd was my last effort in relief from my an anxiety and depression. So far so good. Thank God it's legal in Virginia

My brother is going though this problem may be i can this. thank you for sharing your life experience.

It didn't work im bipolar 1

Your. Hot 💘 your hair

Very impressive and reassuring to hear. I haven’t tried medical I tried my mom’s but smoked sooo much I experienced horrifying psychosis for hours and auditory hallucinations. Hers is so strong. I just want to find something medically to sleep I don’t enjoy smoking it. I have bipolar, anxiety, and borderline. Take lithium, busprione And klonopin. I haven’t tried the oil. I’m hoping to try it and meet with a medical marijuana doc. See what they can do offer.

I know from personal experience that my bipolar 1 was brought out to the surface at age 23-24 at the time when I was smoking pot. It made me not only extremely anxious but ridiculously paranoid. On top of having bd I also have PTSD, ADHD and generalized, social and situational/irrational/trauma based anxieties (such as that I've never had my driver's license because I was a passenger in an accident at 17). I'm 39 now and a single mother and my life is disappointing and not what any child imagines they will lead at nearly 40. A few years ago I asked my CBT therapist (who has had personal knowledge of this) if my symptoms were possibly brought to the surface by marijuana and he said definitely, and added that though I'm disposed genetically to have bipolar disorder it is possible that without smoking it the bipolar symptoms may have never emerged. I have cycled through an array of different Antidepressants, ATA, SSRI, SNRI, etc. and am now heading toward a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I want to try CBD now though my docs have always tried to keep me from it. I can't even get any effective pain meds because I smoked pot as a youth. I'm tired of the "it's all in your head," "think happy thoughts" nonsense that doctors tell me instead of trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my physical symptoms. I know others that successfully use it but propaganda from psychiatrists makes me a little scared but owning my health and I'm desperate and ready to try CBD. Thank you ALL so much for being open and vulnerable and for your experiences and thanks for allowing me to be as well. Excellent information! Keep up the good work. 💝

I have BP2. I just tried CBD oil 15mg gelcaps for the first time earlier today and I felt a sense of calmness and focus I haven't experienced in a long time. People might be saying "But it could be the placebo effect!", and that's true, but I'm always making adjustments to my diet and routine to see what helps and most things I've tried have done nothing (and nothing close to how I felt after taking CBD today). I'm optimistic.

Great video, by the way! You have a kind of star quality - I could see you being a movie star. Kudos to you for spreading mental health awareness and helping end the stigma.

It keeped me for being diagnosed for 47 years. But then I’m not everybody. Seems to help bipolar type 2. Plus I prefer it natural not water down.

How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

Should i use full spectrum or isolate for bipolar?

Thank you Josie Lisette for sharing this one over as this is spot on and very well said and on point , great out comes of the great ways CBD has helped with many help issues just like Bipolar/anxiety The Results spot on ...

love your channel, fabulous! CBD works. It works. Makes me feel better, I drink less, sleep better and helps the body recover. I am NOW taking it every morning. The effects are immediate, within 20-30 minutes. Much better than the other options i.e. meds

Thanks for the info love

Just watched your Youtube video. Well done it was informative and very well put together. I sell CBD myself although I am not bipolar I have found it helps so many conditions I even have two oncologists and a neurologist who refer to me. I was looking for articles on Youtube on CBD and Bipolar conditions and found yours the best of all. I have shared it with my Facebook group CBD Pure Organics. People have reported back to me that their experience with Holland & Barrats CBD has put them off trying others which is a shame because a really good brand of CBD works so well. I import mine from America it is 100% pure and organic suitable for vegans and made from the purest ingestible oil in the world which comes from Norway also pure green hemp. It has one of the highest concentrations of pure CBD extract this being 10% in 300mg or 15% in 450mg going even higher with higher mg's . I am glad you have found the benefits of this natural product no more sedating meds where you feel confused and fuzzy.

My dad has severe Bipolar disorder and very bad depression episodes which he gets out very rarely and for a short amount of time.I've been thinking about trying cbd oil with him but I'm not sure about the dosage.I've looked up suggested amounts on online calculators but I wanted to ask what your dosage was and how did you spread it trough the day (more in the morning or at other times of the day or evenly spread out), after or before meals and so on.Thanks so much

Are you by any chance maybe manic depressive?

I had anxiety quite awhile ago i went through setraline 150mg a day now only 50 mg in a 1 week 4 days plus i used knolopin and xanax for 9 months as i said in almost 2 week period i stop totaly in knolopin and xanax altogether with no side effects , i did it consuming cbd wax crumble 400 mg full spectrum in 5 days and 4 days in 25 mg cbd isolate each gummy bear sounds funny but true , i will continue on the ideal is a week on 3 days a week remember that cbd will give you the same benefits just that you will develop a tolerance for it.

I honestly want to cry thinking about it. I tried smoking CBD based cigs. It was almost instant. Night and day.. it's all turned off. The rushing uncontrollable thoughts. The constant adrenalin. The anxiety. I felt human again.

I have bipolar 2 and I just recently started taking cbd oil and I have to say it does work.

Great video

I'm going to try this ...will let you know of my results...

What I would really love to know is that if I could use CBD instead of traditional pharmaceutical meds for bipolar. I'm a very natural person if CBD would help I'll buy it

Thc is only mentally addictive, i smoked regular weed for over 10 years and i started to get increased anxiety from it and quit it cold turkey and had no issue doing so, now using cbd vape and it's been amazing for my anxiety and depression issues.

I would love to try CBD-oil but still hesitate somehow. I’m bipolar but with strong genetic links to paranoid schizophrenia (mother has it). It‘s very frustrating because I didn‘t find any recent studies between the two of them. Also I‘m really struggling to find the ‚right‘ oil and amount. Do you have any tipps?

I started taking CBD oil sublingual and was able to quit taking Latuda. I've been diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar disorder and sometimes here voices and have many unnerving delusions. Latuda helped, but CBD helps much more and with no side effects. No more delusions, almost no depression. THC makes the voices much louder, so I don't use marijuana.

It’s frustrating that I can’t get an answer from my doctor, psychologist or even the internet about if it’s safe to take with my specific meds Lamictal, Gabapentin and tappering off Klonopin. No one seems to have an answer I just want to make sure it’s safe, mainly concerned about Lamictal. Worrying about it, since I don’t know will give me anxiety and then it will be counterproductive for me.
Thank you for the video. 😊

Where can I buy this oil at? And what dosage should I take? My mental illnesses control my life and I feel like a prisoner to my own illnesses. (Bipolar Depression, anxiety, adhd)

yes Ive been taking it it works very well for me,,,,,,,

hey askmwimbipolar! question were you on meds for bipolar at the time u experimented with cbd oil for anxiety?

I love your channel!!!

Big help for me. Things still bother me but not to the point of getting upset. Anxiety is way down. Joint pain is reduced by half. When I use it I get this warm feeling in my chest that radiates into my limbs. Life is better with it.

Cbd oil has helped me a lot with the anxiety I've had during a recent mixed episode. Now, when I'm so anxious I'm shaking, it hasn't helped much but made a big difference with the the more mild anxiety.

i smoke the bud itself. cbd hemp flower directly. the effects happen a lot faster and harder but lasts a little shorter. i prefer it over the drops for what it does. weed always made me kinda go crazy... this cbd hemp bud, which i just call cbd bud, is very much helpful

I love the comments in bipolar communities lmao. So many long ass comments

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This is great, but my anxiety makes me have trouble trying new things. I have my eye on this though.

Please give us an update🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Do you still take cbd?

Any recommendations of dosage for anxiety and sleeplessness??

"THC is the element of Cannabis which is addictive" - Ok cool, THC is known as being the compound that gets you "high". That would have been far more useful. Talking as if you are informing someone what THC does in cannabis, you wouldnt just say "THC is what makes you addicted" and then just talk about CBD. That's odd and comes of as if against Cannabis for some reason. That's almost an instant 'put down' of the THC side, and then shining a light on CBD. It just sounds like a super goody good is studying and talking about Cannabis lol and putting down the "high" side of it to feel more secure about doing at all. Are you actually scared to get addicted to Cannabis? lol

Avoid to cancel your usual médication too rapidly ...without médical supervision....but i think cbd has a good chance to replace antipsychotics like e cigarette replace normal tobacco

Have u still been taking your meds while having the oils I wanna try it,but not sure with my Quetiapine

Hi there I have a sister in-law who is 18 she is bipolar so we went and purchase ZNatural Cannabis Hemp oil and it’s 300Mg not sure on how much of it to give her please if there’s anyway I can get the correct dosage bc I can’t seem to find it from what I did see was 25ML just ain’t sure if that’s correct how much of it was you taking and how many times a day PLEASE REPLY! lol

THC is addictive? Not trying to cause a riot. Just genuinely trying to know. Also does THC make bipolarity worse ?

thank you for the video. I have bipolar and I have been using cbd oil for 4 week. I feel calmer and my thinking clears. my sleep has also improved. something else I discovered is Holy Basil truly God's mercy in a cup of tea. cool hope to see more videos.

Im bipolar and use CBD oil. I cant express the difference it makes. I do the under the tongue, and it makes me calmer, I sleep sooooo well, zero anxiety, just an overall better life since I got on it

I have a question which part helps with boosting creativity I'm having a mental block because if my de pressive eppisode which have been going on for long

I want to vape cbd oil . im bipolar with ptsd and depression. Marijuana always helped. Guess im going to have to talk to the doctors

Thanks for your video. I would love you to do a follow up video and tell your honest experiences with it. I live with a loved one diagnosed with bi-polar 1 who does not want to go pharma route since he had bad experiences in the past

Hi. Nice video.
Im 11 days in using CBD oil for back pain. At first it seemed to help, but it's since tapered off? I then doubled the dose and it made me anxious. Although I have not been prescribed pain meds for a few years, I was using them in the past. Not sure if one has anything to do the other. I have decided to continue on with the CBD though as its been just a short time.
Be well.

Hello My daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 just this week and i am a medical patient and use cannabis and cbd for my RA it has really helped regulate my symptoms. Can you update or give me some advice on if CBD has been effective in treating you? Many Thanks

Whenever I take cbd oil (isolate) it makes me happy and also relaxes me. I'm now going to try hemp weed which have less than 0.3 thc and see if that works better for me!

What an exciting story! I'm always thrilled to hear how CBD helps people. We're very fortunate to have this available to us now.

I had a very similar story with my teenaged son who was suicidal and on a cocktail medications (anti-psychotic, antidepressant, ADHD, anti-anxiety, and one for insomnia) for over 4 years. Within a few months of using a high quality, highly absorbable hemp oil he was able to ween off all his medications (with his doctor's help and careful oversight, of course). Within a couple months after that he tested himself out of high school, is now riding his bike to a new job every day, has friends... best of all- he's genuinely HAPPY. It gave us both our lives back!

Blessings to you. Great video, and I'm loving your whole channel. Will be sharing! Thanks :)

Very impressed so I've just subscribed. I look forward to watching your other videos. Best wishes.

I have been using the vape in conjunction with the oil.. I find this way my vape lasts so much longer as I'll only take 3 or 4 puffs maybe twice throughout the day.

My social anxiety was very bad and really hinders my day to day life.. since starting the cbd oil I find people are more receptive to me and I really believe my negative aura has been helped.. people can sense this energy almost immediately... I am so happy I have found these products.

I also use good quality hash in yogurts on the weekends and find I'm less anxious due to higher amounts of cbd in my system.

Feeling great!

Been using it for a few weeks. Beginning to feel like I don't ever want to go without it...

I take CBD oil for anxiety, depression and for my ADHD and i rem after the first week of using it i felt lile i was managing daily life so much beta. I could concentrate on a set task without being easily distraced. My anxiety wasnt as bad infact my anxiety was next to nothing. I used to take concerta fo my adhd n it didnt help half as much as the CBD oil has. Xx

I been trying CBD in coffee and hemp weed and gummies just whatever is most convenient at the time for several months feeling better than ever

How many mg daily are you taking

THC isn't addictive

Just subscribed! Awesome channel!

Hi from España! How are you? Im bipolar 1 since 2008. No too much maniacs episodies but frecuently depressive, anxiety, irritable and no quiet...buffff :) For me, is ok practice sport and sleep. My doctor tellme that I can take anxioliticts and other medication to calm my brain noise, but I don't like take always medication, is bad for my brain and all human sistem. Ok, 10 days ago I tried cbd in a reggae festival, I liked amd was more quiet. I don't want suffer moore. Its ok for you cbd? I want ask to my psiquiatry wat is his opinion. You see so good, continue. Nice to meet you. A friend from Mediterranean sea!! Good night, Samuel :)
Pd. Sorry for my english

Please give us a update on your journey with cbd🙏

What about smoking the CBD strain

great information. How long doe it take for the CBD oil to work its way into the brain (synapses). Most anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds take a couple weeks

Thanks for your great video! May I ask how much cbd oil do you take?

Are you bipolar 1 or 2? Sorry if you said it before

Are you on or do you feel like you need any standard bipolar meds during the time you,ve been taking the CBD?

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I tried it, and i don't think CW Hemp is the one for me. Had a terrible
day. Brain fog, and really tired. I was using another brand of cbd for 4
days before this and it was doing great. I don't understand how there
could be such a difference. I used the same dosage as before. I'll try
it once more tomorrow, and then I'll go back to the other brand. It
really bums me out cause I heard so much good stuff about CW, and the
other brand is more expensive too.

EDIT: Tried in again this morn, and same thing. Headache, brain fog, and irritable. I just don't get it. I didn't have any of that with Nuleaf. So disappointed it didn't work for me.

Thank you, very informing! 👍

There is a lot of useful information in this video! Thank you for making this. I have been thinking about trying it out since I have heard good things from people close to me that do have anxiety issues as well.