I Tried CBD Oil. It Didn't Go Well.

I'm not giving up, though.

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It’s better to put the CBD tincture drops under your tongue and let it sit 30 sec, it will optimize the absorption. Also dosage is important, read this article depending on your situation: https://www.allpremiumcbd.com/cbd-oil-dosage-calculator/
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Its all in your head cbd is cbd not thc

I'd had the same experince and the stomach pain and nausia were as a result of it. I also found an increase in anxiety and had a very interrupted nights sleep with nightmares. I've been combing the internet for anyone else who's had a reaction like this.

I made a similar experience I do smoke weed and I know the type of highs a sativa and a indica and I had a sativa high you know that anonnying high I wasn't full of energy but my head was foggy it was a manageable high

Yes, drink more water.

I have tried vaping CBD twice in different years and has had an adverse effect on me. It made me lethargic and depressed for afew days after, the same if not worse with a comedown of other drugs, it’s a shame as I wanted to like it.

I have friends who swear by it but people have different reactions.

CBD has saved my life. I could finally sleep, anxiety went away and no more pain meds. Definitely get it from a reputable source. I like SunState or Just CBD Brand. I've had other brands that made me feel yucky, the liquid makes me feel yucky. So try gummies. You should not feel any High effect at all. For me, it's just pain relief and maybe a little warm and fuzzy. 1-2 gummies at most.

I feel nidels like feeling in my heart ♥ and my hands are shaking after taking 100ml of cd

So I started taking CBD oil last Sunday and stuck to what it said on the label 2-3 drops twice a day. I felt great from this. After researching on the internet I found that for real results most people take 10-20mg which would be around 17 drops for 10mg. So I decided I need to start upping my dosage and forget what the label says. BAD IDEA!! Since Wednesday I have been having stomach pains and it was on my mind always because I hate that type of feeling. Thursday I dropped the dosage a little bit still felt stomach pains. Today I felt slightly better but still had an uncomfortable feeling from my stomach. About 2 hours ago I was in my dads car while he drove and my mind was thinking so much about the stomach feeling. Next thing I know I’m on the verge of passing out. Few minutes later I woke up and felt such a relief from the stomach. I’ve now decided I’m going to scrap the cbd oil because my body doesn’t digest it well and the nausea makes me weak and faint.

Just wondering if anyone else had similar problems from the CBD oil? I was really looking forward to making this a part of my everyday life but not now. Would cbd flower effect my stomach in a bad way like the oil? I use to smoke thc marijuana all the time but recently stopped as it cause paranoia, stress, anxiety etc

Sorry for the long paragraph, I wanted to explain as best as I could.

I'm allergic to CBD. It causes migraines and my throat closes and my head feels like It is being squeezed in a vice. Sick for days. I went to the doctor and they tested me. I'm allergic to it. Allergies to coconut, and some nuts to. Some people ate allergic. I truly am.

oh my God, love your content and personality. Yay, Wis. that is where i am from, well my parents i meant. i live in illinois though but right by Monroe Wis. like 20 minutes away and i love me some Spotted Cow.! CBD oil was not my friend, and really just was way too expensive and sucked ha ha. Love my pot though and now it is legal in Illinois Woo Hoo. Bummer it is not in Wis. yet. You can drink your brains out there but nooooo pot is forbidden lol. WTH? I thought Wis. was liberal, i am so confused ha ha. New sub here!!!! Glad to know ya!

My wife has Fibromyalgia and was on pain medication, daily. She started taking CBD capsules and it greatly improved her life. She stopped taking pain meds daily (only during occasional flare-ups). Even the blood tests showed a 50% decrease in count, sciencey-sciencey-thingy name. Some of my friends take it to sleep better, but it did not improve my sleep. I think it is different for every person. Just get it from a reputable source.

I understand. THC makes me immediately nervous, made my heart race like crazy; wasn’t a fun time. But CBD is actually my savior at times. It really helps me to feel less anxious. I think it depends on the person :)

Have not tried CBD myself, but fully agreed on the Spotted Cow! So excellent!🍺🐄 Cheers!

I had this reaction also... thought I was getting the flue, but with and added discomfort and general weirdness.. like a flue plus a major hashish hangover... I felt irritable, low/depressed, pressure in the head, headache, dizzy, Zero energy, lethargic , ill and slightly nauseous... my partner experienced similar side effects. I gave the bottle to a friend who very successfully uses cbd oil daily against pain and depression - he had the SAME reaction as I did from that particular oil but not from the oil he was normally taking. He had taken that very same oil before, same company, but likely different batch. I am now led to believe that perhaps this batch of oil had something different about it... we are investigating. Cbd oil is in any case not regulated or controlled properly as of yet.

Thank you for this!!! I am so sick of pot heads trying to tell people that their experience is invalid. CBD oil, THC simply DOES NOT REACT WELL WITH SOME PEOPLE!!! Keep your BS opinions to yourself!

if you are using broad spectrum or full spectrum the thc is why you felt like that i have g.a.d and thc make me going into anxiety attacks pure isolate cbd does not.

With so many bad examples out there, I really have to wonder if you were taking a good product.
That aside, I see 3 possibilities, besides straight psychosomatic reactions.
1. Some people report actually feeling more awake and alert with CBD. Doesn't sound right, here.
2. Many people have negative reactions to THC. If you have had bad experiences with marijuana in the past, I'd say this is fairly likely with even a .03% THC product.
3. Some sensitivities to turpines actually present in exactly the negative symptoms described here.
It all comes down to how good of a product you use. I'm with a CBD manufacturer that uses CBD isolates for that very reason. I am confident that every bottle I ship out to stores has CBD and water in it. No turpines, heavy metals, or other cannabinoids that can cause adverse reactions.
Taking all of that into account and still having a bad time? Well, allergies happen. I'm allergic to strawberries and aloe. 2 great things for most people.

I took CBD oil in the form of nanotechnology kind in a tincture and also in chocolate bar and in gummies.

Each time I did feel calm and good in a weird way BUT I felt tired and almost drugged up (no pun) and it sucked. Thinking about taking another 20-40 mg and see how I do, it’s been about 4 days.

You should listen to what your body is telling you. Maybe you don't need CBD. I love it that you respect other people's right to use marijuana legally even though it doesn't seem to do much for you. Very impressive!

Confused about CBD? CBDinside.com will show you what people are buying and provides recommendations and great articles

Nerd. CBD doesn't do that.

Allergy maybe?

You need to have a sleep study done. You could have sleep apnea and not realize it.

I think cbd threw me into a panic attack, the very first time i ever had one was the day after cbd and it was not good!!!!!!! It made me feel like how i feel on weed which is very panic and dissociation not a good feeling

Im a bit scared to try it now, I once had a bad reaction to expresso coffee (didn't sleep for 4 nights!) never had caffeine since. Have heard a lot about this oil and very curious but not sure if I should try it now lol!

Its the most divine plant on earth

And I feel stressed out because it was so expensive;(

I hate pot! Ew - I just found out that I’m completely allergic to it - by taking CBD oil - yuck !!! 🤒 coughing, sneezing, plugged up ears , nose etc ,...- and have to move away from pot smokers!!!

Man same reaction for me, made my anxiety gone wild I felt like my brain was depressed and my body was a train wreck going 1000 miles per hour. Days after I was depressed,horrible reaction for me.

Spotted Cow is the best beer!! Wisconsin here. lol they have a beer called Totally Naked they make in the summer very good too! You dont like CBD because you're a drinker. I'm noticing a pattern with people.

you took too much - i got the same feeling as i had far too much too within the first few days ....i was so fatigued.

The secret is to work out your dose ....you are taking too much if your mouth goes dry and you get a hyper feeling in your brain whilst feeling tired.

Joe "You didn't do it the right way" Rogan

"That's my motto, ya gotta do stuff."

You have anxiety about taking it it's in your head

Did you take cbd isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum? Cbd also has a bell curve effect. 67% of cbd oils are mislabeled according to the fda and Penn medicine University unless you get GMP certified cbd oil or 3rd part tested

You should have replaced Steve Carell after season 7 of The Office.

Some ppl are hyper sensitive to THC and can get anxious with just a few percent.

Did you take full spectrum?
Do some cardio to help you sleep bro! Or some exercise!

. It’s great for seizures

6:86... We used to call it 'putting down roots'. :)

It takes 15 min. 2 go in your system....SO.....BB!!

I get the same effect man. And it feels horrible. Twitchy nervousness, and terrible anxiety. Def not for me

try melatonin

I tried that beer. Someone brought it from Wisconsin to Los Angeles.

CBD is a stimulant in lower doses. Bit like caffeine.

I've tried CBD oil tincture a few times, it didn't really work for me at all. I end up using cbd flowers and wow! now that really works! I only use it to sleep tho b/c honestly its pretty sedated but it has definitely help with my insomnia.

Youre preaching to the choir. I tried it today and had a reaction similar to what you described.

I was agitated, irritable and incredibly anxious. My heart was racing and I started sweating a lot so took a shower and it made me short of breath & exhausted.

This is the same stuff someone uses and loves and heals them.

I was so tired when i took it but it made my mind race like crazy. I could not even consider sleeping. It did nothing to help my bad back pain. So disappointed with my experience with CBD and so far this is the only person i have seen who had a reaction similar to mine. It was like torture and i had to drink two cups of coffee to calm down. Valium* 5mg didnt even help it was that bad for me! I dont want to try it ever again!

*i was so desperate to get relief i took 5mg of valium which i would never ever do.

You had a drama queen attack. CBD oil did not make feel unwell. You did that to yourself.

I can relate - I have epilepsy and weed just makes my seizure threshold plummet. I wish that wasn’t the case, I wish it helped me like so many others - but it just doesn’t.

You didn’t have enough. It has to be 3 whole marijuanas; no more, no less.

Sounds like you are allergic

Shut..the fuck..up. Grown ass man sitting here sucking this much ass and posting goddamn videos of it. Also buying a house is just stupid.

Your reaction to it is the same that I have. I'm sober now but in my younger years I was a partier and could do drugs and drink as much as I wanted and I'd be okay, except pot. My friends were amazed how much just one or two tokes would effect me

Hello Wheezy, I'm not sure what type of CBD you tried but I assure you that there is no potential whatsoever for CBD to make you feel high. A direct intake via liquid vaporisation is a much more efficient way to use this type of thing for medicinal purposes. I've recently started using 1000mg CBD in a vaporiser to help myself cope with serious anxiety and other mental health issues that have been affecting my life for over 20 years.

It has made a tremendous impact.

I refuse to take pharmaceutical medication as it's side effects (imho) are terrible for your health.
Perhaps it might work better if you try it that way. In my experience other things shouldn't be mixed with CBD if you're trying to use it for a medical purpose. Have a nice day & I hope you do find what you're looking for. 😊✌️

You had an allergic reaction to the CBD oil, i did the CBD oil and it got rid of 90% of my pain and got 10 years of my life back!!!!!!!!!!!

yall out here trying to trick me saying CBD doesnt get you high.

You make money in the purchase price—— not in the sale price. That’s a saying! I don’t own a house. But I know it’s not the best investment. But congrats!

CBC is not even supposed make you to feel anything! THC is the oil that gives you all the psychogenic stuff. Beer will make you feel more.

You can't get high on CBD oil. LOL

Funny this vid popped up, there has been a CBD sign at the video store(yes I still rent actual DVD's) and I finally rem to ask bout that junk just yesterday(today but I'm still up). I stopped the store dude when he mentioned marijuana oil. I have the same view, fine with others using it but makes me feel bad!

spotted cow is definitely that fire flame

Melatonin sometimes works for me... that, or benadryl.

You don't look right. Don't do it anymore. Your wellbeing is most important.

Edit: relatable. We're in temporary homes... maybe for the rest of our lives. That, and other things, keep me up at night too.

CBD helped my back pain and anxiety. It didn't help me sleep though. Congrats on your house.

Looks like you had a placebo effect, it can have physical symptoms although there are no actaully effects from the placebo

Good to see Daddy Wheezy is doing well and that his winks still go ding


Stop drinking beer, clean your body, then try again.

Don't drink coffee, black tea (if you do) and hopefully your sleep will improve. Good luck with the house buying!

You did this to yourself as you are describing a panic attack caused by overthinking. You can only have an allergic reaction which has very obvious effects. The best way to prove this would be to placebo check yourself. Obviously you need a friend to help you out as you have to be completely unaware for this to work.

dude just shows how stigma can effect a persons experience. kids if you have a good relationship with ur mom and she thinks weed is the devil then most likely youre gonna have some psychosomatic stress with the guilt of trying something that was "illegal" or you could have an underlying anxiety disorder and the dopamine receptors which regulate anxiety might be producing too much cortisol leaving you in a flight or fight response. Either way dont use cannabinoids to be cool. most potheads (like me) use these things to cope w insecurities so if youre okay without them i wouldnt recommend trying them.

best beer is The Truth from Flying Dog from Frederick MD

Ahahah i love these kind of videos

no sleep? no alcohol, Valerian root tea instead...the real stuff, not the pills or tincture...


If you need to sleep you need 1to1 and go very slowly try small amounts till your body gets used to it and stay in India not satvia and if you use to much it can give you a bad feeling drink lots of water and try to be in a state of mind to rest .congratulations on the new home it can be stressful but just remember hold on to it for at least 3 years and you can find a new one nothing is permanent be happy try to rest

you just might be allergic......

I thought i was a strange ranger.i absolutely can not handle pot.even a small amount makes me feel im going crazy

I'm well, thank you, I'm glad my watching your videos, affords you the American dream. Are you still getting up at 4:31AM?

I bought a house when I was 24, I don't regret it. Just buy in the right price range.

Sounds like a puss puss

Cbd with no thc there are many many different strains and confrontations.
Take a peek at kats naturals website they explain it all!


Try cbd honey

Pure CBD didn’t work for me either I have epilepsy and my seizures are mostly triggered by stress and anxiety (even if it’s just a little) I don’t know if it’s because I smoked weed before so I’m used to the THC mostly calming me so the CBD didn’t really work well for me personally.The CBD also didn’t help my mother in law with her sleeping issues I feel like it only works for a certain amount of people I let her try out weed my dad grows for me it actually helped her more I’ve heard CBD mostly helps greatly with autism my cousins getting her daughter on it and I’m hoping it really helps with her at least

That is the best Beer! I have family there and grab it every time I am there! I wish they sold it out of state.

Just like every medicine, people have different reactions and it isn't meant for everyone.
Likewise, every person needs a different dose for whatever they're treating and because it isn't legal completely yet the information on this is minimal.

Also, when you said you felt it almost immediately it leads me to believe it might be brought on by nerves or something. Then again, you'd have to do a full blind test as well... you know?


I also have this reaction. Pleased to see I’m not alone - but also, bless you, I’m sorry that you have this aversion.

Love spotted cow! I grew up in Chippewa Falls we have Leinenkugel’s there tho. Living in Dallas now lol

I don't know if you've heard of California Poppy Seed, but it is known to help with sleep. As a fellow non-sleeper, I know your pain.

Have you considered taking Magnesium at night? It's natural and it helps with sleep. It's better than taking melatonin for sure. I have the same problem of waking up in the middle of the night. I notice when I take the magnesium I still wake during the night but I am able to fall right back asleep.

@wheezynews - Have you tried time-released melatonin? There are brands that have dosages that treat exactly your condition (and my former condition). The pills release one dose to go to sleep, then time release a second dose four hours later. It worked for me, and am no longer dependent on them. Also consider you may be suffering from nocturnal esophageal acid reflux - not enough to feel pain, but enough to wake you up for no apparent reason with a vague sense of discomfort or anxiety. Gaviscon makes a product called PM with a very mild dose of melatonin in it for that condition.

You can have bad reactions. Its not for everyone. I hope you find something that works for you tho.

I've heard this type of reaction to cbd b4 many times now. Why does this throw ppl into a defensive panic? Haha it's not a miracle drug for every single person (statistics)

I take a full spectrum CBD oil and I've gotten off Suboxone, I sleep at night now and my cronic back pain is under control. It's an amazing thing.

Dude sounds like a wuss.

Have you tried taking magnesium at night for sleep?