I Tried Medicinal CBD For A Week To Help My Anxiety

So this was a much requested video, and I'm hoping that it could be educational, informative, and entertaining! This video is NOT sponsored but I'm thankful for all the help from Westside Caregivers. (https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/westside-caregivers-club-inc)

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HI everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this video and learned a lot. When starting with CBD I recommend Roya Reserve. (http://Www.royalthc.com) what do you recommend and what has your experience been?

It’s better to put the CBD tincture drops under your tongue and let it sit 30 sec, it will optimize the absorption. Also dosage is important, read this article depending on your situation: https://www.allpremiumcbd.com/cbd-oil-dosage-calculator/
Thumbs up my comment if it helped :)

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These guys have made a really good website GETCBD.uk

Thank you for your video. It really helped.

The options in California for CBD are amazing. Here in Canada it’s legal but very few options for CBD. I’m feeling so stressed lately due to health issues so I’m going to try CBD, healthy diet, and meditation. Hopefully it’ll help.

These are some of the best CBD products I’ve used https://www.binoidcbd.com/?ref=GG

If any women here are suffering from severe anxiety & depression & you’re taking birth control, or have recently stopped taking it, that could be the cause! Just be aware & be careful! I’m going through pure hell right now trying to get my body & hormone levels back to normal after long term BC use & having to stop taking it because it made my anxiety 10 times worse. I can’t tolerate anymore, & I can’t tolerate coming off it. I’m 37 years old, & have taken some form of hormonal BC since I was 14. Mid-30’s is when my body started to reject it.
Anyway, full spectrum CBD helps me so much! The anxiety is manageable at least.


Big beautiful eyes and I love your energy!
Very helpful, encouraging video.

Thank you for talking about this. You are helping so many people out there

Hi! I'm so glad CBD is working for you! I wanted to recomend you to look into Dr. Robert Morse, maybe a fruit flush is what you need to get rid of excessive toving in your internal organs that's causing anxiety and depression for no reason at all, I hope you get past all your battles much love!

I like her. I like her hair. I like the cute lil freckles on her neck =):-D

Is it better than lexapro or any ssri?



how long and how much did you take before feeling the effects?

weed gives me panic attacks

Can't find the shop


I hope u doing ok. Even though I don't know u,I care. I'm Bipolar, so I know how hard life is. I smoke alot of pot. It helps me sleep & noy be repressed. Plus,I like the high lol!

At first i thought "wow almost 400k followers and still having anxiety" but then i realized, numbers cant change your own perspective in life. Neither money nor followers. You gotta be happy with what you do and what you want to do. Dont let other people hold you down. Just be yourself.

He he she said completely illegal 😁

has anyone tries "Topikal CBD"? Its california based and I'm debating if I should buy their products. I've heard good stuff about them, but curious if anyone tried it in the L.A area.

I'm almost 16 and was a preschool drop out because I was too scared to go back to school. 3rd grade was the absolute worst year of my life. I really don't feel like going into specifics, but basically I constantly felt like I was going to die when I was anywhere in public. Not in a shy way, but because I legitimately felt like it was going to kill me. That part of it has definitely gotten better (not completely) but as I started highschool, I have gotten a lot more socially awkward. Once again, I don't feel like going into specifics. The only reason I haven't been saying the words "anxiety" and "panic attacks" is because I haven't been to a doctor about it and some people get pissy about that. I know that I should go to the doctor to get medication, but I'm not a fucking idiot. I am 100% positive that I have anxiety. When I cry and lose the ability to breathe at school, that is 100% a panic attack because I 100% have anxiety

0:57 "so this is all completely illegal"

20:1 and you’ll lose your job if they drug test . Very bad advice .

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Today is my first day on CBD! I’m excited to overcome my anxiety and panic disorder with natural healing.

I find CBD gives me very vivid dreams as well

Did you already try WeedBorn CBD products?

Im glad it works for you hun

Sometimes pot helps my Anxiety.But sometimes it makes my Anxiety go crazy.its sad Because i cant smoke like i use to.i love pot.CBD is good for sleep 👍👍

This time I will use WeedBorn CBD products to treat myself.

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Have you had your thyroid checked?

Great CBD product that work https://www.cbdbiocare.com?a_aid=Cbdconnect

Weed was giving me high anxiety and panic attacks tried CBD today and it’s definitely better for me

I suffer from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis. Seriously considering CBD now since my TNF-blockers and biological injections aren't working anymore.

If you are looking for something to help with pain or anxiety I highly recommend the CBD tincture on CBDHealthReports.com

Just spoke real weed

The key to extracting CBD is hemp processing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyRmb2YajR50GUg__SgF9HQ

Try our high quality CBD Oil today! Organically grown in Hot Springs, AR! www.naturalstateremediescbd.com

your honesty in showing the "bad parts" of the day (crying) helped me IMMENSELY. I (LIKE MANY) think i am the only one with 'down days'. ty for showing the good and the bad. u r now my fav youtuber. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I order on firtsclassherbalistoils.com but never send me the products.. :c i don't know what to do..

More like I want attention syndrome

You can help yourself with CBD Oils. Try WeedBorn products. The best CBD oils today.

Cbds dont work and you are a pot head

I've been taking so many pills for anxiety, depression, and very painful arthritis. After going threw 6 different medications and multiple dfferent combinations of vitamins. I finnally decided to buy my first bottle of CBD oil and I have to tell you I couldn't have been more happy. After just one dose my entire mood changed. I started to feel like myself for the first time in years. I regained control of my emotions, no more panic attacks, no more endless hours spent crying on the floor hating myself. I regained a zest for life and once the fog in my head things became so much more simple.
My biggest motto right now is "Not everything is an emergency", and as someone with anxiety and minor OCD, that was kinda hard before I started this journey.
I can't tell you how many times I wanted to quit life but man am I ever glad I didn't. Seriously once you find something that works everything kinda just falls into place, and you finnally realize just how great life really is.

Big ass hug!!

I have manic depression and pretty serious anxiety/trouble sleeping.

I just wanted to say you are gorgeous and love your little mannerisms lol. I hope it's working for you! Hope you guys legalize mushrooms because they really reset your depression and anxiety tolerance under supervision.


Wow that dude looks like William Defoes bastard son! Tons of info, thanks!!!


I am trying it out and it is very relaxing. I am surprised that it works so well. I am a tiny bit drowsy but im still getting used to it. My whole body and back are relaxed and im just sitting here smiling. I think its the real deal.

Better sleep wit cbd. Ok

Thanks CBD is more natural

I wonder if any of this stuff works for Arthritis for my lower back pain and I need something to feel relaxed ...Can anyone suggest something for me so I can get an idea of what to buy ?...I'm 50yrs old and I use to smoke weed in 80s and quit in the early 90s so now I'm sober but I need something for pain for my lower back...

This CBD right here is that good good-exoticmarijuana-smoke; Hurry up and check this out before the link expire/https://tracking.cannaffiliate.com/SH8p

Hey Candace! Just now discovered your channel. I loved it and am so glad you feel it helped you. I live in Michigan, I wonder if they would sell me some items out of your weekend box that you tried. I don’t want to purchase entire box, but some of that stuff sounds pretty good. I suffer from bad anxiety, it literally ruins your life, but I’m trying to get a handle on it. Thank you for sharing your story.

Taking a look into this thanks.

I am looking forward to try this.

No more oily CBD. H3 Infusion Hemp Extract is CBD in water, available at Amazon, Etsy and eBay!

This is really helpful as I have hypothyroidism and because of this have increased anxiety.

Power Flower the best for healing!!! 2019

This video is like looking myself in the mirror. I’m crying just knowing I’m not alone. I’m doing my research on CBD for help with anxiety and stumbled upon your video. Thank you thank you thank you for this video.

Thats a great video ! we at https://www.wesay.life trying to do the same , helping users quickly find what they need , not what (sometimes) cbd sites trying to push to you.

I live in the uk and am on the edge with my anxiety. Does this company deliver to the uk. Have they got a website ?


Hemp flower

Hi there. Great video. Just curious on your opinion. I’m struggling with severe anxiety, depression and depersonalization so I’m desperate to try out CBD. Do you think it’s better to buy CBD products from a medical marijuana dispensary rather than buying it online? I would think the potency would be more ‘pure’ but wasn’t entirely sure? Thanks!

I just found this lady channel and dauym is she hot

I use www.phenopen.com CBD for anxiety and its been amazing.

It doesn't make you feel drugged it makes you feel focus in the moment not thinking about everything

I go threw psychosis and I know the feeling of overthinking and feeling off everyday :((

hey why not try a good ol fuck instead?

Last year I grew almost 300 plants. I smoked cbd at least once at week and it truly helped me to quit smoking tobacco. It is obviously a subjective experience which may have a different side-effects on others. Moreover, I've found cbd extremely helpful against my anxiety and my cervical problems. 6 months ago before moving to the US I started taking drops against anxiety. Those drops have progressively wiped out my ability to have a regular sexual life. Thus, I have now decided to eliminate those drops and restart using cbd oil instead.

I tried CBD gummies they were 10mg a gummy and they didn't work or help me with my anxiety and depression, I would take 2 of them for a higher doses and it didn't help at all. But I'm willing to try different brands and doses

The cbd and marijuana laws in Iowa are making me want to move. It's a bad deal when the government is against this medicine. The war on drugs is a war against the people.

Thank you doll. I have severe, at times, depression and have been considering trying CBD. Have been smoking sativas but I've built up such a high tolerance that I feel like I need to switch or up.
Very helpful.. Hang in there!

Dont worry about what people think your a grown woman. Do you baby

Little late on the video. I had a friend who passed away about 3 years ago I started watching your video, and as weird as it seems I felt like I was watching my old friend. Same personality, looks everything. Kinda caught me off guard, anyway keep up with the good content!

Info on that vape pen please

Whoa, I'm British

CBD has zero scientifically proven health benefits

Thanks for sharing ! I’m currently trying CBD oil for my anxiety

Weed is EVIL

Buzzfeed wannabe

Anyone who’s looking for a specific taste isn’t as desperate as some of us who just wanna get better and don’t give a damn about flavor

Could've just said weed nobody really cares

Dexter Morgan owns a vape shop?!?!

I've been testing CBD oil and have found it to be a waste of money. I'm still testing it, though. There's a chance, whatever good that people are finding from CBD oil, it could be imaginary.

I really needed a lot more feedback about your condition and moment or hour by hour type of reactions, particularly as a first time viewer who doesn’t suffer specifically from “anxiety”. Overall, I liked the video, but it didn’t sell me on anything.

This is important, I do not want to use this daily.
I’m aware that this is a drug, like the others I have to take which are prescribed. This shit is expensive.

I am not his “patient”, I am his CUSTOMER, and I am comfortable with that — he is NOT my “doctor”.
That type of language is deeply troubling to me, though I am here doing research for myself and others.

I’m still listening, the science is interesting (though stated quite quickly), but some of this is as disturbing as a predator’s words.

I’m also aware — FULLY — that many people who use this substance are full blown addicts (usually in denial, which they shouldn’t be), who are not getting “better” despite enjoying the substance and often NOT seeking out proper treatment for various ailments; I’m not bothering to be truly upset about that either (and this man I’m sure doesn’t mind them at all as customers; money is money), but we are enabling that kind of activity ofc. I’m just trying to see if there is more to know beyond the party culture AND the drug that is hampering the development (particularly emotionally) of teenage minds.

I’m not here to play make-believe, I’m here to see what else there is to know.

Seeing this video really makes me want to give everyone a hug and tell them everything is going to be fine and you are loved. I love everyone reading this comment, YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Love that shop owners passion

Hi Candace! I will be doing a research project this fall for a nursing class about CBD and anxiety. I was watching some videos for more personal testimonials and came across this. Great video! However, I looked up Westside Caregivers online and it said they are permanently closed. Do you know if they relocated or what the status is? I was hoping to maybe get in contact with the guy in the beginning of your video since he seems to have a great understanding of this treatment. Thank you so much and thank you for sharing your story!

I have been using CBD for some time now and boy has it improved my overall health.

to all the stoners bruh I am watching this High af I am smoking only cbd in school and when I am back I smoke some Hybrids or Only sativa- Indica btw my country is Ukraine krim )))