I Used CBD Oil For Three Weeks. This Is How My Body Reacted.

I feel like I need to say this again since people are completely missing the point of this video. You need to remember that I'M NOT SAYING THAT CBD PRODUCTS DO NOT WORK! It just so happens that this specific product did not do anything for me, and probably wouldn't have worked for me in the first place since I do not have anything that CBD would have an effect on (except joint pain).

With CBD oil becoming more and more popular, I decided to bite the bullet and try a bottle. However, I did not see the results I was expecting.


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I feel like I need to say this again since people are completely missing the point of this video. You need to remember that I'M NOT SAYING THAT CBD PRODUCTS DO NOT WORK! It just so happens that this specific product did not do anything for me, and probably wouldn't have worked for me in the first place since I do not have anything that CBD would have an effect on.

plot twist :he was sponsored by product company.

you need thc for it to work. At least 0.5%. It is more likely would not show up on the test.

I didn’t know .2? Is more detectable than .3????? Thc ? Someone elaborate

You took a relatively small dose, it help me at about half a dropper

It worked for me miracle drug

How many times can you repeat the same thing lol

hes saying that hes perfect, his body dont have pain, he dont work a "real" job, he plays video games, hes living the lazy dream of todays youth...."im gonna do youtube videos instead of a real job"!!!

Ha! You look like that dude from the American Pie movie.

Too bad your bitch ass disabled like ratio. Just your own stupidity on not knowing how to use it.

Thank you for being honest because I have taken this for week in order to get help with nerve pain and back pain Arthritis in the spine and also Stomach pain due to hernia andAcid reflex only different I Notice was it help me get some sleep

I been using for one week only different I can tell it make you tired and sleepy.

Spend your 8 minutes watching something else since this person does not seem to know the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD oil........

Use the flower. It works. You dont know the quality of company made products. The flower is always best. Go to a dispensary! Don't buy over priced products that you have no idea whats in them. Plus taking an oil will give you the shits! Lubricated bowls 😃. Again the flower is best and if your taking it for pain and inflammation its best to mix it with a good indica strain. I have used cannabis for years in order to get the best effects you must know what strains to take and how much to take. Since everyone is different start with small doses and work you way up. When you have the right combination you will see great benefit!

How many milligrams were you taking ??

Got 1oz of 14000mg from Amazon and it works great. Relaxing, sleeping. Helps with my ptsd.

Thanks to you for being so honest.

CBD is not the magical cure all. It works differently for different people. You got better sleep quality from your limited use. I’ve known people who used it successfully for migraines. The proper dosage is to start with 4-5 drops twice per day and work up to a 1ml dropper twice per day. You should find your dosage somewhere in there. It needs to build up somewhat in your system for 3-4 weeks. I own Five Seven Farms in Tennessee where we raise hemp to make CBD products. 901-295-1267

Best CBD products in the UK airmed-organics.com, awesome help I stole there logo. Helped me so much.

You nust have gotten
a bad batch!

1gr rick simpson oil mixed with 4gr olive oil...
6drops after dinner, 3 before breakfast should do the trick for pain...
Always make rick simpson oil with indica or indica dominant...


Thank you. And not taking the people yelling at you that will yell at you "you're not taking enough"

Used Richard Simpson oil that's the real stiff. Look it up up you can make it yourself. And it works. Richard Simpson shows you how to make it. You can buy it to

Maybe try topical savs or lotions for you joint pain

And are you saying they don't?? I up see CBD oils and it helps me with my PTSD and seizures along with minor backaches, just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work at all it all depends on the person

You need to take a hit before you go to bed

It's a Lie & Scam ! Fake CBD oil.. doesn't help ! Money marketing business. Fraud !

CBD is extracted from the stalks, stems, and flowers but not the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. Any product made from hemp seed oil (sometimes called cannabis sativa seed oil) will not contain CBD. Hemp seed oil is still good for you, though.

The best CBD supplement I've tried was from CBDHealthReports.com

How many people are using the CBD oil from CBDHealthReports.com ?

CBDHealthReports.com has the best cbd oil on the market for pain and anxiety

CBDHealthReports.com has the highest quality cbd product I've found and if you live in the US it's only $5 to try

The best CBD supplement I've tried was from CBDHealthReports.com

I'm stressed just listening to this guy speak at 1,000mph. Jesus. Slow your life down.

But you used hemp oil, not CBD oil. CBD oil is a much better alternative.

Blah blah blah 8 minutes to say 30 seconds worth of info 🤦‍♂️

I need this, I have bad anxiety. Anger issues PTSD depression. ADHD bipolar. Etc.

I do find CBD to be proactive to health versus reactive. Not a cure a preventative to health. Also in combination with THC it works best.

I’m sure not to many people are watching this if they are staying 50’ pole length away from a plant, they don’t care about CBD, it is all the devil to them. Keep drinking the alcohol poison idiots

Pleas do NOT speak so fast! SLOW DOWN!

I think it’s a great way to make money but it didn’t help me at all

Worked for me.

You need higher dosage to get any real effect , of a 1000mg bottle you need about 1ml of CBD oil which would contain about 32-34mg per dosage , vs what you where taking about 1-4mg per dosage , real faint amount, no expert but just my experience starting off ,higher dosage works better

Would you be willing to try a different brand to see if it was a quality issue on the inflammation? I've tired several for chronic back pain and only none did much until I got on the brand I'm on now.

Try black seed oil.

funny, i felt amazing after about 15 minutes. this shop called Urthleaf in LA let me put a huge dropper full in some tea, and a huge drop under my tongue. gotta dose up the first time round. CBD for life !!!


Prince Andrew swears by it!

Any cbd oil that says full spec should have up to .03 not .3

Thank you

he lying

CBD lessens inflammation. There are other things that cause pain, but inflammation is the most common. If you have a knee injury that impacted your tendons, ligaments, etc, then CBD will have little to no effect on that particular source of pain.
On that note, CBD has been shown in several studies to increase speed of healing from injuries. More research needs to be done, and you need to be sure that you're avoiding some of the less desirable chemicals of cannabis, but the studies done with CBD isolates are pretty amazing.

You were not taking enough. I use Charlottes web from Colarado. Mine is 9x the strength and I don’t take drops I take care 1.25 ml at night and .25 in the am. I have SLE Lupus and although I’m not cured the amazement of how I feel and the blood work after 2 yrs me halfway to normal. I’ll always have pain and flares however to a way lesser degree.

You need a isolate or actually smoked the cbd flower, now the flower is flippin fire dawg. I have bad knees when I smoke cbd it takes the pain away. The full spectrum oil is for long term effects and underlying problems you never knew you had. But smoking the flower is the best. You feel euphoric and over joyed and like complete peace

It’s hemp oil and not CBD .. big difference!

Ive had cbd flower its apserlote pants i have bad back issues and does nothing like a proper joint off the real stuff save ure money

I use 500 mg CBD Cream for 2 knee replacements it’s really work my knee be tight and when I use this it takes the pain away

4 minutes in.....aaaaaand STOP. You've basically said NOTHING. No idea what the point of this video is at this point. Judging by the comments and my wasted 4 minutes... This video is pointless.

Cbd will not work without thc or thcv , do you own research before you spent your money

You used Hemp oil and not CBD oil. They are 2 different things...

at least you're honest...


I got joint pain reduction and lower inflamation. But it was over a span of 3 months. I had severe inflamation. Now i would say its reduced by atleast 50% during load, and im now painfree during rest/noload.

Finally someone that gets that CBD is not a cure all. For a real cure use homeopathy

I just want to say .my mom is a dietbetic.and she takes 4 pills aday i think glipazide.well for one year plus we have been smokeing high grade marajuana for her pain she has .and now docters took her off diabetic pills.i dont know if its the pot or what .i told docter you think its cbd in pot .he said .dont know .????

It makes your poop smell disgusting 💩💩💩

Why does it take CBD weeks to kick in but when you do a bong hit your stoned in a matter seconds? THC is the real deal.

look at vaping it. A brand called for the people makes some really high potent cbd.

Try Prime My Body CBD
THC is not the only consideration.

In my experience I find it works if you need it..
And doesnt work if you dont need it. Just like a tylenol

I want CBD oil for my chronic severe disabling back pain and depression/anxiety but here in Australia were way behind the rest of the world when it comes to medicinal marijuana. I can get a script for CBD oil but the paperwork is ridiculous and the cost is unaffordable. I really hope the Australian government gets it's fckn act together and makes it affordable and easy to get for those of us that need it.The Australian capital territory just recently passed a bill in parliament to allow marijuana for personal use,so hopefully the rest of Australian states will do same.

I bought a one hundred dollar bottle of CBD with a side of CBG. It was a major waste of my money.

You didn’t take the correct dose. Correct dosage for real full spectrum CBD is 5 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Its hemp oil u tit

Dose it help with constipation?

I just completed 15 straight days of radiation targeting lung cancer. The only real side effects were fatigue and a very sore through which hurt greatly when I would swallow. Not once, but twice, I took ten drops of CBD Oil when my throat and chest were feeling pretty intense pain. In both cases, as soon as I swallowed the drops, the pain completely vanished. Instantly, the pain was gone. I told my doctors, and they stated that they had heard that same story before. I am still discovering its uses, but I am happy with what I have discovered so far. I am also claustrophobic, so I experienced a little anxiety about getting a PET Scan, but after taking the CBD Oil and a mild dose of Lorazapam, I had no problem with the scan. I think we have much to learn about CBD Oil, but I believe that it will eventually yield more result to help with other areas of medicine.

CBD is good for very few SELECT conditions, but it is hyped-up, people make unfounded claims about it. THC is more effective for most things than CBD.

You need to know what strength you used
If it’s low
Then it won’t work
I take it for anxiety
Works great
Sleep well

Taking 16 drops a day really doesn’t tell us much. How many millilitres is that and how many milligrams of cbd is in one milliliter of the oil you consumed?

Your miss informed. You should check out dr. Oz. No one says cbd makes anything go away. It helps manage certain pains and things like pain from inflammation and other things. As you stated you don't have any of those issues so what outcome did you expect personally for yourself.

I'm still testing the CBD oil, and so far, I've found no redeeming value in CBD oil. For right now... don't buy the hype and propaganda, and save your money. As of right now, I think people want it to do something so bad that they're imagining something is happening.

Worst video ever

the company was pissed off they regret that they sent you the product

Is it recommended for anyone who is taking an anxiety medicine?

Sometimes CBD can have subtle benefits you might not necessarily notice, that is, until you come off and realise what it did for you.

Nah, u didnt take cbd. Lol.

"So I basically have no real ailments and this product did nothing for me"

Well done, Einstein.

Hello I’m your discount code ;) haha

You probably got hemp derived industrial nonsense - sorry about that.

THC kills cancer don’t forget that! Proven. But you’re right about the testing
You don’t need caution with cbd ... you can overdose to hell and back.
Low amounts of THC can’t be felt, but may test positive you’re right ...
After a week cbd works ... for pain and all sorts

Human rights allow us access to the best medicines!
Which cbd from modified industrial 💩 Hemp isn’t.
Cannabis derived CBD is the real medicinal plant.
You probably got hemp derived industrial nonsense

Why do we always skate over the important parts.
Keep it GMO free and organic otherwise we are going to be in trouble.
The body doesn’t like things it can’t recognise from nature. Keep it affordable and available.
If anyone wants to find affordable organic Dutch CBD like this to let me know.

Ummmm....cbd n hemp is totally different 😂🤔😵

There are too many variations of CBD products, some are good and some are bad. Your video is unhelpful because the scope is so limited. I have been using the products from Tweedle Farms and they are effective for anxiety, mild pain, and great for relaxation.


When 17 a tree fell on my head forest fighting..my metal helmet straps broke pushing it over my head im 71 now still have a huge bump on my head and a raised ridge around my head where it was squeezed into the helmet. govt BLM gave me a bumpy 200mi truck ride to town add a pack of asprin..i also got 3 crushed discs out of it..pains got worse over the yrs i cant stand or walk but 10 minutes at a time..a friend gave me CBD 1/2 dropper taken at 6am..got out at 9am later i noticed something different that day.. HOLY S--T MY BACK DIDNT HURT. NEXT DAY SAME A LIL CBD NO PAIN I ORDERED A FREE SAMPLE ONLY PAY $6.85 shipping. {THEY SENT GUMMIE BEARS ALSO $6.83) cool got 2 free samples. 10 days later they billed my Credit card with out my consent $89 + $89..offered me $100 refund on their scam ..i told bank 😠ended up oweing bank $89 $89 $30 30 over drawn charges Ahos name ?? IS ###### .i got some old weed shake from a friend and olive oil and followed YT instructions i got a greenish oil..(no super filters here ) only 3 days of that home brewed CBD and NO PAIN FOR 17 DAYS SO FAR has a trace of THC in the shake but no pain..I dont take any CBD NOW cause my life long crippling pain IS GONE bty im not selling nothing! probably get arrested for what i just posted ( making my own meds)..every old friend(in 70s) i have left that havent died from tobacco or alcohol problems( ive never used either) buy and use the $$$CBD.... HEMPS A WONDER PLANT that CAN BE MADE INTO COUNTLESS usefull , stratigic Number of PRODUCTS, BUTS BEEN ILLEGAL FOR 70+YRS WHY? ASK BIG PHARMA and the democraps they own..stay safe.ps marijuanas legal in alaska but not hemp..where can you buy viable hemp seeds. The kind that Sprout..last 5 diff orders of hemp sprouting seeds ive received are all dead (roasted??)before shipped as SPROUT SEEDS .😠 1000s have died over the decades due to OPIODS but hemp oils Cheap and Healthy would have prevented that ..a shame..

I have osteo arthritis and other degenerative diseases in my knees,hips,left shoulder,left elbow, and lower back. Im on prescription pain killers. I started taking cbd oil and within the first 2 days of using i felt so much better i only take half a pill a day. Trying to rid myself of the pills completely. I assure you if you have quality "CBD" oil it will help. I usually take 2 to 3 hits from a vape pen with cbd and 5 drops of oil. In return i experience not only much less pain im relaxed and feel more clear headed. Wish i would have tried years ago. I was active in sports until my early 30s which is where i credit all arthritis from.

I like this cause I figured the bandwagon was a group of hopeless placebo people I used to be a pothead and weed however did heal me. I haven't regularly smoked weed in years and I tried CBD recently in low and high doses and I didn't feel anything but the feeling it was a waste to spend money on

Vaping is best for pain

Dude you're healthy you don't need it for joint pain just cause of working out too much, Just take it easy you muscle freak. its normal to get that. Quit trying to discredit something just because it doesn't work for you. The purpose you were trying to get out of it isn't appropriate. There is other alternatives for you. CBD truly helps people with chronic health issues. Get out of here with you're workout pain. SMH

This nikka looks Super healthy

So every conversation I've had about CBD everyone swears by (and I'm currently using CBD on my elderly dog) and really helping him, but this dude swears its bullspit. This fool is garbage

Did it help him with anxiety

That isn’t CBD. You were using Hemp Oil my dude.