Is CBD Oil Worth The Hype? Doctor Answers Your Questions Live | NBC 6

Does CBD oil live up to the hype? We're here with Dr. Michelle Weiner, a CBD and medical marijuana expert, to talk the myths and truths of cannabidiol.

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Not talking about the sideeffects or what to do when u feel worse? Will it go away or Cbd is just not right for u.😊 and if u have bad symptoms u havnet had befor or havent have for years?

Does CBD interfere with prescription meds? I take Tegretol and have read that CBD may have the same effect as grapefruit.

Is medterra good

After spinal surgeries, CBD/THC mix of RSO 10:1 cuts pain by up to 80%. The THC component pushes the envelope of your mind to not pay much attention to the pain and lends yourself out as a bit more outgoing and pleasant. Back pain folks are normally not so charmy. The THC helps polish the edges of our minds. CBD oil alone is a try it, it may work. Just stay with reputable products.

I want to know how CBC with thc work

Of course its not FDA approved...they have to be mad to do this....loose all that revenue from medications people would not need!

Is it high in vitamin K

Sorry for your cynicism sir!

Miss Allison have you decided on a brand of CBD!? Some people want to believe that I am a salesman after reading my posts trust me I am not! It's just that after what CBD did for my children and after three years of research and nine different brands of CBD Natures Nutrients is the absolute best, the purest that you're going to find!! There are CBD oil's out there as good I'm sure... but you can also rest asured that they are near double in cost!!! I've done my homework dear!!!☮️

Look into Game Up Nutrition👍

Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype BS Snake oil. There is no evidence, and no rating by the FDA. Stay away it id wishful thinking by wannabe Hippies.

I'm trying to find out to which is the going to be the right CBD oil to purchase I just want to make sure I'm getting the right one so high can you tell me which one is going to be Real McCoy

Will CBD or. THC. take care of the caronavirus ?

Will CBD or THC take care of the caronavirus ?

Nothing is safe until proven safe. Nothing is efficacious until proven efficacious. This means carefully conducted double-blind-placebo controlled studies by professionals without financial interests in the products or outcome of the studies. This most certainty applies to "industrial hemp" and its derivatives (CBD). This does not mean anecdotal or word of mouth hype from the guy down the street or on popular radio shows.

Zilis cbd was found out in Indiania by other manufactures to have false ratings Zilis cbd is a MLM

If they really wanted to help they would just say "buy brand XYZ from this place because we've tested it" instead of talking in vague generalities. I did everything I could to verify a good brand and it didn't help but I'm still not sure if I got good stuff or not.

She's brainwashed by the "modern medical" establishment. I don't take anything, but I believe in FREEDOM.

I’m vape cbd gave up smoking weed and cigarettes and doing just fine, just a few puffs of vape a day. Check out the make chronic cbd liquid 👍

Your skin is like a balloon that keeps the inside of your body safe. If you rub CBD on a balloon does it get to the air inside. NO. Your skin is the same , If it was not ,you would not have to drink, just take a bath and the water would get inside. CBD is a hoax to take money from DUMB people!!!!

Green door Farms Tn 1000mg full spectrum will get you high. .25 thc adds up (2.4mg per ml). Is that wrong? No it’s not!

I have all my products tested every batch. I have caught so many companies cheating. This is why we went to a local lab that makes all our products and they are always right or we send them back!

CBD oil is a lot of hype

CBD has transformed my life. Suffered horrific phantom pains in leg I lost in a motorcycle accident in the 80's. Got some on the internet in January of this year and the first dose was like a miracle - the spasms and twitches ceased immediately and have stayed away since. Never had any pain medicine have such a positive impact without knocking me out.

I can’t believe she’s pushing vape. Don’t vape it’s loading your lungs with garbage along with the CBD and THC. And as a former HR manager we did not fire people who test positive for THC with a doctors and state card. That can be considered a violation of the ADA.

Fiber, magnesium, excersize and water.

Or get alotta excersize will do wonders. Run everyday for 30 minutes and drink more than u think u are of water too both very good.

Pregnant women who can't eat or feeling nausea marijuana or CBD will work my children are fine as I have 7 of them

2:52 - why it is best to grow your own CBD-a cannabis plants and ingest that plant ... no middle guy who sells you sesame oil becuase all of a sudden that plant molecule is a fAD

Thank you for this info.

No. Sorry. I paid a lot of money for straight cbd oil and it did not help my pain.

She is correct if you use full spectrum CBD will fail a drug test I did

I get my CBD from black tie and 5 leaf wellness

Also great advertising 😂🤣

I CHALLENGE YOU GOOD FOLKS TO TRY "Natures Nutrients" CBD!!!! On the tube you'll find "IS CBD BEING SUPPRESSED" it was my first opportunity to go public with my adult children's stories!! They are both severely handicapped!!!

Amercian cow boy company plc ltd

I have 3 auto immune diseases diabetes, RA and endometriosis. Suffer from migraine and survived a heart attack a few years ago. After considering CBD oil for month’s started taking CBD 3 days ago, not feeling any difference.
I’m taking it more for my anxiety than my other condition.
I’m taking 600ml twice a day.
I’m one of those people that pain tolerance is very high and need something strong to feel any affects of any medicine taken.
2 questions,
Is oil better than water soluble and how much should I take?

Lol... Weeeeeener


Best information I can offer is download a CBD conversion app from Apple or Samsung store. If you have never taken CBD you may get a tummy ache if using a high milligram, it all depends on your height, weight etc.

Fairly new to CBD and really glad I found this video. Some great information that I found quite helpful.

Wow! This doctor knows her stuff! Outstanding information!!

Amazing video

HempWorx is certified by the US Hemp Authority, only 13 companies this year were given the certification and our farms are also certified.

This lady seems reasonable,,but many will not tell u the truth.

Like doctors will tell u the truth lol, doctors know nothing about nutrition..they study nothing on nutrition in medical school..doctors are only good at keeping people sick and on medicine and keeping there pockets full folks.

Is CBD alone (even slight psychoactive effects of THC found severely nauseating) a viable alternative to a cronic nerve damage pain suppressant like tapentadol?

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

Thank you for the great detailed video

Does it expire ??

You should list the bad ones


How can we contact that doctor?

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