Is it Low Testosterone or Natural Aging?

Low testosterone (low T) or natural aging? A common question asked by men noticing changes in their libido and overall health. More than 40% of men over the age of 40 are affected by symptoms of low T including erectile dysfunction or a low sex drive, and other symptoms such as lack of energy, depression and an increase in body fat.

John Ludlow, MD, of Western Michigan Urological Associates, is a nationally recognized expert on treating erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Learn how low T affects men’s overall health and the treatment options available to you.

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Very good useful details gold information to know medication like mood stabilizer cause metabolic syndrome so that could be the cousr

It depends. If you came from beer and weed since you are young, the transition will more "nice" or you dont get a real-reading. The church guys or the upper-media class type you know steakwelldonepls or without egg-yolks, are different case because in both case cortisol is very high and the system is adaptative to the bad regulations and good regulations. My response in brief, testosterone forever. But yeah you can take a rest. But this is a serious biopolitical paradigm focus, my humble opinion.



1:03:55 “If you’re constantly eating those medications that’s going to be a big problem.” Haha no truer words have ever been spoken from a physician’s mouth.

It’s laughable when he mentions diet. Doctors aren’t taught squat about nutrition & food IS MEDICINE! What you put in your body is EVERYTHING. It’s LIFE. End of story. To this guy it’s like the first time he’s actually giving it any thought. Doctors are taught to prescribe 💊 to mask the symptoms of disease & sadly they’re backed by BigPharma. When that drug causes side effects, here’s another 💊 to mask those. The body should be looked at as a whole & doctors are taught to focus on a particular system not often taking into account how it’s effected by other vital systems. The world is slowly changing though..people are learning & getting tired of traditional medicine; functional medicine is going to take over. Even MDs are catching on & adding to their degree in order to change the way they practice to a whole body approach. Food for thought.

Ain’t nothing good about getting old.

Me personally My testosterone is normal i am told . But why cant get hard for sex . If u can address that Pls By the way I am 70 yrs old no disability

Aging at that rate we do is not natural.

Neither is losing testosterone or the amount of drugs we take. Frankly people are idiots nowadays, especially doctors.

We can be living way longer, reproducing way longer and learning, growing and maintaining testostetond way longer.

Only reason we aren't is mindset, contentness, laziness and people being to humble, having no pride, lacking self-love and not being passionate about life.

We are capable of so much more. I will keep teaching people though. We will get there.


Forget cyp and his two week protocol. Test E is better but sustanon is the best and you take it once a week to keep levels stable with less sides. Twice a week is better but pinning gets old. Get your own blood test it's cheaper. They don't know studies, the guys in the gym know more.

This guy is just T seller, T will ruin your life!

This Doctor should go and overhaul the VA healthcare's system regarding low T. I complained of ED right after returning from Iraq 11 years ago and despite numerous blood tests proving low T based on national guidelines, the VA rates 20-30 year olds as if they are 80 and we have perfectly fine testosterone levels

Yea he talks about what once a month shot has such a spike . That being true , what about once every 2 weeks . Lol. Like that's not a spike ??? Not to speak of cypionate having a Max half life of 8 days leaving the patient (poor) in the same bad shape almost as if no injection at all. Men normally produce daily not one big squirt every month or 2 weeks. Wow how times and education have changed , this 2015 showing a Dr. Faking it till he makes it.

It's unfair to say men don't care about health until it's too late but women maintain good habits through their life. Our society puts more emphasis on womens heath via ads and even laws. There are whole wings of hospitals and clinics dedicated to women's health. I don't see prostate cancer commercials or ribbon wearing. Testosterone commercials are light hearted referring to being to lift weights and please women sexually. Men are use to being told to suck it and work. Our society simply doesnt care about educating men about men's health. We find out when something breaks down.

I don't believe natural aging should be used if you don't have testosterone s you have a lousy life you have a lonely life. The misinformation is we live in a country of GMOs fluoridated water medicines that kill you and imagine going to somebody else because of the side effects of what the pharmaceutical industry puts in and there were alternatives. June 29th 2019

Most men do not understand how to maintain or increase testosterone naturally. Try that route first. People are looking for a pill and quick fix...ultimately leading to future undoable complications.

Can hypothyroidism cause slightly lower levels of total testosterone??? I have total testosterone k
Of 294 and 387 respectively in two tests did about a gap of 30 days