Joe Rogan "CBD is One of the Best Things I've Ever Tried for Anxiety"

Taken from JRE #1326 w/Maynard James Keenan:

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This guy wants to be in charge, and he's not. STFU and just listen to Joe.

its fuckin expensive as hell.just vape normal weed.

Why not just smoke hashish 😁🇲🇦

Joe "Fuck Ibuprofen" Rogan

Does it work for anger issues/rage/ptsd?


literally what in the actual dog pissing fuck does joe rogen think he has to stress over

CBD made me shit green stools

The amount of cbd you need to feel any mental health benefits is so high that no one can afford it.

Placebo effect. The doses that demonstrate an effect in the laboratory are large clinical doses. Not the doses you can buy. You would be spending thousands of dollars daily to do that. This is purely a placebo.

I don't know if I got good quality CBD or not I bought two from Amazon for 1000mg hemp oil. And the first one was peppermint flavored and was mixed with coconut oil. I felt alright with it but it didn't do all that much for me tbh. And the second one I have was really just a dud lol. Like if I'm going to consume high CBD some THC needs to be with it .

Medication like Ibuprofen is not a cure . You only treat symptoms your not fixing anything.
CBD/ THC are natural fits to our receptors .
Still not cures but at least natural to our body to accept .

Ibuprofen prescribed for my chronic pain really screwed up my stomach. Avoid like the plague. I'd like to try CBD but here in the UK its hard to find the real thing

Sound familiar?

Through watching YouTube videos, browsing the internet, searching for something that explains the problems that you’ve manifested....

You are now trying to fix a created problem. So you treat it’s vague symptoms with:

1.) Exercise
2.) CBD
3.) Reading
4.) Meditating
5.) Vegan diet
6.) Carnivore Diet
7.) No food and then some food (IF)
8.) Jui Jitsu
9.) Mushrooms
10.) DMT
11.) LSD
12.) Marijuana
13) Yoga
14.) Cold showers
15.) Multiple N+1 experiments
16.) Avoiding booze
17.) Qutting your job?
18.) Becoming a self help entrepreneur
19.) Pursuing multiple hobbies
20.) Vacationing in South East Asia

Where and who are you now? If you’re still having the same conversations with yourself then what was the problem? Where are you?

I use ... no THC but i love it

When you suffer from anxiety it affects your daily life a lot. I was suffering from anxiety and I can understand the problem. CBD oil is a great option for people like me. I bought full-spectrum CBD oil from and after using it I felt the difference. Thanks for sharing about the usage and correct dosage of CBD. People suffering from anxiety will find this video very useful.

I use this on my back and knees, it helps with pain

“Do not put this in your butt” “oh you can put it in your butt” -Joe Rogan

what the fuck is wrong with this depressed weirdo? guy seems like a tool.

Honestly did nothing for my crippling anxiety

This guest seems like hes having none of Joe's shit

Joe "people will think you're a hippy" Rogan

CBD is amazing, gotta make sure you get actual natural real stuff though

I got it locally and it was like fake and synthetic it was garbage

Found a natural one online and it literally smells like grass and comes right off the plant

This stuff was a miracle, cured my inflammation and negative thinking, helped relaxed me I dont have as much tension

I didn't know what diarrhea was until I tried CBD oil!

the green doctor cbd check out r reviews on google

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0:25 What brand is this?

It's all fun and games until your employer drug tests you and you fail. Sometimes Joe has really forgotten what it like not to make $30+ million a year and all the prilivages that come with that, he really shouldn't be pushing CBD and weed. Legalize it all you want, but if you can still be fired instantly for testing positive. What good is that? Maybe he should be pushing aggressively for better labors that protect workers for such activities vs just saying it's great, most people should try it.

This people are such potheads is annoying... prolly works but boy they over sell it

Who the fuck is the whispering guy

It’s not healing. Anxiety heals with therapy. You gotta face them fears. Know CBD can become a mood swinger ,if you hang by it. Pot gives me anxiety and smoking hemp calms it down. It’s treating side effects of a drug that’s not working and soon to be the same itself. Abuse is kicking a dead horse and more to get your attention.

Great analogy

If you don’t you have anxiety...believe me you don’t have it😂😂

Best type of products ?

"The flames don't seem so hot."

I use Dr. Hemp Me CBD oil for anxiety and for recovery after training and it works amazingly well. I have not been this calm for a sustained period of time in years. Really has given me my life back. One thing to remember when trying CBD oil for anxiety is CBD is biphasic meaning, low doses and high doses provide completely different effects. Always start low with CBD as too much may actually exacerbate the condition. I have made that mistake so if it happens you don't worry just take less the next time.

Paid spokesmen

Makes you comfortable with your own demise, that had me 😂

Comfortable in your own demise

Cbd is great... if you smoke or consume thc. The way your endocrine system works you really don't get the effect of the CBD without the other half.

cbd doesnt do shit for me.

I used to have chronic back pain. I was taking 1000mg Advil 3 times a day everyday until I found opioids which worked 1000% better. However, I’m not sure which is worse for you after hearing all have about Ibuprofen in recent years. But I did find out how to manage the issue through massage, phys therapy and exercise.

Pot heads always think weed is a cure all.

Anxiety is a millennial thing. Man up

I tried CBD for 6 weeks and it didn’t help anything.

Joe “you can put this in your butt” Rogan

Full-spectrum CBD is dope wish it was cheaper tho.

Additionally ibuprofen taken regularly like all NSAIDs actually interferes with the body's natural joint and soft tissue (cartilage primarily) maintenance and healing mechanisms.

I've had surgeons and GPs admit this, but only when pressed by being confronted with info they already knew.
Even short term its very problematic in the gut also, as Joe mentons

Rhonda Patrick is not a Medical Doctor she has a Phd, there's a huge difference

Anxiety doesn’t exist in the minds of about 99% of the people who claim they have it.
They’re just attention-desperate cunts who want some sort of pat on the back for being troubled and some sort of victim.
Weak as fuck cunts with no life.

Joe “didn’t know I had anxiety” Rogan

I tried cbd for about 2 months it didn’t really do anything for me

So what kind of cbd! Oil or tabs should one buy? And how do I know what to buy? Anyone who can send a link?

Wher to get good stuff, all we have tried is crap ,had so.e good stuff o e time

CBD oil doesn't give me a high... its makes me comfortable

Joe “CBD+DMT=Elk Semen” Rogan.

Today is 1-4-20 I just took a gummy peach ring 10mg CBD. I do HVAC which I run myself to death and get stressed out. I will be doing the 50mg tea per night to see what happens. I eat well and health is excellent, I just need to get the edge off.

I tried cbd vape and felt nothing. I think it's snake oil.

What’s the best place to get legit CBD

Just started smoking CBD rich weed for anxiety and general mood disorder. I feel waaaaay better no more crazy psychotic thoughts. I honestly feel great.

I just puffed some CBD and I have no idea if it did ANYTHING for me! Lmao

💟🥇Beautiful and More!‼️💚 CBD

Could it help with your foul language?

Can anyone please let me know what the best and most effective CBD oil I can get for anxiety and sleep
Also I have chronic pain and I have no idea of what to get for it and how many mg or what ever it is I need some help with this

What za matta wit hippies Rogan?! Careful buddy. ✌😁

Anyone know what brand that is? I used cbd oil and my kidneys hurt lol

Go to WeedBorn website if you'd like to buy best CBD products.

Cmon Australia get your shit together. I have severe post traumatic stress disorder with a extreme anxiety disorder thrown in unable to leave my room some days WHY can’t I get cbd in Australia?

Hey I have bad anxiety myself guys just wondering anyone know if this stuff works

Complete range of CBDs here guys

Took it for two weeks and it didn’t do shit

CBD works with a placebo effect.

I have to try it
I just smoke alot of weed

If you take CBD and it "cures your anxiety", then you were/are dealing with situational anxiety, which everyone gets.

I cant stand how some people have to justify what they take into their bodies. Idiots like this are the same idiots who confuse situational depression with clinical depress, then claim it doesn't exist. I cannot stand new-age faggots like Joe. He needs to go back to just being punched in the face for a living.

I take CBD gummies,,yummy

you can get alot of great CBD products here!

Let's you comfortable with your own demise

I do cbd and thc together works great!

How does one find a GOOD and pure CBD oil and topical cream ?

“It sort of makes you comfortable w/your own demise”.....😂 luv it!

Millionaire Joe needs drugs to be 'happy'

Druggy boy Joe

How did you not know you had anxiety until you took it? CBD took the anxiety out of your body mind??’

Running 240 mile ,3 day races ,and has joint pain ...well no shit

I've been taking Advil for 30 plus years not everyday of course but I suffered from cluster headaches and it was my best friend during my Cycles

CBD is the worst part of the marijuana and exactly what we dont want. I only buy weed very very low in CBD and Very High in THC. CBD the bad part of marijuana, the part that makes one feel very tired ect... Avoid CBD gives me headache.

Ashwagandha was the key for me. Extremely power stuff, I highly recommend it! 👌

And over exercising is just stupid natural recovery is key to success

CBC is a rip-off and an attack on real marijuana

Is cbd legal? 🤔. Like pass a drug test and stuff?

If you haven't been hospitalized with panic attacks you don't know what anxiety is.
I think what you are talking about is situational stress.
Big difference!

Pretty sure if Joe stops habitually smoking pot, his anxiety to smoke pot would disappear. 😐

CBD helps me relax and actually helps a bit with my chronic migraines, so I’m in love with it.