Joe Rogan - Doctor Explains Benefits of Fasting

Joe Rogan and Peter Attia on fasting.

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Ramadan mübarak

My first name 'yeah, but have you tried fisting?' My last name.

As soon as you said one meal a day I cut the video off

Is it a coincidence that this was in my recommended on the first day of Ramadan?

But Joe,will things CHANGE?

During university, I did intermittent fasting and lost a whole bunch of weight, felt amazing and my depressive spells certainly reduced to almost 0. I definitely recommend people try it. Even if it's just a smaller 8 hour fast, you'll see how much energy you have.

Hey Sam Harris lol

No wonder why Muslims fast

“When I’m feeding”. You’re not a vampire dude, take that term out of your vocabulary.

I smoked on a 24 hour fast and it fucked me up lmfaoooo. Saved me from smoking an extra cig.

I want that hat!

Intermittent fasting allowed me to reach my goal of bench pressing The Mountain.

Omg this would piss off Greg Doucette :D i wish he would come on the show

That was more like Joe Rogan explains the benefits of fasting

"Yo Doc, it's called Elk." - Joe (superathelte) Rogan.

Well he's a pussy you tell him I said he's a pussy😆

Tomorrow is the first day of ramadhan fasting month, can't wait for it..

Ramadan should be great for us muslims!

Give dogshit some credit, it taste way better than plane food

just found out what fasting is and ive been fasting for awhile


Who else watching this before or whilst Ramadam

To add to that, after a few subtle changes, you can barely tell you are eating totally different food.

i consume 7 meals a day in my mind but in reality i eat 1 plate of food a day

2020: anyone got any food?

i love fasting but i stopped it because its not ideal for muscls building

If you're overweight and just can't seem to lose any pounds, give fasting a try. Worked like a charm for me, literally mind-blowing results and also gives a nice laser-like focus.

Snake oil salesman! Let’s see his medical results...sounds like a crazy his logic the people who are starving in Africa and Asia who only have one meal a day should be healthy as fuck. Gtfoh.

currently on day 20 of my fast and feeling great. i’d be happy to reach 40-50+ days but i’m more focused on reaching my weight goal and achieving a healthy BMI. whatever it takes

Ramadan is coming ✨✨

Title: "Dr explains the benefits of fasting"
Dr in the video: "well the benefits are only in animals I don't know the benefits in humans".. mm ok?

Joe's voice sounded super whiny in this

This guy is a fucking joker

I learned about the 1 meal a day thing from a Black Muslim years ago.

Ramadan is coming lets do fasting with Muslims.

Ketosis for 3 years straight? Whaaat?

I could do a 16-8 but I need 2 meals a day still that guys weird

Joe is a total phony. He shoots himself up with Testosterone and HGH then sits here and lectures people on what they should eat, as if his diet is the reason he’s ‘in shape’

I fast but it ain’t out of choice bloody supermarkets make you que outside nowadays 🤬

Ya there’s benefits to fasting. But fuck that. Ur supposed to eat. Fucking eat. Don’t be a dumbass. God. Ignorant. “Eat one meal a day” why act like this is Africa. This is USA. Take advantage of that. Dumb.

What do u doctor in ? “uhhhh” ya ur not a fucking doctor. Loser.

What is this doctor’s name?

Why did I read FISTING??? lmao im dying xD

Fasting too long?!? That’s another example of getting closer to being a robot... part of New World Order is to eventually eating GMO foods, and less food all together, just like a robot 😳

Yngwie fast

Explains the religious fastings. Science will eventually prove all religious teachings and I'll jus laugh at all the atheists if I'm alive

😂😂 he really think carbs make u fat 💀 another one smh

"waste time eating" tell that to a starving kid in Africa...

I'm diabetic, I couldn't eat one meal a day if I wanted to.

When they said 16 hours did they count sleep

I just don’t restrict this hard because it’s supposedly easier to get girls if you’re larger

All you knuckleheads having a problem with him saying he feeds....I guess y'all poop, not shit.

Finishing a 48 hour fast right now and I feel like absolute shit... never doing it again

When i was in college i fasted a lot, the biggest benefit i noticed was a 22% increase in ability to pay tuition

“When I’m feeding.” Like he’s on a tit or something

Fasting works people. Especially if you want to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is the best imo. Try it and adjust to your lifestyle.

Thought this was Tom Morello

His voice is so close to Rusell Peters

20:4 IF saved my life. Went from 320 to 210 in 10 months.

In order to be in control of your desires, you need to be able to control of your food intake. If you can't control your food intake, you won't be able to control your desires.

I started 16-8 fasting 4 days ago I did just fine for 2 days but on third day 😂 I gave in a little and today on fourth day I am going strong again I won’t give in this time. I wanna make this permanent and he is right about energy. My concentration level throughout the day has been better than what it used to be so I can only imagine what happens if I keep this up for months..

Feeding. 😆 sounds like he is describing a vampire.

When I'm feeding... Interview With A Vampire over here....

I'm a trucker. I work and sleep in my truck. Food is the only thing I have to look forward to everyday. I eat a lot more than I used to not because I'm hungry, just because it's the only enjoyment I have. I used to be skinny but now in my 30s I don't have that kind of youthful immunity anymore and noticed my face getting fuller and getting cramps when I sit improperly for longer periods. It sucks but I need the money.

Fasting for 5 years....

Your only on this planet once imagine not having a meal when you wanted one.

I'd rather die at 75 a few pounds overweigh having done what i wanted., rather than 95 with a restricted diet

It blows my mind that people make fasting 16 hours sound even remotely difficult. You could literally just eat between 10 am and 6 pm and make it work. That's an early snack/late breakfast, lunch, snack again, and then dinner at 6. How is that hard?

bread is a fine carb source it just shouldn't be your ONLY carb source.

Joe "change the way you feel" Rogan

The only downside to IF for 16+ hours is that when I do break my fast I crash for about an hour and then I’m back to sharp. Love the fasting lifestyle though.

OMAD for 5 months with Keto and lifting/cardio. Went from 390 to 320 today is April 4

Joe ‘eat bread in doses’ Rogan

But I thought it was bad for testosterone

My diet is mostly poverty based.

“Did cancer surgery” sounds legit

If you're watching this during the Coronavirus pandemic and thinking it's a wise strategy, Dr. Attia (above) mentioned in a separate video that he is advising his patients NOT do an extended fast (over 2 days) because that is roughly when the body produces cortisol, which weakens the immune system. Instead, he is suggesting just eating whole foods and limiting sugar (per usual). His recommendation at this time is driven by the fact that there is a lot about COVID-19 we still do not know. Hope this helps!

Did anyone try eating just one ingridient meals?

26 days left for Ramadan

This guys interview on Jocko podcast is amazing

I'm on hour 49. Just water. Pinch of salt. 23 hours to go.

Intermittent fasting, one meal per day, or just two within 6 hours gives your body a break from constantly manufacturering shit production..... and your body cleans up all of the unhealthy cells replacing them with new ones, too.

I'm skinny and don't want to lose weight but I want the other benefits. Should I do intermittent fasting?

I have uc so I only eat one meal a day 🙌

I fast for 4 days straight when I’m on meth.

I weigh 170lbs and i dont even try to fast it just happens. I didnt realize i was fasting

Should be called: Tom Morello explains the benefits of fasting

here is an article, for those interested in some deeper explanation / research:

Would eating pussy count as breaking the fast?

Once he said that he “feeds” I realized my man is on a whole different level.

haha nice hat.

I feel like Joe had more to say than the doctor about the benefits.

See these abs? Haven’t eaten a carb since 2004

I’ve been eating twice a day instead of three times. It’s surprising how efficient the body can get at eating 2/3 the normal amount of food. Saves money too.

He’s obviously doing something right, with the exception of that hat.

We Muslims do it every year in Ramadhan and let me tell you from my perspective the sharpness, energy and the emotional stability i feel during that month is incomparable and when we fast we do everything we don't just sit and wait we walk, run and do our usual daily business however we do it more intensely for spiritual reasons so my advice is to start slow but it's worth a try

I remember eating once

I read "fisting".

I hear that fasting impact ur motabolism?

Bro I thought this was tom morello from rage against the machine this whole time lmfao I'm like wtf when did tom morello become a doctor

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