Joe Rogan Experience #1246 - Pot Debate - Alex Berenson & Dr. Michael Hart

Alex Berenson is a former reporter for The New York Times and the author of several thriller novels and a book on corporate financial filings. His new book "Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence" is available now via Amazon. Dr. Michael Hart is the founder and medical director of Readytogo clinic, a medical cannabis clinic in London, Ontario, Canada.

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I couldnt watch the whole thing... it was like nails on a chalk board this guy

This guys a fucking Wackjob

Only thing thats scary about weed, is Depersonaliztion disorder. other then that, its fucking harmless. this guys an idiot

I hate when Joe calls himself a "moron"... he's a smart, articulate, passionate man... and a source of motivation!

I wonder how many kids have retrofitted a cigarette paper with the devil's lettuce.

How about them deadly ass peanuts they be selling in stores nobody wants to make those illegal they killed more people than weed

Lolll dude in the green sweater is a fckn narc

I smoke as a pain reliever, or more accurately, it makes it easier to deal with the stress caused from the pain.. I have back pain from an accident I was in. It's a pain that when it's hurting, it's honestly not terrible. However it is persistent and it really gets in your head. I can't concentrate. I work at home on the computer and it becomes extremely difficult to just sit still and focus. I have the tiniest bit of marijuana and it makes it feel about 80% more tolerable. I only have mild euphoric effect. I don't have any neurological issues related to it that I can tell.

I’m smoking weed while watching this, also considered a wake and baker, and even I’m upset they’re not letting Alex state his full points

this guy is stupid thc stays in your system way too long to get a proper count on the death pot is not a drug u idiot

Good debate

Joe rogan for president 2020

My Name is Alex and I love Marijuana. I'm The cooler Alex

Anytime anyone said anything counter towards this guy he says there data is just incorrect and wrong... this guy is peer bullshit one sided bullshit everything to oppose him is incorrect he says even if it’s the same sources just his numbers are accurate just him ... this guys a complete joke....

wait why is some unknown novel writer doing a pot debate with a qualified doctor

Whoa.. Just watched Joe talking about overregulation in CA vs. TX, and now I'm here listening to this shit.

I have to give respect to the author, regardless of whether or not I agree with him. He essentially had to debate two people here.

This argument can be done with every medication available today. Every medication has different effects on different people. People can be responsible with any medication and you have people that are irresponsible with everything that they do. That is there problem. If you know your body, you can tell what you should and shouldn't be doing. I happen to believe that cannabis is very beneficial to me. I am a responsible adult and can determine what helps me and what doesn't. I think tons of people will benefit from the legalization of cannabis. It is not for everyone, i do agree with that, but for the one's of us who benefit from it shouldn't have to worry about going to jail, or be forced to deal with criminals to get something that truly helps us. All that being said,some people are always going to abuse medication and others will use them to there benefit responsibility. Don't let that turn you against the legalization of cannabis,because people are going to do what they want. At least it can be in a friendly controlled environment and those of us that are not criminals will not be put in these terrible situations. Wake up America! Anything can be abused. Food is abused all the time and can kill you. Marijuana is not killing people. Be responsible and help fight for others that benefit from it. Let the people decide what they want to do for themselves. They are going to anyway. I should never be labeled as a criminal for smoking a joint everyday responsibly at my own home,but can be incarcerated for buying an ounce of Marijuana at a time just to avoid making many trips to an illegal drug dealer, fearing getting thrown in jail and possibly worse,for getting something that I feel has made me feel so much better. Sad world we live in. I could go on and on. Be responsible and do whatever you think helps you and the people around you. At least if Marijuana is legal, we can choose freely and not be put in dangerous situations. If you are against it, just don't do it,but leave the one's of us that do to do it comfortably.

Dude I four days and five nights in Arkansas in the mo back mountains at a festival called wakarusa taking acid candy flipping and the only thing that ever pulled me back to reality was the weed

That dude was definitely using meth he moved to New Mexico it's like the meth capital of the world meth makes you go schizophrenic I seen it my brother-in-law he wasn't able to smoke marijuana ever cuz it made him too paranoid then he started f**** shooting up meth and bath salts and now he's a full-blown schizophrenic it's not the weed buddy it's the meth

Marijuana doesn't cure cancer that's a bunch of bull you can be a doctor he's a disgrace

what u really need to worry about is anti depressants not pot

This guy writes for the NYT? Isn't that supposed to be one of the highest level source of news? Damn this is so embarrassing to watch and listen to.

"Peanuts kill"
This moment literally won Joe the whole debate 😂

11 year old pot smokers are likely to straight kill someone at 16, assuming they keep using pot, is not confounded by science, and should not have been said

I know people who will get psychotic breaks when they smoke or eat edibles. I definitely have. I still smoke but It’s not some “chill” drug and there are studies where smoking can mimic the same brain waves as someone with schizophrenia.

"Alex Berenson is a former reporter for The New York Times."

The one guy looks most like a pothead telling us not to smoke. Definitely sus


And Dave would smoke ya out.

Joe could literally kick yer kidney through yer asshole.

Joe smokes. Dave smokes/smoked. Ya know the difference?


Wow a book. What. MY Gramma needs opies. CANCER. PEOPLE with cancer its the worst. The things that help are just that. Lack of apite. Gramma has ta eat. Cbd. Cdbs. There are so/many benefits. 1 child isn't having seizures. Without pharmaceuticals.

Got so much less from this because of the talking over each other and rushed point-making. Those are TV habits. Come on now, we're better than that these days aren't we? 😂

are you serious? this guy obviously does not have kids. Premature sex and drug use is most definitely way more common now than in the 80s and 90s. Its extremely common, and mental health issues are also extremely common. the only thing that helped me with my mental health issues was pot because I have high ADHD and its the only way to calm me down, reduce depression and help reduce nightmares, I barely slept before I started using pot to help me sleep.

This dudes a fucking moron. Jesus hes an editor to the fullest extent. His wife is his accomplishment. He pushes in random directions... "I have to push back" idiot.

How about this doc. I have smoked weed all my life. I have friends and friends of friends who have never experienced the bullshit you are insinuating. Maybe I don’t have a PhD in bullish but I can observe like everyone else

social media starts to be popular in the same time mr berenson said that people between 18 to 25 reported serious psiquiatric problems and continue to increase. Its very stupid to say that that increase in mental illness is a product of marihuana consumption. There are other factors in play that cant be denied.

This guy against weed looks high as fuck

can i just say.... as a teenager i smoked weed on lunch break in highschool with my brother and boyfriend at the time. i let my imagination fuck me up and i had a panic attack and did land in the ER like a weirdo. I know exactly why and what happened, i grew up in a christian home believing in demons and that weed was from satan. Religion is the worst thing for a healthy developing brain, not weed imo. i gave it another shot when my new bf was an avid weed smoker. I was jealous i had to give it another shot, i had a new perspective i had my comfort zone it was all good. I started feeling anxious and worried then my ex boyfriend calmed me down, I was fine i ended up laughing my ass off about the dumbest shit for hours and having amazing sex. I am not a psycho or on any psychotic medicines and i dont need any, i think you read way into the data. Everyone is different.

On the Schizophrenia Europe “so called” hike I wonder if they took in account the internet and spike in I phones and stress on the brain. A lot of drastic changes happened and the country is more serious about mental health there, maybe people were wigging out.

How is this guy a doctor and doesn’t seem to recognize that correlation is not causation?

Ive been around people who get weird and sinister when they smoke they get schizophrenia and weird start thinking shit thats not there just making and seeing things in their head kush aint for everyone

Ive smoked weed regularly since I was a freshman in HS because my dad let me smoke and always had weed on him. I just quit last month and can already feel the difference in motivation and I’m less socially awkward. Weed affects people differently but in my case it made me very anxious. I used to wake n bake alot after highschool and like joe says it does ruin your life if you over use it. Im currently depressed right now because i wish i could go back and never smoke because i honestly feel like my life would be better right now. Weed makes me eat shitty food and does negatively affect your brain especially if you start when your brain isnt fully developed. I would recommend not smoking weed unless you need it for a medical reason or are already set in life.

It’s ALL ABOUT the DIFFERENT kind of STRAINS. That’s it. I smoke and I hate the new shit these days, gives me panic attacks!!!! I remember back in the day a dime bag, use to cost a dime!!!! 😂👏🏼👏🏼

The smoke from the cbd flower and thc bud is carcinogenic. There's not as many as tobacco. However there is a potential risk for cancer still. Smoking for 4 years now I worry about my long term health even though it's weed. My dad was a pothead too since he was 16. Unfortunately my dad passed away from bile duct cancer. A rare cancer. The reason he got that cancer is very unclear because at the time of my dads death the doctors thought he had a bad infection. The autopsy is the only indicator of cancer. Talking to the pathologist I asked him if my dad had substantial lung damage. I was afraid he might of had the vaping illness. He said that my dad's lungs were pretty clear except for metastasis to his lungs which had tumors. It's hard to determine what exactly caused the cancer. He had a kidney transplant and stents the previous year which suppresses the immune system. That is a possibility. Research is inconclusive because many people who smoke weed also smoke cigarettes and also mix tobacco with weed as well.

My whole family n I suffer from ptsd and weed (be it thc or CBD) Fucking helps. night n day difference.

god this dude just shuts down any valid evidence hes given. he curves information to fit an agenda, and while he makes decent points here and there he gives no concession that he doesnt double back on later. joe and the dr concede at multiple points but bring up more evidence... alex just talks— i wonder how dated a lot of his research is, because a lot of things he says sound fully inaccurate. if you cannot concede on your argument at valid points, you dont have a strong argument to begin with.

This guy saying most people on chemotherapy aren't nauseated is totally wrong. Love his novels but he is most definitely misinformed.

Soon as he said "i don't think marijuana is medicine" is when i knew he was dropped on his head as a baby

I've smoked for 40 years. Only 2 bad experiences. I think it was messed with. After that I grew my own. No problems. In fact it was too potent. Lol.


What a bunch of bullshit what person gets high for two weeks off a vape , a narcissist that's who !

Wake and bake is awesome. Joint and coffee. You will get crap done...

Alex Berenson (former NYT journalist) in Feb. 2019: Social media doesn't give people sychosis.
Me scrolling past 20 world is ending news articles on Facebook before I see a single friend's status update in Oct. 2020: huh

Nothing more sorry than an outspoken resistor who really only has his personal opinion and cherry picks information to dilute real facts. all to support his Old School agenda which is utterly flawed and resistant because lets face it, they think they know everything (God Complex). I think he's really just upset that a doctor can be right and still be good looking like smh old people wcyd ?

seemingly closed minded and strict to the old school way of thinking of science and it's be all end all" attitude. this Doctor has a very resistant mindset and thinks that he has the dominant view point of everything according to "Science"... of yesteryear. dude needs to smoke a joint.

You need to consider when a product like alcohol has had a century plus of branding, elitist positioning, pubs, bars, and also only relief for the poor. Billions of dollars of revenue & also total integration of alcohol with sports, entertainment, music and socialising. Finally government revenue is addicted to alcohol as much as the drinkers. Marijuana legalisation is very recent and over decades with proliferation of product variables, branding and more documentation will reveal the real results. The main push for legalisation of anything that is an intoxicant or has recreational usage, is to eliminate the criminal activity that generates huge profits & corrupts the system when it is banned. Alcohol prohibition and banning marijuana usage has generated huge revenues for crime syndicates which spread out globally & created criminals of innocent victims. Legalisation is almost like a surrender to rein in crime.

My 👏 Man 👏 Said : "maybe you're gonna live to be 300. Whoop de doo. The universe is infinite."

This alex character is full of shit ...go fuck yourself buddy

good debate , however i felt alex jumped to conclusion and highly simplified the factors that result in the onset of schizophrenia and psychosis , alcohol is the only gateway drug ive never buned a spliff and called in the albo's for a 0.5

Why are all these educated marijuana debaters ignoring yes mazing effects cannabinoids have on Crohn's disease as well? I keep hearing seizures and cancer oh, and I would assume geez three men that are educated enough to be able to successfully have love constructive debate about marijuana would have at least done a little research, and hopefully even brought notes to make sure no important speaking points would be on addressed. This is an extremely important subject, and should be treated as such. America has always been known as the land of the free, but educated adults are still sent to prison multiple times a day in this country 4 ingesting "illegal narcotics". The dangerous old world approach 2 solving a narcotic pandemic in this country is approached as if it would be the end of big Pharma when that could not be further from the truth. The states that have adopted legalizing marijuana recreationally have taxed marijuana unprecedentedly to the point it's the price on marijuana what happened to be $20 do not be surprised when you get to the register and the total can be anywhere in between $55 + $80. The reason for the high taxes is because he did not know if the money they would make of the taxation of recreational marijuana would be equivalent to the money they would be loose in arrests, fines, probation, parole, and incarceration. They are now able to see proof of funds. This is far from a new idea. Matter of fact there are studies in other countries that legalized all narcotics have you experienced a 40% decrease in crime, and that's not counting the massive Medical benefits of some narcotics. So by my math that would be proof-of-concept, proof of funds and most importantly proof that the legalization of all narcotics will benefit our entire country. And don't even get me started on the countless uses hemp, and the countless benefits of CBD. we need to get our shift together as a country. Flat out...

This Alex guy is an absolute joke.

That man lied about the active metabolie in thc in blood tests there usually low meaning that that person did t smoke the day if whatever happened to him/her lying ass

If Joe's premise is correct and social media is the true evil that's doing all the damage to society and yet cannabis use and potency have both dramatically increased over the last few years right along with social media... and it's done literally nothing to mitigate the symptoms then either marijuana isn't doing anything positive to alleviate the new wave of Soc. Med. related symptoms and it's not a valid medicine; or the effects of social media are so detrimental to the human and would at least be abolished immediately. 🤣

Dr Mushmouth doesn't understand the difference between CBD and Dank Nuggies. Dude is wack.

Guys like this should really mind their own damn business.

Wow this anti doc isn't answering many questions. He must be squirming

There is no coralation ... here are the sources. "No I don't trust them. Here are the sources they sourced. No no no ... they are wrong." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Who else high watching this?

I'm someone with PTSD and anxiety and weed let me go outside again.

I smokef a bunch. Organic weed though. Started at 14 thru to 25. Sometimes a lot, like gosh 😅 from 26 to now at 38 I've not smoked or taken any since then. I basically agree with jr on this. I wish my job allowed for me to enjoy it now. Any substance use requires discipline. Use not abuse or misuse.

My former best friend became schizophrenic when he had almost unlimited access to weed. He seriously believes he's the legitimate king of Bavaria now and a lot of other ridiculous things. Used to be a banker, smart guy but tragic family history. I think the weed pushed him over the edge. His few remaining friends (including me) managed to get state support for him so he wouldn't end up on the street, but there's no legal way to get him into treatment if he he doesn't go voluntarily or is a threat to himself or others (European country). I used to be a pot head myself for 10 years which I wish I wouldn't have wasted. Cannabis may be a medicine, but it's also mind altering drug, especially with todays available potencies. And the mind is a truly powerful thing. You can end up believing virtually anything.

this man is a textbook example of a schmuck.

I mean, I'm not sure what his real argument is here. I mean, alex was respectful, and stood his ground. But he knows he is not right. I mean, if marijuana Is helpful. Why Is he so against it. Like, he doesnt make sense.

smoking weed watching this

He wrote a click bait book lol , he went home and smoked a blunt , for the stress of his lies.

Yall I’m sorry but I’ve taken lots of edibles, for me personally I take like 150-200 mgs and I feel high... but I would not compare it to a psychedelic lol

Thc has been proven to be an anti epileptic period. We all know it slows your brain function ergo thc can help the over firing of Enron’s I know I’m one of them cbd by itself doesn’t help

There was a infant in Colorado roughly 2008-10 died from mom giving infant a thc cookie

Let’s get real, all pharmaceutical companies have two test groups, ok , what they do tell you is they test all over the world until untill until they fin a test group that gives them a positive result, understand and there is no law about this. So 90 test were bad but tge one test they turn in is good fda says drug approval, it’s all trial and error that’s why they are called practice we are practicing on you. Duh 😒

Let’s make some test that zero in on the effects of all drugs, without political or financial gains by those testing. Remember the 1914 Harrison drug act was motivated by a greedy tree farmer by himself. Who stopped the evolution of our own consciousness by himself for a 100 years

Catch the drift


This dude would really give his kid alcohol instead of weed. What bull shit artist

Oh man was wish Joey Diaz was there

Watch carefully. 2:09:40 alex makes weird facial expressions an is rude to joe. An taking to him self this guy is weird fr fr

It’s social media not weed

I think we should just give this man a bag of weed. An let him come back in a week an have a discussion with him an joe.This is sad to watch this mans argument

8:52 is it Joe “yup, uhu, yeah” Rogan agreeing with the arguments protecting weed, or is it just me?

Yes hes right kids are less likely to be passed out drunk because of social media now

Dude didn't even bring a book for Joe? Yea nah man try again? 2020?

So Alex is just very motivated to use dubious "studies" and anecdotes to push his agenda ... and his argument that canabis is more dangerous than nuts is just showing how much of a nut he is.
2:09:40 - just very carefully watch him laugh and the switch into this psycho look on his face, this guys is truly a nutter !

alex berenson wrote a book using onesided data and partial info to create controversy and make a few bucks. You disgust me mr berenson.

Idk how I'm just seeing this. I have enjoyed the intensity of the conversation but I REALLY think that there may have been better understanding between you three if there had first been a clear, uniform definition of "violence" laid out beforehand.

Man... this research war is getting to a point where nobody knows whats real... So much conflicting data all around us... Science is fucked..

I have been using cannabis for years to help me with my sleeping issues and I have really bad nightmares. I only smoke after work or before I go to bed. It does very well for me.

Heroin doesnt exist to Dr. Michael hart... weed is the root of ALL EVIL!!!!!
Its a plant spirit that possesses you and gives you mental illness....
its Direct correlation...
Of what?

I dont know...

Now what if the increase of mental illness has to do with worldwide nuclear weapons testing through the 90s to 2010 .... Think about that shit for a sec