Joe Rogan Experience #1275 - Luis J. Gomez

Luis J. Gomez is a stand up comedian and producer. He's part of the Legion of Skanks and also co-hosts "Believe You Me" podcast with Michael Bisping. His new special "Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez" is now available for download.

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Lol gay guys and women’s analogy of straight men feeling like women.

Too much material there.

28:00 isn’t it amazing listening a couple years ago, 2018.
“Immigration issues” Has nothing to do with borders and imaginary lines as it does legally/illegally and what you’re benefitting from as an immigrant or illegal immigrant that others naturals born citizens don’t benefit from.

So yes, the little I care for someone like Trump, can’t deny his stance is correct almost completely.
If you don’t understand “the issue” it’s no ones fault but yours.

Real ass Luis j Gomez

2:24:00 pretty on the nose to Rogans latest "trouble"

Luis is a fighter and couldn't tell you where a person's liver is?

this is so fucking crazy to watch on 9/10/2020. luis j gomez just killing the game like a natural pro. clearly the next level of evolution as joe just got his 100mil from spotify which they spookily predict lol. luis j gomez is brilliant like nobody knows.

Luis needs a million views on this finally

Luis j is sexy asf


Go go ga ga gomez

“Usually I just have the audience turn on that person” poor big jay

Luis is a Pro!

I find it hilarious the Joe kept making hip hop references after Luis said he doesn’t listen to any hip hop lmao

The conversation about people hitting their head and dying just reminded me that I passed out mid piss on a Glasgow side street one. Fortunately I fell on my face. And shoulder. And elbow. And knee.

The shame is, Luis is so much more naturally funny than Joe.
But LOS doesn't get the followers.

Luis: here's a funny comedian.
Joe: here's a story about my dead dog........

Joe might be the worst person to interview comedians.

Little did he know he'd be moving and become Spotify Joe

Fucking R.A.D ✊

Fuck you Luis yall,
Clap clap
Fuck you Louis.


Who's Nate Bargatze? Lol

Luis j 🤙

Damn life was so simple last year. I hate this new timeline.

woah didnt realize how much joe loves his dog

Fuck you luis y’all, fuck you luis!

52:19 & 2:05:09 Rogan's Bostonian accent slipped out lol

you know whats annoying ??? this chubby fuck thinking his opinion on anything mma is valid..... he fought ONCE on a less than amateur card, then gained 50 LBS.... fat fuck

If only Joe would have known Michael Yo was going to have covid a year from this podcast, he could have told us about it...

The guys very unlikable Mike Can definitely use a different co-host if any.
Just skip to #1276

Lou Gomes is trash.

Joe “Spotify doesn’t hide their podcasts behind a paywall” Rogan.
Less than a year before Joe moves his podcast to Spotify and hides it behind a pay wall

Joe “Spotify is buying all these companies for 100’s of millions of Dollars” Rogan

Funny to relisten and hear this

Baby boy! So stoked for this one. Luis J is my most unlikely favorite piece of shit ever. LJG=2020.

8:59 ... tim dillon the street fighter

Anyone who made it through the first two weeks of wrestling practice in a real wrestling high school without quitting in the 90s is no pussy. There were no tryouts because 2/3 quit the first week lol.

Luis got his ass kicked by Jeremiah what a bitch.

Who’s here after this dude kicked Big Jay in the face? 🤣😂

Whoa dis dude not funny....this booking beneath you sellout Rogan

Legions of skanks RAINS COMEDIC THUNDER over Joes boreing ass hippie ramble

“Luis Gomez” stings the ears

1:13:43 Swamp people RJ and Jay Paul are my people. Houma Nation

Bring Luis back

why is this happening?

Luis J. Gomez Dont forget the J, Bitch!

I like Luis + Joe more than Luis + LOS: they're always bashing him way too much on his own show

The only jre that didn't break a million....

Also GSP got beat up by captain America in winter soldier

Believe you me!!! Best MMA podcast! Luis J + 'the count' Mike Bisping!!!

The Latino Joe Rogan

Damn this video was the first one my feed today and I thought it was released today!!

used to not like Luis - but damn he's legit. Powerful LOS

Why’s rogan such a dick to luis...Gomez is fucking hilarious

Luis is the shining light of comedy. Fuck anyone saying anything different.

"Lid J Gomez. Why do you like the gay?" - Joe Rogan

Hey guys Joe rogan podcast check it out.

If Bulleit was a person it would be Luis J Gomez. It will never not be rough, but you learn to appreciate it

I still cannot believe that this podcast started with J. Gomez

Luis a INTJ in disguise. Can see it in the quiet moments.

Fuck you Luis y'all, fuck you Luis! 😁

Gomez is a moron, he completely misunderstood what Patrice was saying about women

2:03:28 transfat 😭🤣

This Luis guy seems like a real ass dude.

Luis is one of the most honest people ever

Joe, “I’ll show you where you liver is at” Rogan

Luis J Gomez truly is the East Coast Joe Rogan. However, luis is funnier and more likeable

Damn. This Louis J fella is like a real ass dude.

Luis J! Gomez

" I got beat up in the 6th grade by an African kid named BUBA TUNDE and - " @1:33:14

Fun fact: In Yoruba the word "Buba" translates to "father" and "Tunde" translates to "returns".

Too bad Bubatunde never returned, that sounded like a great story. Thanks Joe.

Won't even take 5 mins to learn the guy's name

Won't Joe STFU???
5 mins in, and he's still talking his usual nonsense.

"I feel like the Belle of the ball for one day" 🤣🤣

I love ya Joe but for fucks sake shut the fuck up and let the skank speak! Love ya Joe but gosh damn man!

Immigration: Joe: "Like caged animals". Me: "Then come to this country legally", "proof of illegal immigrants mistreatment?"

Fucking love this piece of shit. 1 thousand cunts disliked this

If we built prisons for illegals who shouldn’t be over here in the first place, that would be tax dollars literally being thrown away. People who disagree with illegal immigration (which tbh EVERYONE should) would be outraged that their money is being spent on people that should not be here to begin with. I honestly don’t give a shit how cruel it is. Come here legally or face the consequences. We have laws for a reason. Without them, we’re not a country.

When joe said "hit a vein" it made me feel worse and better at the same time.
Because i'm sick.

This needs a million views

Luis J. Gomez is the anti Joe Rogan.

Can you believe Nicole Arbour punked this Puerto Rican?

St. Rogan needs to have the dawg Shane Gillis on the cast.

56:13 I got thrown to the wolves at a boxing gym. I’d done mma for about 10 years previously but was very wrestling/grappling heavy and I wanted to work on my boxing. Every time I went to spar, one of the coaches picked me every single round. To this day I’m convinced I got my nose broken 3x in 3 sparring sessions. And this happened through my winning headgear with the face bar. I ultimately learned nothing and decided fuck that, back to mma 😂😂😂

Get this man BACK on JRE
Lotta success coming his way

Luis spills a drink. Haven't seen that before. 😂

I didn't like Gomez until he got the mustache and the yellow glasses... I don't know why

Joe strangely annoyed and passive aggressive about people succeeding using deception. Hmm...

But what happened with Bubatoombe?

The Luis Gomez intro what a power move lmfao the disrespect

Louis > Joe

If anyone likes him check out legion of skanks

Ppl shit on Luis. He isn't as good improv comedy as Jay or like Nick Mullen for example but just as far as keeping an interesting convo abd setting up potential bits, he is awesome.

Where's the funny guy? Back in England?

Luis J. Gomez. Are you really that stupid? Yes. Yes he is.

Luis is pathetic

Luis J Gomez > Joe Rogan

Luis Gomez..... with a J. What a pussy.

Joe "BBQ Chips" Rogan

1:15:10 there is this video of kids hanging out near the alligator infested waters (theres like 3 or so) its a swampy area in florida i believe but check it out on youtube this tough fearless cat keeps the alligators in line..they are afraid of the cat its hilarious cuz this cat hits them with its claws if they get too close to the people and the kids. Its worth a watch.CAT vs GATOR ... I love cats. Talk about monsters

Love this guy

Such a great episode, brendan schaub ahould be replaced with louis