Joe Rogan Experience #1276 - Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, syndicated columnist, and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. His new book "The Right Side Of History" is available now everywhere.

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If you cant tell that you got here by choice or by not your choice then does it matter?

Growing up around drug addicts and criminals bang became trying to un learn this life just now and im 31 sad and guess what im that guy thats 31 and never did shit ... i quit smoking 4 months ago and drinking

joe rogan has a good heart

joe proves you can have a good heart without being in a religion

Joe "Moses smoked DMT" Rogan

Another flaw in Ben’s argument:.. he is able to separate religious marriage from secular marriage, yet he won’t attend a secular gay marriage for religious reasons. I’d love to challenge his position on that as well.

If you believe in an omniscient god, I’m not sure how you can believe in sin. A god creates me, puts me in an environment/conditions where he knows exactly how I’ll turn out, then is going to punish me forever for it? Makes no sense. If that’s your god, he’s not a loving one. I do believe in God, just not the one religion tells me about.

I wish they had this conversation after YouTube's CEO said videos that contradict the W.H.O. will no longer be tolerated.

Mad respect for Ben Shapiro, however I would have asked him why a gay man remaining single is more “productive” (his word) than marrying another man. I have had 2 serious long term relationships with men... both relationships triggered massive personal growth and the second actually spurred a gut-wrenching spiritual crisis that brought me to my knees and has changed my life in countless ways. I think Ben needs to expand his definition of what is “productive” to include spiritual growth. And being challenged in a relationship doesn’t require the opposite sex.

1:17:28 was the hardest I've laughed in a while. He speaks the truth

Who else was waiting for Joe to ask about the spiritual nature of DMT?

Ben Shapiro is funded by fracking billionaires the Wilkes brothers, his views can be bought and paid for.

Ben and Joe should have a child. The first true unbiased perspective ever. A civilized conversation for an uncivilised time. 2020 now and I'd kill for a convo like this. From politics to gaming to sports. I can't remember the last time I had a true conversation with someone. And it's a two way street I know even I have changed and lent certain ways on certain topics. Was going to finish this with a smart ass comment but now I'm sad tbh. Member when people were people and not their ideals, sex, race,politics and gender? I do. I think it was 6th grade when I was more worried bout yu hi oh, school holidays and keeping my sister's outta my room. And when half life 3 would be coming out? Lol. We wonder why women are not happy and guys retreat into sports and shooting games where they can swear, be dirty unfiltered ( not always good) and be Macho. World is gone to shit and we all to blame. Go out find someone who disagrees with you and hug them don't even say a disasive word and just enjoy a story from someone who has walked a different path. Cause no matter what we all have our story and hardships and heartaches. If everyone was 10% nicer everyday that would be the greatest change in the last couple decades I think. On the off chance you read my ramblings drop a hello : )

2:06:32 Wait, Joe just says he believes people have some sort of... "soul". Is that not "religious"? I think the word has multiple meanings and he's switching it back and fourth at his own convenience.

When he says he's not religious he means he doesn't have religious practices (although even that isn't ENTIRELY true). Yet he does believe in some kind of spiritual something, which is exactly the same as the "superstition" of true believers of a religion. In the end when he says he's not religious he's drawn an arbitrary line in the sand that he hasn't explained very well.

Anybody else do a neck snapping double take when Ben said "Fuck"? I was like Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse Meeeeeeeeee?

I don't give a damn what people do, but Pot smokers are losers..........LOL.........I have seen a bunch of them that are just floating around like lost turds. I smoked that crap from 9-23. So, I know its not a good thing for the human mind. Buts its no worse than alcohol, that is for losers too. Any crutch is for losers.

But if you want to do it, I am all for it, as long as you don't share it with kids.

"I try not to get into doctrinal insanity, I wear a funny hat all day" you've gotta love this guy

"I got my religious marriage certificate which was very important to me because it meant I could shtook my wife"

Rotard would love Shapiro. They're equally dimwitted. But they absolutely deserve a platform. How else would I get to bust their balls?

I wonder if he will admit he was wrong when it comes out James Gunn is revealed as a Pedophile? #pizzagate #fallofthecabal #outoftheshadows

This may have been the most interesting and satisfying podcast I've ever seen/listened to- two great minds with incredible communication skills, with two unique and sometimes clashing perspectives, having a civil, rational, and honest conversation over a wide range of low and high level topics. Awesome stuff, keep it coming.

Great interview to watch!

"And then five seconds later he was droning people.". DAAAAMN!

Swedish redistribution system 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Yeah that will ruin the economy... Sweden is doing pretty well financially...

And has more billionaires per capita than anywhere else in the world... Fn commies 😂😂

🤣🤣🤣USA greatest 😂🙄 not fn even close......

Socialist democrat countries creates 🤣objectively better societies for average Joe.. Hands down in comparison to USA.. We have more individual freedom, higher press freedom index, happier people, longer life expectancy, more educated citizens.less violent cultures, least corruption, more upward movement on economical ladders .. Objectively better countries in almost every sense of the word

Benefits provide a level of comfort and art rarely if ever comes from comfort

At around 1 hour and 35 minutes, Ben wrongly quotes the Talmud

At least one part of morality is based on the comparison between doing good vs. wrong. I consider myself an agnostic with high moral standards. Those standards have been developed after comparing how it feels to act both ways. They're not some kind of deal with some God in order to get somewhere or avoid punishment. True morality only exists when it's in exchange for nothing. Morality following some doctrine is selfish business.

Joe, saying homosexuality is a sin is just like saying gluttony or alcoholism is a sin. As Ben said, most who believe such things are a sin believe that everyone, including themselves, sins fairly often. The main distinction in the case of homosexuality is that while most people would consider gluttony "bad", and hence considering it a sin isn't strange, there are many who don't think homosexuality is bad. Is this a point against such religions? Well, probably yes if you are a homosexual. That never meant the religion was wrong, it only means you don't believe in it, or not all of it.

Then different religions have different degrees of flexibility. It varies between something as specific as catholicism, which has a human that can dictate anything within the religion (making it more of a nationality or club than a religion) to something as vague as protestantism, which usually roughly takes the Bible, especially the new testament, as a source of authority. There is no requirement of human authority whatsoever. It was formed as a rejection of human authority. You could take some version of protestantism and bend it to allow homosexuality and still consider yourself a Christian, believing that Christ died to save you from sin, but many who declare themselves to be a part of the group read certain passages about sexual immorality at most vague and homosexuality specifically as being authoritative, and they will reject that combination. Personally I don't believe that a homosexual person cannot be a Christian, but I think such a person who thinks homosexual acts are not sinful is confused.

On a legal level, when someone complains that a church will not accept them as some form of staff or faculty because they are a homosexual, it's no different from a women's club not accepting a male as an employee. The organization should be allowed to operate in a way that its owners see fit, and members are free to stay or leave as they wish.

You may believe something but it's not "your" belief if it's been fed on you. If you make up your own beliefs, fine, but what Ben follows is a pre-designed doctrine, not his own personal belief. Like that funny hat would ever be his choice.

The latest film about THEIR PLAN ..💉
Please watch and share before it’s taken down again.

If only the rest of the world could discuss, disagree and compare ideas like Joe and Ben

Ok, so Joe, and Ben would let James Gunn watch their kids?

1:18:00 The internet (predominantly) newly created this "problem". 200 years ago music was strictly live, plays were strictly live, and porn/sex were strictly live (eh, other than paintings). It is questionable whether this access to recorded media is net beneficial or actually detrimental (obviously there are both good and bad things about it).

1:16:59 "Yeah but that puts people in relationship prison."

Preach it. Nobody owes you anything when you do something stupid. There's a right course of action, which is to own the mistake, and there's a wrong course of action, which is to run away from it. FAR better to be in relationship prison with some dummy who you had a kid with than with the government who pays your bills. The government should not offer to own people, it shouldn't be in that business. People (especially kids) will not worry about mistakes unless they know there are big consequences. Having a kid is the most adult thing an ordinary person can do, and we should not be making the adult part of that optional.

When talking about a massive decrease in jobs due to automation, you also need to consider the massive cost drop in producing goods. Automation will replace human workers only when it makes things cheaper. If things are cheaper, people do not need as much income, and that changes the numbers pretty substantially.

48:36 he explains not so much left vs. right wing, but the definition of a progressive vs. a conservative. It's very important to understand that the better a society gets, the less important and more dangerous progressive-ism is; the less important change is, and the more harm change can bring.

This is why progressives should not only expect, but welcome heavy critique and resistance to their ideas. Most new ideas thrown out cause far more harm than the best ideas could cause good when a society has come as far as the majority of the US has.

Every form of substance abuse has a bullshit excuse behind it Man up

Ben sharpio is a extremeley reasonable guy. Great guy.

OMG - what an arrogant snot-nose.

Great fuckin interview! Last statements rockcked!!

When I was 16 I was a chimp😂😂😂

One religion doesn't believe in Jesus. Another religion base theirs on the old testament instead of Jesus. 10 other religions or basics of Christianity , believe Jesus died and rose again , and put heir faith in him. Always wondered if people would have a different belief if they were raised in a different family , place or time.

Ben doesnt want to partake in marijuana because when he runs for president it might make him look bad

Religion is backward and Shapiro gives dishonest reply on its deficiencies ,in the name of honesty,most lefties don't like religion their right On that,wrong about most things but this correct,we would do better if we ditched God and religion

"Alt right host invites alt right racist nazi leader onto show"-Twitter 2019

1:07:12 This one is easy, Ben – If you're on disability then you have to continually prove to the government that you're 'unfit' to work [thereby continually re-establishing the fact or fiction of your disability in order to meet eligibility], so the conditionality of the policy keeps people in poverty. With Andrew Yang's UBI, it's not means-tested; therefore, you're giving people the freedom to choose where the funds go, which it cultivates a social fabric from the bottom-up because, as opposed to the federal government deciding what should institutions be prioritized in all communities, people use the funds to improve their lives, either by investing it in their households or donating it into their communities.

The economy reflects the decentralized interests of the people within a community, instead of the decisions of a centralized government. Do people have to give it to their communities? No. Can people use it on substances? Yes. Is that what people tend to do?? Consider these empirics from Ontario's UBI results:

Alcohol and tobacco consumption decreased during the pilot, with more than half of the respondents reporting cutting back on tobacco or quitting altogether, 48.1% begin volunteering in their communities for the first time on a regular basis. 75.7% of recipients used their basic income to engage in more fulfilling activities, such as gardening or learning a musical instrument. 69% were able to spend more time with their loved ones. 72.6% of recipients reported using their basic income to devote more time to unpaid personal interests, such as caretaking, raising a child, advocating for social causes, seeking education, or running for office. #YangGang

Single motherhood is not going away. There is young women that are born in generations of single motherhood and have kids from many partners, and just believe in pro creating. By the way, these are females where the whole family is against abortion and welcome the children. It has to do with education I guess. The children have a fair shot like anybody else, if they don’t get caught up on drugs, and gangs, etc. thanks to our welfare system.

Drugs are fun!

The drugs conversation went on way way too long

I am an hour in and I hear solutions being offered from both sides. Unless though there is something bigger what’s the point? Here is the problem with Atheism, it believes that nothing created everything. Our lives as far as society goes will have a generation that will remember us but will our grandchildren’s children? Nope.... It’s all over and you’re forgotten to quickly. The Bible was written by many eye witness accounts which is the same standard we use today to prosecute crime. How often does it get dismissed because it’s old? Did Christopher Columbus discover Americain? Did he exist at all? By that standard are we even here now. Other than being old and easy to dismiss because people may not think it’s relevant the Bible is fact as we define it today. Going back to the idea of “what’s the point”, you were created as an eternal being that will live forever. You were created for his Glory. There is no drug of any kind that compares. The basic story of the New Testament is that Jesus (son of God) came to give us a way to get to Heaven that who ever believes in him and accepts his gift of salvation shall have it. Knowing that we can’t get there on our own but only through Jesus.

The left is getting more and more bitchy and fucking annoying.

Honestly, when it comes to apologies, I even tell my kids that I'm not even interested in apologies, I'm interested in seeing improvement. I might be a cold bastard, but I really never understood being "sorry" for anything. The only way to recover from a bad move is improvement, to do better, to heal or to mend.
For the record, I'm trying to learn this human trait, but it ain't easy, cause I still don't understand what it means to do something bad and heal it with a magical spell called "I'm so sorry" ... Some things I'll probably never understand to a 100% before I leave this life.

see guys this is why the right and the left should team up Trump Bernie 2020

Dude Walks in to the welfare office and rolls out a wad:) lol

It's sad that people justify their use of drugs... God didn't put drugs in this world. People did, if Marijuana had medicinal benefits let the Ill use it but when people that are not ill abuse it then it becomes a drug. You think God wants us to use drugs in order to be in contact with Him? That's what prayer is for, so we can be in contact with out creator.

2:21:13 Ben Shapiro says the F word

What is hypocritical about Ben is that when you think differently from him, you are wrong and he is right and he tries to debate you to make you look wrong. But, he gets upset if someone else disagrees with his ideology. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24:00 I extremely agree, decriminalization on almost everything. Tax MOST of it, offer business licenses, and spend it on education of drugs and positive prevention. At the same time it would extremely cripple the cartel but, not kill it sadly.

58:04 [feminists trigger warning :) ]

This is the time of technological wonders being common place, we live in an age where impossibilities are an endangered species

I ate some marijuana cake before twice actually and it was profound I feel as if I could continue my ideas to my friends in the room just by thinking deeply and vividly about what I wanted to tell them and it was real. That’s the reason I’m going more into neuroscience after I complete my Bs in psychology

Marijuana enhances the executive functions

Amazing interview, I hope people come away from this with a better perspective

So I was drunk asf on friday and man I had no money so I couldn’t get a cab. Then I realized that Ben was in town. Called that bitch 6 times and he didn’t fucking answer.

As a 16 year old, please don’t lower the voting age, we’re retarded

When talking about weed and DMT, Joe should have hit him with the ego argument.
The fact that having at least done weed or DMT one time makes you more vulnerable and checks your ego.
It is absolutely a fact and the world would be a far far better place if everyone did some kind of drug like that at least once.
It makes you realize your place in the grand scheme of things and makes you a more compassionate person.
This is something that is not at all debatable.
And this is something that hardcore straight-edge people do not believe a lot of the time. Guaranteed Shapiro doesn't believe this. Because of the stigma of "drugs=bad".
One big thing that is the problem of dosage. People smoke way too much weed and apparently Joe says the same is true for DMT. You only need a small amount to get the long term positive effects.

"did he get butthurt? no pun intended"


joe rogan is a wchill

2X speeking :D Lgnd, nxt lvl :D

"I like reality and I like living in it", says the religious fan. I find it mind-boggling how such an intelligent person can be, even slightly, religious.

Jew Rogan Experience

32:20 Not even Joe takes mormons seriously LOL

Sounds like Shapiro wants to pick and choose who's going to get welfare based on how they're going spend the money. Like most conservatives he assumes the worst in people. Liberals assume the best in people.

"don't be evil" disappeared when Google became the parent company Alphabet... They possibly changed it because they started planning the release of Covid19 to start their world domination #tinfoilhat

To the part about kids blaming their parents for the bad crap they do because that's how they were raised... I call bull$hit. I was raised on welfare with my mother able to work and all of the step dad's able to work, my real father was in prison for 2nd degree murder, who I didn't even know existed or meet until I was 14, but most including my mother were either alcoholic or drug addicts, I love my mother dearly but I learned what not to do by watching what she did and she tended to blame her mom and so on. However I promised myself I would never be ok with living on welfare or my children being embarrassed having to be on welfare. It pushed me harder to make sure I didn't end up in the same situation, I did drop out of school but I did get my GED 3 years before I would have graduated though, and started my nursing career at 16 by being a candy striper in a nursing home, back when they still had those lol made it to nurse wanted to be doctor but I screwed up my back so bad I couldn't continue so I went and got my real estate agent license, and I was a divorced single mom of 3, all same dad, all me and my siblings have different dad's and nothing wrong with that if certain situations require it, but I really tried to only marry once but anyway I was working 2 jobs while trying to get that off the ground but I was paycheck to paycheck and that doesn't work so I became an environmental engineer and loved my job so much. And tried to make sure to teach all my kids to respect themselves and do there best and they all have done great things, college and some military great jobs and married and happy. The contrast in just 1-2 generations is amazing depending on your train of thought in my humble opinion. Sorry rant over lol

It’s refreshing to hear a calm, rational conversation.

Shapiro SHOULD have a tilt at POTUS 2024...I know I know he looks 19...but he is 36....

Listening to the two Ben Shapiro appearances on JRE back to back, and they're almost carbon copies with regards to the gay marriage conversation. Joe and Ben both have their shtick down

There’s something about Ben (and Jordan) that brings out the best in Joe as a conversationalist and interviewer. With these guys, Joe doesn’t get lost in his usual meanderings, or trip over himself with interruptions, or appear tone deaf. I love Joe, don’t get me wrong. But let’s be real, he flies off the rails sometimes (especially when interviewing women). It has to be that these guys are such intellectual heavyweights, he brings his clearest, most thought-through and balanced self. Really great interview.

The audio is low on this :(

Women make men better......bahaha

Ive been living of va disability for almost ten yrs. Aside from being a nice guy, and trying to raise children to be good, well rounded members of society, i havent contributed shit since i discharged. No art or hobbies that benefit others. Havent even furthered my education. So i dunno where the fuck that.... Andrew yang? Gets that idea. Im a smart, motivated guy too. So the idea that someone who isnt even smart enough to STOP having kids, or motivated enough to get some kind of work, when they are already fully dependent on the wellfare teet is just naive and misguided.

I was just telling someone the other day that they shouldnt be able to charge ppl with crimes as an adult until theyre in their mid 20s.

We have free will power, capability, energy, potential and all the rest, but when you say we have free will I think you are saying we put it all together and produce a situation or arrangement of or as our perception dictates. Isn’t that a stretch?

joe telling a guy who is ge-noc-iding the wh-ite ra-ce, what a great guy he is.

7:45, 8:10 how we ended up with donald trump

I'm a Jew and I would never hate on another Jew but all this self ritous if a concervative Jew or Christian is talking advantage of the citizens because they believe the officials aren't so worldly and have no problem contuing to take advantage of the masses because they go along with the leaders and they justify there super greed this is the best one I wanted to help but they didn't qualify it blows my mind how they claim any kind of obedience to God and continuously make exusees for so called entitlements and any act of charity and will ignore the law under if we help them it wil enable them well I can't do it because God gave me such great insight and discernment so when the so called over respected fakes who are opressing with approval of judging i do it for myself because I know God expects it

You can be a naive little weasel and gain a following for your opinion, so long as you talk fast enough

Living proof why religion has mo place in the modern world

I've listened to this stooge a few times. He supports Trump no matter what Trump does or says.

Shapiro's insistence that America's social safety net is better than it's ever been is full-on bizarre. Gingrich and Clinton 'end(ed) welfare as we know it' in 1996, and it's been suffering constant attempts by conservatives and liberals alike to chip away at it. There are 3rd world countries with better healthcare than us, and it's the only place on the planet where a university degree costs as much as a small house.

Ben Shapiro is a fuckin moron

One of your best interviews... TOP 5 for sure!

Shapiro for President

Need another one

An acid trip is not necessarily a pleasant experience that makes you happier lol. Ben acts like it's some incredible high when in reality it makes you face the reality of your mortality and you have an existential breakdown. It's a lot of fucking work and it is no shortcut.