Joe Rogan Experience #1277 - Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece is a world-renowned athlete, TV personality, New York Times bestselling author, and model. Together with her husband Laird, they launched a new all-encompassing fitness program called XPT.

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it was a wonderful conversation. Inspiring, honest, you can feel such a love vibe. Toda <3

one of my favorite podcasts that i love revisiting. such a thoughtful and entertaining conversation

After being hooked on this for 2.5 hours...
Joe: That was great.
Gabby: Was it?

You can’t not like this woman. So funny, smart in so many areas and doesn’t think too much of herself. Thought the other positive comments might have been hyped but they weren’t. She’s great.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Jamie- I’m busy

Lol love him

2nd time watching this episode because of her

Gabby, thank you for being so aware.

Hurrican Andrew leveled Kaui however we lived our lives like normal if we ignored the tourist money we lost.

I keep coming back to this. Still think this is one of the best guests ever on the show.

This is the type of woman that would make me reconsider my thoughts on marriage, I would just have to lock her down cause that’s a woman not the bitches I’m used to

7:30: I am a man who likes to decorate...and I'm a homosexual. She nailed it.

Never knew about her but loved this podcast also she was kinda sad at the end that it's over, Please Joe get her back sometime on your show really enjoyed this one.

Get me on your show. I’ve been to 132 countries

What a strong, positive, intelligent, beautiful woman. This is what women should look to, not Cardi B

7:20 Decorating is a nesting trick
8:25 Athletes have more daughters
9:30 Moms and Dads need alone time- theyre working at being a couple
15:38 Living in Hawaii
20:20 Drugs on the islands
21:30 Moloka‘i
23:42 Everyone needs a girlfriend
27:30 Hydrofoil
33:10 Sharks
36:26 Blackfish Documentary
39:06 Bigfoot
43:20 Food
49:00 Dark Chocolate + peanut butter
49:49 Pool Training
53:20 Knee Replacement + Hip Replacement
59:28 Training classes resources therapists
1:02:45 Internet
1:03:25 Comic Aliens watching an explosion in space "They say smart beings lived there"
1:04:50 Jiro Dreams of Sushi
1:06:20 Connection and ADHD and Devices Mobile Phones
1:07:20 Book Coddling of the American Mind
1:13:35 Have strong people around you- badass chicks Aunties
1:14:38 On Butts
1:17:10 New kind of Jobs and new definition of success.

She seems like the type of woman every man wants. Very cool.

I have watched this podcast several times. She is a fascinating person and her perspectives are fabulous. Laird is lucky.

Such a Badass Woman!
Living on Kaua’i is the best and I am forever grateful to live here on the North Shore and being surrounded by this Warrior Culture.🌈💜🌈🤙

Love Joe. Love Gabby. This was awesome.

Gabrielle supercalafragilistic

Bigfoot is real, sorry Joe, not enough "4k" cameras out!

She is Awesome!:)

love her and great energy

Excellent interview, best show to date. Intelligent woman.

So bad😍

This is why this guy pinged 100 mil.

Jamie literally beat himself to death after Gabrielle asked if he had a girlfriend. Few women can match up.

Gabrielle to Young Jamie: Do you have a girlfriend?
Young Jamie: I'm busy

She is one of the most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I've ever seen. And I mean BEAUTIFUL in every possible meaning of the word. And you just can't help but love her. She's the REAL DEAL. Authentic, brilliant and funny. Thanks to Joe for bringing her on the podcast. I hope we will see her again very soon...

This was great .....

To say the least: it is disheartening to think about giving up a child to schooling for the best 8 hours of the day when they could be apprenticing.

Great video. It's funny how some of Joe's guests I think might not hold my interest but then I end up super interested, like with Gabrielle, and then there's others I'm sure I'll like but I wanna shoot myself at the 1 hour mark, lol.

Am i the only one who didnt knw Gabrielle Reece then heard the Instagram snippett and then went to hear the whole podcast

Gabby I doubt you'll ever read this but if you do 1:25:45 you talk about something very important. When I was pre teen, I would walk home from school and my mom would say "how was your day?" And I would not even reply to her. After a few times doing this, one day my Dad told me " you WILL speak to your mother when she talks to you and you WILL apologize". If I didn't have a Dad, I would've walked all over my Mom when she was just trying to be a good mother, without a husband around.

Lemme just say, Joe was simpin

She is 6ft 3 according to wikipedia. Oh my fckn god. Hilarious lady too.

I really like this womans demeanour/attitude

Instagram models have nothing on her, she doesn’t mind getting naked to just to show it all off

Hypocrite!!!!! As usual! Skank!

best one ever

Wonderful podcast.

Freaking love her! One of the coolest women on Earth!

Interview with a GODDESS. thank you both xo

What a remarkably healthy person 💗 I want friends like this and be like this.

love Gabby.

Absolutely one of the best Joe and Jamie ! This woman is first class. And a relief in these very strange and untrue

Ful times

im still in love with u man i wish u were mine your my ideal since i laid eyes on u years ago

I’m definitely a better person for having kids- but I know people better than myself who don’t have any, too.

Classic 👌

She’s a proper woman and great human.

i don't agree that having a baby makes you a better person. Because that means that i'm never gonna be as good person as someone that is a parent and i refuse that.

Can we barrow her for a week or weekend? I need to make a few copies.

50:23 .... the monitor behind her...

They should 3D print carbon fiber surfboards and put in lithium powered motors to power it. So you don't have to paddle.

Also include an automatic deployment device in the carbon fiber board to pull the surfer to safety. Include a GPS depth location device.

Love this conversation and their love for Hawai’i. Gabrielle did a great job explaining Hawaiians 🌺 and our culture. So much respect to her for that!

Fuck the weather man... if you want to know what's going on with the weather just ask Surfers.

gabrielle is an absolute unicorn. no bullshit super chilled super smart and super quick, and shes pretty as hell. i feel joe got a little crush on her, she would be really great if she had her own podcast.

my mom is cool, what u talking about

beautiful and charming woman.

Joe can come hawaii stay with me and my ohana 👍💯

I can go niihau ,I got family that lives there💯🤙

She’s somewhat boring.

His laughter is so ridiculous.

Rogan laughing hysterically at her story about her daughter is an idiot. There was nothing humorous about her story. Not that funny at all. He can be so obnoxious so phony.

From listening to her talk, sounds like Laird her hubby is a classic narcissist. Lordy, she is truly an angel to put up with that.

"She's acting like an adult, that woman over there. Get me water."

I'd like to think that she's almost 50 but looks 31 because of how healthy her lifestyle is and how mature she is emotionally. I think your looks go beyond just genetics. Your lifestyle and attitude shape who you are, and in turn how you look.

We lived on Kauai 1979

Great voice for radio

Totally enjoyed this podcast. Just so much learning about a wide range of topics, especially parenting girls & dynamics with her partner Liard....oh & Hawaiians 🤙

Joe "it's so educational" Rogan

What a Women but more importantly what an amazing Human being! This is how "Famous" people should be acting!! Legend

Tiger shark ~ their infants grow in the womb and live in two halves. The babies eat each other until there’s one on each side. Then they tear through the membrane and each the other until there’s only one which then swims out.

She asks Jaime, “Do you have a girlfriend?”
For whom was she asking?

I always heard that girl vs boy children was because the man was too quick.
After six kids, the girls were planned and the boys were on the romantic moments where we weren’t in a rush.
Want a boy? Let her finish first.
Men with a bunch of kids. Let me know.
I was an athlete but have mostly boys (4 boys 2 girls)

It’s funny listening to him about navigating women in the home.
I taught my girls to fight to maim so they can defend themselves in a bad situation. After that, I just say, ‘Yes dear’. Doesn’t matter what woman it is, daughter wife ex wife, whatever.

She’s so great! Bring her on again!

First time I listened to a podcast from the beginning to the end

I used to ride horses and my parents realized I was in the wrong sport when I showed up with a rescue mustang and Bill Gate's daughter was in the same class as me.

55:43 sound effects have me dead.

Can see why she would be very successful. Such a clever, attractive well spoken, knowledgeable example for women

This ep is so densely packed with meaningfulness, I keep pausing every few minutes to process & act on the stuff just discussed.

I love love love this deep dive into motherhood

Gabby ! You are not boring !!! I watched the entire podcast and it was worth it. Rogan is have more to say and in it wisdom for all of us. :)

This lady is phenomenal and incredibly humble. For those of you watching, stick through till the end. She drops gems the entire ride.

A breath of fresh air amongst all the CO-VID crap! ❤️

As a part Hawaiian, they are exponentially more racist than the next group lol

This is the first time Ive hunted for additional interviews..she seems very sincere and doesn’t overstep..realistic..did she say “hot balls”..damn..

That part about moving on from who you identified as in the past is so correct. I know a girl who won a beauty competition as a teen, and she never moved on from that period in her life. She wants those 15 minutes of fame to continue forever, and she lives as if the world is still paying attention to her, thinking her opinions are somehow elevated and her presence is inspiring. It's been almost 10 years since then.

I am a scratch DJ and I live on Kauai, I am the only one on the island so I train alone everyday but it can be done

Joe "Big Island" Rogan

Hawaii sounds like Zootopia in term of the diversity of climates.

Gabrielle Reece was and still is one of favorite and most beautiful woman and real person out there!!!

Oh wow, what a super-cool woman. Had never heard of her before and was searching for Joe's conversations with women while I paint the living room. This was just great! How she speaks with such respect for her husband, for the island she lives on, etc, her authenticity - lovely to hear. Love Joe's podcasts and hope he has conversations with more cool women like this.

She’s such a baddie.

I started a shit to this and I sat through the whole thing.

.. I can’t feel my legs

Her brain makes her soooo much hotter. Good Lord you made a masterpiece

Man she's just a million bucks. Smart as can be, great sense of humor, attractive, grounded.. Great podcast, great guest.

That was great. She's really funny!

Was she nearly crying at the end?

I want the runner to pony tail up to the office no muti layer make-up

I have three daughters and was raised with 5 brothers....God does have a sense of humor!