Joe Rogan Experience #1278 - Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a comedian, actor and producer. His new stand up special "Kevin Hart: Irresponsible" is now streaming on Netflix.

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I really needed too see this episode ❤❤thank you

Kevin's outlook is what people with amphetamine addictions try to achieve.

Joe beliefs in magic Rogan

Get Hasan Minhaj and Trevor Noah on here please!

Kevin's cut is slightly skew and I forget about it.

This podcast shocked me, I thought Kevin was going to make me laugh instead he made me rethink a lot about life. No wonder he’s so successful

Kevin Hart was talking to Joe like he was a Ex-Con that got a second chance 😂😂😂

Kevin's like a real life spiderman ❤

This video came to me at just the right time and has COMPLETELY shifted my life to the better. I Stan Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan for all eternity. I will never forget this conversation they had.

im gonna tell you how I feel to tell you how I feel right here in this comment section Joe Rogan!

I sleep great after Sex! 🤤

Damn loved this, thanks Joe and Kevin, very inspirational.

Man my respect for KEVIN 💯🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️

Kevin hart is so full of shit lol fake as fake can be

Great motivational speech from Kevin. To venture into all these businesses you need a name and cash. Kevin started out with one thing and it worked out. For most people that one thing does not work out, hence no name and no cash.

Hustle Hart's!

Thank you.

Speaking about farts lol.... my son and I were just looking at funny pics going on with this Corona virus epidemic and there were actually ppl wearing those blow up Halloween costumes.... so, I couldn't help but think "goodness, could you imagine being stuck in one of those with gas?!!!" Lmao!! First off, those costumes pull in the air from the outside, so they don't actually work to protect ppl from the virus... but that's funny as hell lol! But we were cracking up and I just thought about kids going trick or treating being in one of those for hours with gas lmao... lord have mercy would that be terrible lol!!

I think a lot of ppls negativity and misery comes from worry of imperfection and in today's world, we have a lot of things we view and are told that we should idolize as perfect! Perfection doesn't exist and when you can accept that you aren't perfect, but also accept every flaw you have and allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and turn them into positives....that's how you become purely happy!! The best way to learn that though, is from every imperfection you have and all the mistakes you make. ... so take those imperfections and be grateful that you can grow stronger and into a more compassionate person bc of them! I had a tough childhood and a really hard, abusive, and trying relationship for over 20 years, and I could allow it all to eat at me and make me angry. ...but I'm thankful for every moment that those times taught me who I don't want to be, and the ugliness I don't want in my life! The biggest thing in grateful for, is understanding others that are in the hard situations that I have been through bc I can relate and have so much compassion for them, and I have the ability to hurt for them. ...which makes me want to lend those ppl help and a caring heart (may sound cheesy lol, but I'm for real)! And one you've been through so much and gain the strength in yourself, you love yourself more and you can have the understandings you need to, to ignore others ignorance and not let anyone get to your confidence! I'll never be perfect, and I still have struggles, but I don't let anything beat me down!! Took me over 30 years to become so confident, but I'm blessed that it wasn't longer lol!

why does joe always make mhmmmmmm

Kevin would be a good salesperson

Does Kevin knows he's been talking about Bill burr about hate the whole time weather he knows it or not haha awesome!

29:50 little bitch

“By mid ‘20, I’ll probably be doing comedy clubs”

Boy didn’t that one backfire

Kevin hart should be a pastor

What’s the Spotify

Kevin is a blessing to humanity!!!!

Lmao no wonder K Hart small as hell, not enough sleep

Old saying, you can take me out of Philly but you can't take the Philly out of me

I like that guy I'm from philly

Always loved me some K Hart, but this episode shot up my respect for him 110%.

Great stuff guys. This style of long format interviews have quickly become my favorite form of entertainment and inspiration. Joe, I hope you never stop doing these shows. Kevin, you were a great guest; full of positive insight. You both are very well rounded individuals; worthy of role model stature. Kudos.

Mr Hart, the world needs people like you now more than ever. You are an inspiration to us all.

how fucking motivating can a guy be, man? fuck! love it, man.

Ya bring kevin back more.

Get Rock on the Show

Patrice O'Neal - 1:02:36

This better than I thought it would be

Anybody would only sleep for 4 hours a night for millions of dollars


I have a new respect for KH.

This video is so good, seriously underated.

"Jamie diamond very good guy".......................................

I had a black kitten that had Kevin Hart's facial bone structure, and I fell in love with it.

I had to give it up for adoption. :(

Some lucky human has that beautiful amazing cat.

This podcast is always an eye opener. I work out. I'm studying to be a personal trainer. I wrote a novel that I'm working on getting published. I've started writing the sequel. But I'm not a positive thinker. I don't respect how valuable time is. I waste far too much time.

I answered “C” on all the questions on my SAT test and scored a 980... lmao!

Does anyone know where Kevin’s jacket is from or what brand it is?

I've watched all video.. I watched this video, every morning when I got up!

Kevin Hart is funny as hell!!!

If you work out and get heart rate up on a daily basis then you need less sleep. 6 is good for these people. When I'm lazy, I need 8 hours.

You looked at the street names then drove down looking at street numbers. Those streets that broke up and disapeared then started again 2 miles away were the worst to navigate.

Kevin"100%" Hart

fuckin colin, my friend who sleep 3 hours on a good night, otherwise he doesnt sleep worth a damn.

Kevin Hart: I only need 6 hours sleep and I'm up, I'm alive ready for the day :)

Me and everyone else who is poor and has a day job: fuck, is it really time to wake up again? :(

Difference is between us: one of us is a multi millionaire successful famous celebrity, and the other is poor.

Clearly he doesn't understand how 99% of the world live. Up his own ass.

I want to meet Kevin hart I don’t think I would even think about my phone if I was face to face with him! Much rather talk with him then fuck with a phone.

Joe : eat shit and shit bricks

Kev : a HUndREd PERcenT!!

He talks too much..just a little too much

Wow, Kevin heart is the most grounded individual I've ever listened to. Very good interview Joe, big fan of your work, thank you.

"You know what I think Joe Rogan kiss my...." :D:D:D


@jPowerfulJRE - Just want to thank you for the content. You are a GUIDE! KEEP IT UP!

“Your life is a book”-Kevin Hart

Kevin is WAY funnier when he's not on stage, when he's just being himself...

I think you said what you meant and then backed off when it affected your money Kevin..let's tell the truth, ok?

Fantastic !!! Thank you

Pls get al Pacino on the show

Poor old kevin gave in to the #LYNCHMOB Lefties

when kevin hart said the word CONVERSE i was like this man smarter than he seems.

These two guys make me want to be a better man.

Why they were headphones?

theres this thing called a MAP, old shcool

Love ya Kevin Hart!

Ugh I knew a dude in the service who used to be contrarian for attn 34:10

The most positive JRE

I am 35, soon to be divorced, immigrant and just starting to learn Designing and 3D applications !!! Slightly, out of shape and out of discipline and now I am losing hair aswell.

But Thanks to this guy and the kinda amazing people he had on his show, none of the above mentioned shit makes me insecure anymore. My biggest focus NOW, is to live upto my complete potential.

Now, I am getting back to being disciplined. I am working on No Fap, waking up with a 20 minute workout everyday regime, and putting atleast 1 hour to Adobe softwares everyday.

I am not regular, I do fuck up but I dont dwell on the fuckups. I fuck up one day, I work on it the next day. And over and over again, I will continue to do that till I dont fuck up anymore and be thoroughly disciplined.

So, a BIG THANKS to Joe Rogan and everyone who came here And....... ALL YOUR POSITIVE COMMENTS 😁👍

I wanna make TV series and in the next coming years, expect a thrilling Crime Drama, written by yours truly. I am back to myself baby 💪😉👍 Stay Tuned 😜👍

Beautiful conversation 👏👏👏

that story was funny af 15:02

has Gordon Ramsy been on here like if u recon he should be on the podcast

If his son comes out as gay would not surprise me bcuz he said like someone instead of going into detail like yea dad I like this girl she this n that lol think this quarantine really getting to me especially since I still gotta work

By the mid of 2020 ill be going to tours 2020 - covid-19 biatch

People hate on Cosby but Kevin is literally our generations Cosby. He is a storm all by himself. Cosby did it lowkey and Kevin is doing it in public

Became more of a fan of Kevin Hart after this. What a great guy! Human to the core!!

This conversation was probably one of the best!

It's been 365 days now since this podcast came out and we NEED a 2nd part with Kevin Hart

Awesome, next you need to get rob o Neil, shawn ryan (he said he'd be willing to go on your podcast) and will ferrel. Edit also markiplier.

yea buddy

Russel Howard would be a great on your show Joe!! (He's a Brittish Comedian and has tried pot on tv with his own mother! 😂) Ask Russel to take his mum along and it would be the greatest podcast of a life time! 🤣👍

Joe needs to do a show with @TheRock

Joe brings good people and inspiration out of his guest or vice versa....awesome to see the true character of his guest...great way to shelter in place marathoning Joe's pod cast...God bless all

Vitahustle multivitamins: $50/month; gotta take 4 big pills/day. No thanks.

Why would anyone dislike this vid

Kevin’s Popeyes story was really inspirational. It taught me that if u really want sum U hold on to that mf

I was really into Kevin Hart and Gabriel Iglesias when I was younger. Still love em'. But for me it's more like a "feel good" comedy I can have in the background like a podcast. Now I'm more into Joe Rogan, Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle. Of course I look up to all these great stand up comedians.

Kevin Hart calls 911 "help my phone died I'm lost and don't know my wifes number"

All.are talking like Kevin is a genius. All successful people use is common fullest.

Man please!
Kevin can't read you to a place?

And we have Edward Snowdon for bring his things to our attention I'm from UK but thank God for Snowdon

I literally have about 3 to 6 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period

love this pod cast