Joe Rogan Experience #1286 - Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik is a comedian, writer, actor, and producer. His new special "Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward" will be available streaming on Netflix on April 30.

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My favorite moment is the look on anthony's face at 1:10:27

An hour in I'm thinking.. is Joe going to ask his guest a question..?

Joe is really and truly a journalist. He's not a comedian, he doesn't have that edge that the great comedians have. He gets better and better w practice but he doesn't have the genius. What he does better than most is interviewing people, he does have a true gift there.

Recovered addicts who never shut up about it...whitney Cummings. Jesus

Why does Joe seem like he's always catching a drain if he's never done coke?😏😏

Yeah Joe Rogan, you are the best, man. You flood the world with free, ridiculously good content and somehow do it without being an "in your face" celebrity. Like, I never see you unless I look (or watch the good UFC fights), but whenever I do look, there's so much out there and, it all just works. I could run "autoplay" on your videos and they'd probably go til mid next week. So, thank you for all this. Peace!

Jim Davis net worth $6.9 billion. Wow. Garfield creator

This was a legit down to earth studio.

I read the funniest comment the other day that I just have to share. This guy named John Dreker told the story of he and his friends being at an after show of Anthony's when his friend decided to ask Anthony to roast him. After Anthony said something funny he looked at John and told him that he looked like the CEO of a pumpkin patch. John then proceeded to tell him that he had heard him tell that joke on the Pete Holmes Show. Sure that he "got him," AJ replied, " you heard that joke, yet you still dress that way? "

Not a fan of US comics, love Bill Burr and this guy, Jeselnik, is genuinely funny. Hate Seinfeld

This guy is boring AF. Funny on stage, off stage not so much.

i didnt like his standup style for a long while but i gave his specials a shot and i was laughing so hard at so many of his jokes, jeselnik is fucking hilarious. love the murder suicide bit

Jeselnik looks so dead in the eyes. I don't know....maybe it's his baseline.

Dude Anthony is avg w/o beard like okay , but WITH BEARD OMFG 😭❤️


EETINGS!!! JOE! PLEASE!!! I Know you never read comments BUT NEVER THE LESS: Please interview TOM CAMPBELL. This SUPER credible EX-NASA physicist has the most incredible BIG T.O.E (Big Theory Of Everything) you’ll ever witness. His teachings hold the key to the missing link unifying quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of relativity. He is a must for anyone interested in any facet that you talk about. I know it's a long-shot but I figured the only way to manifest it is to put the word out. ETERNAL LOVE & KNOWLEDGE… ALWAYS


Anthony didn’t break eye contact for the entire time

first time i have something to correct in these videos had a population of 631 695 (2016) .. so either lots run away and came back in 2020 or that google result was a little low

Real Talk.

Which roaster standup do we think Joe was talking about?

I know Joe Rogan is a comedian and loves stand up but he glorifies comics far too much and to often to be taken seriously. It's not a profession anyone should enter But anyone could. It's not very difficult.
That being said I love stand up as well but ours just a job.

1:14 mark they talk about moving to Austin and it never works out. you have to start there. LOL

Joe you need to have Jimmy Fallon as a guest

Is Joe actually considered to be a good comedian? I last like 2 mins whenever I try watching it, I just figured it was a side gig he did for the sake if it but listening to him here, acting like hes even close Anthony comedy wise. Like, that is delusional levels of assumption.

I love Joe, but the fact he thinks hes decent comedies is hilarious. He yells a load of bullshit and laughs at himself, which to me at least is not at all amusing or funny.


C ccccx zaa a we

that impression of joey was so good!!!

7:28 young Jamie

Hmm, now that i think about it. This podcast reminds me of that seinfeld episide when George and Elaine try to be friends.

This whole podcast felt like a conversation you have with someone before your bus/cab arrives, you get on your flight, or before your job interview, jeez

Is that a Rolex, Anthony?

Is no one else concerned about the fact that we got a glimpse of Jamie? That sob is elusive

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Thanks for this, Michael. It’s brilliant and sadly true!!!
Christina P. 

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We need Dave Chappelle on!!

This would have been a lot better if Joe Rogan wasn't in it. He is the worst "interviewer" I've ever seen. He needs to learn to shut up.

Uh hardyharhar boogers uhhhr

joe over thinks why his pod cast is amazing his stand up good but thinks too much

1:43:49 Jamie, with the classic physics thought experiment on the fly

Anybody notice how Andrew who is so slow and drawn out in his comedy had to speak fast as Speedy Gonzalez to try and get any convo in. A lot of times I've seen Joe kinda sit back and let his guest talk more...not on this one...I wish he woulda though bc this dude is WAY funnier. Honestly I found it kinda disrespctuful. Sounds to me like Andrew noticed it too...but I could be wrong


"Is it too much if I wipe my lip?"
jokes about killing puppies

Haha, those theories about Scandinavia :)

Smoking oot is like having a hand job before you had sex. You have no idea, even if the path is horrible. (Im a cocke addicit0 You have no idea, ou wASTING OUR TIME :)

Who's joe been talking to, I literally think stand up is the hardest thing you can do

Well, if they divorcing at like 60 years old, the woman or man hasn’t worked for so many years... alimony is reasonable, isn’t it?


Anthony j. Kicks major booTAY

"he fucked her so hard she cant work... 12 years later" -Joe Rogan

This was a really great Jeselnik interview, Obviously he's had better.
But still good

His stand up sucked

Don't blame yourself for picking up someone else's mannerisms, it comes naturally to most humans!

"The Day the Laughter Died" is Dice's best. He bombs the show but keeps going, obviously enjoying it.

Bobby Lee dont put out specials, yall talkin shit? Still funnier than schaub tho

I got a bit called "The Men Commandments" on my channel.
It's what God yelled, but what the men heard

Pretty sure ADR stands for "Additional Dialogue Recording".

Jeselnik looks like a skinny Bert.

Jeselnik: "... you can't be funny on cocaine."

Sir, I invite you to sit down and watch any professional wrestler's promo (especially Hulk Hogan) from the 80's or 90's

as a swede who moved to japan
I pissed myself laughing when they compared japan to sweden, saying japan is the unhappiest and sweden (or scandinavian, norway was also brought up) being the happiest.
try living in sweden for 5 years and then japan for 5 and tell me where you feel the most happy.
dont worry, Ill wait.
(and Ill bet you 100.000 of your american disney dollars that you wont say sweden. nor will sweden ever come to mind or be in the same sentence as the word happy)

Joe has the respect of all the comedians and he has always given other comedians a boost due to his popular podcast. He loves comedy but as much as I like to listen to him, damn his comedy sucks. It makes me wonder if other comedians actually think joe isn’t funny but don’t want to be mean to him

I love it. The first 3 minutes is talking about lip sweat and booger checks

That's cute that Joe thinks that he's a stand up comedian. He just gets up and yells things into a mic in a high pitched voice. He's not intelligent enough to be a good comedian.

Why does he talk like the villain from a 1960s romcom movie?

I am from finland and when me and my friend heard that this supposedly is the happiest place on earth, our first thought was "the world must be really fucked up". People here are very close minded and distant. We don't eat together and shit. I know a whooole lot of people who killed themselves.

Sounds like a younger John Malcovich

So great interview.. Always love two comics shooting the...

Recovering addicts cannot shut the fuck up about their sobriety.

Rogan cannot shut the fuck up about martial arts.

Wow the conversation about one in the chamber is ridiculously absurd. Never one in the chamber. It's like firearms 101

after watching a bunch of joe rogan meets roe jogans, it's weird to not see him talking to himself

He looks like Dane Cooke

Joes insight is unreal. “That’s the thing about comedy Keep working and you’ll get better.” Joe I’m pretty sure that’s how EVERYTHING works.

53:57 👀

how about paying child support when you have 50/50 custody, and you're still required to provide everything for the children when they're in your care? family court is so far biased against dudes it's not even close.

First time I saw Seinfeld I loved it! Second time, 2 years later, hated it... same act. :(

sorry guys ...i listened to u dudes trade bad club stories for 45 mins and gave up ... i had such hope before i started this dullsville episode .... but jeselnick's stand up is great

Joe “about to obliterate Jamie for audio leak” Rogan

It should work fine as long as that giant FAN isn't made in chynna!

Aww...too bad joe doesn't just marry ari...

Hmm...typical men. Take for granted the support n inspiration. I started doing that. I just use men like kleenex now. Haha...never felt so free!

Joe really thinks he's an elite comedian, elite entertainer ya, commentator ya, but he is pretty lame as a comedian. His over exaggerated facial expressions and yelling is pretty basic shit. He's only made me smirk a handful of times during his podcast and cant finish any of his stand up specials. He only sells out because of his huge fan base from the podcast and UFC.

He looks like a young Dane cook


Still, its not ideal. I'm dead.

The beard is for the double chin lol

As a Jacksonville FL native I gotta say Kat Williams little roast was spot on 😂😂

this guy looks like discount dane cook

Jeselnik’s Mmmhmms and yeahs - all ADR.

These type of interviews are called long views. I dumped cable for this. I learn so much more and it’s raw and unedited.

Never heard of this guy and he thinks he's better than Seinfeld and Fallon. Some people really dont ave a clue.

Why the fuck is Joe lying about never reading a Snapple fact?

Ban cars. They kill 100x more people. Yet guns prevent many deaths: tyranny, home invasions....

Murder-suicide is a victimless crime.

Heard bergeron mentioned by Joe and started looking up his name on and his name got auto filled just by writing teddy. How do the they do that? It's amazing and scary.

This one SUCKS. I really expected better with having my favorite comedian on the show but now he seems to have the personality of a doorknob

Watch Jeselnick's specials. He is amazing. He is a stand-up's stand-up.Committed.

Joe Rogan is a self-absorbed prick.

Colorado, home of legal weed and happy hippies in nature. Also home to several of the worst mass murders in US history.

Anyone who carries with a round in the chamber might be a hysterical moron.....

This is one of my favorite interviews bc they really go into how much it takes to be a comedian. How much work it takes, how they're always having to work to try and improve. Most people just assume these funny people just get up there and are that good.