Joe Rogan Explains Hunting to Russell Brand

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1283 w/Russell Brand:

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The irony of Rogan, who is literally bright red from all the inflammation in his body, urging Brand to consume animal protein, is simply priceless. Of course, he has to do it in order to justify it to himself, otherwise the cognitive dissonance would become to much, but it's still funny to hear; he thinks he's talking to Brand, when in reality it's just voicing the rationalizations he is making to himself inside his head out loud.

You've been dealt with, PAPER MAN!

I don't have to hunt an animal to eat it like I don't have to turn a tree into a table.

I started liking Russell Brand after seeing him decimate Chelsea Handler on her talk show after she tried to insult him.I really wasn't crazy about either could take or leave both but that interaction changed my mind about both at the same time.She tried to insult him a bit and without missing a beat or getting pissed off at her his reply nailed her so well that all she could do was laugh nervously and acknowledge he had won the argument. It was a beautiful thing no hard feelings or gloating on either side.Was like touche you win and then we're friends now.Great

My father taught my brother and I how to hunt. It was a great bonding experience between the three of us but also amazingly spiritual. The first time I knocked down (polite was of saying killed) a buck deer I was twelve. We didn't celebrate like I had scored the winning touchdown or stroked a homerun out of the park. We approached the deer carefully and with respect and reverence. I got so lucky and got a perfect shot which went right through its heart and lungs. The deer may have took six steps and feel over dead. Minimal suffering. As my father, brother and I looked down at my kill, I struck me odd that the deer had died with its eyes open. I looked into his eyes and I remember being so afraid that he might still be alive. My father assured me that the deer was indeed very dead and that I had killed him as well as it could have been done. Still, a little kid, looking over something he had just killed, it was a pretty heavy trip to deal with. After a minute or two I asked my father "Dad, is it weird that killing this deer gave me a hard on". My wise old dad put his hand on my shoulder and said "Jimmy my son, it would be weird if killing this deer DIDN'T give you a hard on". I miss my dad. RIP Pop.

I am not against hunting, with the exception of trophy hunting. If someone hunts and consumes the meat and makes use of the hide and makes use of everything from the animal, fine.

Where I think I disagree with Joe a little bit is that they've passed on their Genes and that somehow shooting them is saving them from a violent death from wolves, coyotes or whatever predator kills them. But here's the thing, that is the natural order of things. Wolves, coyotes, birds of prey need to survive just as much as we do and when we humans over hunt and decimate species we make it harder for other species to survive and ultimately that will eventually effect us too.

I'm not against hunting, but I do think we need to be more mindful of what we hunt and how much we hunt as well as preservation of land for wildlife.

You know Russell Brand has a point with a lot of what he said towards the end of what it means to be human and how it seems as we continue to evolve and explore ourselves we've been losing touch of who we used to be. This is why I stay on the conservative road on this one as a way of preservation of our species. Humans will eventually become cyborgs or over run by them. There is an evolutionary pattern that exists and I'm afraid rushing forward into the progression will only shorten our timely demise.


I don't remember a single time I've heard Russel Brand actually acknowledge and incorporate a new idea. He sounds forward thinking, but he's not open minded.

Also, all his feelings based arguments make it really hard to take him seriously for long over the course of a conversation.

Still smells like a fraud to me, his image is too cultivated. Like he just came for auditioning for the part of The Mandarin in Iron Man.

7:26 is hilarious

I wonder if hunters would feel the same if they got to a certain age and young men were allowed to hunt them to save them from ailments like cancer in old age, somehow I think not.

Hunting for food fine, hunting for sport is pathetic.

Hunters contribute to more than $200 million a year in taxes that go towards conservation - not to mention, all of money that they contribute to the economy by purchasing equipment, lodging, etc.

‘You look tired’ lmao

"Have you not watched Bambi", does Russel do stand-up anymore or is he too rich and no longer on the drugs required to fuel a healthy night life?

I love how Russell can have an incoherent monologue for about 5 minutes that he somehow wraps up at the end in the most entertaining of ways

You should eat eggs.....Gets PAID from the Egg industry. PS. EGGS ARE NOT A HEALTH FOOD. The contain a small amount of protein and TON of bad

Russell has come a very long way, the older he gets the more i like him

Seth you don’t need animal meat.

Wow, I suddenly realise how the "if everyone would do it" argument is complete bs. If everybody was a podcast host, that would be bad, but that doesn't mean it's bad to host a podcast. It's rather good actually

It is more that people WANT to do it, but inhibit themselves, and you don't. That is wrong. But not everybody wants to hunt

If you eat animals (I do) and disagree with hunting, then you're a hypocrite

There is scholars everywhere on youtube I love this place who's brain is bigger not about the Peter on these Inter webs

It would be interesting to see these two in a structured debate. Joe is good at appealing to Logos, pulling facts and data from memory to support his argument, and Russell is very good with appealing to emotion. Also very logic-minded.

Amusing yourself by killing things is just plain creepy. You can kind of understand it in little kids with bugs and such, but adults? Creepy.

I just had my first elk hunt the other day. It’s a good feeling to have a shit ton of venison in the freezer.

Russell brand talks mad stuff

One thing anti-hunters forget is that the animals are (at least supposed to be) mature and have passed on their genes, and you are also giving them a more merciful death. That said I have seen shots go wide of the heart/lungs and it’s not pretty. But ideologically, if done right, it is a morally sound pursuit and means of obtaining food.

It's True that the money generated creates lots of positive outcomes, but wouldn't it be wonderful if 'hunters' paid generously to shoot these animals with cameras instead.

Wonderful conversation I love hunting and I eat all the animals I hunt if is a beautiful way to connect with nature, which is a violent and beautiful place much in the same way humans look at our selves and ignore the natural, savage parts and over glorify the other parts hunting is grouped into that by some people. If you don’t hunt I completely respect that for almost every reason, and I believe Russel is being amazing when understanding his view point in the same way I’m trying to understand and be open to everyone about mine.

"i've given up judging people I don't agree with because I accept I don't know everything". I think this could be one of the most important things a human can learn?

The Trump boys hunt not for the spiritual aspect but because the are Hemingway badass wannabes with daddy issues . Like their father they are trust fund pussies who have had it easy their whole lives and try to prove to working class guys the Trumps aren't the soulless cunts they really are. Sad thing is how many real men buy the con !

I never understood the “spiritual” aspect that people who are new to hunting label it and say it’s a spiritual experience or something along Jose lines. I’m glad they are hunting and enjoying the outdoors but I grew up hunting and fishing all my life with my dad and grandpa pretty much the whole family we killed it caught it and ate it nothing spiritual just putting meat on the table and had fun doing it. but good on ya for getting out there

Someone should explain "life and karma" to Joe. You call it hunting still, but you take every unfair advantage you can in murdering the animal. Go take a stag on with just a knife. Your two hands should be more than enough advantage. Animals have to use teeth, talons, and claws. You "hunters" use rifles and hide away as best you can. The greatest act of cowardice and self deception is in what "hunters" think they do.
You humans murder defenseless animals, but want to rehabilitate your own kind when they go around raping and murdering. Don't tell yourself that hunting this way keeps you in touch with nature. Love is what it takes to keep you in touch with nature, as well as farming. There are 2 or 3 barbary lions left in the world, hunted to extinction because man needs to kill in order to feel superior.
Why not just count your country's abortions to feel great again?

Better than Trump v Biden.

Hunters and hunting culture is PATHETIC and FUCKING STUPID. "Top of the food chain". Human beings are the LOWEST FORM OF LIFE AND INTELLIGENCE.

Russel would benefit from talking less and listening more.

I think russ has a good point i don't want to eat meat anymore

what would humans think if we started being hunted by another being, and 1 human could last them 8 months in meals ?

Get hungry enough and your empathy won't get in your way.

At 4:33 Rogan makes a good point. Brand doesn't seem to get it.

Great convo nonetheless

full of shit.. if he knows its not sustainable for everyone to hunt then he is making no change.

Jesus Russell breathe!

Hunters and fishermen care more about wildlife, ecology and the environment than city dwellers who rail against them....

Bamboozled by Bambi. Who woulda thunk?

I find Myself in the middle, I hate the thought of Animals treated so brutally by the meat industry and I hate People that hunt as a "hobbie" if You hunt You damn make sure You are a good shoot and You kill the Animal as quickly as possible and eat every single part of it so the kill wasn't in vain and it gives You nutrition for You and your Family, doesn't matter what side You're on don't torture the Animal, Please 🙏

We can disagree but we cannot disrespect

This is the gayist explaination of hunting I ever heard. Most of us hunt because our family is hungry and we want to feed them healthy food, not the shit at the supermarket.

I dont like hunters
Edit: except Joe rogan

Joe Rogan explains his proficiency in take-one-doob.

THIS IS HOW A DEBATE SHOULD BE LIKE. not Trump and Biden's elementary behaviour

Joe is a bear murderer

A legitimate adult conversation 👏

People who say they couldn't pull the trigger on an animal have never experienced real hunger

I think hunting is fine if you are gona eat it. That's why I have so much respect for Dr Lector.

Its funny tho..only when the white man came to hunt in north America did those animal he named started to become in danger...yet,how many years did the Natives do it without impacting the environment???????????????????????????????????????

Biden: "...I'm too empathetic..."
Trump: "...oh well, I'm too F'ck'n hungry. You're in my 'shot', Joe."

Really wish Joe”I didn’t start hunting until I was in my 40s” Rogan would shut the fuck up about it - just do your hobby and realize it’s not a part of your culture and upbringing like it is for so many

Perfectly Said Don’t Have To Agree and Don’t Have To Impose Your View On People To Vilify Your Belief

I have just recently begun listening to Russell Brand and some of his ideas and viewpoints and he's very interesting. I don't agree with everything he says but I relate to his ability to discuss his opinions and differences with others without becoming angry or judgemental. This is the way it SHOULD be. That's how we grow and learn from one another's life experiences. Unfortunately, today in our society, it seems like a majority of people refuse to even acknowledge the rights of others to hold beliefs that differ from their own and from my own personal experiences, those people are usually the ones preaching tolerance and diversity.

0:46 Lol he said salting the elk like it's the 1800's or something

I learned to hunt and I love it but I decided not to do it because I don't need to do it.If I was hungry and needed food I would do it no problem but where I live there are too many hunters and not enough animals.

Don’t think I could enjoy taking the life on another sentient being on purpose; not unless it was a case of defending my own or my families lives. I understand Joe’s argument for conservation, but he still enjoys killing, must do otherwise he wouldn’t be able to do it.

I feel like this whole vegan argument is wack because if these vegans were instead born a couple hundred years ago they'd have to hunt or they'd die. We're just privileged now and can walk into a nice, cool Whole Foods and buy whatever we want.

This guys a robot

The human is an omnivore. You eat meat fish and plants. The actual problem isn't hunting the actual problem is there are too many of us on a small planet. 1960 world population was 3billion 2020 its 7.8billion that is just 60 years... The resources aren't unlimited. The big cities and cars and what not... We don't need this shit to such an extent build more parks encourage more people to raise animals, plant more trees and please stop multiplying the population unless Elon Musk succeeds which I strongly hope for then we are doomed.... Actually doomed.

I used to like joe rogan because i though he was articulate and open minded, now i think he is an idiot. First of all, don't think you are doing the animal a service by killing them, that is ridiculous. Also saying that they aren't going to live forever is not an excuse to take someones life, thats obvious they are not going to live forever. Third, if you know its not sustainable why do you separate yourself by saying you are not everyone? Stop justifying your killing

Russell Brand only talks about Russell Brand. He doesn’t talk about the subject at all. Irritating man.

Why is Russell trying to be funny. He might be a funny guy if he wasn't so fake. POS

Russel isnt who i thought he was

Role model level conversation between two opposing views.

that guy is seriously dumb

The arrogance of people that believe that killing an animal is beneath them is so irritating.

Hunting is important in my culture as long as you don't waste the animal or hunt for sport or decadence.

At 7 mins he starts spitting too much facts lol

Russell Brand is just more in tune and nurturing of his spirit than those like Joe Rogan who needs to justify killing living creatures.

LOL "It's Not Sustainable" LIKE FARMED animals are? lol Make people hunt w/out a weapon- then it would be "sustainable"

So Joe, has the devil horns on his shirt, saying that once something has already passed it's genes on- and they won't 'live forever'- basically is why it's okay to justify killing it? And if we don't kill them- something else will- so it may as well be me- right? Big difference though- a wolf, or bear typically will go for the very old or injured elk- it's natures way. A hunter on the other hand used a rifle- not really a fair fight. I'd be all for it if man wants to go one on one with an animal in a fair fight, like the wolves or Bear do. I bet then, we'd be only able to capture the very sick or old elk- the ones that probably should be taken.
So we should start hunting any teenager or adult once they've 'passed their genes on..?" Did I hear that right?

I do agree though- eating eggs is an agreeable way to get some animal protein. Hens lay eggs, fertilized or not, No matter if you are going to gather them or not. Use that. The Cabal doesn't have "empathy" In fact, they have the belief that "Sometimes you have to kill the ones you love" They are brain washed or MK'd Psycopaths raising psycopaths create more psycopaths.

Yeah, that "Herd" of elk- is their FAMILY. So people want to kill family members.

"Hunting' is the Joy of murdering a living creature

Spirulena has more protein pound for pound than Beef.

I didn't hear a word of it- too distracted by Joe's off-center headphones.

Russel nailed this

Who is that long haired Arab? How can Joe understand what he's saying?

A good friend of mine’s dad flys private jets through a company that caters to mostly celebrities and the rich. He has had some bad experiences with certain celebrities and professional athletes but he said Russell Brand was the most wholesome, genuine celebrity he’s ever meet. I think this clip shows that he definitely wasn’t lyin

"oooh my brain" lmaoooooooooooooo

He's such a hippy weirdo.

Not everyone gets a buzz out of hunting, I look at videos on YouTube and think, nobody I know behaves like that. To me its more of honing a skill, as Joe says, the Animal is going to die soon enough anyway, they have their place and I have mine, Russel is correct, modern Society is turning people into Robots, look at this Covid crap for example. Hunting is in my DNA, so is not complying with Authoritarian oppression, if more people hunted, there would be less People behaving like prey.

Not much to explain about hunting. You kill shit, then you eat it.
Case closed.

I think hunting is a better way of getting meat than buying from the store. those huge factory farms are awful and the meat is full of all kinds of shit

Some people like Russell and myself were born to be Shamans. Protectors, Healers, and voices of reason. Some people like Joe were born to be Hunters, Warriors and providers. Not everyone can be a Shaman and not everyone can be a Hunter. Yin and Yang of the world.

Don't agree with Russell much, but the feeling of killing an animal, I'm with him. Even though I live in a community where hunting is GOD.

Hunt Russel Brand.

If you hunt, you're a C U Next Tuesday! Simple!

Hunting an animal to eat is fine no different to eating meat and actually better than buying it from a store as they’re not subjected to slaughter houses etc. Hunting for trophy only is unnecessary though and pathetic.

He reminds me of drop dead Fred

wow. it appears mr brand is still a threat to my heterosexuality

Well, at least Brand knows about our origins as hunters. Some vegans deny that aspect altogether.

I would have no problem if you use knives , hiding in a bush taking a living things life is shithouse tactics however you look at it

Just eat fucking vegetables Joe! What the fuck's wrong with you. It's proven over and over they meant isn't necessary or sustainable or even healthy! There's no opinion, there's no reason for meat I. Our culture. Joe, and other assholes like you kill an innocent animal just to feel "tough". Pieces of fucking shit. FUCK YOU