Joe Rogan - Marijuana is the GREATEST Plant

Joe Rogan on the legalization of marijuana.

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he wasn't misgendering. it was a woman driver. also, she was asian. and no sense of humor.

He cooking cooking

Joe Rogan why don’t you make a zen village hotel with even small homes to buy or rent

Are you going to make a weed oxygen tank?

Still though, when you smoke it, it is bad so its best to use the substance without harming your lungs. Smoking weed isn't the best use of marjiuana strains. Edibles are the way to go; if not, than you should reduce the tar by smoking it like from an e-cig or something because your lungs are precious my friend.

Anyone else watching high

The truth is it's an anti-inflammatory. there is something much more serious I happen to me that I could talk about but I'll keep it simple. One time I stepped on a red ant hill. Several years ago. when the bumps started to show up it progressively got worse very quickly. I used only ointment from the store and it did nothing. I brewed some oil up. Put it on my foot and aggressively the red ant bites went away within 24 hours. if I had not done that it would have eaten my foot. Now it doesn't take a genius to see what the truth is there. The most misused word related to it is the word cure. It's not about being a cure. It's about prevention. It prevents cells from being damaged. Think about it.

I am smoking 15 years plus but most weed smoker are just delusional. You only want to see the good things, weed has also many side effects to it. Not everyone reacts to it the same way. On a medication receipt are all side effects listed too...

Just be honest to yourself.

Peace 👀💨

Joe Rogan is retarded

They were high and looking at their phones 😂👌

Need weed to be legal in Australia man goddamn

The reason that people use metal on cars is it is supposed to bend so that the shock absorbs from major wrecks

Thank you Joe Rogan

If my family when we forget something we call it stml (stem-o'le) and it stand sfoe stlhort term memory loss. Nake it catch on lol

What if the marijuana plant was genetically alter to be the ultimate plant and then planted it here for us like bro thing about it

Marijuana is a Schedule 1 Narcotic related to it's level of dangerousness, hemp is however a highly useful industrial material.


Gotta stop letting these fuckin idiots get in positions of power

Best one yet love it

„Marijuana is the greatest plant“
Cielo Ayahuasca: „Excuse me?“

Joe rogan is the prime weed advocate

As someone of indigenous Mexican heritage, I love the word "Marijuana." I understand that some people used the word to scare people with prejudice into thinking it is a bad thing. However, that word was being used in Mexico far before anybody in the United States ever heard of it. An example of this is in the original lyrics of the song "La Cucaracha." That song was from the Mexican Revolution era between 1910 and 1920. The original lyrics basically read "The cockroach, the cockroach, he can't walk anymore, because he doesn't have, and because he needs, Marijuana to smoke."

To me it kinda puts a Mexican stamp on Cannabis Culture, regardless of how some people may have used the word without respect. Plus it is reminiscent of two very beautiful sounding names, Maria and Juana. One of my favorite Cannabis songs is called "Marihuana Boogie" that takes a play on words by describing a lady whose name is Maria Juana, but put the name together and his gf is really Marijuana. Kinda similar to the song "Mary Jane" in English

One of the worst images that i have ever seen is a guy who can't handle his weed

I can handle anything

according to my experience Weed is best for hangovers , just try it.

This Rogan is where you are you wrong. The coco plant is the best plant.

Clicked to answer the title as YES.

If you are a chronic pot user try stopping for a day and then when you go to bed see how well you sleep if you can even get to sleep. If you abuse weed from a young age like I did,you will destroy the part of the brain that controls sleep and mood and daily function. I gave it up after a emphysema and copd diagnosis, 37 years of daily usage and I developed severe drug psycosis within 2 days of stopping,didn't sleep for a week,couldn't function properly from day to day,it fucks you up permanently. I'm now having to take several sleep medications and anxiety/depression meds just so I can sleep and function from day to day. Keep this in mind-the brain isn't fully developed until you are 25 years old,don't fuck yourself up by abusing weed like I did at a too young age.

COPD is no joke Joe. I'm only 29 😔

Big facts

Women can never just drive their car....they are texting, put on makeup, smoking, etc...

Why is it a hard sell why do we look at it in this negative way if it does so much good?

Indeed the weed

Sorry joe it carried from 1933 to 2020... ignorance

The only negative effect of smoking marijuana is that you now have less marijuana. Stole this from a meme😁

It doesn’t cure cancer it doesn’t cure headaches and migraines it can’t cure anxiety that what it does to you (hard to “chill” when it makes you anxious) and it’s not a one plant fits all cure for all ailments. “But it’s just a plant man” so is poison ivy and cactus

Joe's wrong Marijuana was the name Mexican's called Cannabis. During the Mexican revolution people were trying to come to the U.S. and they brought it with them, it's what they would call it.

It got my 70 year old father off of all his pain medications except for the weakest one. Oxycodone,oxycotin, hydromorphone,pain patches, plus he no longer has to use the prescription for a laxative to counteract side effects. And I want to say his medicine for diabetes has been cut back as well due to his body being able to self regulate better. Free of the heavy burden the medications took on his kidneys,liver, stomach, and intestinal tract/colon. All from the help of one plant put on this Earth that is illegal to use in the govt eyes. For every overdose on THC someone shows me worldwide I will gladly compare the stats for what the legal stuff has really done to the US economy. Tobacco, alcohol,and pills vs pot.

The guest looks stoned

Id feed pot to my grandmother, just saying

Fuck anyone who supports this.they suck dog dicks for quarters

It’s illegal to gain controll

It’s racist period

Everyone thinks we're in a democracy. It's an illusion 👌

I get high do math homework and it makes learning Spanish even more fun.

F the haters

good topic

Bunch of fucking idiots. You retards want to get all high and lose brain cells for fun.


I feel the the biggest issue with weed is, when you start being depended on it way to much!
It’s good stuff, but I think way to many people abusing it which leads just being in the same place over and over again..

I was against THC until I hit one joint

At least people in the US are talking about legalizing the plant but here in Tokyo it's just so freaking illegal- stupid people

3:56 oh that's me after hitting a j


Sorry Joe, but that wasn't HF's first car but it was the first made from hemp. Cannabis is an amazing plant.

because everyone gets it mixed yes its a great plant and yes you can do nothing else but smoke weed

hemp vs marijuana subspecies go im team hemp

Puppet syndrome !!!
Politicians are puppeteers and look at us as there puppets, controlling everything we do and think!
We are the power not them, we have our own mind and we should not hand it over for others to control!
Power to the people!
Cannabis is natural medicine designed by nature. Not by greedy bullshit pharmaceutical companies who pay politicians in what to say!
Hemp disconnects us from there matrix and they know this, that’s why ILLEGAL 🤯

According to mainstream media marijuana causes testicular cancer lol

Come on lol come on lol dead

The best plant is the potato 🥔

It’s so good

When they decided weed was illegal they were high

Pot should be legal in all 50. A truck driver can get drunk and be hung over and still allowed to drive the next day. But smoke joints until you fall asleep wake up after a good nights sleep, but you could be drug tested because you have a CDL  Pot has had a bad rap for FAR TOO LONG.

trees are pretty cool


Thing is I smoke almost everyday , it leaves paranoid ,unmotivated and hungry as fuck ! People say we drink beer ? So why can’t we legalise week ? Stupid comparisons! You will obviously be a defender of weed if you smoke it but it has very negative effects on the body . Alcohol does too but they’re two totally different things and when pot heads argu about it , the arguments is usually floored ! fuck weed and beer ! Cocaine is a hell of a drug 😎

Forget carbon fiber lets make cars out of hemp

That dude is high AF 😂😂😂😂he cant even talk.

I used to smoke every day from age 14 until I was 25 or so. Around 21, I got into opiates/opioids and went down a very dark road for nearly 7 years. I would smoke while in withdrawal and it would make me soo jittery and paranoid and just felt like i was dying. It made withdrawal worse for me. So I'm 3 years clean after a 7 year opiate addiction and I can't touch weed anymore. Any time i try to smoke, i feel like I'm right back in withdrawal and get that paranoid "I'm dying" feeling. So i blame opiates for ruining weed for me. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. Never could stand alcohol and I'm not big into stimulants so for 3 years now ive been pretty much sober as shit.

Joe's guest is stoned AF

The guy Joe Rogan is talking to is high AF

anyone else enjoy the paranoia when you’re high?

Fuck weed
Let's legalize fentanyl, heroin, crack, cocaine, xanax, oxycodone and flaka

Locking people for using weed for personal use is tottaly wrong and it ruins people lives.

This guy is barely comprehending Joe 😂 we've all been this guy in the group

How about getting hit by a car sober

My grandfather had heart failure and couldn't eat. He was in rough shape toward the end but the weekend before he died I made him some pot brownies (made them on a Saturday and he was gone on Tuesday). He was only able to eat a quarter of one but he got so baked. He was watching movies and laughing having as great of a time as he could. He ate a little bit of ice cream and peaches. It was amazing watching how this plant was able to help my granpda.

Was listening to your old stand up and I would love to smoke pot and look through a telescope with you and then go to Church the next day. Sounds amazing

R.i.p Joe Rogan

No doubt, the best.

Smoke weed every day 🥳

That’s what joints do joe they make you loose the thread half way through a conversation.

I was recently caught by my dad cause he smelled it in my room. He was not angry but he wasn’t happy either of course. He just told me to be careful with it. Let’s be honest people if you had kids or have kids would you be more angry if you caught them with weed or with a needle in their arm.

Wish the UK would legalise this shit. The quality has dropped soo low that these mofo are getting rich for no reason.

The king of all plants

Watching this high blunts hella pounds

My only question is if smoking weed is as bad for your lungs as smoking cigaretes?

Please check out my joe Rogan impression and tell me what you think

Don’t worry.... about a thing... cuz every little thing... 🎼

breaks bong "im gonna go get the papers get the papers"

"I'd like us to do a better job and get our shit together and be nicer to each other." Joe Rogan is a legend.

It's actually flabbergasting

Yes 👍 fire it up

Me and my little brother have autoimmune issues and live in Louisiana and we got hit with a drought about a year and a half ago and haven’t been able to get any good weed and he hasn’t been able to work since then and has lost over 20 pounds. Soon as we went to Colorado for a week his skin started clearing up and he was able to stomach and digest food properly and man fuck the government they want us all to die


Anyone in the comment section, I’m 13 and might try weed. Saw some videos saying stuff about weed fucking up growing minds. Though the people in those videos don’t actually know what it does to you. Got any advice?

edibles are the best thing ever.

You obviously know nothing about other plants

Joe “saw it today” Rogan

Alright, I'm gonna report my weed awesome trip with my dad, yeah I used to smoke with my dad. Awesome experience, we were both high and we were listening to "Now We Are Free", music from Gladiator's last scene and my dad turned to me and said, "son, when I close my eyes this is gonna be the music I want for my funeral", and if you were sometime high in your life you can say how emotional you can get. I mean I can't describe how sad and happy I was at the same time, like "dad, alright imma make you that wish and remmember this song will always get a different mean from now on!". Best experience of my life, both sad and happy at the same time, I felt like I had this amazing connection with him. We were both crying like we loved so much eachother and how proud he was of me.

Edit: Sorry, english is not my first language.

Both BAKED!!!