Joe Rogan On CBD | The Smokebox

Comedian Joe Rogan put s a quick word on the benefits and misconceptions of CBD.

Original Video

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When you having a panic attack but trying to play it cool in front of everybody

You ever see joe rogan? You ever see joe rogan on weed man?

He got, Elon Reeve Musk -ed!

Joe was wishing he was unhigh.

Joe got that fight or flight anxiety kicking in he's trying so hard to keep it together 😂🤣

Joe look like he faaaaaaaaaaaaaaded.

CBD pills on muscle inflammation and on the disgestive system is epic.

3:15 on inflammation

Joe admitted he tapped out at 5min in to the smoke box!! he was hi as fuck! go joe x

Why joe look older and sickly at the start, wtf they smoke?

Joe DMT Rogan

Yo B real did you end up dropping Joe off at Debo's chicken coop?

Joe looks like deadpool

Hi hows it going watching from broomfield Colorado

I was waiting for a head to pop out Joe's shoulder and be like, hey bruh, can we stop smoking now.

Does Rogan smoKe with Berner?

Joe doesn't trust the guy in the back seat 😂😂

here i was thinking he was on a shit ton of it or somthing lmao

I thought joe was drug free.

Bring daiz brothers

The best cbd I've found so far is at

Joe took so much molly before this

Joey you look scareeeed....You are a great man so thanks for spreading the word!

He is burnt.He looks like mini me looking for dr.evil

Nigga post a new box wtf bruhhhh😭😭😭

Every time I watch this gets funnier

Get cypress hill on here

Screw CBD cream, get shit with THC in it, works 1000x better

Joe please lay of the friggin DMT already man, your not looking well at all.

Joe Rogan is a Shill.

Worst thing Joe Rogan has done is this video was boring just stoners talking shit. Who's the fully grown man dressed like a teenager?

Bro stop it you guys over did it all blown stupid

And b real saying yeah you foo are full of it

Benefits o shut the fuck up

I shut up

There is no fucking way Joe is only stoned in this clip. He's got the tripping rush for sure

U gotta get Beetlejuice on here! That would be gold!


Rogan looks blowed af 😂😂😂😂

Did this dude just pop off some good ecstasy to get interviewed? Dude you could've just smoked the weed and popped the pill after, cuz when you do those type of drugs you must be in the right environment.


the fuck is this degenerate bs

Wtf rogan looking crazy as hell lmao. Oh y’all got weed weed in here lmao

Lmfao, Joe is so tanked

joe hogs was smoking too much heefah quote by renato leranja

Joe higher then a giraffe's a$$ 🤣

I feel uncomfortable just watching Joe omg hahaha

Joe is sooooo high 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Joe looks like De Niro in the thumbnail " you talkin ta me"

Joe rogan look like he was fighting a bad high and trying to stay solid at the same time 👁

Joe Rogan is influencing everyone it's effing awesome

They're actually in a rocketship 🚀

How stoned is Joe 😂🤣😂🤣

Whats going on with the shoulders smh

Joe doesn’t even know where he’s @


Lol that smoke box looks too small Joe acts like he about to say let me out I need space!!

joe: I used cbd all the time man, really helps with anxiety *proceeds to have a full blown anxiety attack

Joe absolutely panicked

When you don't trust the person sitting behind you in the car...

U need to get boosie badazz on the smoke box

Joe's gonna start the
DMT smoke box

Dude hes so fucking high lolol

Why is joe shmo acting like a dope fiend? 🤣

👍Great Episode & CBD Rocks for pain

Joe is high ASF

Could blindfold Joe w/ dental floss -_-

If going on tour hurts his knees, imagine if he did actual “mans work” !
What a puss. Lmfao

Joe acting like he just smoked a joint laced with angel dust.

Joe Rogan : Starts the show in posture were he can hit everyone =DDDD

This needs to be animated

@ 1:28 That moment when you go in for a big yawn and b real looks at you and catches you and you have to stop mid-yawn and play it off....

It's funny cause Joe can break all there necks

Joe “West Coast Connection” Rogan

Just tried the "9 pound hammer" DAYUM... -now I feel like Joe looks...😏😎

This is a old video seen it before

Who sits in a car like that joe lol

Joe is blasted and everyone else is just getting started.

I've never seen Joe this high before lmao wtf

Joe was obviously high as astronaut nuts!

Nice intro B<that's right my man<extra Reverb on that One<i Legalize IT"Yoga n CBd"

Joe is trying to have a serious conversation. I can't stop laughing. This is awesome

Joe looks totally wacked out of his mind. This is hilarious

Damn joe is fucked lol

Joe looks high as a giraffe pussy

Is Joe on Blow

Joe why don't you just take the day off, I'd say you need a good 6 hrs of sleep😎

Don't forget about Roe Jogan.

I want panamanian coughing Mastül. Call it Thailandian. #MILLERBEERCANNINETIES #MLB #STRAWBERRY

Bro joe is lit af hahah

What's going in with his shoulder?!.. Is he morphing into cartoon Joe..?

Joe Rogan on percs more like

Need another one with Joey!! ASAP

He looks creepy all like “yeahhh”

This fool is sooo high 😆

I just woke up from cryosleep.

Why are we watching people talk in 2019?

No wonder your joints hurt Joe. Got your right shoulder practically touching your ear. My bones would hurt too.
Relax bud...breathe.

Joe is blown out ! He is baked

Joe looks ruined lmao