Joe Rogan on Exercise

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I think what also is a big factor is that ig you're training for results and you don't see any in like 2 or 3 weeks that's huge demotivation but seeing results is huge motivation so the thing is that there's a lot of demotivation that you gotta bite through until you get to the motivational part

And ... exercise and meditation can improve the clarity of your thinking, which can help you make good decisions, good decisions save you enormous amounts of time and effort.

Many great observation here, on point as usual. Just one idea to add. The reason so many people struggle is because businesses make repeat sales by creating products that are addictive. Junk food is addictive, snack food is addictive, TV is addictive. If you want to improve your life make sure the things you are addicted to are more positive. Exercise is addictive, productive work is addictive, creativity is addictive. Choose your addiction because if you dont someone will impose it upon you.

Joe makes great points but I want to hear the lady speak!!!

Its unreal the amount of people that have never stepped one foot into a gym.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Mae West

Anyone else lister jR podcast while working out?

This is good advice. Joe is definitely on to something here. The inclination to be disciplined is built on repetition and momentum. You have to learn to appreciate the benefits of physical exercise which overcomes the desire to sleep in. Love this video.

2:21 convershayshun

Lol I love joe but the way he stumbles over car stuff cracks me up everytime

Joe Rogan motivated me even more I was 210 months ago and now I'm 185 I hope to cut more and do Muay Thai Competition and do more for my college days ^-^ (currently college freshman) ^-^

You can either feel regretful or self disciplined.

"Your body is like a race car that you can juice up yourself."

The key to maintain motivation is to make your workouts enjoyable in whatever way you can. This is especially important early on when you are out of shape because that's when working out is the least fun. Later on, you can worry about maker your workouts more intense but at the beginning just focus on creating a positive association with it. Another thing that helps is to eat something that tastes good after you workout to reward your brain. Listening to music you love is good too.

Eventually, you grow addicted to the endorphins, and he's absolutely right you look forward to it. When you get to the point where you feel like you're withdrawing if you don't do it then you've got it made.

Most people who are obese or otherwise out of shape also have something else going on mentally. For me I didnt care about living. I saw no upside so why bother working out or giving a shit.
If a person is motivated then theyll get in shape naturally.

She's kinda hot. Once I got past how her mouth moves and lispss.

While shock therapy might work to motivate you for today's workout. I can't help but think of the consequences of such action. I think of a child. He has ADD or some deficiency. You start shocking his brain I think it'll fuck him up and he'll associate shocks with a bad experience. Now, the cat's out of the bag. And he is now on a different pathway.

Joe "The Super Ager" Rogan

Working out fixed my anxiety and depression. I wasn’t happy with who I was now I’m confident with myself. Lost 60 pounds in 2 years

Joe Rogan pretending he knows how the human brain and psychology works for everyone.

Workingout is like crack to me.

Joe "elk , DMT , exercise" Rogan
Not necessarily in that order

Joe looks so much healthier here than he does now. Sure he's 3 years older but he looks so red and bloated now.

I would always find time to get my workout in. Even if i return late at night,i would workout and then go to sleep or wake up early in the morning to get my workout in. Workout has become the biggest priority for me

I don't feel that it's the discomfort that stops me, it's the getting started, or finding the time. I work fulltime & have a toddler. My husband works 60+ hours a week so it is difficult to find the time to do it. Between chores & taking care of my daughter there's virtually no time to work out.

I wish I could afford to eat better 😭

Sometimes it’s ok to say “no” to the gym. I labored for 12 hours and on 5 hours of sleep. Instead I’ll bust out body weight work at home for 10 mins and rest.

That friend of yours, is he Doug Stanhope??

When I hear ronda Patrick talk , the term “all cause mortality” rings in my head in her voice.

Why bother inviting Dr.Patrick if Joe is going to do all the talking.

Thank you for the tips can't wait to hit the gym Joe Rogan your the best

My back is fried. I have 2 herniated discs and an SI joint that looks like I have a disease. I fucking work out everyday like a champion. I wasn’t able to work out for over 8 years because of my back. I was in shape all my life until I broke. I worked through the pain little by little. 5 minutes of agony at first is now 45 mins of fucking intensity. I’m building my body back in to a machine and I’m a champion now.
My back is better everyday
I’m 38 and in the best shape of my life.

No excuses. Just savages and intensity!!

wtf is up with this description?

I’ve suffered from depression for almost a decade. I recently met a girl and realized all I needed to improve was for someone to hold me accountable. I set a lot of goals and made a lot of promises to her I never thought I could keep, but because I made them public, I felt challenged not to fail. One of those goals was to start working out. I’ve stuck with it for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed tremendous changes in my mood and physical fitness. I actually feel bad when I don’t get the chance to work out as much as I’d like to. It’s addicting. As much as I may attribute my recovery to her, positive thinking, supplements, etc. I really do think working out has been the biggest help in improving my life and I’m incredibly thankful for it.

She is very pretty. There is just something about her.

Wow I am amazed by what he said about blowing things off around 7:15. That is sooo true and something I struggle with.

About 15 years ago they came out with some study that said... people that sit down at work all day will more likely die from heart disease. I remember thinking ... yeah right I’d rather die!!! Now I never sit down. It’s a better life.

We don’t stop playing because we get old - we get old because we stop playing

My problem is that I don't like working out during my only free time because I'd rather either relax from having to clean houses all day and being a nanny.....but I really am determined to have my dream body and be stronger. I want to be that 30 year old woman who looks real good and hits the gym regularly. So, I am working on prioritizing my workouts and becoming obsessed. If I miss a workout I think "ok, today I ate more than I burned so I just gained 0.5 pounds" and that mentality motivates me because I do NOT want to be fat again.

Joe Bernie rogan

No one read the bio for this huh

You juice Joe. Advantage on people who don't. Tell it like it is buddy.

Joe some of your best words were said in this video

Joe “some other stimuli” Rogan

The description is interesting, to say the least...

Three types of gym members 1) joes case, wants to go workout & works out hard 2) My case, reluctant to go workout, but have a killer workout and feel great. 3) most cases, anxious to go to the gym for bragging rights, but instead of getting on a bike or treadmill and watch TV they get on equipment and play on their cell phone or pester anyone working out at the gym wanting to talk.😬

What episode number is this ?

Thank you Joe Rogan Im 65 and just getting into yoga and meditation for the last year, has made a great difference in my life.
Listening to you and your guests has really encouraged me.

One of the best conversations on the internet. Everyone should hear this.

This is what I always thought of about exercise !

A lot of people's hormones are fucked up. That's why they are depressed and don't do shit

Thank you for this video bro I'm working out to it right now 😂

Nice doo sue sue

Sedentary... Lmfao

219 Dislikes??? Lazy assholes

WOW..Great video. REALLY inspiring.
Saving this so I can replay many times to GET THERE !! Thanks Joe

Wise words! :)

Working out 3-4x per week and eating good food is the best way to self medicate. 100%.

18 minutes of back patting

I remember I started swimming because I was going from skinny fat to fat. I’d get in the pool and just swim. I then got a bit better, and got a bit better. Then one day I just pushed and pushed and pushed and couldn’t breathe almost. I got out the pool my body weight hit me. I sat in the pool cubicle for ages exhausted and destroyed. Walked home eating my banana and drinking my fizzy water still breathing so deep . My body battered. That was my turning point. Realising how much I could really destroy myself.

It’s not vanity, it’s quality of life.

Joe would hate me.

bruh what is the description

For me it’s amazing how I’m not obese with heart problems by now. I’m very very fortunate in that sense

Love this!! Hail you guys!

At least from what I’ve observed in the present moment is that you find yourself trying to follow the path of least resistance

For sure. My family's all overweight and my dad's an alcoholic. I'm an alcoholic in recovery and fitness has always been one of my hobbies. Even when I was drinking, but there are sooo many days when I don't wanna workout, but I push through and get it done. Every now and then I make a comment to my family about not wanting to workout and they say "don't do it then" but I know very well that if I don't, I'm one step closer to falling off. Pushing through on laziness is real important cause once you get that warm up going or finish the first set, you keep going and feel good.

She looks fire for 40

The description column is legendary

I'm fit and I dread exercise. I find it takes so much willpower just to do a half hour workout.How can I start not hating it?

I think you guys are missing the point. It's not that most people don't know or don't understand. IMO, it's much more about allowing yourself. Allowing yourself to be happy; allowing you to be good to yourself. It all starts with how you feel about yourself beforehand. Which is something most fitness types don't understand at all.

I am not saying everybody is like that. What motivates us differs, but I think a large group of people who struggle with overweight are unhappy with themselves. The overweight is just a side effect of that. Of course there is also a feedback component. Being overweight is not good for you mentally. But in my opinion, in a lot of cases, there is an underlying issue. Try to fix that before you try to get people to do fitness a diet, etc. Or at the very least, don't ignore that component. Because it will just lead to failure, which is the last thing those people need.

People are not irrational, they just seem that way because we don't know everything about them. People may say it is not so, but often that is just a defense mechanism. If you feel you don't deserve to be happy and healthy, you will make up all kinds of nonsense to justify that state.

I just want to give this message out to any other moms who may have a hard time with a strenuous workout that requires weights Body by Simone has a great mommy workout it's only 20 minutes I do it every morning as much of it as I can and it is wonderful I suggest it too every mom make sure you get it cleared with your doctor if you just had the baby

Fucking Joe getting me back in the gym!!! Been a while! I'm really depressed!!! Fucking need to work out!!! Joe's awesome!!!

My news year resolution ..,stop working out so much . Take a day off and eat some fur burger .

I cut my run short this morning ,i listened to this before bed at 2am and got up and ran another 15km.

I listen to JRE in the gym

If you work a 1 horsepower engine like a 2 horsepower engine you burn it out. If you have a 1 horsepower body and work it like a 2 it turns into a 2 horsepower body.

You’re not born with discipline, it’s a muscle you have to train.

"I'm having this convershayshon with you."

I like this woman, but that was funny 😆

Not bragging but I'm 53, it's Sunday and I can't wait to workout tomorrow after work 😂😂 Ive been playing sports since I was 8 and began weight training around 13. Since that time I have never gone long than a week or 2 without working out. Push-ups, jogging, gym.. something. I can't imagine life without it🙏🏾🙏🏾

I been exercising for about 2 months and idk I feel nervous going to the gym, I really want to lift weights and stuff and push my self more but idk I feel nervous going alone

Theirs something you don’t know about me joe rogan

I think you kind of slid past the main reason - if you do it for a while, you look forward to it. People who don’t exercise aren’t aware of that feeling because they’ve only had the sore muscles and stressed tendons and ligaments that results from working out a few days then quitting. From their perspective, it will be like this all the time. Ask people to commit to 2 weeks then reevaluate. If folks have a chance to build momentum, many will continue

The chemistry between Rhonda and Joe is great :) Bet his wife gets jelly whenever she is on the podcast

My problem isn’t exercise. It’s food. I love going to the gym. I do 5 days a week 1-2 hours a day plus 30 min of cardio. But I also love food. Not fast food so much but sweets. It’s one of my favorite things.

She said there's many people she cares about but the thing is I don't think they care about themselves enough to exercise so fuk them that's reality

You have to have a “Ive had it. I’m not gonna live like this anymore” type of motivation to make changes in your life.

i hate to say it but sometimes all i need is a bowl before the gym and it gets me completely in the zone

way to bleep out the swear words you virgin

Made the decision to get a gym membership 5 years of the best decisions of my life.🏃💪🏽🙌🏼

I think Joe invites guests just so they can listen to him talk

Those 193 people hit the snooze button too

I feel like if you claim that going for a run is accomplishing something, you have much bigger issues X_X

When I'm injured and I can't exercise I can't stand it. I just feel good at All. People don't know what there missing out on.

Exercise also makes you value the worth of your time.

Monday wednesday Friday Sunday week 1 complete. Week 2 Monday today. Use that time effectively.

i do a 40 min run then planks daily, my discipline, i then appreciate a few beers etc

whats with th--nstant skipping?

Hearing Joe Rogan say he is pro elliptical was a bit disappointing. LOL But what he says about discomfort being your friend is true.