Joe Rogan | Overcoming Laziness to be Successful w/Corey Anderson

Taken from MMA Show #65 w/Corey Anderson:

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If I was your best friend, Id want you around me all the time

Eh, I broke my tibia up near my knee and tore my ACL same timeand walked around on it two weeks before finally going to the ER. I thought I just hyper-extended my knee tripping over my cat. Sometimes people just need to suck it up and stop themselves that it's worse than it is.

Fathers are the best

Asstastic= immediate like

this guy mumbles like a motherfucker

SHOUTOUT 815 Corey you the man. Hononegah alumni

wen he talk he sound like 50 cent

I’ve never seen my dad work in my life. He was retired at 35, having invested in real estate. He always said he loves hard work, he can observe it for hours. He used to say all those things and I have to admit I believe it. I tried to change my perspective to work ethic but haven’t been successful. I tend to think people who work harder than me are less smart and I can’t change it...

This is changing my life in real time. Wow. THANK YOU! 🙏🏽

Hey cory proud of you man h-o-n-o-n-e-g-a-h I remember playing with you in football

Literally feel the motivation as i hear Mr Anderson talk 👍🏿

This dude mumbles like crazy I can hardly follow what hes saying

Pure man pure mindset. Great story

Lmao but imagine calling your kids lazy because they don't want to wake up in the middle of a school night to work on a boat

Not that this guy doesn't have a good message to share though

No one:
Corey Anderson: Asstastic

I was that kid that was told he would never accomplish his goals that I will never get anywhere. And it's funny how time changes and somehow you make it to the top and those teachers that saw you as nothing are still on their low income salary. I wish everyone the best believe in yourself. #dontdoubtyourself

He talks like one long run on sentence that keeps continuing on longer than you’d expect now I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking that run ons isn’t a word and that it sounds more like a senior citizen orthopedic shoe sole insert brand but it’s not that you’d be wrong that’s the thing is this making your ocd kick in or flare up because I gotta say I wouldn’t blame you

That was a great interview! I liked how Joe let him talk and made him explain what he meant on certain things. There were a lot of jewels in this interview.

I'm a 270lb obese 27 year old female. I am here because I am no longer going to be a lazy ass. I need to make money for myself so that I can join a jiu jitsu gym and lose weight while doing something I love! I am ready to change my life and become someone!

Am I the only one who sees 50 in this dude?

No idea who this guest is but damn i like that guy...

And then he gets knocked out in front of jon jones!! LMFAO!!! stay woke!!!! COREY "BEDTIME" ANDERSON 🤣😂

There’s levels to this - Coreys Chin

Haa he lost

Corey "no chin" Anderson lol

I hope he beats Jones

Reminds me of Joe Frazier

This video alone has made me a huge fan!!

"It only lasts so long"

Jon Jones gonna break coreys leg again after hearing this.

Awesome -is this 50cent's cousin?

Injuries motivates its so wierd

Close your eyes and you’ll hear 50 cent😂😂😂

Wow this guy is tough respect 😤

Corey reminds me of a GAYISH 50CENT

EVERY working age American needs to hear this

When this guy is drunk, he sound like 50 cent.

I snapped the screws in my collarbone after they put a 4 screw plate. I would recommend he gets the surgery to take those out. They gave me the 8 screw plate and i was good after that.

He whooped Johnny Walkers ass

I bet he’s a Trump supporter.


Great talk

Definitely one of the top authentic podcasts I’ve seen in a while.

If its something i love doing i wont be lazy simple sa that

I’m lazy in things that i hate or don’t care about. Nothing i can do about that. Which is like every job i ever done except driving lol driving jobs is probly the only job I haven’t been lazy in my life

"Asstastic" isnt a compliment? My god damn ex was lying to me...

Coach: fuck this kid...

hey look its jimmy cliff

Low key sounds like 50

Mad respect for Corey Anderson after this.

You know what separates Joe from other people? He is so obsessed with people's mentality and mindset. He continues to go back to Corey's mindset in high school. That's what separates him, Corey, name it from everyone else. They just want to learn more and be better.

Too bad I can only understand every tenth word he's saying lol

This should have 1 Million views

Dude talks way too much Akle lock will end him everytime.

5:50 it can only last so long .... 2020 new years resolution

Tulsi has motivated me to work harder. #serviceaboveself #tulsi2020

Now love this guy more. I wrestled for 3 years before i got more than 1 win a season, 4th year maybe 5 wins out of 30 or more. By my senior year i was going toe to toe with state placers in practice.

Somewhere along the way, I lost drive, effort, and all that. No fire. Still trying. Hopefully his thought process works for me

Kinda reminds me of 50 Cent

He is a inspirational person! Just a good guy all around!

Jonny Walker who?

I love his honesty

That’s rad. Sounds like my son. So much 🤭 It’s football for him. That FIRE is my boy omg. Holy wow. Hahaa!

And he had to fight for his field time. From the sidelines and from the classroom. He overcame so much, stayed focus and kept his grades up home life was stressful for us for reasons not even worth my time in saying... But these challenges built this perseverance in him that is so admirable & inspiring. He carved out a starting position this season on offense & defense after 2 years on the sideline. my son was finally given his shot when coaches favorite was sick one game... My son had 215 yards. 4 touchdowns, 2 conversion points & 8 monster tackles (1 for a loss) and our team walks away with a 30-0 win. 😂🥳😛 ahhh that was a great day! He ended his season this year with 1000 yards rushing. (& that was just what he racked up in the last 4-5 games) I adore him beyond words - if you can’t tell lol He’s only 16 right now sooo watch for him - i believe he has that fire as Corey does.

✨ His name is KADEN RITCHIE ✨


23:09 Corey has left the chat


"It's all in your mind baby, you can make the best out of anything" <3

He Asked the same question like 3 times

I currently go to Lincoln College and recently found out Matt Hughes used to go here and wrestle here, it’s crazy 😱😱🤯🤯

“My grades was ass” 🤣🤣

“I was asstastic” 🤣🤣

Who’s here after he fathered Johnny Walker

Coming back to this after that Johnny Walker KO!

Who's here after Corey Anderson smashed Johnny walker 😂

I find these types of people/interviews so much more interesting than the typical famous people. What an incredible guy and a great story teller. Gives me hope as a parent.


Corey's honesty is compelling. I think he will be the best!

schoolwork?? what happened to the video games he loved as a teen.. Hahaha

i wont lie.. Academics terrify me, Them stuffy classrooms are like a nightmare to me, Like i have ptsd from grade school... but i am alot different now... ill actually read now, and read alot, ill get stuck in these phases where i kinda crave new knowledge... i feel like all i wanted to do as a teen was hang out with friends, play drums, and smoke weed... now not so much, If i really think about it, If i went back to school with my current mindset, I'd probably be king, but Most adults can say that, because weve grown so much and have an aware self identity thats not in constant shifts... therefore were more confident and centered, and alot quicker mentally... well most of us this should be true.. haha, theres definitely some out there that just never grew up.. im a little guilty of falling prey to old habits though sometimes... like a relapse or something lol..

Great story, very inspirational!

I loved this.

One of the best joe

11:50 a lot of people still don't believe in racism, no matter what the evidence presents.

F**** insane!!! Just incredible... Perseverance!!!

Wrestling sets you up for life

Corey Anderson sounds like 50 cent 😂

Shout out this guy, and his pops, and his wrestling coach 💪

My definition of success is having the financial means to be lazy. We work really hard so that we one day won't have to.

What a man

Bout to get me the raycons

"it only last so long" is how i got through 18 hrs of labor with my first son!

Why is he speaking to my soul!!

Lying on the couch eating donuts and drinking orange soda.

I’m fucking inspired

What is he saying? Can't understand a thing.

Love the mindset of this conversation

Now he needs something to motivate him to start enunciating better.


Is it just me or does Corey look like 50 Cent's bearded hood twin brother?

i would watch the fuck out of that movie

A lot of people say Corey Anderson is boring to watch but I disagree because he's such a likable dude that I genuinely enjoy watching his fights.