Joe Rogan & Steve Rinella on Neanderthals

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1204:

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Joe: Neanderthal DNA is a thing
Me who is short and likes to be in the woods: Hmmmm

Steve is an awesome guy

George The Animal Steele is actually a former teacher. #RIP

I think Steve may be the greatest hunter/naturalist that has ever lived. Also, there is a lot of genetic evidence to suggest humans and Neanderthals interbred. As in, some people with lineage to certain parts of the world have genes that suggest an ancestor mated with Neanderthals. I forget the name of the doc, but the point was Neanderthals didn’t go extinct but basically were bread into our species and blending happened. Not sure what the pros think in 2020. But as a former biologist, my training of from what I’ve studied in nature basically says, if two organisms can mate, based on several life history traits, they will. Would be interesting to know definitively.

How are Neanderthals a different species if when different species breed, their offspring are infertile yet we still have their dna??????? NEANDERTHALS AND HOMO SAPIENS ARE THE SAME SPECIES

I've seen documentaries that say Neanderthals were stronger and smarter than homo sapiens, but because of their physical strength they weren't as motivated to develop advanced weapons and hunting techniques, so they weren't able to compete when the homo sapiens started encroaching on their territory and food supply.

I never thought of this umtil now,
Human bodies are more favourable to Neanderthal bodies when there's limited amounts of calories.

Neanderthals had a lot of muscles, which means they had a faster metabolism than Humans, hence they needed to consume more calories to stay alive.

I still watch Joe on the tube lik nothing has ever changed. Matter fact I can’t even remember the name of whoever it is that bought the jre rights, SoundCloud maybe?

you see, the rules say that if your species is smarter you'll die faster

Thee Hillary Clinton video at 8:04


This guy looks like when Jim Carrey made that funny face in that sonic interview

I watch Rick and Morty

Homosapians killed the Neanderthals, after breeding with

So Joe has seen hairier shoulders on a woman?

They crafted a resin through an industrial process to hold their spear heads on. We can't currently figure out how they did it. They were intelligent

This video just makes me wanna say ‘cool w-hip’

Here are some questions to ask yourself.
Do you know how the age of geologic columns are determined?
Do you know how the date of fossils are determined?
Do you know what circular reasoning is?
Do you know how carbon dating works?
Did you kmow that in order to find the HALF LIFE of something, you need to know how old it is to begin with?
Do you know what circular reasoning is?
Do you know how soil settlement works?

George "The Animal" Steele died aged 79. Shot by a zoo keeper at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Neanderthal used to hunt us and sleep with our woman not the other way around

The red head, blue eye gene comes from Neanderthal..everyone knows that.

Not a word about Cto-Magnon man.

What about Andre the giant?

Why is the talking to the professor about neanderthals and not basketball

Andre the giant reminds me of a Neanderthal, always has, always will. He was awesome ❤️

Chuck Norris

According to 23andMe, I have more Neanderthal DNA than 93% of their customers, so these are my ancestors you're talking about. Show some respect.

Joe did a Strawman on the Them and Us theory. First of all neanderthals didn't live of mainly plants but of an almost entirely meat diet. Europe doesn't have that many native plants to support their calories requierements so Joe's "plant eating teeth" claim is bullshit. Secondly humans are very unique in their looks compared to other apes. Neanderthals had the same flat feet, locomotive like movement of their legs, straight back that couldn't twist, etc from apes. Their also branched out while the common ancestor is generally believed to have looked like an upright ape and still kept it's fur. There's nothing in Europe, including it's cold weather, to suggest they should have evolved the same way as modern humans. Their is no solid evidence for them looking like apes, but neither for them to have looked likes Modern humans by having lost their fur, long noses, human like eyes (large eye sockets from neanderthals suggests nocturnal predator), etc.

Also, all the known DNA transfer came from male neanderthals, no females. The female neanderthals were stronger than the strongest man today, we can tell this by the muscle fiber scars left on the bones.

Joe never heard of Denic Cyplenkov

You guys have it all backwards.

The “anatomically modern humans” (AMH) overpowered the Neanderthal.
DNA tells us our ancestry is male AMH, female Neanderthal. (Except people with no Neanderthal ancestry.)

Can you name one significant contribution to science made by a person with no Neanderthal ancestry?

Also, there is no DNA evidence to tell us that AMHs had black skin. Black skin dates from after the great migration, 50-100Kya. The makers of one anatomical reconstruction were scolded by the scientists for making it chocolate coloured. Methinks racism.

If your first language is English use the “th” pronunciation.


More Americans claim German ancestry than any other country of origin.

Joe “Chimps, dmt, George the animal steel” Rogan

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I’m confused 🤷🏾‍♂️

Joe"why in the hell are we still doing weird quotation thing"

Were the neanderthals protestant or Catholics?

Humans have to be the most violent species ever.....we kill just for the fuk of other species does that

I ve seen people that have Neanderthals Gene s in them

Pathology suggests that Neanderthals weren't persistent hunters like early modern humans in Africa, but were rather head on fighting, sprinting predators. They were broad, stocky, thick bones and had a bigger percentage of fast twitch muscles. Also one Neanderthal's brain capacity was measured at almost 1800 cm^3 which is among the biggest ever recorded in hominids, much bigger than today's human average. They were also seafarers and have left traces on a lot of islands around the Mediterranean sea. Not bad for a bunch of idiots huh?

Joe calls a theory stupid but believes in the stoned ape theory 😂

What we gonna do when the next ape gets smart an hunts us down like we did this race of human.

.....Joe “I go back and forth” Rogan

Neanderthals were as smart as homo sapiens at the time they coexisted

23 and me said I have higher than normal amounts of neanderthal in me.

Neanderthals were only told to be not so dumb when they found out that White people share dna with them lol

They were around for 600,000 years and didn’t break out of the Stone Age in that time? Yeah, I just don’t believe that

Are they talking about michell obama?

Til neaderthal sculls and mountain gorilla sculls are the same.

In that period in time , humans were about the same height.

Who listened to half of the podcast and came to the comments?

Bonobo + Chimpanzee = Hairless Chimp + () = ?

Neanderthals brains were much larger than humans, they were just organized different than ours. They had tools, religion, and communion.

We never killed them off. Homo Sapiens bred with them. Most of us are mixed. If you’re European, or have family history in that region, more than likely you have trace parts of Neanderthal DNA

Hi Gale.

I'm pretty sure that most theories say neanderthals weren't necassarily less intelligent than us. They don't know exactly how they died out but chances are we weren't much smarter

Are whites Neanderthals

Like people today the Neanderthal would have all different shapes and sizes. So that means that some Neanderthal would have been over 6ft tall!! The average Neanderthal woman could bench press around 350lbs she would beat a modern day man's ass no problem

Hillary Clinton video so shocking Trump won't mention it.

Neanderthals myth has been debunked long time ago


They were small muscular white skin and the gene for red hair our ancestor humans were dark skinned out of Africa we were light years ahead of them when it came to intelligence and creativity!

What makes you think neanderthals and homo sapiens didn’t breed together?

Funny how those evolutionary pictographs of caveman to the modern man always darken the skin in the caveman but then the modern man shows light skin.😂. In reality. Light skin was prior to darker skin in evolutionary ladder. Living on the trees in the jungles had no need for sun protection through dark skin, when man evolved during the latter period and lived in grasslands and were exposed to more sunlights, that is when darker skin evolved.

Clay Guido was the original caveman!

If you like this, you'll love Quest For Fire!

Maybe the male and female neanderthals both have the same traumatic injuries because they had a confrontational mating style rather than a confrontational hunting style?

You people killed off my ancestors. Where's my 40 acres and a mule?

Oooooooo Joe wake up shake your head and get the SHIT OUT.. but we love you...

Humans share more than 50 percent of their genetic information with plants and animals in general. They share about 80 percent with cows, 61 percent with bugs such as fruit flies. You'll even find human DNA in a banana – about 60 percent,

"The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now." --Abraham Lincoln, 1848.

and then

Monkey brain says breed with human looking thing

Aussie local

He was talking about Denisovans, right?

I am thinking these timelines are fraudulent made by hairy pirates

Isn’t just Caucasian people who mainly have Neanderthal DNA? And that’s the difference between the races

Neanderthals and modern humans split from the shared ancestor at the same time :)

Those tats joe....weird!

Joe “back in the day” Rogan

With the biblical archeological evidence perfectly in sinc with the bible back to 800 BC so far. It would seem logical that the biblical account before 800 BC is very possibly true. The biblical account mentions another race that God didn't like man interbreeding with. This is the story of the flood. Is it possible neanderthal were that race? Why is the biblical account so easily dismissed? So far it has shown to be an accurate historical document.

I've never noticed anyone pronouncing it neandaTALLS

George the animal steel. Was a college professor.

Steve my boy that voice 👁

The mythological creatures of Darwinism.

It begs the question, who's superior, modern man or neanderthal?

Neanderthals form the basis of most BLM supporters.

Yeah we have a bunch of Neanderthal’s rioting in several city’s, Portland, Oregon, New York , Seattle, Los Angeles etc. etc.

Are they talking about michell obama?

George “The Animal “ Steele had a Masters degree and was a teacher...

If man lived 500 years he would look like a neanderthal.

I love how most people assume that it was relationships and love and having children... a bigger, stronger version of humans just raped the smaller women and killed the smaller men if they intervened lmao

There is only one species of human or hominid on the earth today. No subspecies.
The concept of race is a human construct and has no basis in Genetics.
All the differences and characteristics seen in every single human that has ever lived can be explained in barely 2% of the human genome.
And wars are fought over “race” ? Humans are stupid

Steve Rinella is the Nate Diaz of hunting. FYI

The proportion of Neanderthal-inherited genetic material is about 1 to 4 percent [later refined to 1.5 to 2.1 percent] and is found in all non-African populations. It is suggested that 20 percent of Neanderthal DNA survived in modern humans, notably expressed in the skin, hair and diseases of modern people.

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