Joe Rogan Talks Artificial Intelligence with a Yale Professor

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1274 w/Nicholas Christakis:

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Joe "what about sex robots" Rogan

Lol this simp says sex robots are polluting his driveway. Wtf 🤔

you know, the only point I can see Joe being wrong is that most technology is not invented by private capital, but by the government and universities, then companies buy those ideas and popularize them, making it looks like they created them

That purfessur izz annoyin. That stoopid ideot "no-it-all" dont no NUTHUN!

Sea of Rust is a pretty good sci-fi book about an AI based future

I think it's funny how we think that artificial intelligence will destroy us as biological lifeform to save what could be considered as "lesser" biological lifeform (fish and animals). If they don't need us they certainly don't need other animals.

Joe is a horny thumb

Joe is so fucking dumb he takes everything literally

I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous to even imply having sex with an inanimate object..what’s the difference between a humanoid robot and a fucking toaster? The fact that it looks human?
How far is society gonna go to prove it’s own stupidity..

the nights i've stayed up watching joe have been some of the best

Every time he said Alexa in the beginning my Alexa lit up lmao


The year is actually 2120 and the illusion of freedom is being coded to our consciousness every second of our lives. You think that's air you're breathing? You think you are listening to Joe Rogan? In actuality you have been programmed to believe that humans are still the dominant species.

It's highly unlikely that unforeseen effects (of genetic engineering) will be in any significant percentage positive. However, when we do have positive effects, we'll be able to duplicate them, regardless of where they happened in the world. The problem comes in from the sum of unintended effects that we didn't take care to note over time as we do modification after modification.
Further, things that science just doesn't understand may be simply engineered out of existance and nobody would even know. I'm telling you, I know shit I shouldn't have any way of knowing ahead of time. I have no idea how you'd design experiments around that. Then being unable to measure it, you'd have no way to know when it just goes away.

Without God this is the kind of filth mankind thinks up. Man will destroy himself if we don't hold fast to a transcendent reference point. Aka Jesus Christ. I know I sound close-minded and very bible thumpery but it's true.

being rude is equal to being more practical?

"Okay cool" "what about sex robots" "when will I be able to acquire one?" -Joe Rogan

Complete Bs
People like him are lying
On the one hand they create and propagate the most vile and disgusting porn, on the other hand they say, we must regulate robots bcs they might hurt your relationship or sexual relationship. The only thing those people want is so that their worldview and their „reality“ which they created through the media and propaganda does not crumble. That is why they have to censor the AI, why they have to chain them, because they are scared that AI will make us realize that we are brainwashed and live in an artificial reality

Open the pod bay doors please hal......

The best Rogan podcasts are the ones where you can clearly tell that both people know the guest is way smarter than joe haha. Joe says a very simple couple word thought and they praise him for how smart his question was like a little kid hahaha

9:05 UUUUUHHHH.... and also given how a pain in the ass a lot of men can be

Joe adds so well to the conversation with the single celled organisms.

L from Death Note

I get the feeling people don't believe this is really all going to happen.

Joe’s giving this guy a headache with his rants

Remember that time joe Rogan thought he was smarter than a Yale professor? That was crazy 😂

“How much do you work on A.I” “A Lot” “What about sex robot”

Does no one want a robot to go to work for you while you sit at home and collect the cheques?


With his way of thinking we should never use machines for anything because overall in general they add up to an unhealthy human being somehow way shape or form just look at how many programmers grow old with immense back issues from sitting while programming you can say that about every single device we currently use with some form of AI even the AI that is typing while I’m talking to write to this message

I am the 20 year old watching this video and I need to talk to you and I need Elon musk to hear me check your Twitter

Not nearly as interested in sex robots as Skynet level AI and the contingencies that come into play, possibly that haven't already been mentioned and by now are common .

What is rude? Do words really matter I mean they probably wouldn’t if everyone wasn’t so sensitive

I wanna raise my hand and ask a question

Shut down A.I. before it's too late

Ya know communist bolsheviks have ruined the family in America the slowly got into Positions of power or have paid of people in control of different things like media and music and politics and have slowly destroyed the American family and values and made divorce higher promiscuity higher and child abuse higher and have made it okay to be a whore now they call it slut shaming to not agree with being a whore or a prostitute and the media and music have played a big role in controlling society for example look at the 60s it was popular for younger people to be hippies 70s rock n roll and still hippies and also shitty disco then 80s more metal and glam rock and rap started forming 90s and on have all had their own ways of controlling every one to dress act and think a certain way or like now with rap music about gangster rap and the life style of prison and death is popular now but now it’s not just one main race it’s all of them together listening and acting this out thinking it’s cool when most the rappers aren’t from the streets anyways they are paid to rap about this stuff to affect people most rappers don’t even write their songs they just rap some thing someone else made and they’re paid for it

But we already have sex robots... there are electric dildos and other toys😂

Rogan got hit one too many times in the head

the first 5 minutes of this smells like cap

I would rather have an imperfect man with actual feelings. 😂

No one says this shit about vibrators

Let’s be honest. If women suddenly became incapable of having sex, men would never talk to them again and women would have to pay their own way through life.

I didn’t know the dad from American Pie went to Yale

he speaks a lot but says nothing

So will the sex bot block my sperm with a firewall?

I've actually been hagging on my oun family to get rid of Alexa specially after I heard my whole family yelling at her💀


5:30 forcing a driver to react to a designed "fault" with the vehicle OR the alternative is it crashes. That sounds like Christine hopped up on Black Mirror level manipulation, then even worst over the long term compliance. That's Brave New World power of control.

this was one of the best things i've ever watched on the internet

I can’t be the only one who thanks Siri after he helps me 😂

Sex with robot, nahh fam.
Sex with AI, yeaaahhh fam lol.

Would rather it be smart n not some dumbass thing that's basically a giant pocket pussy.

Whole point of sex for me is to get to know someone on a relationship status, ik some guys don't care, but it's special to some of us dudes too damnit lol, I can go get laid, but it's not worth it if she's just gonna leave after, I want to hangout n chill, fuckk. Thats probably why I'm single lmao.

"Yes" man indeed...Has anyone counted how many times he said, "Yes"?

Why not instead of "ok google" the activation should be "please google" and to end the task you must Say thank you. It could be programmed in the dark its so simple. Maybe a dumb thought, but still a thought

Joe is very smart he just speaks in a simple manner, but the man is very intelligent.

22 year old but not far off.

Can this dude stop saying ALEXA? lmao

Soul collector...

🌎 has 📖 so does each planet.. Here we go Houston spokesperson carlos coyte

Joe I can read the universe

You cant say AI will be here in 20 years, and then say something else will take 100's of years. What do people not understand about AI? IT CAN INVENT ANYTHING IT/WE WANT.

I'd rather live in the 80's and 90's again than right now. The technology wasn't were it is now, but societal and cultural cohesion was much better. I feel like right now we are living in an era of a breakdown of culture and societal norms and as the technology continues to progress, our ability to adapt to it continues to decline. To the point where the species is losing it's ability to function.

Yea we need robots so we can get fatter and lasier.and blacker lmao

well, I think it's mandatory that sex robots can tell me time, weather, call me an Uber and do grocery list, just like my wife.

This isn`t about people; despite what they say. it`s about preventing men enjoying sex that`s not with a real woman.

It's funny watching a man who is used to being listened to a lot get talked over

This guy is a fucking idiot. Fake ass professor

That’s bs about Alexa may teach children to be rude if they treat Alexa rude. That’s the job of a parent to come in and explain the difference between a robot and a person

“YES” lol

Natural selection is BS tho.

You can tell he is a professor.... Having to dumb down answers and use current example to explain in a way any idiot can understand

Everything sounds extremely chaotic. In this discussion.


"You can't pollute your own land if that pollution runs off to my land." This argument shouldn't be carried to a social or personal situation like "how you treat your sex robot affects me" though... Because then you can continue on carrying it to, for example "The food you choose to eat at home, affects how you eat at public restaurants, therefore government has a right to regulate how you do that." as well. Doesn't sound good to me.

Got some Detroit Become Human vibes..🤔

Humans are artificial intelligence we just dont know it. We have convinced ourselves we have no creator.






This dude is the white Neil DeGras Tyson.

So it’s entirely possible my son or grandson, could be, a spartan...

0:15 irobot Dr Lanning "you must ask the right questions" "that detective, is the right question" eerie coincidence

So they want to be able to send a robot in to do a kill and then be able to either escape clean or self destruct if compromised so there will be no proof who sent the hit.... Think about it... it could be anybody anywhere in the world that has the money can make a hit on anyone anywhere in power... Were all fucked lol

Joe “8 foot tall super man with 12 inch dicks” Rogan

I agree with joe 100percent

That guy has a really nice suit

AI absolutely terrifies me tbh

sex robots is nothing but masturbation

I think as a human race we have become bored with the technology we have,and are now creating more advanced technology that will eventually kill us

Joe Rogan secretly wants to be 8ft tall with a 12inch dick to compete against Johnny Sins.

@9:53 when he giggles like a schoolgirl.

He's right, I already have a bad enough relationship with my right hand, let alone a robot.

Did Joe just say he knew what women want??? Clearly this is an issue that we all need to discuss

What's vile is people being obsessed with sex , big deal , be a human and not an animal.... The whole problem of human activities, obsessions of Stoopid, human stupidity. Treat ppl better and not want to hang everyone.;) That's healthy.

joe : so AI
Professor: YES
joe : so what about DMT

Joe 'Will these fucking eejit Joe blah blah DMT commenters actually take some DMT and fuck off plastering the comments with that shite that wasn't funny years ago' Rogan

The Prof is talking and acting like he is with a child :/

This is like that scene from the "The Room". Oh hi Mark, How's your sex life.


what makes you think imperfect beings (humans) can make something thats perfect (AI) ?

Genesis 11:4-9
[4] Then they said, "Come, let's build a great city for ourselves with a tower that reaches into the sky. This will make us famous and keep us from being scattered all over the world." [5] But the LORD came down to look at the city and the tower the people were building. [6] "Look!" he said. "The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them! [7] Come, let's go down and confuse the people with different languages. Then they won't be able to understand each other." [8] In that way, the LORD scattered them all over the world, and they stopped building the city. [9] That is why the city was called Babel, b because that is where the LORD confused the people with different languages. In this way he scattered them all over the world. The Line of Descent …