Joe Rogan & Ted Nugent Disagree Over Marijuana

Joe Rogan and Ted Nugent discuss marijuana.

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Let's face it, even under prohibition laws, it will be mostly only the degenerate and the weak that will be caught.
I say keep prohibition.

If anything, it's a gate through which the greater body of human waste cannot pass.

Ted: No alcohol, no drugs, no dope, and no fat pussy

Also Ted: I drink wine and smoke on a Cuban cigar. But weed bad

1:13 that kinda rubbed me the wrong way, anybody else feel the same way when he said that? Lol

That's the problem with people being lied to for too long by the news and government

He got Musk to smoke I wanna see him get Ted Nugent to atleast take 1 or 2 puffs

Ted ur crazy annoying, thank God ur music is bad ass bcuz ur opinion is rediculous, old fashion conservative

You feel more alive when your sober!!

this dude needs to smoke some weed

this dude has televangelist vibes

Rogan will realize one day that Ted was right all along

Uncle Ted is right Joey talks way too much doesn't listen to Ted enough

No fat pussy

nugent is just looking for proof that weed is the evil. i used to be anti-weed because of my father. he was a junkie and he openly smoked weed while hiding everything else. there's dark memories causing him to feel this way, i'm willing to bet.

I’m a fucking loser

Ps ted no band member was a problem with pot , ur describing heroin. Ps he drinks a little wine aka get drunk hops in a helicopter and shoots pigs while stroking one out.... ps for a guy who doesn’t do drugs u sure are a mush mouth fuck head lmao tell us how u shit urself to get out the draft mr patriot lmao tell us , then swing it back to a lie about how u fooled some hippy at high times cuz u were , what ? Mad at the interview? Shut up ya moron

so this dude claims to be pro freedom but can’t stand weed...?

I hate when people call marijuana dope. Ive always heard people use the word dope when there talking about meth. Idk pot sounds better.

If he’s happy with where he is then it ain’t broke so don’t fix it

This old man is a bitch

Ted Nugent stoned out of his mind with a pot sticker on a guitar? Maybe he had a bad trip

Ted is stoned now..."only a little wine"..and he's been saying for decades he doesn't drink..WTF?!!


Dope makes you stupid. End of story.

Very well spoken joe

Look at all the pissed off loser potheads hahqha

Joe Rogan: "Hello Freak Bitches"
Ted: " I Believe You Can Do That Sober And Be The Best U Can Be"

teds really gonna go his whole life without being able to sit back relax and watch a shitty movie while high. dudes missing out. plus sammy haggar done hard drugs and shit his entire life and doesnt seem as cenial as nugent

Floyd mayweather a literal international champion of boxing, is also a big pot smoker

But you drink?!

Listen to Amboy Dukes Journey to The Center of The Mind, then tell me if Ted Nugent never did drugs.

Ted Nugent...clown

Cannabis is not a gateway drug,all heroin addict's startered with milk noone is blaming milk

Strong marijuana users are the best

Two people disagreeing and yet managing to have a civilised - and even cordial - conversation. Nice.

People like this think they know what's best for everybody . Bet he a democrat

Not gonna lie, I keep seeing potheads who look/act like coomers. Kinda beta loser shit imo.

most of what he says is bullshit

I couldn’t finish watching this. Ted Nugent is so full of himself and weird. Wrong guy to talk about weed with. Fucking hypocrite

Joe is deluded..

I never realized how stupid Ted Nugent is

He’s just an example of all the ignorance the older generation has perpetuated over the years but they will all die off eventually


This dude is a weirdo wtf🤣.
How is he gonna talk about how weed makes you a loser when there are athletes way more physically inclined and successful than himself

Ted Nugent is a fucking stupid ignorant asshole

This guy's fucking nuts

What a pompous prick.

drugs are illegal access to the spiritual realm

Has he been relevant in any way in the last 30 years? Douchebag.

I've done drugs and i have to agree with Ted. Drugs don't make you better. I don't do drugs anymore and am way better. Marihuana doesn't make you better in my opinion. I've smoked for decades and weed can slow you down. I like being sober. I think that's when you are you best.

tEd’S eGo iS BiGgEr ThAn HiS DiCk bRo oH mY gOsH

This just in.... Nugent's an idiot.

Listening to Ted Nugent talk about drugs is about the same as listening to a liberal person talk about guns. Both of them are uneducated and ignorant on the subject, insist that they know what they are talking about, but have no fucking clue what they are talking about. I love this mans music and guitar playing but other than that he is a fucking idiot. The shit this man says is gringy as fuck. He's Looney tunes.

Oh god damn now he says the guitarist of MC5 smoked weed and implied that led him to do heroin, and steal, and go to prison. Right on Ted.

I like Ted Nugent as far as his music goes. Otherwise he’s a clown. Lmao he just sounds like a bitter, god fearing old dude.

Ok the hunting thing is such a myth. All my friends dad's are over weight and sit in a deer stand to shoot deer. Correlation does not equal causation mr rogan

This man naturally tweaking... nice

Imagine Ted Nugent and Gary Busey on the same podcast! HOLY FKN SHITBALLS!!! 😱

I'd take Ozzy over Ted all day every day... Check the record sales bro

Joe “the jujitsu world is full of people who smoke pot” Rogan

people’s control is the problem not the vices .

Ted has bags under his eyes. Joe does not.

I used to be a pothead who smoke everyday. Now I only smoke occasionally and I always find it makes me more grateful and sympathetic, an overall better human being.

Never been into killing animals for sport. Thats what hunting is to me. Put a hunter on the serengeti without a weapon and his perspective on being the hunted would change real quick.

I mean...Ted Nugent is a moron...we already knew this...

The only drug Ted neeeds is his schizophrenic medication

In you Ted? Do you know what else is in you? An Endocannabinoid System. An you con't have to take Cannabis to feed it. Feed to to Livestock. Feed the seeds to poultry. Let it grow wild, so the deer you hunt can eat it. God put it in you for a reason and you're starving it. You're wrong Ted. Listen to your son and Joe.

ted, you lose credibility every time you open your mouth

much like everyone

keep it shut bro, please

until then, give up any chance that anyone listens

I love how he's preaching about a narrow view 🤣🤣 I love listening to people who know nothing about marijuana talk about it 🤣🤣

First of all, I’ve been to a Ted Nugent concert, and it WAS good! But, it wasn’t any of the things that he described. So....good, not great. Now, as far as drugs and alcohol expanding your mind and making you better..... I’ll point you in the direction of Stevie Ray Vaughn, who while drunk and stoned was absolutely amazing! The day he started playing sober, he took that level of greatness and musicianship to a whole different level! He was 10 times better sober than he was inebriated. Without a doubt. Then you look at someone like Jimi Hendrix, who the deeper he got into drugs, and “expanding his mind”, the worse his music got.

Still... I think this is a healthy argument. This guy needs to hear Joe.

Decreasing view of the world, that is conservatism.

Ted loves that caffeine,ego has blinded him.

Rogan is newer to weed than the nuge

No fat pussy!

If Ted Nugent smoked weed or tried psychedelics it's possible his ego would turn on him savagely haha

Tell him joe !!!!!!!!

Life is a series of "trade offs". Sometimes being your "absolute best" is not necessary or desired. To be a professional it is. To be average it isn't. It doesn't take hours of practice to be a mailman, plumber, sales clerk, nurse, flight attendant, etc. But it feels good to smoke weed. Under Ted's premise, I would trade "feeling good" to be 1/1000th better at my very average career. I don't want to make that trade. Under Ted's RIGHT WING premise the GOD DAMN government get to take that choice away from me. That makes Ted a narrow minded hypocrite..... on this topic. I agree with him on many topics. But not personal choices about how you pick your fun. If you want to drink under a bridge for fun.... Okay by me. But our taxes should not pay for you after you blow out your liver..... like it does right now. That is bull shit. You should be allowed to drink yourself to death but not drive drunk. Pretty simple. I'm very surprised Ted can't see it this way.

this old asshole says he is better off sober but then when joe talks about bad ‘effects’ of marry j he claims to feel all of them?

I don't understand how some people years later can defend a drug that makes you feel stupid and alone, that was my experience with it I got no satisfaction from it at all and I smoked for a couple of years to please my friends who would say "I drank with you, smoke with me". I did and I always regretted it later. To each their own I guess.

Why is this guy still given an audience?

This guy is a complete dooche smear!

For a guy who doesn’t drink or smoke, dude looks like he’s had a rough life!

I think she was 12

No Joe. I know Pot heads who take care of stuff but only when they arent high. Its as soon as they start smoking that... all shit can wait. Its True. Thats why I rather hang out with alcoholics cuz they get shit done and handle business sober or drunk. Hell the drunker they are the more willing to do stuff they are.

Potheads are just as annoying as people who smoke cigarettes. Weed smells 10x worse though.


He asks if guy who died smoked weed? Bitch ppl that domt fucking smoke die too old fuck

Dude looks like he been on pills for a fatty min. Stfu old man weed helps ppls lives

PS, Those are implants.

Ted, Jesus is calling brother. He is knocking, let'em in. LOL

Didnt he Sleep With Young As Girls??!,,,,,his Drug????!!!!,,,,

He’s so uneducated when it comes to cannabis and mental health. 😔

For a guy preaching perspective syre doesnt have much perspective when it comes to marijuana

Cameron hanes isn’t a idol joe sorry man.. Fred eichlor, bob fromme, those are archery idols not some douche who can run a few miles and hunt a ranch.. I challenge you joe to go hunt public land over the counter tag in Idaho or Utah or any of these states that is not on a ranch.. I respect you fully and like you but I challenge you to hunting over the counter animals... you will get a new perspective to hunting

i don’t like ted nugent anymore

HOW the hell can you not think of "Bruce Lee" while deliberately bringing him up to prove your point?

what's fat pussy :o ? is it like a fetish thing or is he just a maniac?

Cocacola is better than beer? But u drink wine? Who has ever been abused over a soda

Was he the guy who wrote that smash hit 'Strokin in the boys room'?

i cannot stand ted nugent. absolutely can’t stand him. his character, his music, his face....ugh....