Joe Rogan - The Benefits of CBD

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1275 w/Luis J. Gomez:

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That is BADASS! THANK YOU! Cannabis is reconnecting us to our roots!

It’s better to put the CBD tincture drops under your tongue and let it sit 30 sec, it will optimize the absorption. Also dosage is important, read this article depending on your situation:
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Cbd is snake oil. It does nothing.

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CBD is very helpful fro anxiety! We use to get ours from!!!

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wtf was that at the end? public order offenses are still crimes. the nypd did right by rounding up everyone on the weekends! made the place safer! do you even remember 70s/80s NYC? 🤷‍♂️ and stop and frisk targeted high crime areas they just happened to be higher concentration of black and hispanic people there 🤷‍♂️ now look! the fuckin city is falling apart

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this company is making big moves in the cbd area

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Is he calling him.... “doggie”?

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I wonder what oil he uses.

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Why are these guys battling with the fact that vaping thc around kids isn’t a good idea?

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AM radio at night is awesome. Lots of good stuff on there.

Bloomsburg party night.

Joe really needs to do an interview with Taz from the Smoking Legal Youtube channel. !!

What are some top brands? Is Charlotte's Web any good? any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks

took cbd for 2 months and no affect

I use CBD for arthritis and insomnia and it works well.

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ever since my grandma started with the medical cannabis, she's been out protesting donald trump with a pink pussy hat on, screaming in peoples faces, shes a fucking embarrassment.

Joe “just for the fuck of it” Rogan

Cbd sure does work

I mean you were next to kids. Its california but weed does give a second hand high. Common sense dont fuck with the kids

I use this on my back and knees, it helps with pain

It's therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effective.

Has anyone tried any of the CBD edibles from Direct CBD?

Smoke that diet weed

Does Cbd that has .3% show up on drug test

the green doctor cbd check out r reviews on google

Nice vid, Joe. Love this! "Weirdly feel better". Very beneficial.

Can cbd lower your weed tolerance

PCP any0ne?

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Here in Missouri the CBD sucks back in the good old days we called it Kansas City ditch weed because ass holes us to drive up to Kansas and fill the back of there trucks up with it dry it out and try to sell it as good smoke 💨 lol this CBD market has jacked up every thing and now you’ll be lucky to find anything in the CBD store as flowers that doesn’t give you a monster headache 🤕

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if you got arrested 10 times for the same thing the bottom line is you're just an idiot 😳

I tried cbd for a month and all it did was make me tired and groggy, like taking half a benedryl or something

Luis j the kinda guy to shoot lsd in his eyeball whist his kid goes to get cotton candy at Disney

Can’t buy CBd but I can go die in a war

Try H

Did that shit now eveyone is trying to get me, Who are you people,

Joe "But what do you think about Aliens?" Rogan

This was a great breakdown of CBD. I have been using some AWESOME products from
Their roll on gel has helped me with muscle and joint aches since I am an avid runner.

I got some recreational weed, carts and vapes so i was curious if you might be interested

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K-9 retirement sounds like the future i coming

Cbd has helped me with anxiety and a handful of other issues. has some high quality cbd.

Joe Rogans voice has never had the melody of velvet like this until now idk why 😍🔥 maybe Im just tired

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Haha utah..

except one thing: you can smoke cbd. joe said "instead of just smoking it" i smoke cbd. i dont get high, i get relaxed bruddah

Who is this guy again that he's interviewing? He is PR I believe. He is hot. Love his color and his fingers.

Great CBD product that works

Holyshit. I went up to Utah in 2010 and they have nothing except Meth heads locked up there . It seems like it's nothing else. 83% of people locked up in that state are in on meth. . It's an epidemic there. That's why you can't oppress people. They look for the next big thing that makes them happy and nothing is available for them chemically but pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Reduced alcohol btw. Just reminding what too much restriction can do

0:22 “VelAcirOptor” insert wocka flocka okay gif here

I smoked some Cali hydro shit and it gave me a massive panic attack 😂 I got like psychotic for like 2-3 days crazy stuff. I want to use CBD since I have an anxiety disorder, they sell it everywhere now.

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I've found that CBD's helped with my pain tremendously. Found mine on

CBD's have helped me so much with my back and neck pain, I can't begin to describe how thankful I am. The cbd oil I use I found on

The best quality CBD oil I've found was on and it only cost me $5 to try - CBD is strongest scientific evidence is for its effectiveness in treating some of the cruelest childhood epilepsy syndromes.

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CBD has a lot of health benefits! You can purchase some here CBD

Cbd without Thc is like Shoe without shoe lace.

GodBlessAmericaCBD .com America baby

Don't k-9 units sniff out other drugs too???

I talked my aunt into trying cBD 75$ for a lil ass bottle of tincture,same reason as dude she has arthritis ,carpal tunnel and recently her knee has been really bad so she gave in and she took it under her tongue and mixed it with lotion and put it directly on her knee ,she said it did nothing for her,& she's a super lightweight but it's so bad I think she might take a bong hit soon !

I tried CBD before and work it for me. Some people dont get the benefits because not all CBDs out there. I was lucky to find CTFO because I get to benefit my body and still have the opportunity to parnert with them !
Heres a link whoever is interest.

i tried cbd products for my pain relief. Its gives many benefits. Thank you

Have Borderline Personality Disorder and CBD and talk therapy are perfect for me

Cbd helps with my anxiety and depression it works better than doctor prescribed meds.

I have a hernia surgery coming up and the doctors are talking about giving me
Heavy pain killers
I’m going to pass on the pills 💊
And just use CBD and alcohol

That guy talks way to fast for a guy that smokes weed

I love getting oral 😊👍

This dude calls a police car a “paddy wagon” how fucking old is he lmao.

Hey there! Got weeds of various strains, cocaine, ketamine, LSD, pills, shrooms and psychedelic, vapes, crystalmeth.
Wickr I'd: plugzayn


Hey man thanks for the video. Your guest is a big dumb goober. Who thinks it's a good idea to get high around kids. Obviously you want to be high cuz kids are a lot. But you sneak away and get high like a man. Not to mention the fact those kids are under 25 so their brains are still developing. Exhaling that stuff in their breathing space might make them vote for the wrong party. I'm sure you're a cool person. Just maybe exercise some reason next time. You want anyone smoking around your kids? I let me guess you already smoke around your kids? Are you from Florida by chance? is best brand use coupon cbdmd15off for 15% coupon

Just smoked some CBD bud it does something it's nice actually not bad at all

“She saw my face”

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it raised my blood pressure